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Toon Ninja Reviews Christmas Special - Mickey's Christmas Carol

Hi there, Toonsters!

RekkaDragonJay here.  And welcome to another edition of Toon Ninja Reviews.  Today's review is a very special one.  And why is it special?  Because, Christmas time is just around the corner. Before we get started, I like to introduce my co-hosts for this special Christmas review.  First off, the newly resurrected TOM-Z2.

TOM-Z2: Greetings everybody!

Nice new look, TOM.

TOM-Z2: Thanks.  And by the way, it is good to have you back.  A few more BSOD on you and would've been a goner.

Don't worry, TOM.  It will not happen again.  I am taking this one crusade at a time. Anyway, now for our very special co-hosts.  She is an old friend of the ACF and one of anime's famed icons. She is known as the Pretty Suited Soldier of Love and Justice: Sailor Moon!


Sailor Moon: Hi everybody!  It is so great to be apart of this, especially with Christmas being a couple of weeks away.

Thanks very much, moonface.  And finally, a very special character near and dear to my heart.  She is one of Disney's famed princesses and one of my favorites.  Please give a special ACF welcome to the Little Mermaid herself, Ariel.


Ariel:  Thank you.  It is a great honor to be a part of your world, no pun intended.

No problem, Ariel.  I don't care what everyone says, you are the most kind, caring person in all of animation, mermaid or not.

Ariel:  Thank you, Jason.  Hearing that makes me feel warm inside.

Aww, you are so sweet.

(Ariel smiles)

Anyway, let's get started.  Everyone knows the story of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, right?  It tells the story of London miser, Ebenezer Scrooge, who thinks Christmas is a "humbug," forsaking the less fortunate and his family for his own base ends.  That is until the ghost of his dead partner, Jacob Marley, tells him not to go down the path he went through (judging by all the chains wrapped around him) and was later scared straight by the three spirits of Christmas and Scrooge devotes his life to help the less fortunate, including the family of Bob Cratchit and Cratchit's little disabled son, Tiny Tim.  Since then,  A Christmas Carol was so popular, it went beyond the pages of Dickens' famed story.  His story was told in all media like movies, cartoons.  Heck, even Scrooge made an appearance in a Honey Nut Cheerios commercial all these years ago.  Where am I going with this?  Of all the interpretations, the most favorite of mine is straight from Disney itself. No, not that Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey.  I am talking about this Christmas Carol, Mickey's Christmas Carol.

(Oh, What a Merry Christmas Day plays)

Released on October 20, 1983 in the UK and was later released in the US two months later as it was paired up with the re-release of The Rescuers, Mickey's Christmas Carol was 26 minute re-telling of Charles Dickens' immortal Christmas classic, but with the Disney characters will all grew up loving and watching.  Unlike the other versions, this one didn't go all out with the mature theme of the short other than the dark, grim future where Tiny Tim dies.  Anyway, TOM, take us away.

TOM-Z2:  Thank you.  For the characters, let's go with the main ones.  For the main character, Ebenezer Scrooge, he was portrayed by the character he was named after, Scrooge McDuck, the richest duck in the world.  For his struggling employee, Bob Cratchit, he was played by Mickey Mouse himself and it was first Mickey Mouse cartoon in 30 years but he was playing a supporting character in this one.  Hey, we all gotta start make comebacks sometime after all these years.  Anyway, for Jacob Marley's ghost, of all the characters to play as him, Goofy, who is known for being our favorite, likeable klutz, was the one to play such a serious character.  But, he does have his silly moments, after all, it is Disney, not the new one, mind you, but the old, classic one.  As the ghosts of Christmas' past, present and future, they are played by Jiminy Cricket, Willie the Giant and Pete respectively.  Rounding up the characters that are important to the story are Donald Duck as Fred, Daisy Duck as Isabelle and Morty Fieldmouse as Tiny Tim.  Every other character makes there cameos, like those from Robin Hood, The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, The Three Little Pigs and so on and so forth.  Love to list them all but as long as I've mentioned the important characters, that is good enough for me.  Your turn, Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon: Thanks TOM. The animation is, well, it is Disney after all.  Hand drawn animation was the law of the land back then and I feel it is still true today, that is if there are still good animators out there that is.  Anyway, some of the animators that did this eventually became the same ones who did animation for the movies of the Disney Renaissance like The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin, including Mark Henn and especially Glen Keane.  Now those are animators with class.  Ariel?

