Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Ultimate List of The Most Awesome Cartoon Dudes

Though out Cartoon history there have been many cool male characters. But there are some that trancend beyond cool. These Way Past Cool Guys can be decribed by only one word: 'Awesome'.

Today,I'm gonna list those Awesome American Animated Dudes. Since I've done The Ultimate List of The Most Awesome Cartoon Females,it's only fitting that I do the guys.

Dan (dan vs) - This guy is awesome for raging against the most terrible things in outr culture.

Megatron ( transformers prime) - The most evil cartoon character in modern cartoon history.

Optimus Prime (transformers prime) - The Best rendition of Optimus Prime to date.

Batman (batman: the animated series) - The only worthy Batman in animated form.

The Joker (batman: the animated series) - This is the Definitive Joker.

Wolverine (most marvel universes) - C'mon,this is Wolvie we're talking about here. He's awesome in most shows and comics he appears in.

Yakko and Wacko Warner (animaniacs) - Funniest. Cartoon Guys. Ever!

Spider-Man (any marvel universe) - Spider-Man will always be cool,no matter what Marvel Cartoon he's in..Except for that Canadian Abomination,Iron Man: Armored Adventures.

The Shredder (TMNT 2k3) - Another awesome bad guy from the toon universe.

Mr.T and Chuck Norris (from mr.t and chuck noris: karate kommandos) - Even as Cartoons,Norris and T are awesome.

Protoman (ruby spears mega man) - He's a badass and he's a Protoman.

Peter Venkman,Ray Stantz,Egon Spangler,and Winston Zeddmore (the real ghostbusters) - All 4 of these dudes are awesome. Ech with their own brand of awesomeness.

Robin (teen titans) - The ideal leader of the titans. He's like a miniturized Batman.

Perry The Platypus (phineas and ferb) - He's a Secret Agent Platypus who kicks but,that's awesome no matter how you look at it.

Snake Eyes (gi.joe renegades) - A silent ninja that comes and goes as he pleases. now That's awesome.

Yup,that's all. Y'see,only these Cartoon Guys have earned the title of 'Awesome'. Now if I was composing a list of 'Cool' Cartoon Cuys,believe me that list would be way longer.

Stay Gold,

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Rise, Fall and (Possible) Rebirth of Sailor Moon - Chapter 4 - More Differences Between the Manga and the Anime

Before we get on to the Characters. Here are some more major differences between The Anime and The Manga.

The drawing style in the manga is more detailed but whispier than that of the anime, and the characters are much prettier, especially in SailorStars where Takeuchi's beautiful style is clearly at its peak. The manga tankubon and the art books are really worth getting if for the artwork alone. The characters and the plotline in the manga are much more mature and deeper than those of the anime especially in SuperS. The anime and manga can stand by themselves, but the manga has more of the dramatics and less of the generally pleasant aura that's in the anime. There is suicide, plenty of violence, disgusting looking monsters/youmas/daimons/etc, sex implied, and more of the like. However, nothing in the manga would scare anyone over the age of 10. On the other hand, the majority of the enemies in the anime are much more developed than in the manga; in the manga, the villains tend to be pure evil and only get one or two acts before being destroyed.

Now I will list the Differences by Arc.

Sailormoon [Original]

- Mamoru [darien] is in high school, contrary to being in college in the anime.

- Mamoru wears glasses occassionally.

- Zoicite and Kunzite [malachite] are not gay. Nephlite does not fall in love with Naru [molly].

- There's no search for the nijizuishou[rainbow crystals] - they don't exist, and consequentally there aren't the seven strongest youma reincarnated as humans. In other words, Urawa or Joe are not in the manga.  

- Yuuichirou [chad] also does not exist. The Dark Kingdom is after the ginzuishou [silver crystal] from the beginning.

- Rei [raye] and Mamoru do not date; they show no attraction to each other.

- Rei is noticably more mature and sophisticated in the manga; she and Usagi [serena] don't have little squirmishes of sticking out their tongues at each other, though Usagi calls her mean once.

- Tuxedo Mask reveals to all of Tokyo that there is a powerful stone known as the ginzuishou in an attempt to gather information about where the ginzuishou is.

