Friday, December 21, 2012

Shego Season 2

Episodes of Season 2 of Shego.

1 (21) - The Guardian: Shego and Lee stand before Rayjin and are in total disbelief. After a small conversation,Rayjin teleports the heroes and himself back to his lookout high above the clouds. Once their Rayjin tells them about the current threat to earth and Diabeelze. He reveals that Diabeelze is just a pawn for an even greater evil and that Akbar is just a figure head and the faith is just a cult and that Damnation is a planet in another galaxy. Next he proseeds to tell Shego that she will need all the help she can get against the upcoming threat. Lee asks about himself. Rayjin tells Lee that he's not ready to combat the threat just yet,and he needs more training. Rayjin decides to train them for a short while. He also tells Shego that she has a hidden ability that needs to be unlocked. Meanwhile,back in Damnation,Diabeelze is upset that Shego got away and that Rayjin saved her. He is then visited by a mysterious voice (through an idol). The voice,posing as Akbar,warns Diabeelze that this is his last chance to conquer earth. Back at Global Justice,Drakken and Betty Director are worried about Shego and Lee,since they haven't been in contact with GJ in a while. They mention that they tried contacting them,but failed. They try again,but fail. Meanwhile,Shego and Lee are taken to a backroom area of Rayjin's lair. Rayjin shows them a fragment of the Rainbow Comet,the very thing that gave the Go's their powers. This fragment is White. Rayjin tells the Go's that it was he who sent the comet to give Shego and her Brothers powers,so that one day they can be Defenders of The Planet. Shego asks why Rayjin doesn't just defent the world himself. Rayjin explains that a Guardian is mostly a watcher and can only intervine in world events in extreme emergencies. Back on topic,Rayjin tells Lee that this fragment is meant for him. Lee is surprised. Lee touches the Comet peice and absorbs it's power (temporary ability and power emulation). Soon after the Rayjin tells them to let the training begin. Diabeelze invades earth.

2 (22) - Diabeelze's Fall: Diabeelze is met with millitary and Global Justice agents,but he kills them all. Shego and Lee's training is cut short to deal with this threat. Shego unlocks her secret ability in battle...Flight. Anyway,Shego and Lee (mostly shego) beat back the Demon after a tough battle. The heroes are teleported back to Rayjin's sky sanctuary to complete their training. Meanwhile,back in Damnation,Diabeelze is scolded by 'Akbar'. Somewhere in a far off Galaxy,on a distant Planet,a Sorcerer known as Kwang-Ki,is in contact with his master known as Kai-nokk. Kai-nokk,who's trapped in another universe,tells his minion that Diabeelze has failed misarably to secure earth and that it's his time now. the evil sorcerer smiles evily.

3 (23) - Diabeelze's Quest: Kwang-Ki is on his home world of Maa and is talking with Kai-nokk through an idol. Kai-nokk tells his minion that the earth is a gateway to all universes...even the upper and lower ones. and only a portal from Earth can free him. Kai-nokk tells Kwang-Ki that he had stolen 6 mystical "idols" from the Elder Guardians,that he intended to use to increace his own power. However,he scattered them all across the universe before he was imprisoned in the Chaosverse.  he then tells his faitful wizard that those idols are key items to his release. He concludes that once the idols are together they can open a portal to the Chaosverse,freeing him. But a ceremony is needed and it must be done on Earth at the proper time. He decides to send Diabeelze to retrieve the idols. Meanwhile,Shego and Lee have completed their training and are sent back to Earth by Rayjin. Later on,Lee has some "fun" with his powers and tries to copy the skills of his fails. Shego scolds him. Kai-nokk (though the akbar idol) gives Diabeelze his new mission. Using his portal creating abilities,Diabeelze travels to the 1st of 6 worlds where the "idols" are hidden (a planet called ezrah). He eventually finds the idol deep within a swamp. Next he heads to a Planet Jihed,where the idol is given to him by Akbar worshippers. While on his lookout,Rayjin starts to get a bad feeling about the future.

4 (24) - The Quest Continues: Diabeelze is on a Planet named Boon for the 3rd Idol. He finds it in a dark forest. Back on Earth,at Middelton High,Lee gets detention for starting a fight with a jerky jock. Vice Principal Barkin wants to go out with Shego and goes to Lee for detailed information. In return,Barkin will get Lee out of detention. Lee agrees and tells Barkin what he knows. After school,Barkin asks Shego out and she reluctantly accepts. Meanwhile,on a Planet called Meijion,Diabeelze locates the 4th Idol deep under a vast ocean. Later on Earth,Shego and Lee (and drakken) are talking about the Date,while she awaits Barkin. Drakken doesn't like this. But,Shego reveals that she owes Barkin one from long ago,but assures that after tonight,all debts will be paid. Barkin picks up Shego up for their date. Drakken hopes that this date doesn't lead to something..romantic. On a Planet called Bur,Diabeelze finds the 5th idol buried deep within the rocky planet. 5 down 1 more to go. Later,Shego comes home from her date with Barkin and when Lee asks how it went? Shego tells him and says that she had a decent time,but Barkin isn't her type. Drakken is secretly glad to hear it.

