Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Ultimate List of The Most Awesome Cartoon Dudes

Though out Cartoon history there have been many cool male characters. But there are some that trancend beyond cool. These Way Past Cool Guys can be decribed by only one word: 'Awesome'.

Today,I'm gonna list those Awesome American Animated Dudes. Since I've done The Ultimate List of The Most Awesome Cartoon Females,it's only fitting that I do the guys.

Dan (dan vs) - This guy is awesome for raging against the most terrible things in outr culture.

Megatron ( transformers prime) - The most evil cartoon character in modern cartoon history.

Optimus Prime (transformers prime) - The Best rendition of Optimus Prime to date.

Batman (batman: the animated series) - The only worthy Batman in animated form.

The Joker (batman: the animated series) - This is the Definitive Joker.

Wolverine (most marvel universes) - C'mon,this is Wolvie we're talking about here. He's awesome in most shows and comics he appears in.

Yakko and Wacko Warner (animaniacs) - Funniest. Cartoon Guys. Ever!

Spider-Man (any marvel universe) - Spider-Man will always be cool,no matter what Marvel Cartoon he's in..Except for that Canadian Abomination,Iron Man: Armored Adventures.

The Shredder (TMNT 2k3) - Another awesome bad guy from the toon universe.

Mr.T and Chuck Norris (from mr.t and chuck noris: karate kommandos) - Even as Cartoons,Norris and T are awesome.

Protoman (ruby spears mega man) - He's a badass and he's a Protoman.

Peter Venkman,Ray Stantz,Egon Spangler,and Winston Zeddmore (the real ghostbusters) - All 4 of these dudes are awesome. Ech with their own brand of awesomeness.

Robin (teen titans) - The ideal leader of the titans. He's like a miniturized Batman.

Perry The Platypus (phineas and ferb) - He's a Secret Agent Platypus who kicks but,that's awesome no matter how you look at it.

Snake Eyes (gi.joe renegades) - A silent ninja that comes and goes as he pleases. now That's awesome.

Yup,that's all. Y'see,only these Cartoon Guys have earned the title of 'Awesome'. Now if I was composing a list of 'Cool' Cartoon Cuys,believe me that list would be way longer.

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