- Mamoru knows that Usagi is Sailor Moon at the masquerade party after she drops her handkerchief with her name on it. He reveals his identity to her later on after carrying her home upon her fainting from using up her power to heal the people of Tokyo. Actually, Mamoru suspects Usagi is Sailormoon before that, having seen Usagi -transform into a stewardess and repeatedly running into Usagi when she is busy talking to Luna.

- Tuxedo Mask doesn't throw a single rose throughout all 18 tankubon.

- Sailor Venus is thought to be the princess of the moon, and she says that she is in order to protect the identity of Princess Serenity,the true Princess. In actuality, she is the real leader of the Sailor Senshi.

- When the Sailor Senshi travel to the moon, they find a stone sword in the ground which Venus immediately takes charge of. This sword is absent in the anime.

- Beryl and the four generals were reincarnated on Earth after Metallia was sealed away underground by Queen Serenity.

- Princess Serenity committed suicide on the moon after Endymion was killed by Beryl.

- Queen Serenity did not use the full power of the ginzuishou because she was so distraught over the death of her daughter and the senshi. She left her "will" in the Moon Kingdom computer, and it was her will that the senshi met on the moon.

- The four generals are the protectors of Prince Endymion. After their deaths, their bodies melt into the four stones that they represent. Beryl gives evil Endymion the stones. The stones, which possess the souls of the four generals, play small roles in later tankubon.

- Tuxedo Mask dies after saving Sailor Moon from Kunzite's blast; he is brought back to life with Metallia's power, and he poses as Endou, Motoki's [andrew's] best friend. He tries to get Usagi to reveal to him her secrets dealing with the Sailor Senshi and the ginzuishou.

- Sailor Venus kills Beryl with the sword, so Metallia becomes the major enemy, rather than Beryl infused with Metallia being the enemy like in the anime.

- Sailor Moon tries to kill Endymion with the sword, then attempts to commit suicide. After their "deaths", Metallia absorbs them and the ginzuishou and starts to take over the Earth.

- The Sailor Team dies trying to use their combined powers to reach Sailormoon. Sailormoon awakens within Metallia, and her tears cause the ginzuishou to blossom into a flower-shape. Using her power and that of her dead friends, she combines the ginzuishou and the Moon Stick [crecent moon wand] to destroy Metallia by focusing all her energies on the mark on Metallia's head, where Metallia's heart is.

- The Silver Millennium is reestablished by Sailor Moon and the power of the ginzuishou. Usagi is the heir to the kingdom but chooses to go back to her life on Earth instead.

- The Sailor Senshi don't lose their memories upon being brought back to life.

- Sailor Moon gets her power-up at the very end, right before the Black Moon arc in the manga begins.
Sailormoon: Black Moon [R]

- There are NO aliens like Ali [allen] and En [ann]. The alien arc was a filler for the anime so that the manga could get far enough ahead of it.

- The Ayakashi Sisters are not healed; they are all killed by Sailor Moon.

- Sailor Moon's rod is created by her and Tuxedo Mask, not given to her by Queen Serenity.

- Tuxedo Mask gains an actual attack and power, "Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber".

- Before they die, the Ayakashi Sisters manage to capture Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter, who are brought by Rubeus [rubius] to Nemesis in the 30th century. Only Venus, Moon, Tuxedo Mask travel with Chibi-usa [rini] into the future.

- Chibi-Usa is actually 900 years old, and she carries the future ginzuishou around, so it's not 'hidden' inside of her like the anime.

- Rather than having too much power, as in the anime, Chibi-usa suffers from a lack of it in the manga.

- Diana shows up in the Black Moon arc instead of in the Dream arc (SuperS).

- Safir [sapphire] doesn't turn good; rather, he tries to kill Usagi, whom he feels is responsible for his brother's change. He remains under the influence of Black Lady [wicked lady] and Wiseman, and when called to kill Demando [diamond], Demando kills him instead. Esmeraude [emerald] is killed by Tuxedo Mask, and Rubeus is killed by Wiseman. Demando is killed by Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask; though Demando finally realizes Wiseman has been using him, he does not turn to good, as he seems to in the anime.

- Black Lady captures and brainwashes Mamoru, whom she calls Endymion. Mamoru, under Black Lady's command, attacks Sailormoon and gets her ginzuishou.

- Sailor Pluto is shown more in the manga, and she actually plays a large role towards the end. She dies after using her forbidden power, the "Time Stop", in order to prevent Prince Demando from bringing the two ginzuishou together.