5 (25) - The Ritual: Shego and Lee are at the HQ of Global Justice talking to Betty Director about that's been goin' on. shockingly,she believes it. Meanwhile,Diabeelze is on a World called Gard,where the 5th and final Idol is. He finds it in a temple,but is challenged by the temples viking-esque guards and has to fight for it. Diabeelze eventually kiils them all and gains the final Idol. He then travels back to Damnation to tell Kai-Nokk the good news. He does just this and prepares to go to earth for the ritual.  As Shego and Lee are living out their daily life at home,Diabeelze is setting up the Idols ontop of a hill outside of Upperton. After setting up,he opens a portal to Maa and Kwang-Ki arrives to help with the ritual. Kwang-Ki brings some grunts (evil monks) to prevent any and all interuptions. Global Justice is alerted (wia its universal emergency satelite) of this evil and summons Shego and Lee to stop them (she calles them via communicator). The Heroes arrive and are assaulted by Kwang-Ki's monks. The ritual is success and a portal to the Chaosverse opens,much to the heroes chagrin (including rayjin). Kai-Nokk is now freed. The Go Cousins engage Kai-Nokk and gets defeated. Rayjin appears and takes the Heroes back to his sanctuary. Kai-Nokk is annoyed at this.
6 (26) - Evil's Origin: At his Sanctuary,Rayjin heals the duo and tells them that the Earth is in more trouble than they know. When asked,Rayjin tells the Cousins the Story of Kai-Knokk. He tells them (in a long flashback) that Kai-Nokk was once an elder Guardian. The Elder Guardians watch over the Universe as well as the World Guardians. The Job of a Guardian is to keep the balance throughout the universe. Kai-Nokk loved his job way too much and tried to takeover the Universe. He enslaved his part of the Universe and killed all who got in his way. In an act of arrogance,Kai-Nokk stole The Elder Guardian's Idols of Fate (those same 6 idols that diabeelze used to free kai-nokk) and intended to use them to increase his own power. However,the Elder Guardians decided to break their own rules and go after the Power mad Fallen Elder Guardian. They fight and the Elder Guardian's win. Defeated and a bit desperate,Kai-Nokk scattered the idols across the Universe,where the Elder's coudn't find them. Kai-Nokk was then cast into the Chaosverse,where he would remain least,until now. After the story,Shego wonders how they are gonna win against such a powerful guy. Within the Realm of Damnation,Kai-Nokk is growing weak and reveals to Diabeelze and Kwang-Ki that he needs to absorb the souls of the Universes strongest Mortals in order to keep his immortality and that if 48 hours goes buy without doing so,he will become Mortal completely..and eventually loose his powers. Kai-Nokk decides to start with Earth...and maybe even make Shego his first target.

7 (27) - Return To Damnation: Kwang-Ki asks his master how could it be that he,a guardian,has lost permanent immortality. Kai-Nokk tells his sorceror that it was a curse placed on him by the Other Elder Guardians as one of his punishments for his actions. Diabeelze tells Kai-Nokk that Akbar will help him. Kai-nokk gets annoyed and tells the him that he Is Akbar. Diabeelze is shocked. Kai-Nokk tells his 2 main minions that each day from here on out he will grow weaker and more mortal if he goes without absorbing the souls of,at least 100 mere mortals,50 extraordinary mortals,or 5 super human mortals. Kai-Nokk tells them that he wants Shego gone first,since she may be trouble in the future..after all,the human spirit is the greatest weapon a superhuman has. He tells Kwang-Ki to gather up 100 mortals and to bring them here. He tells Daibeelze to help him (mainly as a portal opener). Kain-nokk says he'll go after Shego...and drain her soul. he's taking no chances and wants to make sure Shego dies. Meanwhile,School is out for the day,and Lee is hanging out at the Arcade. He runs into trouble with some thugs and beats them up. Suddenly,Kai-Nokk appears and a battle between him and Lee begins. Lee loses and instead of taking his soul,Kai-Nokk gets a better idea. He takes Lee back to damnation. Meanwhile,Shego is battling Diabeelze and some grunts,while Kwang-Ki and another group of grunts are capturing some humans. Dr.Drakken arrives to help,but is taken out. Shego defeats the grunts but has her hands full with Diabeelze. While this is going on,Kwang-Kii takes the captured mortals and Drakken back to Damnation via a pre-opened portal. Shego tries to stop them but fails. The villians get away and Shego is pissed and wonders where the hell Lee is? She contacts Global Justice and tells them what happened,she also asks about Lee. Dr.Director tells Shego that they still can't reach him. Suddenly,Kai-Nokk arrives and tells Shego that he has Lee and if she wants him back,she'll have to come to Damnation to get him. Kai-Nokk escapes via a portal he created. Rayjin arrives and opens a portal to Damnation for Shego. Once there,Shego is met with a Kai-Nokk's grunts. She battles them and wins. The closer she makes it to Kai-Nokk's newly established palace,the stronger her foes get. Meanwhile,Kai-Nokk is draining the souls from every captured mortal except for Drakken and Lee,who he intends on draining after Shego is dead. Shego makes it to The palace and battles Kwang-Kii and Kai-Nokk. While the fight is going on,Lee and Drakken escape their emprisonment,find Shego,and help her. Lee defeats Kwang-Kii using his ability copy. Shego has a tough time with Kai-Nokk,not even with Lee's help. A portal opens and Rayjin tells them to return to earth. The heroes do just that. Kai-Nokk goes after them,but it's too late,the portal has closed. When asked about how he knew when they would need a portal,Rayjin says that he can sence the lifeforces of Earth humans..even when they are off planet. Shego is abit angry and upset for not saving those who were victims of Kai-Nokk. But,Rayjin tells her that there was nothing that she could do and as long as Kai-Nokk is alive,those who die at his hands will never be able to rest in peace.

8 (28) - The Tournament:  Rayjin is before the Elder Guardians,who talk to him about the crisis Earth is facing and feel that Shego may not be able to stop it. When asked about what to do about it,the Guardians say that they are thinking about reviving the Immoral Warrior's Tournament,where the winner gets 1 rule free request from the Elder Guardians. Shego can enter and try to win. Rayjin questions the thought,telling his superiours that its too risky. Adding that Kai-Knokk's minions or any other intergalactic evil would also be allowed to enter. And that in a ruleless fighting tournament,that's extremely dangerous...not to mention reckless. He then asks them what will they do if Kai-Nokk's guys win? The Elders say that Shego must fight twice as hard then,because they are reviving the Tournament and if she losses,so be it. Rayjin accuses them of being selfish,putting the universe in peril just to rid it of Kai-nokk,a man that they themselves have a personal grudge against. He adds that not only did Kai-Nokk steal your idols,but he also made the Elder Guardianship look horrid. And that they can't get over it. The Elders tel him enough and warn Rayjin that He will be demoted if he Ever talks like that to them again. They then tell him to get Shego ready for the tournament,which will start Next Week in the secluded island south of Thailand. So,Rayjin brings Shego and Lee to his lookout and tells them about the Tournament and its origins. The story goes like this: During the begining of the Universe,the Elder Guardians decided to hold a Universal ruleless fighting tournament for the fun of it,with the winner getting 1 free request from the Guardians. Lee questions the rule free request. Rayjin tells him that the Elders Power may be limited,but nevertheless extraordinary. Rayjin finishes his story by telling them that an Edenian Warlock known as Kai-Nokk won and got his requested to become an Elder Guardian. The Elders hated Kai-Nokk and the fact he wanted to be a one of them. But true to their word,the Guardians granted Kai-Nokk's request. But hated it so much that they decided to scrap the Immoral Warrior's tournament....until now. Rayjin also mentions that Guardians aren't allowed to participate,so it's fair game. Shego still can't believe it but she's in. She'd like to test her powers against those from other Planets. Lee wants to Enter as well,but Rayjin tells him that he isn't ready for it. Kai-Nokk also hears about the Tournament and decides to participare. Diabeelze and Kwang-Kii also want to take part in this. And so Training for the Tournament begins. When Tournament day comes,fighters from around the Universe arrive on the secluded island south of Thailand. The 5 Elder Guardian's greet the participants on the Tournament Grounds. 