Ariel: Thank you, Serena.  For the voices of the characters themselves. For the voice Scrooge McDuck/Ebenezer Scrooge, he was voiced by Alan Young, who has originally Wilbur from Mr. Ed back then before he became well known as the richest duck in the world.  After Mickey's Christmas Carol, Young voiced Scrooge again in the famed cartoon show, Ducktales.  And even at over 90 years old, he can still voice Scrooge.  WOW! I thought my father was that persistent.  Anyway, Wayne Allwine was the voice of Mickey Mouse/Bob Cratchit.  Allwine was the the third voice actor for Mickey after Jimmy MacDonald and even Walt Disney himself and he's been the voice of Mickey for over 30 years until May 18th, 2009 when he died of Diabetes.  Mickey has been since voiced by Bret Iwan.  Speaking of which, Mickey's Christmas Carol was the last time Clarence Nash voiced Donald Duck, who has passed it to his successor, Tony Anselmo.  Rounding up the voices are Eddie Carroll as Jiminy Cricket/The Ghost of Christmas Past, Will Ryan as Willie the Giant and Pete aka The Ghosts of Christmas Present and Future and Hal Smith as Goofy, before being currently voiced by Bill Farmer.  As for the music, for a Christmas themed cartoon, you know it is magical.  My favorites are the Christmas jig in Scrooge's past and it's theme song, Oh, What a Merry Christmas Day.  Overall, the music is decent and the voice acting is well known and it is still well known to this day.  Back to you, Jason.

Thank you, Ariel.  And thank you Sailor Moon and TOM-Z2 as well.  Now, for the favorite part this review is...Memories.

When I was a kid, I never saw it as theaters in 1983.  After all, I was born on that year anyway.  A few years later growing, I saw Mickey's Christmas Carol on NBC and it was a full hour.  Why?  Because before the special itself, they use to show 3 Christmas themed Disney cartoons.  The first was Donald's Snow Fight, where Donald Duck had an epic snow ball fight with his nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie.  The next one was Pluto's Christmas Tree, where Pluto chases Chip and Dale through the Christmas tree Mickey brought back for the holidays.  And finally, The Art of Skiing, where Goofy learns to ski and this short was special for one reason, this was the very Goofy cartoon that introduced his trademark Goofy Holler.

*Goofy Holler

Aww, memories, just the way I like'em. It was the same ol' song and dance until 1989, where they dropped The Art of Skiing and kept the other two Christmas themed shorts.  After the special, the show a special behind the scenes segments on the upcoming Disney movies that were shown at the time like The Little Mermaid, The Rescuers Down Under, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Nightmare Before Christmas and so on and so forth.  But after all this, they eventually ended up on ABC Family, which leads to the bad aspects of this special.  But first, let's talk about the minor ones.

For starters,  unlike the other adaptations of A Christmas Carol, it is 22 minutes long and didn't have enough room for the other things from the book, just the important ones, including Scrooge's What if, as in his possible future.

TOM-Z2:  I like to step in for a moment, Jason.  The one thing that bothered me at the time was the fact that of all the characters, why did Goofy, who is known for being a funny character of sorts, ended up playing a character who is anything but funny.  Jacob Marley was a swindler and a cheat before he died, but not before he learned from his mistakes and ensures Scrooge not to make the mistakes he made.  But that is just me. However, since it is a Disney short and it does have its funny moments, even with Goofy.

Thanks TOM.  Now that the minor grips of this special has been addressed, let's talk about the one pet-peeve that got me bothered since this came to ABC Family.  When Mickey's Christmas Carol was aired on their 25 Days of Christmas monthly block, the higher ups of Disney, particularly Robert Iger and Anne Sweeney, did the unthinkable.  Like most TV shows and movies, they made some but pointless abrupt edits to the special from shorting the speech between Scrooge and Fred/Donald in the beginning to the part where Willie the Giant/The Ghost of Christmas Present talks about Chocolate Pot Roast with Yogurt. The reason they did it because they did it for the sake of more commercial time.  Really?  You edited Mickey's Christmas Carol for more commercials?  SHAME ON YOU, DISNEY!!

TOM-Z2:  Right on!

Sailor Moon: Ditto!

Ariel: I agree.  First you made some fans hate me because of my personality, now this. We will NOT stand for this!

Looks like it is unanimous. I find nothing offensive or trivial in that special.  It is as kid friendly like all the Disney cartoons of yesteryear.  Disney could've leave well enough alone. But no, they treat their specials like garbage in favor for more commercials.  So, they left A Charlie Brown Christmas uncut, but they edited Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Mickey's Christmas Carol?  Forget Scrooge McDuck, Iger and Sweeney, they are the real Scrooges for this blunder.  I mean, who doesn't like Chocolate Pot Roast with Yogurt?

TOM-Z2, raises his hand: Me.

*Sailor Moon smacks TOM-Z2 in the stomach

TOM-Z2: What, it's true!  I don't have a mouth in this form.

Anyway, overall, if you are fan of old school Disney, or a fan of Christmas or a little bit of both, Mickey's Christmas Carol is worth watching and I rather watch it uncut than an edit version anyway.

TOM-Z2: I agree.

Sailor Moon: Me too.

Ariel: Likewise.

Thank you everyone.  You guys are true sports in helping me with this review.  And now, we will join Stefan if celebrating Christmas.  So until then, so long, Godspeed and....MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

*Hand in Hand Reprise plays

*Fade Out

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The Path to Redemption - Return of the Rekka Dragon!

