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The Rise, Fall and (Possible) Rebirth of Sailor Moon! Chapter 6 - Sailor Senshi, Front and Center! Part II - The Villains!

Last Chapter, I talked about the main cast of the series. Now, I will talk about the villains from all 5 storyarcs. Like I said, if I don't much info on the characters from the Sailor Stars arc, I am sorry. Anyway, let's get under way, shall we?
Sailor Moon (Original)
The Dark Kingdom

The Dark Kingdom are the main villains of the first storyarc. They are the ones responsible for the demise of the Moon Kingdom. Queen Serenity banished them, but they were reborn on Earth, to renew their conquest of the entire universe. To drain they energy of the humans to revive their empress, Queen Metallia, they use monsters call Youma, who could either disguise themselves as humans or come out of everyday objects.

Queen Metallia: The true ruler of the Dark Kingdom. No one has ever saw her face, but her power has no limit, which was the case when she leveled the entire Moon Kingdom and not even the Sailor Senshi was powerful enough to stop her. Years later, she was a shadowy figure and not as powerful as she was and needed energy to live. But she served as Queen Beryl's convidant. In the english dub, she was
referred to as the Negaforce.

Queen Beryl: Metallia's right hand. She led the charge against the Moon Kingdom under Metallia's command. She monitors everyday activities on Earth. She rarely goes into battle, but she sends her henchmen to do her dirty work, namely her four dark generals, the Shintennou, which means Four Heavenly Kings in japanese. In the manga, the Shintennou once served Prince Endymion in the past. But in the anime, they are no different as typical anime villains, doing the dirty work for an evil queen. In the manga, she was killed off by Sailor Venus. However in the anime, she merged with Metallia to be one powerful, super-being but ended up killed off by Sailor Moon and the power of the Silver Crystal.

Jadeite: The first dark general. His mission was to drain all the life energy at all life, which he did. But, his plans were thwarted time and time again by Sailor Moon. His Youma are usually shapeshifters, who abduct humans and disguise themselves as their captives (e.g. Morga, the first Youma, kidnaps and disguises herself as Naru's mother). But, his fate was in both the anime and manga. In the manga, he was killed off by Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars by means of the Moon Tiara Action/Akuryo Taisen combination. However, in the anime, after his constant failures by the hands of the Sailor Senshi, Queen Beryl puts him into eternal sleep forever. Although the weakest dark general, I often think of him as my favorite and here's why. In the later years, I use to watch an anime called Ronin Warriors, which is the english version of Yoroiden Samurai Troopers and one of the main villains of the show was the evil emperor, Arago (Talpa). I picture Arago as the japanese equivelant of Darth Vader, the main villain from the Star Wars series. So, what this got to do with Jadeite, you ask. His english name, Jedite, almost sounds like Jedi and in my mind, I picture Jadeite as Arago's apprentice. Heck, I did a drawing and a photomanip of it once. If Jadeite was done right, he would be a evenly dangerous foe to Sailor Moon and possibly Rekka no Ryo (Ryo of the Wildfire). Bottom Line, Jadeite is my favorite because his english name sounds close to the name Jedi and wishing to be Arago's apprentice. As Yoda once said, "No more, no less. A master, and an apprentice." His name came from the jade stone of the same name.

Nephrite: The second dark general. He has the power of the stars and constellations at his command. His Youma are mostly from the objects he touches and when the host touches, they become evil to the core until their energy reaches their peak and thus, the Youma comes out, leaving the victim in a temporary coma. To hide his operations, he goes under the guise of socialite and businessman, Masato Sanjouin (Maxfield Stanton). During his time as Masato, Nephrite meets Naru and he slowing develop feelings for her, and here is where his fate is different in both the manga and the anime. In the manga, he was killed off by Sailor Jupiter. However, in the anime, Nephrite revealed his true character to Naru, only to get killed off by Zoicite and his Youma while protecting Naru. Just like Jadeite, his name comes from the jade stone of the same name. His english translation to his name is Neflite.