9 (29) - Art of Combat: While Shego takes part in the Tournament,Lee and Dr.Drakken are there as spectarors supporting Shego. The Elder Guardians explain that each fight in the elimination rounds will be no holds barred.and that once they have 8 finalists,the main tournament will begin. And so the elimination rounds begin. Shego,Kai-Nokk,Kwang-Kii,and Diabeelze beat their various opponents and make it to the finals (along with 4 others). During that time,Rayjin once again chastises the Elders Guardians for even having this tournament. Eisneroth,the Leader of the Elders,tells Rayjin that this is the most efficiant way to get rid of Kai-Nokk and that one on of these warriors is bound to finish him. Miriza,the only female elder,warns Rayjin that it would be wise not to chastise them again. Rii-Sutan,the 2nd in comand of the grand elders,tells Rayjin that he should just feel greatful that the Guardians are providing free quality entertainment. Elder Rookus,the 3rd of the elders,says that he hopes that this will not backfire and Kai-Nokk or his loyalists win. The final elder,Haanson assures his comerad that he's positive that one of these warriors will get the job done. Rayjin warns them of  Kai-Nokk's soul absorption ability,but they warn him again not to question them.

10 (30) -  The Finalists: The 8 finalists have been announced. Besides the main Characters we have a nomadic warrior from the wasteland planet of Terkata,Melraka. Also we have a ferral 4 armed feind from the jungle world of Burijeru,Burankaa; Next is a female fighter from Edenia (kai-nokks home world) her name is Cunai. And finally,an old masked human who claims to be from Earth,it's Chigo. Shego sees Chigo and says theres something familiar about him,Lee sees this too. The card is announced and it's Kwang-Kii vs Burankaa in the first fight;Kai-Nokk vs Cunai in the 2nd; Diabeelze vs Chigo in the 3rd; And Shego vs Melraka in the forth. the fighters interact with each other backstage,while preperations are underway. Most was nasty,but Chigo seemed nice to Shego and even wished her luck. Kwang-Kii easily kills Burankaa in his fight. Kai-Nokk and Cunai have a bit of dialogue during their battle,but the Fallen Guardian beats his opponent and takes her soul. Chigo humiliates Diabeelze with his amazing skills. Though the old man decides to show mercy. Shego beats and kills Melraka and advances. Kai-Nokk chastises Diabeelze for losing. Shego looks forward to fighting Chigo and finding out who he is...though,she has a suspision. Rayjin is watching the tournament from afar and makes comrnts on it.

11 (31) - Another Go: The elder guardians announce the next fights: It's Master vs Minion in Kwang-Kii vs Kai-Nokk and Old Go vs Young Go in Shego vs Chigo. In the first fight,Kwang-Kii bows out,telling the Guardians that he has not the heart to attack his master. So Kai-Nokk wins by default and makes it to the Finals. Next is Shego vs Chigo. During the fight Chigo and Shego talk to eachother and Chigo even seems to know alot about Shego,even calling her by her real name (sheila) a few times. Shego unmasks her opponent and he turns out to be Chisao Go,Martial Arts Tournament vetreran and Granfather (on her fathers side) of Shego. Chisao reason for entering is to seek new challenges,but when he found out Shego was entering he decided that it would be fun to go incognito until the time is right to revieal himself to her. When asked,Chisao.tells his Grandaughter that Rayjin was the one who told him about this tournament and convinced him to enter. He also tells Shego that the Go family is destined for great things and that her mission,at the moment is,to save Earth. With that and more said,Chisao bows out of the tournament.

12 (32) - Final Round,3rd Rematch: Lee isn't too shocked to see Grandpa Chisao,but questions the "secret Identity" motive. Chisao sits with Lee and Drakken to watch the finals. In the Finals Shego and Kai-Nokk battle in a overdue rematch. The Elder Guardians aren't too thrilled and fear the worst. Rayjin tells Shego that she can do this,but if she fails,the whole Universe may be doomed. Its a bitch of a match,but Shego finally beats Kai-Nokk.The Elders are surprised and ask Shego for her Request. Shego tells the Elders to Take away Kai-Nokks soul stealing ability,that way,he'll be less of a headache next time he decides to attack earth. The Elders Question Shego asking her if she would rather have them kill Kai-Nokk instead? Shego tells the Elders that she kinda liked fighting Kai-Nokk and would like to fight him again,but assures them that She'll end Kai-Nokks life soon enough. And so,the Elders grant Shego's request and take away Kai-Nokk's soul stealing abilities. Unlike the Elders,Rayjin is satisfied with Shego's request. After the Tournament,the Go's and Drakken are at Rayjins lookout,Drakken is impressed at his surroundings. Rayjin congradulates Shego on a job well done and tells her that now that Kai-Nokk no longer possesses his Soul absorbtion technique,the fallen Guardian has been dealt a serious blow. Chisao tells his Grandaughter that he will be retiring from the tournament scene and will be going back home to his wife,who misses him like mad. After a touching reunion,Drakken takes Chisao home in his hover jet. Shego is reminded by Lee to review the events of the tournament to Global Justice tomorrow. 

13 (33) - Damnation Mission: Kai-Nokk blasts Diabeelze for failing so misirably at the tournament and abuses him verbaly and physicaly. After that,Kai-Nokk goes to recharge his power via the Idols whilst he comes up with the next plan. It's noted that he's been doing this ever since he was freed. Meanwhile,Rayjin is infront of the Elder Guardians once again. the Elders still haven't forgiven Rayjin for questioning them in the past. They tell Rayjin to send Shego on a quest to Kai-Nokk's fortress on Damnation for their Sacred Idols. Rayjin agrees to do this,but only because Kai-Nokk still has great use for them. So,during a sunny saturday afternoon off,Shego and Lee are called into action by Rayjin. Shego and Lee fight through Damnation and eventually through Kai-Nokk's fortress. They fight Kai-Nokk and his minions and eventually find the idols. When Rayjin sences their success,he opens a portal home for them. Soon after,Shego and Lee return to their time off activities. Rayjin is reluctant to give the 6 idols back to the elder guatdians,due to a hidden lack of trust. But he does it anyway. The Elders notice Rayjins reluctance and question his loyaly to them. Rayjin calls their accusations idiotic and tells them to keep the idols in an extremely safe place. This angers the guardians,as they hate being told what to do. Rayjin leaves. The Elders concider making Rayjin an enemy of theirs. Meanwhile,Diabeelze is facing major verbal and Psysical abuse by Kai-Nokk for failing even bigger this time.  Quang-Kii never gets blame due to his record. After Kai-Nokk leaves,Diabeelze vows to make everyone pay...Shego,Rayjin,and yes,even Kai-Nokk.

