Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Ultimate List Of The Most Awesome Cartoon Females

Though out Cartoon history there have been many cool female characters. But there are some that trancend beyond cool. These Way Past Cool gals can be decribed by only one word: 'Awesome'.

Today,I'm gonna list those Awesome American Animated Fems. The American Cartoon Federation proudly presents: 'The Ultimate List of The Most Awesome Cartoon Females'.

Elise (dan vs) : Pretty,Smart,and Tough. Plus she's a Spy...a spy who can kick ass.

Maxine (batman beyond): Next to Bruce Wayne,Maxine is Batman's greatest Ally. She's also one hell of a friend.

Vanessa Doofenshmirtz (phineas and ferb): Pretty chick with attitude. 'Nuff Said.
Arcee (transformers prime): A kick ass female autobot who is tough as nails. She takes no crap from anyone.

Scarlett (gi joe; renegades): Quite possibly the most Awesome G.I.Joe girl ever. Scarlett is tough,able,and a take charge kinda gal. She's also the 2nd-in-Command of the Joe Team.

Roll (ruby-spears mega man): Pretty girl with a utility arm. She can efectively fight using all kinds of household items.

Princess Zelda (legend of zelda cartoon): She takes no crap from anyone...not even Ganon.

Kim Possible (kim possible): A girl who possesses amazing agility and attitude. She's a good friend and has great fighter. She's tough too. 

Shego (kim possible): She's Shego. So theres no need for me to explain why she's Awesome.

Gaz (invader zim): A decent girl at heart. But if you manage to get on her bad side,you'll suffer a Million Hells. Trust me,Gaz is someone you Don't wanna mess with.
Lt. Felina Ferral (swat kats): The toughest fem-line (female feline) in the Enforcers. And the coolest female in the show.

Kurai (teenage mutant ninja turtles 2k3)She kicks so much ass it's unbelievable. Possibly the best fighter in the show.

Toph (avatar;the last airbender): She's Toph. 'Nuff Said.

Hawkgirl (justice league):  Out of all of the Female J-League members,Hawkgirl is the awesomest. She just is. So don't ask me why.  

She-Ra (she-ra: princess of power): Though,She-Ra may not seem awesome,She's is. Believe me she is. She was Also the first Cartoon Super Heroine who Wasn't a Comic Book Hero or an Action Figure first. That alone is Awesome in itself. 

The Powerpuff Girls (powerpuff girls) these 3 are a great team. Their chemestry is nothing short of awesome.

Dot Warner (animaniacs): Funniest Cartoon Girl in existence. Call her Dottie and you Die!!  

Yup,that's all. Y'see,only these Cartoon Girls have earned the title of 'Awesome'. Now if I was composing a list of 'Cool' Cartoon Girls,believe me that list would be way longer.

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