Zoicite: The third dark general and a confusing one I might add (more on that later). Trained by Kunzite, Zoicite is as dangerous as Jadeite and Nephrite combined. Assigned to look for the Silver Crystal, Zoicite was in search for the 7 Rainbow Crystals, which form the Ginzuishou or Silver Crystal. Zoicite's Youma are mostly the ones who were human until the Rainbow Crystals were removed. Unlike the other Youma, Sailor Moon can't destroy them. The power of the Moon Stick can restore the Youma back to normal. Zoicite was later killed off by Queen Beryl for disobeying her during his quest for the other Rainbow Crystals. Zoicite is also Kunzite's lover, where in the manga, he is not, just a close friend and confidant and this is where the confusion comes in. In the english dub, Zoicite was changed from a man to a woman to avoid controversy, which I will talk more some other time. His name comes from the mineral stone of the same name.
Kunzite: The forth dark general and the most powerful one I might add. He joined Zoicite in their quest to find the Rainbow Crystals. But, after Zoicite was killed off, Kunzite was assigned to look for the Silver Crystal. At the time, he had a brief rivalry with Prince Endymion, who was brainwashed at the time. Just like Zoicite, Kunzite's Youma were mostly human. But unlike Zoicite's Youma, Kunzite manipulated the humans to obey his every move. He was killed off by Sailor Moon by the power of the Silver Crystal. His name comes from the spodumene of the same name. His alternate english name is Malachite.
Sailor Moon R
The Makaiju Tree: A tree that once was powered by happiness and love. But, when the remenance of the Dark Kingdom came to its world, it free for its life. Most of the tree's inhabitants died, except for two survivors, Ail and Ann, who didn't learn the qualities of life, only jealousy, hatred and power. The tree crash landed on Earth and lusts for energy. To do that, Ail and Ann use monsters called Cardians to drain the humans of their energy so the tree will survive. In the english dub, it is known as the Doom Tree.
Ann: The female Makaiju alien. Whenever she sees Ail with another girl, she gets real jealous. Her jealousy is measured for her hatred for all humanity. However, after the Makaiju was reborn as a seedling, her hatred was long gone and she and Ail went to other worlds, so the tree will grow with happiness and love. To hide her true persona, she and Ail disguise themselves as humans to they don't attract attention.
Ail: The male Makaiju alien. Unlike Ann, Ail is a calm thinker. He was born with hatred, but after his time on Earth, he learned about friendship and love. He is also a skilled flute player, whether its impressing the girls or summoning Cardians. Just like Ann, he too, disguises himself as a human to hide their true motives. His english name is Alan.
*The Makaiju Tree and its aliens never appeared in the manga. The Makaiju Saga was an anime only filler story, while the Black Moon arc was still ongoing in the manga.
The Black Moon Clan
Born from the rogue moon known as Nemesis, the Black Moon Clan were born for one purpose: to destroy and rule the entire Earth. They left Crystal Tokyo in ruins, but in order to take it over further, they must change the past in modern day Tokyo. The Black Moon Clan's members has a black, upside down crescent moon insignia on their foreheads, which contracts with the regular crescent moon insignias from those of the Moon Kingdom. There were called the Negamoon Clan in the english dub.
Wiseman/Death Phantom: The leader of these rogue band of misfits. Though hidden in shadow, the Wiseman is very wise and powerful at the same time. Although very loyal to the Black Moon Clan, his true motives was to rule the universe by himself. Just like Queen Beryl, he likes to pulls the strings on his victims, whether its Chibiusa or Prince Demande himself. In the english dub, he is known as the Doom Phantom.
Crimson Rubeus: The first member of the Black Moon Clan to attack Tokyo in the present. In order to change the future, Rubeus has to go after the crystal points which become the future sites of Crystal Tokyo. He often sends not only the Black Moon Droids, their band of monsters, but also the Ayakashi sisters, to do his dirty work. He died after failing to seize control of the crystal points and kidnap Chibiusa and was left for dead by Green Esmeraude.
Green Esmeraude: The next in line of the Black Moon Clan to continue where Rubeus left off. Though elegant, Esmeraude is nothing more than a prima donna. She is mean, often jealous, and in all the years of anime, has the most annoying hyena-like laughter I have ever heard. She was later killed off after the Wiseman turned her into a dragon, which near wrecked all of Crystal Tokyo, only to be stopped by Sailor Moon. Her name was alternated to Emerald in the english dub.