14 (34) - The Rebellion: Lee,having a strong sence of justice as always,busts up a nasty bully for picking on Jim and Tim Possible. Because of this Lee is suspended from school. Shego is miffed off and asserts,for the first time,her guardian athority,so she grounds him. Lee isn't too thrilled and even argues with his older cousin. Meanwhile,Without the power to steal souls or sans the Idols,Kai-Nokk grows weaker by the day. Diabeelze and Kwang-Kii are summoned by Kai-Nokk,who has come up with a new,yet simple,plan: Have Diabeelze open portals to various worlds and have a full scale attack on earth. Diabeelze refuses and tells Kai-Nokk that he's done being his "portal boy" and is ready to take back his roll as Master. He tells Kai-Nokk that he realises now that he's a false Akbar and the real Akbar must be appeased. ASfter a heated arguement the 2 battle. Meanwhile,Shego and Drakken are at Global Justice. Shego is helping Drakken with his newest invention,the Zone Tunneler,a bazooka sized and shaped device that can open portals,though only for a short while. While working,the 2 chat about Lee. Back in damnation,Diabeelze and Kai-Nokk are still battling. It's more of an even fight,due to Kai-Nokk's condition. Kai-Nokk is defeated and is at the mercy of  Diabeelze. Kwang-Kii tries to help his master,but is ganged up on by the grunts,who had made a pact with the Devil lord. Kai-Nokk swears vengence,but Daibeelze tells his weaken ex-master that he gives the orders now. Kwang-Kii is forced to swear allegence to Diabeelze and refuses,so Diabeelze fights him..and wins. After Kwang-Kii swears allegence to him,Diabeelze goes ahead with Kai-Nokks plan,but has his new minions steal The Quartz of Quadra,a mystic crystal,from the World Space Museum in Huston,TX. That crystal can give diabeelze the ability to open multiple portals at once. They hit the museum,but encounter Shego. Shego is soon joined by Lee,who overheard GJ give Shego the mission over the comunicator,Shego blasts him for eaves dropping and tells Lee that she'll deal with him later. The cousins beat the bad guys,but fail to secure the Quartz of Quadra. Rayjin appears and isn't pleased,due to the alien crystal having the ability to increase ones abilities greatly. Shego tells Rayjin that she'll go retrieve it later,just as soon as she's done dealing with Lee. Meanwhile,Kwang-Kii is training the grunts,while Diabeelze is making Kai-Nokk get intouch with Akbar worshippers from other worlds,telling them about the Earth invasion. Meanwhile,The Elder Guardians sence that Kai-Nokk is growing weaker than expected and will soon no longer be a treat,but excitingly await what happens next.  

15 (35) - The Quartz of Quadra: Shego,with nothing better to do at the moment(crime is at a low),seeks info about The Quartz of Quadra. Dr. Director tells Shego that the Crystal was found abandoned in the sands of Quadra,one of Mars' deserts. Once found it was brought to the World Space Museum. The origins and real name of the crystal are unknown,but some have speculated that it isn't of this Galaxy. Rayjin gives her a different take,saying that the Quartz of Quadra is in reality,The Qway Crystal,one of Kai-Nokk's old toys that he had forgotten about. He explains that,when the Elder Guaridans trapped Kai-Nokk within the Chaosverse,he accidently dropped the crystal and it landed on mars. Its also revealed that the Guardians battle with Kai-Nokk took place in the milky way centeries ago. When Shego asks if she has to go to Damnation Again to get the crystal,Rayjin tells her that the Elder Guardians want to see what happens to earth now and has forbid him and Shego to interfere. However,after thinking it over,Rayjin decides to have Shego to retreive the crystal anyway..for the safety of Earth. Shego hates Damnation,but if its to save earth,she's gonna do it. After Shego retrieves Lee (who's recently been ungrounded) and Dr.Drakken (with his Zone Tunneler),,Rayjin opens the portal to Damnation once again and Shego's mission begins. Meanwhile,Kai-Nokk is finishing up his telepathic talks with the various Akbar worshippers from around the Universe. Kai-Nokk gets exausted after 10 hours of telepathic contact. Shego and Co. raid Kai-Nokk's palace and defeat the badguys. Shego manages to almost kill Kai-Nokk in his current state. Lee got extremely lucky and killed Kwang-Kii by using the sorceror's own deadly abilities against him. Shego defeats Diabeelze,but the battle is tough since the demon is using the power of the Quartz of Quadra/Qway Crystal. Shego retreves the Crystal and,thanks to Drakken's Zone Tunneler,head back to Rayjin's place on earth. Once on Earth,Shego gives the Crystal to Rayjin when told. After this mission,Shego hopes that she never ever has to visit damnation Again. Soon after,Rayjin is brought before the Elder Guardians,who are pissed at his insubordination. As payment,they demand him to give them the crystal. Rayjin tells his superiors that it had to be done to save Earth and that it was his civic and Moral duty as Earth's guardian to do so. With that said he breaks the Crystal so that it can never be used again. This pissess off the guardians farther. After Rayjin leaves,the Guardians vow revenge.