- How Black Lady reverts to normal is different from the anime as well. After Pluto dies, Black Lady remembers how Pluto was her only friend when she was Chibi-usa. When Black Lady starts to cry, her black crystal earrings shatter, and her tears turn into the ginzuishou. She turns into Sailor Chibimoon [sailor minimoon]. Chibi-usa becomes a Sailor Senshi in the Black Moon arc rather than in the Infinity (S) arc.

- Sailor Moon doesn't turn into Neo-Queen Serenity, though she appears to take on Serenity's characteristics or seems to speak for her. However, she does actually meet with Neo-Queen Serenity face-to-face.

- Sailor Moon gets her new power-up at the end of the Black Moon arc, from Neo-Queen Serenity. Neo-Queen Serenity also gives the other senshi power-ups.

- Chibi-usa plans on returning to the future, but returns to the 20th century rather quickly, interrupting Usagi and Mamoru's kiss with a letter from Neo-Queen Serenity saying she's there to fulfill her training as a Sailor Senshi.
Sailormoon: Infinity [S]

- Uranus and Neptune are not after the heart crystals, though they are searching for the third Talisman.

- Haruka and Michiru are hostile to the Sailor Team even in the beginning, except for Haruka with Usagi and Michiru with Mamoru. Usagi is very jealous of Michiru, and Mamoru is jealous of Haruka. However, Usagi's jealousy is unfounded, whereas Mamoru actually has a reason.

- "Uranus is a senshi of both genders." Takeuchi-san said that only women can be Sailor Senshi, meaning Haruka is definitely a woman, and this line is symbolic rather than literal.

- Michiru doesn't paint.

- Oddly enough, the Marine Cathedral, unlike the place where Eudial takes the heart crystals of Uranus and Neptune in the anime, is in reference to where Michiru's violin is supposed to have come from.

- Neptune and Uranus accepted Sailor Moon as the Princess right off, not having to make her prove she's the Messiah [sovereign] or anything like at the end of S.

- The daimon are different, and they all look like the one in the S episode that talks about Haruka and Michiru's pasts (SMS 106).

- The Witches 5 have one shot deals, and their plots are somewhat different.

- The three Talismans call Saturn to awaken, rather than forming the Holy Grail [purity chalace] in the anime, though they also do that in the manga. The Holy Grail in the manga is a combination of the powers of Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune.

- Hotaru is darker than her anime form, being a sort of cyborg. That is, she is part machine and part human, thanks to the experimenting her father did on her. Tomoe, by the way, was attempting to create a race of superhuman cyborgs, beginning with Hotaru, but during his experiments, he did something wrong with her.

- Professor Tomoe is killed, and he doesn't come back. Super Sailor Moon kills him after he turns into a daimon.

- The ending is much more dramatic, with Saturn doing her "Death Reborn Revolution" and then Pluto sealing her away with "Dark Dome Close".

- The Senshi get their Super forms in S too, and the second Holy Grail gives Chibimoon her power-up.

- Master Pharaoh 90 is actually a large threat, and you see him clearly in his true form too, unlike the anime, where he's more of a pinwheel type of a thing with tentacles.

- Pluto remains until the very end of the Infinity arc, not disappearing or anything.

- Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus leave to raise Baby Hotaru.
Sailormoon: Dream [SuperS]
- The biggest difference is that the Amazoness Quartet are Sailor Senshi, and they aren't in the anime. After they are sealed in balls by Zirconia, Saturn takes the balls and presents them to Neo-Queen Serenity, and she frees them. They then are revealed to be the Sailor Quartet, and then they leave with the promise to Chibi-usa that they will be there to guard her in the future. In the anime, the Quartet becomes normal girls.

- Artemis and Diana get their human forms, but not in the anime.

- Phobos and Deimos [sailor mars' favorite crows] get their human forms as well.

- Fisheye isn't gay.

- Mamoru coughs up black blood, as does Usagi later on, due to the black curse.

- The Outer Senshi come back in manga 14, rather than being dumped from the anime.

- Hotaru lives with Haruka, Setsuna, and Michiru (who have promise rings), and then she grows up pretty quickly (like in the nehelenia saga of the sailor stars anime).