Blue Saphir: Prince Demande's right hand and little brother. Very loyal to Demande, he never leaves his side. Unlike Rubeus and Esmeraude, he isn't cold and calculating since he never got involved, fully, in the Black Moon Clan's plans of conquest. When Esmeraude was killed off, and the rise of Black Lady, Saphir became of suspicious of the Wiseman's treasonous actions and he paid the ultimate price. At the time when he was alive, he was romatically involved with the oldest Ayakashi sister, Petz. His name was alternated to Sapphire in the english dub.
Prince Demande: The heir of the Black Moon Clan and the Wiseman's right hand. At the time, he was cold and calculating, especially manipulating his foes with his third eye. Unlike Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho, Demande uses his third eye to not only attack, but also uses it to hypotize, especially using it on Sailor Moon. Speaking of whom, he was often smiting with Sailor Moon at the time, for she does resemble Neo-Queen Serenity, her future self. But, after Saphir warned him about the Wiseman's treachary, Demande learned that the Wiseman was using the whole Black Moon Clan and turned on his master. Like all the others, Demande has died at the hands of the Wiseman. His name, like the others, was alternated to Prince Diamond.
Black Lady: Chibiusa's dark side, influenced by the power of the Dark Crystal and the Wiseman. When the Wiseman kidnapped her and through his dark lies, Chibiusa was convinced that her parents and the senshi don't love her no more. Infused by the power of the Dark Crystal, she went from a wee, little girl, to a dangerous femme fatale. Unlike her younger self, Black Lady uses her dark powers through her Lunasphere from her parasols to her dark version of Badminton. But her evil was short-lived, thanks to Sailor Moon and the power of the Silver Crystal and she was back to normal. In the manga, Chibiusa's redemption was totally different. When Sailor Pluto sacrificed her life to save her, Black Lady fought off Wiseman's control, changed back to normal and becomes Sailor Chibimoon. Her english name is Wicked Lady.
Ayakashi Sisters
The Ayakashi sisters are more beings from the Black Moon Clan, who began as henchmen of Crimson Rubeus. Their powers mirrors that of the Sailor Senshi themselves. In the manga, they were evil through and through until they were killed by the senshi. But in the anime, they reformed and live normal lives.
Koan: The second youngest. She was the first one to carry on the Black Moon Clan's evil plot and kidnap Chibiusa. Her Blue Flame powers mirrors that of Sailor Mars. Her hairstyle resembles cat ears and wears a pink jumpsuit with purple pinstrips and a tutu. A pink jumpsuit with a tutu? That's almost like the same outfit Melvin Junko wore before he was expose to toxic waste and became a hideously, deformed creature of superhuman size and strength known as the Toxic Avenger. Her english name is Katzy, which explains her cat ear like hairstyle.
Berthie: The youngest sister. Her ice powers mirrors Sailor Mercury's and she dresses up like a futuristic aerobics instructor, Richard Simmons, eat your heart out. But when she goes incognito, she dresses a bit elegant. Her english name is Birtie.
Calaveras: The second oldest. Just like her other sisters, she is obsess with beauty and is extremely jealous. Talk about beauty being skin deep. Although she doesn't have Sailor Venus' powers, her whips mirrors the Love Me Chain very well. Whip it, whip it good like the song from Devo. Her name was shortened to Avery in the english dub.
Petz: The oldest sister. At the time, she is as ruthless as Rubeus and her sisters combined. Back then, her weapon of choice was a dark-powered scepter, that looks like Sailor Moon's Moon Scepter but powered by the essence of the Black Moon Clan. But it was destroyed by the senshi by means of their ultimate attack, Sailor Planet Power. Her dark thunder powers mirrors Sailor Jupiter's. It was later revealed near the end of the story arc that she had a romantic relationship with Blue Saphir. Her english name is Prisma.
*During its intial run of the english dub in the states, the Dark Kingdom, Makaiju and Black Moon Clan were one, whole universe. Or in this case as, the Negaverse. In otherwords, in the japanese version, they were separate factions, but in the english dub, they are united as one whole Dark Kingdom, so to speak.
Sailor Moon S
The Death Busters
The Death Busters are the next line of villains in the Infinity arc. This group of villians combine dark magic with those of science. Their sole mission was not only revive the Messiah of Silence, Mistress Nine, but also summon their lord and master, Pharaoh 90. To do that, they create their batch of monsters called Daimons, or Heartsnatchers in the english dub. These Daimons were created from their Diamond Eggs, which when fused to a non-living object, it becomes a monster. By summoning their Daimons, they could steal the Pure Heart Crystals to use their energy to revive and summon their masters. Too bad the Pure Hearts were not mentioned in the manga, only in the anime. In the english dub, they are called the Bad Behaivor Bureau.
