Monday, December 17, 2012

Disney XD: Better as an all Animation Network?

Y'know. After observing the Disney Channel and Disney XD for a bit,I made an obvious realisaion. This is something that I've shoud've seen before,but was too focused on The Hub and my rage against the network machine to see it. 

And that is: Aside from Fishhooks and the Canadian Crapola,Disney's Animated shows are the best thing that they have on the air these days. Most Cartoons that Disney airs are either Good or decent.I've also looked up some of their upcoming cartoons,most seem good or,at least,interesting.

So what am I getting at? Well,considering that their Animated shows are better,I think Disney should turn Disney XD back into an Animation only network. This move wouldn't only be intellegent,but also logical. Because the fact is,The animated stuff has 4x the ratings that the teen sitcoms have. It's true.  

Sadly,Bob Iger and his retarded cronies see things a whole different way. They see shitty shows like Zack and Cody as a great way to keep good ratings on XD and Teenybopper shows in general,as a Goldmine. But see their animated shows as a way to make a quick buck. God,no wonder Nicktoons Network is kicking Disney XD's ass so much.

Disney XD is a failed experiment that needs to become an all animation network again. The hell what Stewart Snyder and his minions say.An all animation TV Network is Not,i repeat,NOT a Lameass thing.

Disney XD needs to be an all Animation network. It's the only way to save that poor pitiful,piece of crap of a Network. Save the Teen Sitcoms for The Disney Channel (after all,that's what that network is for).

Disney,It's time you changed for the better. I hope and pray it's sometime next year (though,I'm not holding my breath)

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