- Hotaru's memories are regained, and she gives the Outer Senshi their powerups- their heart crystals. They all say "Planet Crystal Power, Make-Up." (in the anime,this only happens in sailor stars)

- Hotaru can play the violin in the manga. However, when she does, she creates visions of things, such as Chibi-usa crying over a dead Pegasus.

- The Sailor Senshi get the ability to transform into their Super forms, generally from their guardians. Rei, Minako [mina], and the Outer Senshi are exceptions. Rei gets her Super power-up from the human Phobos and Deimos; Minako gets it from the human Artemis; and Hotaru gives it to her parents.

- Mamoru has the Golden Crystal inside of him, rather than it being the horn of Elios [helios].

- Towards the end of tankubon 15, the senshi also receive their SailorStar forms and Princess forms.
Sailormoon gains her final form as Eternal Sailor Moon.

- Nehelenia is not a sweet little child who only wants a friend; she's really evil, having placed a dark curse on Serenity at birth and wanting to rule the moon and Earth, and Eternal Sailormoon destroys her with the help of all the Senshi.

- Chibimoon revives Elios up after her silver crystal is transformed into the Pink Moon Crystal.
Sailormoon: SailorStars [Sailor Stars]

- There is no Nehelenia in this season of the manga; this was finished in the Dream arc of the manga.

- Eternal Sailor Moon's henshin phrase is different from the anime's.

- The Outer Senshi are main characters, at least until tankubon 17, rather than occassional appearances in the anime.

- Haruka and Michiru do go to the Juuban High School with the Sailor Team. Haruka has to wear a dress, though sometimes she wears the male uniform. Hotaru goes to the same school as Chibi-usa but is in a different class.

- The Sailor Starlights are 100% female in the Manga,they're just crossdress. However,in the Anime,they can physically turn into males. Naoko-san was upset about this change.

- I don't think that Usagi and Seiya date in the Manga. Someone fact check this for me.

- A whole bunch of Animamates from the anime appear, but there are new ones too, like Mnemosyne, Lethe, and Heavy Metal Papillon. There's also Phi and Chi, non-Animamates.

- Kakyuu is a Sailor Senshi too.

- The Sailor Quartet return with Sailor Star Chibimoon, unlike the anime, where she was dropped and the Sailor Quartet never existed to begin with.

- The Sailor Senshi are killed off rather quickly. All the main ones except for Chibichibi and Moon die by the end of tankubon 16.

- Unlike the anime, Neptune and Uranus get cheap death scenes. They're not even shown being killed, rather only little flashes that are vague. The Sailor Team gets better ones (Mercury and Jupiter first, then Mars and Venus, then Pluto and Hotaru, and finally Uranus and Neptune, though it's unclear who dies first- Uranus or Neptune).

- The Sailor Starlights do die in the manga at the end of tankubon 17.

- Chibimoon vanishes because Mamoru is killed by Galaxia later on. Fortunately, she is shown later on as a small figure, telling Usagi how she'll be waiting for her in the future.

- ChibiChibi can actually talk like a normal person later on in the manga.

- The rest of the Sailor Senshi become evil, attacking Sailormoon, and she kills them.

- Tuxedo Mask is killed, but later he's alive again, brainwashed by Galaxia. He's then killed again by Galaxia, being pushed off a cliff.

- It's discovered that Chaos is from the Cauldron, a place where all stars are formed, including all the Sailor Senshi, so in a way, Sailormoon is 'related' to all the enemies she killed previously. The enemies were, Chaos tells her, forms of herself who wanted Sailor Moon's power from her ginzuishou.

- It's explained that there are really an unlimited amount of Sailor Senshi in the universe.
The kitties become human under Tin Nyanko's influence, but she blasts them, and they turn into cats unable to speak. They're eventually killed by Sailor Lethe.

- Galaxia dies.

- ChibiChibi is really another senshi, Sailor Cosmos. In the future, she was running away from Chaos, so she traveled to the past disgusied as Chibichibi in order to reverse her "mistake" of not destroying the Cauldron.

- At the end of the manga, Usagi and Mamoru get married, though the date of the marriage isn't specified. It can't be too far in the future, I'm guessing, seeing how Hotaru remains a young child in the wedding pictures.

- What happens to the Starlights and Kakyuu isn't shown, nor the cats. It's assumed that they're revived though.
Well thats it. Next time,Dragonranger will be giving you the 411 about the Characters themselves.