Prof. Souichi Tomoe: As I explained earlier in my last blog, he is the father of Hotaru Tomoe a.k.a. Sailor Saturn. When Hotaru was left for dead and he was scarred badly after an experiment to contact another world went awry, Tomoe made a deal with the Germatoid to save Hotaru, provided that he serve the dark forces. Since then, now possessed by the Germatoid, Tomoe now founds the Death Busters. He is mostly human in the public eye, but at his secret lab underneath the Mugen School, he hides in the shadows, so to speak. When Mistress Nine came to be, only to be dealt with by Sailor Moon and Sailor Saturn and with the arrival of Pharaoh 90, he was mortally wounded and the Germatoid was destroyed in the process. In the manga, he died. But, in the anime he was alive and was normal, but was shown briefly in one episode of Sailor Stars.
Kaorinite: Tomoe's assisant and a very powerful witch. She was the first one to carry out Tomoe's plans to steal the Pure Heart Crystals. In one moment, after stealing Sailor Moon's broach, she was killed off, only to be brought back to life. When the Witches 5 took over, Kaorinite stayed in the sidelines with Tomoe. She was killed off, permanently, when Mistress Nine was revived. In the manga, she was killed off by Sailor Moon. Her name was alternated to Kaori Night in the english dub.
Mistress Nine: The Messiah of Silence herself and the dark side of Hotaru Tomoe. She was revived after the Death Busters kidnapped Sailor Chibi Moon and drained her of her life force. Her reign was short-lived after Hotaru was reborn as Sailor Saturn.
Pharaoh 90: The ruler of the Tau Nebula itself. In the manga, he had a physical form. In the anime, he was only seen as a anthropormorphic black hole of some sort and wasn't that menacing like in the manga.
Witches 5: 5 witches doing the bidding of the Death Busters. After Kaorinite's first death, they took over the Pure Heart operations. Only Eudial and Mimete uses the Daimons, the last three attack on their own lonesome. In the manga, they were Daimons to begin with, they were never truly human.
Eudial: The first witch and leader of the Witches 5. She uses her large injector gun to extract the Pure Hearts. She attacks mostly with her flamethrowers. She is the only one who extracted 2 of the 3 Outer Senshi Talismans. But her victory was short-lived when the Holy Grail was revealed and Sailor Moon defeated her. Eudial met her end when she died of a car crash because of Mimete's sabotage. She is called Eugeal in the english dub.
Mimete: The nerdy witch. She usually targets young, attractive men. Her Stage Fright attack paralyzes her foes. Just like Eudial, she can use her Daimons to do her dirty work. Fortunentely, Mimete met her end when entered the big screen by means of her power device, but was killed off by Tellu, when she pulled the plug on her, literally. "No honor among thieves" as they say.
Tellu: The third witch. She uses plants to steal the Pure Hearts. But, she was killed off when one of her plant monsters, Hyper-Tellum, ate her and then exploded. She is called Telulu in the english dub.
Viluy: A tactical genius, just like Sailor Mercury. She uses a master computer to steal the Pure Hearts. But when she gets down and dirty, she uses her Mosaic Blaster from her nano gauntlet. But with all her technical know how, she was killed off when Sailor Moon shattered her gauntlet and got dissoved by her own attack.
Cyprine/Petirol: The last member of the Witches 5. She has the ability to split into two. She and her twin, Petirol give the phrase, "Double your pleasure" a bad name. Even their twin power was cut short when the senshi use their own power against them.
Sailor Moon Super S
Dead Moon Circus: They make look like a regular group of circus performers, but appearances can be deceiving. They come to Earth to steal Dream Mirrors for the sole purpose of staying alive and gain immortality.
Queen Nehellenia: The ring leader, no pun intended, of the Dead Moon Circus. She is obssessed of staying young forever. So much she wanted to get the golden mirror, but couldn't because of her evil ways. She was eventually free and continue trying to get the golden mirror but was turned into an old woman was sealed up in her mirror, leaving the Earth forever. She didn't return until Sailor Stars, when she was brought back by Sailor Galaxia by using Sailor Saturn's Star Seed and used Mamoru as a pawn to destroy the Senshi. However, her returning evil was short lived. Thanks to Sailor Moon, Nehellenia discovered the love and kindness she never had and she was turned into a child to begin life anew.
