Sunday, July 29, 2012

More Modern-Day Cartoons That I Like

Awhile back I listed Cartoon Shows from this day and age that I like. Well,here's another list.

Legend of Korra: I haven't seen much of this show,only a few episodes. Despite this,I liked what I saw. The storylines were well writen and the Artwork is fantastic. The series also has a darker feel to it. The creators themselves did a great job evolving the Avatar world and Korra hereslf is a cool character. Though,I'm not much of a fan of her team. This is because I got into this show late in the seeson and never really had much of a chance to get to know them. However,despite how great this show is,I still like the Original Avatar better. 

Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes: Like with Korra,I got into this show late in the game. But I've been hooked ever since. Love the storylines,artwork,and action scenes. This show reminds me a lot of those Sunday Morning cartoons that I used to watch (and like). Which is kinda appropriate,since the show does air on Sunday Mornings. Bottom line,Avengers: EMH is a great show that both Marvel fans and Action Cartoon fans should never miss. Avengers Assemble!

Ultimate Spider-Man: Ultimate Spider-Man was a show that I've wastched since it's premier. I love Spider-Man cartoons and loved this show. My favorite aspects of this show were the artwork and action scenes. But,the very best part about this show is the special guest Heroes and Villains. Unlike the previous 3 Spider-Man cartoons (animated series,unlimited,and spectacular),this show seems to favor comedy more than drama. Not that's a bad thing. The comedic scenes may be a bit cheezy at times,but I like it. The only thing I hated about this show was the fact that Spidy has to work with a team. Now don't get me Wrong,I like Power Man and Iron Fist,but Spidy is way better when he works alone. These Super Heroes should've been guest stars instead. Anyway,Ultimate Spider-Man is a great show.

Tron:Uprising: Tron Uprising is an Animated series based on the Tron movies. The show is very good. I haven't seen much of this show (all thanks to ditzney's scheduling problems),but I was impressed at what I did see. 3D works extremely well with's also appropriate. Tron Legacy is one show that fans of animation will love.

Motorcity: This show surprised me. At first I thought It was gonna be a Canadian Abomination (seriously,can you blame me?). But I was wrong. Not only was this show American,but it was entertaining. Not much to say about this show,except that its a fun watch.

Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters: An American variation of the Deul Masters Anime series. This is the Hubs latest original show and it is superb. The artwork and storylines are very well done. And the action scenes are fun to watch. Kaijudo is a show of excellent quality and gives me hope for an American Pokemon show.

Gravity Falls: Another show that surprised me.  Gravity Falls is Disney show that has some elements that is so unlike the Modern Disney. This show has adventure,mystery,creepiness,monsters,and some dark humor (to go with the regular humor). The show also contains plot twists. My only gripe is the artwork. I'm not sure I like it. But,I do like this show and I know a lot of you will as well.

Kick Buttowski: I know it's not a new show,but it's still qualifies as a Modern cartoon I originally hated this show thinking it was a Canadian Abomination,until I watched some epidodes. This show has some pretty high entertainment value. I think it's save to say that,besides Fishhooks and the kiddie crapola,all of Disney's Modern Cartoons are good.

When I find more Modern Cartoons that I like,you can expect another list.


DragonRanger1 said...

I think it's "Earth's Mightest Heroes", just like the tag line from the first issue of Avengers comics.

Stefan said...

Mistake fixed. my bad.

DragonRanger1 said...

I know. The term, "World's Mightest Heroes", it's almost like the tagline for that last Fantastic Four cartoon, Fantasic Four: World's Greatest Heroes. No apologies necessary. Other than that, good form on your blog. I hope there will be more Modern Cartoons we like in the near future.