Stay Gold.

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The Rise, Fall and (Possible) Rebirth of Sailor Moon! Chapter 3 - Differences Between the Manga and the Anime

Even though both the manga and anime versions of Sailor Moon were great.  But, there are very different in many ways.  Here are some examples I could think of:

In the manga, the first 2 senshi joined Sailor Moon, 2 chapters in a row, while in the anime, Sailor Moon has to fight solo in 4 to 5 episodes before the first senshi, Sailor Mercury joins in, then 2 episodes later, Sailor Mars joins in and so on and so forth.  Another example are the Dark Generals Jadeite and Nephrite, who met their fate, but how they met their fate are completely different.  Take Jadeite for instance, in the manga, he was killed off by Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars by the Tiara Action/Evil Begone combo while in the anime, he was defeated by the senshi, but since he failed Queen Beryl numerous times, he was placed in eternal sleep forever. Nephrite, just like Jadeite, met his end, too, but his fate was different, too.  In the manga, he was killed off by Sailor Jupiter while in the anime he was killed by one of his own, Zoicite, while protecting Naru and this is before Sailor Jupiter joined, in the anime anyway.

Another example is the Sailor Moon R arc. In the manga, it began with the arrival of Crimson Rubeus and the Ayakashi sisters of the Black Moon Clan.  But in the anime, it didn't began with the Black Moon Clan, it started with a completely original storyarc, which involved the Makaiju and its caretakers, Ann and Ail, two aliens who put Piccolo to shame. Ann is an extremely, jealous, alien broad who is obsessed of getting her way, while Ail is the calm thinking alien who plays his flute.  In order to keep the Makaiju alive, they used monsters call Cardians to drain the humans of their energy and it's up to Sailor Moon and the senshi to stop them.  Tuxedo Mask was M.I.A. in the storyarc, instead they got the Moonlight Knight, who was revealed to be the fighting spirit of Endymion himself.  This was during the time Naoko-chan was working on the Black Moon Clan arc in the manga.  I don't know much about the details but that's all I know.  Oh, one more thing, the ending of the arc is completely different.  We all know that the Wiseman manipulated Chibiusa and turned her into Black Lady.  But how to change her back, that was totally different.  In the anime, Sailor Moon used the full power of the Silver Crystal to become Neo-Queen Serenity and convinced Black Lady that everyone, the senshi and her mother and father, all loved her and she changed back into Chibiusa.  While in the manga, Sailor Pluto, the senshi of time and space, gave her life to save the senshi, but at the cost of her life.  That made Black Lady come to her senses and it not only changed her back into Chibiusa, but became the littlest Sailor Senshi, Sailor Chibimoon.

However, not everything between the manga and anime are different. Some of the elements from the manga were used for the anime. For instance, in the Sailor Mars arc, the dissapearing buses, and Usagi disguising herself as a flight attendant, both were the same in the anime and manga.  Same goes with the storyarc where Usagi dressed up for the ball, you know, the one where Usagi used her parasol as a parachute to save herself and Tuxedo Mask.

Well, that is with the differences with the anime and manga and some references from the manga that was used for the anime.  Stay tuned next time as I talk about the characters themselves.  Until then, Stay Gold and Godspeed.

End of Line...

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The Rise, Fall and (Possible) Rebirth of Sailor Moon! Chapter 2 - A Legend is Born!

With Codename: Sailor V completed, Naoko-chan was prepared to do her next work, which eventually became the stuff of legends. Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon first appeared in the manga which began in 1991 and ended its run on April of 1997.  The anime came a year after from March 7th, 1992 to February 8th 1997. Sailor Moon is like Codename: Sailor V at light speed and then some. Sailor Moon is the first of many anime/manga series that aimed towards girls known as Shojo or the Magical Girl genre. But, Sailor Moon is not just aimed for girls, it's aimed for all genders, including those of the male demographic. Anyway, Sailor Moon combines astronomy, astrology, Greek myth, Roman myth, geology, Japanese elemental themes, teen fashions, and schoolgirl antics into one epic storyline. But since we're in the subject of story, let's get going and Mr. Narrator, I'll take it from here.

