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The Rise, Fall and (Possible) Rebirth of Sailor Moon! Chapter 5: Sailor Senshi, Front and Center! Part 1 - The Main Cast

Before we get started, I want to thank Stefan for helping me out on this blog. I know some of the manga because I got the Sailor V mangas and Vol. 1 of the Sailor Moon manga. If I had all the manga, I would've of know alot. Here in the American Cartoon Federation, it's all about teamwork and determination and we will make a difference, especially in the world of animation. Thanks Stefan for helping me out here. With all the movie making and bloging I am doing, I definently need all the help I could get. Anyway, speaking of teamwork, let's get crackin'.

The following list of the 411 on the characters, the senshi, their friends and they enemies from the storyarcs themselves. If I don't have any much on the characters from Sailor Stars, I am sorry, cause I never saw the final season (stupid politics). Anyway, in this part, I will talk about the senshi, their allies and their friends. Here we go:

Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon: The leader of the Sailor Senshi and the reincarnation of Princess Serenity. As Princess Serenity, she was kind and noble like her mother, Queen Serenity. But, when she was incarnated into Usagi, she wasn't as noble as she once was. Usagi is a lazy, ditzy schoolgirl who cries alot, eats too much, plays alot of video games, idolizes boys and so on and so forth. but when she became Sailor Moon, all of her normal teen angst doubled ten fold. Initially, she didn't take her Sailor business seriously but overtime, she slowly started to except her destiny after she was discovered to be the long lost Moon Princess and guardian of the Ginzuishou or Silver Crystal. Although she is not the strong, wise warrior, what she lacks in strength makes up, so to speak, with courage, which is one of my 5 virtues by the way. She eventually becomes Neo-Queen Serenity of 30th Century Crystal Tokyo. Her name means "Bunny of the Moon" in Japanese. Her American name is Serena.

Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury: The brains of the Senshi. Ami Mizuno is one of the smartest people in the world. Her I.Q. is about 300, the same as the I.Q. of Dr. Ivo Robotnik. But unlike Robotnik, Ami-chan doesn't start a tantrum like Eggman does. Anyway, as Sailor Mercury, she has the power of both water and ice. But she is mostly used in defense and strategy, especially when she has her VR Visor for analysis and a mini-computer to help her figure out how to beat her enemies. On a serious note, Sailor Mercury is my favorite senshi because her birthday is one September 10th and what so special about that you ask. In the beginning, Ami-chan's birthday was just another birthday. But after the tragegy that is 9/11, I now think of her birthday as the birthday before 9/11. Not only celebrate her birthday, but I also honor those brave people who died on that dreadful day. Her name means "Friend of Water" in Japanese. "Be Water, my friend" as Bruce Lee once said. Her American name is Amy.

Rei Hino/Sailor Mars: Rei Hino is a young Miko who lives with her grandfather at the Hikawa Shrine. Although she is mostly calm, Rei-Rei (a nickname I made up myself) has a hot temper, so to speak, especially having arguments with Usagi, personality-wise and leadership-wise. As Sailor Mars, she has the power of fire, which she use to burn her foes into a cinder. Also, she can also sense evil vibes indicating that her foes are near. Other than her powers, she uses her Anti-Evil Ofuda Scrolls to stun her foes by saying Akuryo Taisan, which translates to "Evil Spirits Begone!" Her pet crows names are Phobos and Deimos, named after two of Mars' Moons. Her name means "Spirit of Fire" in Japanese. Her American name is Raye.

Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter: Now this Senshi is one tough cookie! Makoto Kino is a schoolgirl who was transfered from her old school because she got into fights in the drop of a hat but now goes to Juuban Junior High (the same school Usagi and Ami goes). Speaking of which, that is her personality, well, not all of it and here's why. Even though she looks tough and often get into fights, but she is mostly kind, when it comes to making friends. Her favorite hobby is cooking because she wanted to be one of the finest cooks in all of Japan. Her one weakness is being boy-crazy. Everytime she sees a handsome boy, she thinks of them as her old boyfriend, but that's for another time. As Sailor Jupiter, she has the power of nature, thunder and lightning, now that's shocking. Her name means "Faithfulness of Wood" in Japanese. Her American name is Lita

Minako Aino/Sailor V/Sailor Venus: This senshi needs no introduction. She was the main hero before Sailor Moon came to be. Just like Usagi, Minako is a ditz and likes to idolize boys too much. As Sailor V, she was assigned to stop the Dark Agency before discovering her true destiny to protect the Moon Princess as Sailor Venus. As Sailor Venus, she has the power of light, straight from her Cresent Beam to her Love Me Chain. Her name means "Beautiful Child of Love" in Japanese. Her American name is Mina.

Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask: Sailor Moon's valiant protector. In the beginning, he was Prince Endymion of Earth. He was Princess Serenity's lover and vows to watch over her, no matter what. When the Dark Kingdom ravaged the Moon Kingdom, Endymion died in battle. When Endymion was reborn on Earth as Mamoru, his personality was a bit complicated. When he was a kid, he almost died of a car accident, but he survived and rather remembering his current memories, he remembers his past. Years later, Mamoru is a college student and often picks on Usagi, calling her an Odango Head or Meatball Head. Mamoru and Usagi were at the wrong foot in the beginning, but overtime, they became friends and thereafter, lovers. As Tuxedo Mask, he dresses like Mandrake the Magician, but with a mask. Whenever Sailor Moon and the other senshi are in trouble, he throws his roses like a pair of Kunais. He also has his cane, which not uses it in the same manner Goku uses his Power Pole, but he uses it mostly for close quarters combat. He was evil for a short time by Queen Beryl, had a fighting spirit under the name the Moonlight Knight and eventually becomes King Endymion of Crystal Tokyo. His name means "Protector of the Earth" in Japanese. His American name is Darien.

Chibiusa/Sailor Chibimoon: The daughter of Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion of Crystal Tokyo. She came to the present in search of the Silver Crystal in order to save both the present and future of Tokyo. Chibiusa has Sailor Moon's hairstyle but it resembled bunny ears and it was pink. She may look cute and innocent, but she is more clever and cunning than we thought. Her Lunasphere can change into anything, a parasol, a baby bottle, a slingshot, and so on and so forth. She also has her Crystal Key, which enables her to travel through time, which explains how she ended up in the present. But, when she used it once, the gravity was gone, temporary anyway. And whenever she starts crying too much, her crescent moon insignia appears on her forehead, which causes to fire off the Moon Beam, which contain a lot of power. Like Tuxedo Mask, she was manipulated and turned evil, which turned her into Black Lady. As Black Lady, she was infused with the power the Dark Crystal. Eventually, thanks to Sailor Moon and her friends, the spell was broken and she was back to normal. Later on, she becomes the littlest Sailor Senshi, Sailor Chibimoon. As Chibimoon, her powers are almost as similar to Sailor Moon, but a little weaker, especially with her Pink Sugar Heart Attack. But her powers evolved in time, thanks to the power of Pegasus. Her name is the same as Usagi, but it was shortened with Chibi next to it so we won't get confused. Her American name is Rini/Sailor MiniMoon.

Luna, Artemis & Diana: The Senshi's guardian cats. During the times of the Silver Millenium, Luna and Artemis served as advisors to Queen Serenity until its destruction by the Dark Kingdom. When Queen Serenity died, she sends Luna and Artemis to Earth to watch over her daugther and the other senshi. Since then, Luna became Sailor Moon's mentor while Artemis became Sailor Venus' partner. Luna may look cute, but she is wise beyond her years. While Artemis, although he is smart, he isn't as bright as Luna. Diana came later on in the series. Diana is Luna & Artemis' daughter from the future and a guardian in training and companion to Chibiusa.

Haruka Tenoh/Sailor Uranus: The senshi of the outer solar system. As Haruka, she is a tomboy, mostly wearing men's clothing, including her school uniform for the Mugen School. Her favorite hobby is driving race cars. I guess she has the need...THE NEED FOR SPEED!! Anyway, as Sailor Uranus, she has the power of the Earth, which is extremely powerful. But unlike the other senshi, she is cold and calculating, which puts her at odds with Sailor Moon and the other senshi. She is the bearer of the Space Sword of Uranus. Her name means "Far Sky King" in Japanese. Her American name is Amara.

Michiru Kaiou/Sailor Neptune: The senshi of the outer solar system, whose beauty matches that of the sea itself. Although she could be cold and mean like her partner/lover, Sailor Uranus, Michiru is mostly kind and elegant. Her favorite hobbies are not only painting and swimming, but she is also a skilled violinist. Her performance on the violin is as elegant as the golden voice of a mermaid. As Sailor Neptune, she has the power over water, which is more powerful than that of Sailor Mercury. She is the bearer of the Aqua Mirror of Neptune. Her name means "Maturing Sea King" in Japanese.Her American name is Michele.

Setsuna Meioh/Sailor Pluto: the outer senshi of time and space. She is the one who guards to door through time and she was the only friend Chibiusa talks to when she was in the present. Unlike Sailors Uranus and Neptune, Sailor Pluto is willing to help the other Sailor Senshi for Chibiusa's sake. When she is Setsuna, she works as a university nurse. As Sailor Pluto, she has the power over time and space itself. She is the bearer of the Garnet Orb of Pluto. Just like Sailor Mercury, Sailor Pluto is my other favorite senshi. She is my favorite for another reason. Long ago, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) demoted Pluto as one of the nine planets of the solar system due to a bogus claim of a so-called "Definition of a Planet." That decision outrage many people who observe the solar system, and believe me, I am one of them. Without Pluto, how can kids say the line "My Very Educated Mother Just Serve Us Nine Pies" now. Since then, I continue to make my stance and still believe to this day that Pluto is, and always will be, a planet. And those IAU eggheads can SIT ON IT!! Her name means "Momentary Dark King" in Japanese. Her American name is Trista.

Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn: the outer senshi of death and rebirth and daughter of Professor Souichi Tomoe. As a child, Hotaru was left for dead and Professor Tomoe was scarred after a freak laboratory accident but was forced to serve the dark forces from the Tau Nebula in order to save Hotaru. Years later, Hotaru, now a teenager, was alive and well, but unknown to her, she was possessed the evil of the Messiah of Silence, Mistress Nine. Although the outer senshi didn't trust her, Hotaru's only friend was Chibiusa. It didn't take long for the Death Busters to kidnap Sailor Chibimoon to use her to bring back Mistress Nine. However, Mistress Nine's reign of destruction was short-lived when Hotaru broke free and she was reborn as Sailor Saturn. Unfortunately, after the demise of Pharaoh 90, she was turned back into a baby after she was saved by Sailor Moon. In the Sailor Stars arc, Hotaru returns as Sailor Saturn to aid the senshi against Sailor Galaxia. As Sailor Saturn, she has the powers of darkness, death and rebirth and she is armed with her Silence Glaive. Next to Prince Zuko, Piccolo and Dark Warlord Anubis/Oni Masho Shuten Doji, Sailor Saturn is one of many animated characters who started bad, but ended up fighting for good. Her name means "Firefly Rising from Earth" in Japanese, which resembles the season of Spring, the season of rebirth. Her Supposed American name was Tara, but the dubbers decided to let little Hotaru-chan keep her name. Though they mispronounced her family's name.

The Three Lights/Sailor Starlights: Sailor Senshi from another galaxy, whose planet was destroyed by Sailor Galaxia. Their mission was to find Princess Kakyuu of planet Kinmoku. In their civilian forms, Taiki, Seiya and Yaten Kou a.k.a. Sailor Star Maker, Fighter and Healer, use their occupation as a music band known as the Three Lights as a front for their mission. As the Starlights, their outfits are much different than the usual senshi fuku, making them more like dominatrix-like, but no knowledge on their powers. The Sailor Starlights caused alot of controversy in the anime. When they were portrayed as real men in the anime, it angered Naoko-chan. No wonder why we didn't get an english dub of Sailor Stars.

Chibi Chibi/Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon: A senshi that looks like a miniturized version of Usagi and Chibiusa. In the anime, she was born as the Light of Hope, the star seed of Galaxia before she was corrupted. In the manga, she was Sailor Cosmos, who was Sailor Moon's ultimate form. After fighting Sailor Chaos and destroyed most of the future, she heads to the present to help Sailor Moon and the others fight the forces of Chaos.

Princess Kakyuu: The ruler of the planet Kinmoku who the Starlights are looking for. In the manga, she was also known as Sailor Kakyuu.

Ikuko and Kenji Tsukino: Usagi's earth parents. Ikuko is a stay at home mother while Kenji is a magazine reporter. Both Usagi's parents were named after and based of Naoko-chan's real life parents. Coincidence? I think not.

Shingo Tsukino: Usagi's bratty little brother. Although annoying, deep down, he cares for Usagi. His American name is Sammy.

Grandpa Hino: Rei's grandfather who works at the Hikawa Shrine. In the manga, he is tall, has a mustache and had a head full of hair. While in the anime, he is a little, bald-headed old man, who, although is kind, is a bit crazy, especially flirting with young girls, just like Master Roshi.

Naru Osaka: Usagi's best friend whose mother runs the jewelry store, OSA*P. She was the first of many people who were targets of the Dark Kingdom, only to be bailed out by Sailor Moon. One of her most dramatic moments in her life is meeting and befriending Nephrite, who was later killed by Zoicite while protecting her. Other than that, Naru is a very strong willed person. Her American name is Molly.

Gurio Umino: Usagi and Naru's nerdy friend. Although intelligent, he is also arrogant about his intellect. He is often seen in his spiral glasses. He looks a bit like Gurikazu Amano from the Sailor V manga. His American name is Melvin.

Haruna Sakurada: Usagi's teacher from Juuban Junior High. Although a strict teacher when it comes to Usagi's laziness, she sometime acts spacey when it comes to finding a husband. Her sister, Natsuna, is the superintendent general of the Metropolitan Police. Her American name is Patricia Haruna.

Motoki Furuhata: One of Usagi's good friends and is best friends with Mamoru Chiba. He works at the Crown Game Center, where Usagi hangs out and plays video games like the Sailor V arcade game. He was refered to as "bro" by Usagi and her friends (in the manga anyway). He has a sister named, Unazuki, who Usagi mistaken as a rival for the affection of Mamoru at the time. His American name is Andrew.

Yuchiro Kumada: A hippie-like young man who helps out at the Hikawa Shrine and has a crush on Rei Hino (Sailor Mars). His American name is Chad.

That's all with the main characters I could think of. Next time, we are not done with the characters yet cause I will talk about the villains from all 5 story arcs. Until then, Stay Gold and Godspeed.

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