16 (36) - Spring Break: Shego and Lee are at the beach,enjoying their time off. Yes,Shego gets vacation time and it's spring break,so Lee is out of school. Dr.Drakken is there too. Meanwhile,Diabeelze gets into an arguement with Kai-Nokk over the last plan and Kwang-Kii's death. Diabeelze beats up Kai-Knokk again and forces him to telepathically contact all of the Akbar worshippers to tell them that the Invasion of Earth has been postponed due to incompetent minions. Kai-Knokk does this,though reluctantly. And so the Invasion is posponed. As Diabeelze leaves for Earth to seek out any ideas for an evil plot,Kai-Nokk schemes to take back power,by using his last resort,a small vile of liqud called 'The Juice of Jerichol'. This item was kept by Kai-Nokk in case of an emergency. The Juice of Jerichol grants the drinker (of the entire vile) either immortality or instant death. Of course,Kai-Nokk stole this from the Elder Guardians when he was one himself. Kai-Nokk takes a chance and drinks the small vile. And to his surprise,Kai-Nokk's power and immortality are restored. He then teleports to Earth to get his revenge. The Elder Guardian's sence this and are furious. So pissed,that they decide to take matters into their own hands. Rayjin also senses Kai-Nokk and,to say the least,is not happy. He also doubts that Shego would be a match for Kai-Nokk now. While Shego and co are enjoying Spring Break,The 5 Elder Guadians go to Earth to face Kai-Nokk. Rayjin senses them and wonders why the Elders have come to earth. Kai-Nokk finds Daibeelze observing the Japanese from a rooftop and confronts him. The 2 then fight. The fight is interupted by the Elders,who send Diabeelze back to the Realm of Damnation. The 5 Elders confront Kai-Nokk. After harsh words are exchanged,the fight begins...with thousands of on-lookers. The Elders defeat Kai-Nokk and strip him of his immortaliy they then add insult to injury by beating the fallen Elder Guardian again. After nearly killing him,The 5 Elders send Kai-Nokk back into the Chaosverse,where he will stay forever. Satisfied that their most hated has been defeated once and for all,the 5 Elder Guardians return to their home to plot vengence against Rayjin. Rayjin isn't very optimistic about the future and feels that the Elders are plotting something.
17 (37) - Deal with A Devil: Diabeelze stands infront of the Elder Guardians. the 5 transported him to their sanctuary (known as watchers pandora,located in the center of the universe). The 5 Guardians,fed up with Rayjin,recruit's him to defeat Rayjin and to bring him here for "mortalization". And in teturn,The Guardians will make Diabeelze Lord of Earth. They claim he'd make the Earth alot more awesome to watch,if this happens. Diabeelze questions this at first,but then comes to the realization that it must be Akbar's will for him to help the Guardians,so he accepts. After the 5 increase the power and abilities of the demon,he leaves to do his job. Meanwhile,Shego is infront of a Parole Board,who have decided to aquit her of her past crimes,but warnns her that the next time she commits any wrongdoing,she will be put to Death. After the hearing,Shego,Lee,and Drakken go out to celebrate. Diabeelze arrives at Rayjin's lookout and is emediately attacked by the Earth's guardian. After dialogue,the fight begins. Diabeelze wins and brings Rayjin back to the Elder Guardians. Meanwhile,Lee and Shego are shooting Hoops in the park,with Drakken keeping score. After,the 3 decide to head back to Shego's appartment for dinner and a flick. Suddenly,Global Justice calls to tell Drakken that he's needed in the labs pronto. Drakken uses the teleport belt to teleport back to GJ. Back at the Guardian's sanctuary,a  weak Rayjin and the Elder Guardians are arguing over  eachothers attitude. Soon after,Rayjin has his immortality taken from him. Diabeelze then sends Rayjin back to Earth,where he can live out the rest of his days as a common mortal. And So Diabeelze is made the Supreme ruler of Earth. A weak and Mortal Rayjin goes to Shego for help and she reluctantly agrees. Diabeelze broadcasts his plans all over the world by remotely hijacking a global satellite (ailen technology is like magic,folkes). Shego watches the broadcast and it's on all channels. Shego and co leave for Rayjin's sanctuary to confront and kill Diabeelze. Shego and Lee battle Diabeelze and defeat him with Rayjin's help. Feeling that (even with his new powers) he has disgraced Akbar completely,Diabeelze decides to comit Suicide,but to take the Good Guys with him. Diabeelze uses his Chi to turn himself into a sub-atomic bomb. He explodes and takes with him Rayjin's sanctuary and Shego,Lee,and Rayjin with him...or so the Elder Guardian's think. At the last split second,Shego used her teleport belt to trasnsport herself,Lee,and Rayjin back to Global Justice.
18 (38) - The New Guardian: When The Elder Guardians find out that Shego and Rayjin are still alive,they are annoyed,but decide to move ahead to their next task..Rayjin's Replacement. They Choose Foojin,Rayjin's Brother as the Earth's next Guardian. Foojin tells the guardian's that he is their personal servant and will do what ever it taskes to make the Earth more to their liking. Foojin isone of the fastest,if not the fastest,guy in the Universe and an arrogant one too. Meanwhile,Rayjin is staying with Drakken,who is still living with the Possibles. Drakken convinced them to put the former Guardian up for a while. After reconstructing the Rayjin's sanctuary,Foojin  begins tormenting the population for his own amusement. Shego and Lee are called into action by Global Justice to stop the New Guardian. Rayjin tags along. Rayjin and Foojin have a bit of "reunion". Shego and Lee have a tough time with their advisary and lose. Foojin's speed overcame them. Foojin escapes. Watching from their Palace,The Elder Guardian's love what they see. Meanwhile,Dr.Dakken has finished his latest project,a Slowbro Ray,a gun that can slow even the fastest down. When another Foojin sighting is found by GJ, Shego and Co take Drakken's new invention and go challenge the Guardian. They win,thanks to Drakken's weapon. Lee emulates Foojin's ability to use at a later date. Later,after the effects of the Slowbro Ray wear off,Foojin is infront of the Elder Guardians and is blasted for his incompetance and weakness. They then decide that Earth doesn't need a Guardian and strip Foojin of his title and,when he tries to attack the 5 elders,his immortality. Foojin attemps to attack the Elders again,but is killed. The Elders decide it's time to teach Shego a Lesson themselves and end her well as Rayjins. Nobody interfears with the Guardian's and lives.

19 (39) - Human Spirit: The Elder Guardians decide to get revenge against Shego,Lee,Drakken,and Rayjin and attack them while they are all at the Possibles for Dinner. The heroes battle the 5 Elder Guardians all through out middleton. Shego and Co. eventually lose the tough fight against the Elders. However,instead of finishing them off,the Elders decide to let them live. They find Shego and Lee worthy and exciting opponents. The Elders still havent forgiven Rayjin for opposing their methods. But the 5 Elders decide to be lenient towards Rayjin,just this once,and restore his immortality and title of Guardian of Earth. They then get a cool idea of a Guardians Fighting Tournament and even invite Rayjin to join. Rayjin tells the Guardians that the tournament is an interesting idea and accepts. The Guardian's leave,but tell Shego and Lee that they will do battle again someday. It's safe to say that The Elder Guardians were humbled a bit that night.