It all began a 1,000 years ago, the Moon Kingdom was the shining beacon of both the Silver Millenium and the Solar System itself. It was ruled by the graceful and honorable Queen Serenity, who has a daughter with her namesake.  Although following her mother's footsteps, Princess Serenity is in love with Prince Endymion of Earth, who fights for both the Moon Kingdom and Earth. Unfortunately, their union was short lived because it was during troubled times the Dark Kingdom attacked and ravaged the entire Moon Kingdom.  Not even the queen's Sailor Senshi couldn't stop the wrath of Metallia and her followers. In her last ditch effort, Queen Serenity used the power of the Silver Crystal to stop the Dark Kingdom's reign of destruction. However, by doing so, it has drained her of all her energy.  With the last of her strength, Queen Serenity sends her daughter, Endymion, the Senshi and everyone else to their new future on Earth, with no memory of their former existence.  To ensure that no harm comes to her daughter, Queen Serenity sends Luna and Artemis to watch over her until the time is right. Fast foward to the present...

1992 A.D., 1,000 years later

Princess Serenity was reborn as 14 year old Usagi Tsukino, a young, ditzy schoolgirl who cries alot, does poorly in school, eats alot, plays video games, thinks about boys and so on and so forth. But her life changed forever when she meets Luna, who gave her a transformation broach and uttering the words, "Moon Prism Power, Make-Up!," she becomes the pretty suited Sailor Soldier of Love and Justice...Sailor Moon.

Just like Sailor V, more on her later, Sailor Moon didn't take her senshi business seriously in the beginning. But in time, she eventually matured and will give her life to save the universe.  Think of her as a hero in training.  Intially, she fought against the minions of the Dark Kingdom alone, but she was aided by her mysterious protector, Tuxedo Mask.  Later on, she was eventually joined by her fellow Sailor Senshi, Sailor Mercury - the brains of the team, Sailor Mars - who is mostly calm, but has a hot temper, Sailor Jupiter - even though she is tough and strong, but she is very tender, and of course, Sailor Venus - Sailor V makes her scene, helping her fellow senshi.  Together, the Sailor Senshi fought and defeated Queen Beryl and the entire Dark Kingdom.  But, the end of the Dark Kingdom doesn't end the series, it was getting underway.  Sailor Moon and the senshi continue to fight against other evil forces from the Black Moon Clan to the Death Busters while trying to maintain balance in her normal life.

Even though the manga and anime were great, but they were key differences between the two.  But I will tell you about it next time. Until then, Stay Gold and Godspeed.

End of Line...

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The Ultimate Boss: ABC Ultimate Line-Up

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9:30 pm -  Wendy Wu
10:00 pm - Ultimate Anime (The Big O)
10:30 pm - Ultimate Anime (The Big O)
11:00 pm - Ultimate Anime (Street Fighter IIV)
11:30 pm - Ultimate Anime (Street Fighter IIV)

And now here's what I plan to air on Sundays.

12:00 am - Ultimate Anime (Trigun)
12:30 am - Ultimate Anime (Trigun)
1:00 am - Off Air
1:30 am - Off Air
2:00 am - Off Air
2:30 am - Off Air
3:00 am - Off Air
3:30 am - Off Air
4:00 am - Paid Programming
4:30 am - Paid Programming
5:00 am - Paid Programming
5:30 am - Paid Programming
6:00 am - Paid Programming
6:30 am - Paid Programming
7:00 am - Who's Line Is It Anyway? 
7:30 am - Who's Line Is It Anyway? 
8:00 am - Full House
8:30 am - Full House
9:00 am - Perfect Strangers
9:30 am - Perfect Strangers
10:00 am - Family Matters
10:30 am - Family Matters
11:00 am - The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
11:30 am - The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
12:00 pm - American Gladiators 
12:30 pm - American Gladiators  
1:00 pm -  Cosby  
1:30 pm -  Cosby 
2:00 pm - The Daikaijuu Battles (re-airing of saturday's episode)  
2:30 pm - Wendy Wu (re-airing of saturday's episode) 
3:00 pm - Sunday Movie Triple Feature (movie #1)
3:30 pm - Sunday Movie Triple Feature (movie #1)
4:00 pm - Sunday Movie Triple Feature (movie #1)
4:30 pm - Sunday Movie Triple Feature (movie #1)
5:00 pm - Sunday Movie Triple Feature (movie #2)
5:30 pm - Sunday Movie Triple Feature (movie #2)
6:00 pm - Sunday Movie Triple Feature (movie #2)
6:30 pm - Sunday Movie Triple Feature (movie #2)
7:00 pm - Sunday Movie Triple Feature (movie #3)
7:30 pm - Sunday Movie Triple Feature (movie #3)
8:00 pm - Sunday Movie Triple Feature (movie #3)
8:30 pm - Sunday Movie Triple Feature (movie #3)
9:00 pm - Marvel's X-Men
9:30 pm - Marvel's X-Men 
10:00 pm - Mutant X  
10:30 pm - Mutant X
11:00 pm - Smallville
11:30 pm - Smallville   

