Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Rise, Fall and (Possible) Rebirth of Sailor Moon! Part 8 - Controversies and Cancellations Gallore!

Even though this anime was awesome, Sailor Moon isn't no stranger to controversy, not just in the original japanese version, but in the english dub, too. Let's begin, shall we.

For starters, let's talk about the awkward gender-bending situation. Since I know much about the english dub more than the japanese version, I will start with it first. Let's start with the changing of genders on some characters, namely Zoicite and Fish Eye.

In the original japanese version, Zoicite was originally a man. But when the english dub came out and to avoid problems with the relationship between Zoicite and Kunzite (Malachite), ol' Zoi was changed from a man to a woman. They did the same thing to Fish Eye when they did the Sailor Moon Super S dub, even though in the original, Fish Eye is a young boy who was in touch with his femimine side.

I'm guessing gay relationships in anime was taboo at the time. It's also woth noting that for some strange and unknown reason,Gran Zirconia had her gender changed. She was a woman in the original,but a male in the dub.

Anyway,back to the subject on Gay Lovers. In the original version, Sailors Uranus and Neptune were depicted as lesbian lovers. But, when they dubbed Sailor Moon S, just like and unlike the Zoicite/Kunzite relationship, they went from lovers to cousins. But, the one gender-bending situation that was ultra-awkward was the gender of the Sailor Starlights.

In the original manga, they were women, through and through. But when Sailor Stars came out, although they were women, they made them men in their civilian disguises, and that angered Naoko-chan and she still has been a bit bitter about this ever since.

And that and that alone, is why Toei put the anime in lockdown for many years, causing the english distributors to lose licencing and why we didn't get a Sailor Stars english dub. That, and every single editing in every single episode of the english dub of the anime itself, from toning down the violence, to censoring some nudity and every other form of censorship known to man.

Since then, many fans of Sailor Moon has given up on the anime, the character and the whole franchise itself, even those of the now debunked (and defunct) S.O.S., Save Our Sailors campaign, fearing that they lost all hope for Sailor Moon....or do they?

Next time, the epic conclusion. Does Sailor Moon return, or has Moonface has become the victim of corporate greed in their quest for the extinction of all animation? Stay tuned to find out. Until then, Stay Gold and Godspeed.

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