20 (40)- Shego Begins: While chilling at home,Lee asks Shego about how she became mixed up with Drakken. Shego tells him. After being sick of not getting paid and even more sick of abiding by an anti-brutality rule,Shego rebels against Team Go and leaves them. Looking for a quick way to make big bucks,Shego answers a newspaper ad by Dr.Drakken,who was looking for an assistant. So Shego takes the job. Her first criminal act for Drakken was to steal some Super Uranium from a lab in Japan. After completing the Job,Shego found a life of crime awesome and decided to stick with Dr.Drakken. Shego loved crime so much,that from time to time,she would go on her own personal crime sprees. Shego commited crimes all over the world. Some were minor,but most of it was major. It wasn't long until Shego became one of the Worlds most wanted criminals. Shego was unstoppable..that is until she met Kim Possible. And now you know the rest of the story. After the Flashback,the Go Cousins get a call from Global Justice telling them that they are needed to stop a super powered thug in Beijing. The Go's leave for battle. This is another flashback episode. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Disney XD: Better as an all Animation Network?

Y'know. After observing the Disney Channel and Disney XD for a bit,I made an obvious realisaion. This is something that I've shoud've seen before,but was too focused on The Hub and my rage against the network machine to see it. 

And that is: Aside from Fishhooks and the Canadian Crapola,Disney's Animated shows are the best thing that they have on the air these days. Most Cartoons that Disney airs are either Good or decent.I've also looked up some of their upcoming cartoons,most seem good or,at least,interesting.

So what am I getting at? Well,considering that their Animated shows are better,I think Disney should turn Disney XD back into an Animation only network. This move wouldn't only be intellegent,but also logical. Because the fact is,The animated stuff has 4x the ratings that the teen sitcoms have. It's true.  

Sadly,Bob Iger and his retarded cronies see things a whole different way. They see shitty shows like Zack and Cody as a great way to keep good ratings on XD and Teenybopper shows in general,as a Goldmine. But see their animated shows as a way to make a quick buck. God,no wonder Nicktoons Network is kicking Disney XD's ass so much.

Disney XD is a failed experiment that needs to become an all animation network again. The hell what Stewart Snyder and his minions say.An all animation TV Network is Not,i repeat,NOT a Lameass thing.

Disney XD needs to be an all Animation network. It's the only way to save that poor pitiful,piece of crap of a Network. Save the Teen Sitcoms for The Disney Channel (after all,that's what that network is for).

Disney,It's time you changed for the better. I hope and pray it's sometime next year (though,I'm not holding my breath)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Rise, Fall & (Possible) Rebirth of Sailor Moon! Part 10 - Closing!

It is now time for the closing statements from the Founder of The ACF!

First,I would like to thank Dragonranger aka Jason for this great series and hope he makes more in the future.

I've been a fan of Sailor Moon ever since 1996,when it was on the USA network. A great buddy of mine got me into it and at first,I didn't wanna watch it,automatically condeming the series as a girly show. But,i was wrong and was hooked on the show ever since. 

Sailor Moon was the very thing that made me rethink my position on female heroes. Before Sailor Moon,I didn't think highly of female heroes (or female warriors in general),but thanks to Sailor Moon,that changed.

But that's not all,because of Sailor Moon,I got into other animes and eventually Toonami. I was thrilled when I first heard that Sailor Moon would be on Toonami :D. Anyway,Sailor Moon also got me into other "female hero" shows,such as Xena: Warrior Princess. Sailor Moon was my first anime and to this day one of my all time favorite shows.  

Sailor Moon has influenced and inspired me in many ways,so it isn't just another Anime to me,it's something special. Something I will never ever forget or deny. And I'm not the only one either,as Sailor Moon inspires and influences hundreds of thousands around the world. The Moonie count is higher than you know.

So,thank you Naoko Takeuchi. Thank you for creating such a great series. Heres to another 20 years of Sailor Moon. 

And that,my friends,concludes The Rise, Fall & (Possible) Rebirth of Sailor Moon! I hope you all enjoyed it.

(Sailor Moon English ending theme plays)

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Rise, Fall & (Possible) Rebirth of Sailor Moon! Part 9 - Rebirth!

Since the end of the anime and the cancellation of the english dub, Sailor Moon has been grounded in Japan in 2004, after Toei put the entire franchise into lockdown, causing tension between them and Sailor Moon's creator, Naoko Takeuchi. But, Sailor Moon's influence in anime has resulted into the creation of more Shojo or Magical Girl animes like Pretty Cure, Cardcaptor Sakura, Negima and Tokyo Mew Mew.

But the question is, what about Sailor Moon herself? Back in Japan, there was a live-action version of Sailor Moon, which is almost true to the manga itself, but with a few, minor changes. Back in the good ol' US. of A, and as I stated before, because of the lockdown, the english distributors have let their licences expire, no plans for a Sailor Stars dub with all the controversy that went with it and some fans have given up on Sailor Moon, including the members of the S.O.S., Save Our Sailors Campaign, stating that Sailor Moon will never, EVER, come back to American shores again.

All that changed on May of 2009, when FUNimation, the famed anime distributor, known for their dubs of Dragon Ball Z, Baki the Grappler, Kiddy Grade, Blue Gender, Negima and so much more, did a survey on which anime they dub next and one of the choices were a "redub of the entire Sailor Moon series", which includes dubbing the final season, Sailor Stars. That choice blow every moonie's mind, even yours truly.

It seems that FUNimation has a sudden interest on Sailor Moon and try to make it stay true to the original japanese verision, a lesson Gen Fukunaga's people learned the hard way when they did their dub of Dragon Ball Z long ago, when Ocean Group called the shots with the first dub. By the time FUNimation break off from Ocean Group and became their own company, they did redubs, their way.

Since then, FUNimation's power level was OVER 9000, no pun intended, when they did dubs of other animes and learned one valuable lesson, never mess with the original, and they've been doing it ever since. So far, the survey has since closed and no word on when FUNi will do a Sailor Moon redub

I did a video series on it once on how FUNimation redubs Sailor Moon. Unfortunently, my videos were removed by Toei, stating it violated copyrights, which is not true. I was trying to reach the olivebranch with both Toei and Naoko-chan over Sailor Moon, but Toei snapped it into two and spit in my face for it. It seems that Toei started a crackdown on all Sailor Moon related videos on YouTube, making it harder for us moonies to speed up Sailor Moon's return.

