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The Rise, Fall and (Possible) Rebirth of Sailor Moon! Chapter 3 - Differences Between the Manga and the Anime

Even though both the manga and anime versions of Sailor Moon were great.  But, there are very different in many ways.  Here are some examples I could think of:

In the manga, the first 2 senshi joined Sailor Moon, 2 chapters in a row, while in the anime, Sailor Moon has to fight solo in 4 to 5 episodes before the first senshi, Sailor Mercury joins in, then 2 episodes later, Sailor Mars joins in and so on and so forth.  Another example are the Dark Generals Jadeite and Nephrite, who met their fate, but how they met their fate are completely different.  Take Jadeite for instance, in the manga, he was killed off by Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars by the Tiara Action/Evil Begone combo while in the anime, he was defeated by the senshi, but since he failed Queen Beryl numerous times, he was placed in eternal sleep forever. Nephrite, just like Jadeite, met his end, too, but his fate was different, too.  In the manga, he was killed off by Sailor Jupiter while in the anime he was killed by one of his own, Zoicite, while protecting Naru and this is before Sailor Jupiter joined, in the anime anyway.

Another example is the Sailor Moon R arc. In the manga, it began with the arrival of Crimson Rubeus and the Ayakashi sisters of the Black Moon Clan.  But in the anime, it didn't began with the Black Moon Clan, it started with a completely original storyarc, which involved the Makaiju and its caretakers, Ann and Ail, two aliens who put Piccolo to shame. Ann is an extremely, jealous, alien broad who is obsessed of getting her way, while Ail is the calm thinking alien who plays his flute.  In order to keep the Makaiju alive, they used monsters call Cardians to drain the humans of their energy and it's up to Sailor Moon and the senshi to stop them.  Tuxedo Mask was M.I.A. in the storyarc, instead they got the Moonlight Knight, who was revealed to be the fighting spirit of Endymion himself.  This was during the time Naoko-chan was working on the Black Moon Clan arc in the manga.  I don't know much about the details but that's all I know.  Oh, one more thing, the ending of the arc is completely different.  We all know that the Wiseman manipulated Chibiusa and turned her into Black Lady.  But how to change her back, that was totally different.  In the anime, Sailor Moon used the full power of the Silver Crystal to become Neo-Queen Serenity and convinced Black Lady that everyone, the senshi and her mother and father, all loved her and she changed back into Chibiusa.  While in the manga, Sailor Pluto, the senshi of time and space, gave her life to save the senshi, but at the cost of her life.  That made Black Lady come to her senses and it not only changed her back into Chibiusa, but became the littlest Sailor Senshi, Sailor Chibimoon.

However, not everything between the manga and anime are different. Some of the elements from the manga were used for the anime. For instance, in the Sailor Mars arc, the dissapearing buses, and Usagi disguising herself as a flight attendant, both were the same in the anime and manga.  Same goes with the storyarc where Usagi dressed up for the ball, you know, the one where Usagi used her parasol as a parachute to save herself and Tuxedo Mask.

Well, that is with the differences with the anime and manga and some references from the manga that was used for the anime.  Stay tuned next time as I talk about the characters themselves.  Until then, Stay Gold and Godspeed.

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