Not bad for a starting line-up,huh? Better than Anything that's on ABC Family currently. Don't worry,a lot of these old shows are just placeholds for future new shows.
Stay Gold.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Ultimate Boss: ABC Family and Disney Jr.

Welcome to another instalment of 'Ultimate Boss'. A segment that basically informs the viewers about how I would do things if I was the boss of,well....anything.

Today,I'll be focusing on the Remaining 2 Main Disney Networks:.ABC Family And Disney Jr. Here are the main things wrong with them.

- First and Formost a 24/7 Pre School Network is Just Retarded. And on top of that The Name of this network is a blatent rip-off of Nick Jr.
- ABC Family is in an Eternal Rut. Mainly because of the original Programming that they air(and renew for more seasons). These shows are horrible.
- Another thing ABC Family's got going against it is..The F'n Gilmore Girls. That show has been on ABC Family for almost a Decade. It's Time For That Crack Hoe Show To Go.
- The Movies ABC Family airs Suck too..especially their Originals. Only a handful of movies that air on that network are good...but they don't air often.
- The Harry Potter Weekends are ok..If Done Twice a Year. These Morons treat The Potter Movies like they're something special. The HP Movie Marathons happen Every Single Month. It's Just Gotta Stop. More proof that ABC family is in a rut.
- The fact that ABC Family is getting bitchslapped Ratings wise by the ever-so retarded TeenNick. How embarrassing!

 Here's a list of things that I would do to save These networks:

- First,I'd turn Disney Jr. Into a 22/7 Disney Movie Network.
- I'll rename Disney Jr. to The Disney Movie Network.
- I'd air the various Disney specials on that network as well.
- Create better Shows and Movies for ABC Family.
- Aquire better Shows and Movies for ABC Family.
- The Harry Potter Weekends will be Twice a Year Only.
- Create Specialized Blocks for Disney Movie Network.
- Rename ABC Family to ABC Ultimate. The network needs a name that sounds cooler.
- Create a 4 hour Anime Block for ABC Ultimate (maybe!).
- Keep the 700 Club and force Pat Robertson to make it more entertaining.
- Get Rid of The Gilmore Girls And Most Of The Original Programming.
- Make a block solely for Retro Sitcoms.

Not bad,huh? i'll be posting the line-ups soon. In the meantime,check out my show ideas.
Show and Movie Ideas:
Kim Possible: A Live Action Movie based on The Hit Animated Series
Wendy Wu: A Live Action Series that'll be a continuation of the movie.
Marvel's X-Men: A Live Action series based on the Uncanny X-Men comics.
The Daikaijuu Battles: A Show about Giant monsters battling it out across America. Each episode will take place in a state. Each with a different monsters.
Movies and Shows That I'd Aquire The Airing Rights For (or try to):

Full House
Home Improvement
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 
Family Matters
Perfect Strangers
Boy Meets World
Sister Sister
Smart Guy
Sabrina: The Teenage Witch
American Gladiators
Americas Funniest Home Videos
WWE and WCW Wrestling (the old stuff)
The Cosby Show
Mutant X
Xena: Warrior Princess
Hercules: The Leghendary Journeys
Young Hercules
Walker: Texas Ranger
All 3 Sailor Moon Movies
Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie (pg-13 version,natch!)
Street Fighter Alpha Movie
Street Fighter Alpha Generations
Street Fighter II V. (there will be some edits to this show..but not many)
Classic Anime (both dubbed and subbed)

 Note that these are for ABC Ultimate.
Hope you enjoyed this edition of 'The Ultimate Boss'. Line-Up's Coming Shortly.