Sailor Moon can't be in lockdown forever if Toei continues their outright defiance against the fanbase, just to appease Viacom and their war against YouTube and the users who like to post their videos for fun and not for profit. Despite this, Sailor Moon was being revived in every single country, starting with Italy. Meaning if this continues eleswhere around the world, we hope and pray the U.S. is next. But only time will tell.

Fast forward to September 13, 2011, Kodansha, the manga company responsible for the Sailor Moon manga, decided to reprint the entire series, including its prequel, Codename: Sailor V (which at the time wasn't published into english). By the time the re-releases of the manga, it got rave reviews and it was selling like hot cakes. Speaking of hot, Sailor Moon merchandice was poping up everywhere, clocks, action figures, posters and of course, t-shirts sold by the store called Hot Topic.

And on top of this, it was announced on July 2012 that a new Sailor Moon reboot anime will be released in the summer of next year, 2013 and according to my sources, this reboot will stay true to the source-material from the manga.

The manga being re-released and a new Sailor Moon anime reboot are awesome and all that. But, the only Sailor Moon will ever truly be revived in the states if all 200 episodes of the original anime should be re-released,redubbed and uncut, including its final season, Sailor Stars. Then, and only then, Sailor Moon's journey back will be complete. Let's keep hoping.

Before I go, let me tell you how Sailor Moon got me into the art and animation business today. I've been a fan of Sailor Moon since 1995 and never stopped loving Ol' Moonface. Yes, its true she is a ditz, there is no secret to that.

But, when it comes to friends, family and saving the universe, she may not have the fighting spirit of Rekka no Ryo (Ryo of the Wildfire) or the wisdom of Optimus Prime, but just like the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz, she has courage and she will not hesitate to stand up for her friends and her family. And that statement couldn't be more true, Sailor Moon represents one of my 5 virtues: Courage. The other virtues and the characters that represent them are:

Optimus Prime: Wisdom
Batman: Resourcefulness
Ariel the Little Mermaid: Love
Rekka no Ryo (Ryo of the Wildfire): Rightgeousness

And if it wasn't for Sailor Moon, I wouldn't be in this art and animation business today. And whenever I hear Terri Hawkes says "Moon Prism Power," I will always think of her as the heart and soul of Sailor Moon and that's saying something.

Bottom line, Sailor Moon is one of the greatest icons of anime, always have, always will be. Let's hope our dreams of a redub come true. Until then, in the name of the moon, I salute you, Meatball Head. And I hope for another 20 years of Moonie Goodness. Thanks for everything and....

A Very Happy Anniversary to our Favorite Magical Girl Series,Sailor Moon. Here's to another 20 years.

Stay tune for some closing statements from ACF's Founder....with a surprise guest.

(Mega Man X8 victory theme plays)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Rise, Fall and (Possible) Rebirth of Sailor Moon! Part 8 - Controversies and Cancellations Gallore!

Even though this anime was awesome, Sailor Moon isn't no stranger to controversy, not just in the original japanese version, but in the english dub, too. Let's begin, shall we.

For starters, let's talk about the awkward gender-bending situation. Since I know much about the english dub more than the japanese version, I will start with it first. Let's start with the changing of genders on some characters, namely Zoicite and Fish Eye.

In the original japanese version, Zoicite was originally a man. But when the english dub came out and to avoid problems with the relationship between Zoicite and Kunzite (Malachite), ol' Zoi was changed from a man to a woman. They did the same thing to Fish Eye when they did the Sailor Moon Super S dub, even though in the original, Fish Eye is a young boy who was in touch with his femimine side.

I'm guessing gay relationships in anime was taboo at the time. It's also woth noting that for some strange and unknown reason,Gran Zirconia had her gender changed. She was a woman in the original,but a male in the dub.

Anyway,back to the subject on Gay Lovers. In the original version, Sailors Uranus and Neptune were depicted as lesbian lovers. But, when they dubbed Sailor Moon S, just like and unlike the Zoicite/Kunzite relationship, they went from lovers to cousins. But, the one gender-bending situation that was ultra-awkward was the gender of the Sailor Starlights.

In the original manga, they were women, through and through. But when Sailor Stars came out, although they were women, they made them men in their civilian disguises, and that angered Naoko-chan and she still has been a bit bitter about this ever since.

And that and that alone, is why Toei put the anime in lockdown for many years, causing the english distributors to lose licencing and why we didn't get a Sailor Stars english dub. That, and every single editing in every single episode of the english dub of the anime itself, from toning down the violence, to censoring some nudity and every other form of censorship known to man.

Since then, many fans of Sailor Moon has given up on the anime, the character and the whole franchise itself, even those of the now debunked (and defunct) S.O.S., Save Our Sailors campaign, fearing that they lost all hope for Sailor Moon....or do they?

Next time, the epic conclusion. Does Sailor Moon return, or has Moonface has become the victim of corporate greed in their quest for the extinction of all animation? Stay tuned to find out. Until then, Stay Gold and Godspeed.

(Marvel vs. Capcom Game Over theme plays)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Rise, Fall and (Possible) Rebirth of Sailor Moon! Chapter 7 - Arrival in the States!

With 200 episodes, 3 movies, 5 specials under its belt, Sailor Moon became one of the most popular animes in all of Japan. When it was released elsewhere in the world, most of the episodes remained intact. But, here in the states, Moonface's path there was a long, difficult road and here's why.

It all began in the 90s. Toei was making bids to companies to bring Sailor Moon to the states and first ones to get was not only Renaissance-Atlantic Entertainment, but also Bandai (who made the Sailor Moon dolls in Japan) and Toon Makers. Their idea for Sailor Moon back then was a live action/animated hybrid t.v. show. A 17 minute pilot and music video were made and shown to Toei but they rejected it flatly, stating that it will cost more to make an original show than exporting and dubbing actual anime itself. According the Cartoon Encyclopedia that I read at the school library once, this show was described as "a cross between the Babysitters Club and She-Ra." And because Renaissance-Atlantic did music with Saban, after aquiring Super Sentai footage, which ultimately became Power Rangers, this version of Sailor Moon was mistakenly called "Saban Moon." This idea never came to into fruition beyond the pilot and the music video, although some of the merchandise for that version were used years later, including the Moon Cycle.