Zirconia: The figurehead of the Dead Moon Circus, who Nehellenia put in charge. A little old insect-like alien creature, Zirconia was assigned to find Dream Mirrors to free Nehellenia. However, once the Golden Crystal was found and Nehellenia was freed, Zirconia met her end. Her name was taken from the elemental metal called Zirconium.
The Amazon Trio: The first henchmen sent by the Dead Moon Circus. Zirconia turned a hawk, tiger and fish, into humans, doing the circus's bidding stealing Dream Mirrors, . They were very loyal until Zirconia pushed them aside of the Amazoness Quartet. They later gave their lives to save Sailor Moon. They were later turned into humans by Pegasus and left peacefully to Elysion. In the manga, they were evil to the core and were destroyed by the Senshi.
Tiger's Eye's: The leader of the trio. He targets younger girls. He attacks with his whip and knives.
Hawk's Eye: No relation to the original Hawkeye, Clint Barton. Anyway, No info on him but he does attack with fire, when he blows his small torch. And just like Tiger's Eye, he also targets young girls.
Fish Eye: Unlike his two co-horts, he focuses on men. He attacks with knives, but poorly, but does have a water beam attack. Just like Zoicite, Fish Eye is a man in the original japanese, but was turned into a girl in the english dub to avoid anything relating to gay relationships.
The Amazoness Quartet: These 4 young vixens took over after the failure of the Amazon Trio. They got their powers from 4 orbs, given by Nehellenia herself. They not only powers that mirrors that of the senshi, pardon the pun, but makes them young forever, just like the Dream Mirrors that would make Nehellenia young. They were very loyal to the Dead Moon Circus until their powers were drained to empowered Zirconia to fight the senshi, but to no avail. After seeing the truth, the Quartet shattered the orbs and help the senshi defeat Nehellenia by switching the Golden Crystal with a pineapple. They have sinced disappeared to live a life of peace. In the manga, they were revealed to be senshi themselves and Sailor Chibimoon is their leader.
Ves Ves: The youngest; counterpart to Sailor Mars.
CereCere: The oldest and the most mature; counterpart to Sailor Venus.
JunJun: The tomboyish one (not in a Sailor Uranus kind of way) ; counterpart to Sailor Jupiter.
PallaPalla: The second oldest but a bit childish; counterpart to Sailor Mercury.
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
Shadow Galatica: The final group of enemies in the entire series. Formed by Sailor Galaxia, this group of Sailor Senshi gone bad came to Earth to steal the Sailor Crystals, the Star Seed or life spark of the Sailor Senshi themselves. They disguise themselves as talent agents as their cover. The only members of Shadow Galatica that were in the manga were Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion, Sailor Lethe and Sailor Mnemosyne. But I am focused on the ones from the anime. So let's begin, shall we? And like I said, don't expect much info on them cause I never saw the final season or read the later manga chapters.
Sailor Galaxia: The leader of the Shadow Galatica. In the beginning, the fought for the side of good until Chaos, the being she was fighting against, possessed her. With Chaos within her, Galaxia ravaged the entire galaxy to get want she wants, the Star Seeds. She along with her followers killed off all of the Sailor Senshi except for Sailor Moon, who she had to fight against. Galaxia was later defeated when her Star Seed, in the form of Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon, help Sailor Moon defeat Chaos and free Galaxia from Chaos' influence. Afterwards, the senshi were revived, the earth is restored and Galaxia departs in peace with the Star Seeds.
Sailor Animamates: The loyal minions of Sailor Galaxia, whose Star Seeds were removed to survive. In the anime, they were real senshi. But in the manga, they killed another senshi from their homeworld to become Sailor Senshi to please Sailor Galaxia. But they were killed off later on by Galaxia. Their members consist on Sailor Iron Mouse, Sailor Aluminum Seiren, Sailor Lead Crow and Sailor Tin Nyanko.
Well, I guess that's it for the characters then. Join us next time as I talk about Sailor Moon's arrival in the good ol' U.S. of A. Until then, Stay Gold and Godspeed.
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