Not long after, somewhere down the road, Renaissance-Atlantic lost the rights to do Sailor Moon, and ended up with DIC Entertainment, now called Cookie Jar Entertainment. DIC, who were known for such cartoons like Inspector Gadget, The Littles, MASK, and cartoons based on video games like Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog, decided to give Sailor Moon a shot and unlike the Toon Makers' version, this one is a an english dub of the anime itself. Years before Sailor Moon, DIC did an english dub of an anime before, which was Knights of the Zodiac, which was a kid-friendly, edited, english dub version of the ultra-violent anime called Saint Seiya, one of many animes done by the same people who did the Sailor Moon anime, Toei Animation, Co. Ltd. To make it happen, DIC did a short promo on the anime itself, saying that it's bigger and popular than Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles combined. In the promo, some things were different that what we see the anime now. For instance, the Sailor Senshi's civilian names were different from the actual english dub today:

Sailor Moon - Victoria
Sailor Mercury - Blue
Sailor Mars - Dana
Sailor Jupiter - Sarah
Sailor Venus - Carrie

Luckly when the anime came out, the names were changed to the ones we know today:

Sailor Moon - Serena (Short for Serenity)
Sailor Mercury - Amy (replace the "I" for Ami and added the "Y" and her english last name was Anderson, but it was mentioned in one episode before going back to Mizuno.)
Sailor Mars - Raye (her name pronounciation is the same, except her first name is spelled R-A-Y-E and not R-E-I.)
Sailor Jupiter - Lita (a pun for lightning or named after Leda, one of Jupiter's moons and not related to the ring name of former female wrestler, Amy Dumas.)
Sailor Venus - Mina (DUH! It is short for Minako. Artemis calls her Mina in the manga. So, there is no change to her first name, sort of.)

Although they weren't in the promo, but appeared in the later seasons of the anime, here is the rest of characters' english names:

Mamoru Chiba - Darien Sheilds
Chibiusa - Rini (Short for Serena, just like Chibiusa is a nickname for little Usagi, so...nuff said)
Sailor Uranus - Amara
Sailor Neptune - Michelle (alternate english name for Michiru)
Sailor Pluto - Trista

The only character whose name isn't changed is Hotaru Tomoe (Sailor Saturn). However, they mispronounce her last as To-Moe and not its proper pronounciation, To-Mo-E.
And of course, Tuxedo Mask at the time was called "The Masked Tuxedo," which was either a nod or a rip off of Masked Rider, the english equivelant of the japanese action show, Kamen Rider. After all, Kamen is japanese for mask and Kamen Rider means Masked Rider, go figure.

(clears throat) Anyway, the anime itself wasn't released until September 11, 1995, not only around Sailor Mercury's birthday, but also 6 years before the tragegy that is 9/11. When Sailor Moon first aired, it was on Fox Kids as a sneak preview. The episode they showed was "The Return of Sailor Moon," the storyarc that began the anime version of Sailor Moon R, that was the filler season known as the Doom Tree Saga. But, somewhere in the middle of fall, the actual anime was released in syndication. When the anime started from the first few episodes, they had a Star Wars-esqe crawl that reads:

"From a Far Away Place and Time, Earth's Greatest Adventure is About to Begin."

Second of all, not only the original music was done by Don Perry Music, but the Sailor Moon theme in the english dub was their take of the theme from the original japanese version, Moonlight Densetsu. It was sung by Brynne and Nicole Price. The tune of Moonlight Densetsu was there, the only difference was the lyrics. The same thing happen many years ago when Speed Racer (Mach GO GO GO!) came to the states. Just like Sailor Moon, the music from the intro of Speed Racer was the same like the original japanese version, the only thing different was the lyrics. Anyway, the original japanese version had decent songs like Ai No Senshi and Moon Revenge. But the english version a decent list of songs, too like My Only Love, Oh, Starry Night, Rainy Day Man and my personal favorite, She's Got the Power. And why that song is my favorite, because of one man, Stan Bush. That's right, boys and girls, the same Stan Bush who did the songs, Dare and The Touch for Transformers: The Movie. I always assume that there would be a Sailor Moon/Transformers through Stan Bush. Moving on.
From the first season to all way to the Ayakashi sisters reformed, the first 82 episodes of the english dub were released that time. Here is an interesting fact on the english dub's production, Fred Ladd, who was the creative consultant for Sailor Moon, was also the one responsible for being classic animes like Astro Boy (Tetsuwan Atom), Kimba the White Lion and Gigantor (Tetsujin 28) to the states. After the first intial run, the show was cancelled until it was brought back by Cartoon Network in 1998, thanks in part by a internet group known as S.O.S., Save Our Sailors. Not only the first 82 episodes, but also the rest of episodes of the Sailor Moon R arc, which at the time were called "The Lost Episodes." However, after the last episode of the Sailor Moon R saga, DIC lost the dubbing rights to Sailor Moon and ended up on the door step of Cloverway, an international branch of Toei Animation. Under Cloverway's direction, they dub the episodes of both Sailor Moon S and SuperS, and with some controversial edits, which I will mention later. They were plans for a dub of the last season of Sailor Stars, but due to lockdown by Toei and english licencies expired their licences on the property itself, it didn't happen. From the 200 episodes from the japanese version, only 159 episodes were dubbed, some were edited for content. Speaking of which, I talked about the good, but let's talk about the bad. Although the voice acting was good, some of the writing is a bit akward at times, the original music is a bit different for my taste, except for the transformation theme, the senshi theme, the riffs of Tuxedo Mask, etc. and of course, the editing. The FCC had a field day with this, including muting death scenes, including turning the two part finale of season 1 into one episode. Kids gotta learn about life, and show them that its not all sugar-coated, if you get my drift. In the DIC dub, they use to do a short segment called Sailor Says. You all know that I grew up with action cartoons that have life lessons after every episode like G.I. Joe, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Centurions, The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and so on and so forth. Of all the animes that have life lessons at the end of every episode, except for The Return of Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon was the first. One more thing, when Cloverway took over they dub, they maintain the music from the original japanese version, but the damage was done.

Bottom Line, the english dub of Sailor Moon is like a double-edged sword. Despite the name changes, the editing, original music, and everything in between, it was still a decent anime to watch and if it wasn't for this dub, we would never had the chance to look up Sailor Moon's past and know its differences between the dub and the original japanese version.

Next time, I will talk about the controveries around this wonderful anime and the reasons it got grounded in Japan for many years after the dub was cancelled. Until then, Stay Gold and Godspeed.

(Street Fighter Alpha Stage End theme plays)