Hi there toonsters,

RekkaDragonJay here.  I haven't blogged for 2 months.  But now its the time to set things straight with you.  Ever since my failure to deliver Karen Bernstein to this year's Unplugged Expo's Sailor Moon themed reunion, I've learned something down the road, humility.  I owe everybody an apology, especially my brother in arms, Stefan.  I was possessive of bringing Karen to the expo, it made me forget my mission as an animation crusader. Since that time, I've been struggling to regain my edge, my fighting spirit, if you will.  Just because I failed one thing, doesn't mean it's the end of the world.  Still, if I would've plan earlier, this would've been a great moment for Sailor Moon fans everywhere, even those who are fans of Sailor Mercury.  As far as Ms. Bernstein goes, I don't know what happen to her.  Either she disappeared from the face of the Earth or she stopped caring about the fan base altogether.  Either way, I will try harder.  Who knows?  I might try harder in two years for the 20th anniversary of the English dub of Sailor Moon, that is if I get my twitter account and my time at the Galaxy Cauldron forum gets rolling.

Anyway,  I am happy to report that I am taking it one crusade at a time.  I will never take failure this hard or take things for granted ever again.  I am no fraud, and I am no failure either.  I just needed a push, a push from my friends.  Since Stefan is taking a break until January, I will be blogging once more.  Expect a very special Toon Ninja Christmas review right before Christmas time in the near future.  Once again, to Stefan and every other person who stands up for animation's right to exist, thank you. I have inspired everyone to do this and believe that animation still has a place in society and it makes me very, very happy and I will never forget it.

Truly yours,

RekkaDragonJay (aka Jason)

*Friends in My Heart plays

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X-Mas Gift for RekkaDragonJay

I'm still on hiatus. Just wanted to give RekkaDragonJay his X-Mas Gift. Hope you like it dude.

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Tom Z vs Snyd: The Aftermath

Well, you've voted and here is the outcome you chose.
On the surface of a Green Planet (planet rock), lies the wreckage of the Star Nexus. Deep within the crashed ship lies a destroyed Tom Z.

Outside, 2 hovering robots discover the Star Nexus and decide to enter it. They are the Probots. They have no neck or legs. They also have short arms. The Probots soon find Tom Z. The bots decide to take tom...and so they do.
Days Later!

Inside a base on the planet, a robot (shown from the waist down) is walking toward an elevator. He enters the elevator and it takes him to the top floor, which is the Master Control room. The room has 4 monitors, a control panel, and 3 chairs (one in the center, one on the right, and 1on the left). The robot takes a seat and we see the entire character.. it's Tom Z, in a new form.

Tom Z: What up, ACF Fans. Yes, it's really me. Thought I bought the big one, huh? Well I kinda did. However thanks to the Probots, residents of this planet, I'm back and cooler than ever as Tom Z2. Now you are all probably wondering what the hell is this place. This is Mission Control, the place where I'll be doing my thing. *sighs* Shame about the Star Nexus, I really loved that ship. Thankfully, though, Cid was able to be saved. His data was dumped into a Probot body. We'll be seeing him later. 

Cid enters in his new Probot body. 

Cid *waves*: Greetings.

Tom Z2: Hey, Cid. You're here early.

Cid: I wanted to show the folks out my new look. I'm finally mobile.

Tom Z2: Sweet..

The 2 Brofist.

Cid: I'm going to get a recharge. You should get one too.

Tom Z2: In a moment. I wanna give the ACF fanatics the 411 on what's gonna be going on here. I've decided to get back at that scumbag Snyd another day. Right now I'm just gonna focus on bringin' the entertainment.

Cid: Affirmative . I'll see you later.

Cid leaves.

Tom Z2: Now, here's what I'm gonna be doing here at Mission Control. I'm gonna be handling all the Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon stuff. When Jason gets back, he'll  give me a hand with them, I'm also gonna be doing some specials too, so look out for those. I'm sure you've all heard that Stefan got himself a new partner. Well you're looking at him. I'm gonna be filling in for Jason full time until he gets back. Hope you come back soon dude, this place isn't the same without ya. *stands up and begins walking towards the elevator* Well, I better get that recharge. Catch ya'll later. 

The scene zooms out from the Base to the Planet. 

                                                                        Tom Z2

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tom Z vs Snyd

This Is An American Cartoon Federation Special Presentation.
The Star Nexus is cruising out in space. Scene transitions to the ships master control center, where Tom Z is

Tom Z:  Ahh, theirs nothing like a relaxing space cruise.

Suddenly Klaxons begin blaring.

Tom Z: What the? What's Going on.

Cid,The Ships onboard Computer answers Tom.

Cid: I'm detecting a Hostile force headed right for us.

Tom Z: Can you identify them?

Cid: Negative.

As the Klaxon's stop, the transmission signal sounds.

Cid: Incoming transmission. Source, Unknown.

Tom Z: Let's see what they want.

Cid activates the transmission. An a stranger appears on one of the rooms screens. Its the hostile force, Toms Z's old enemy, Snyd. Snyd is an evil red and white alien who looks like a cross between a gremlin(from gremlins),and judge doom(from roger rabbit).

Tom Z *annoyed*: Snyd!? What do you want?

Snyd: Isn't it obvious, I'm here to kill you. You see, I don't want you existing anymore. You've desecrated the legacy of the Tom Robots long enough. 

Tom Z: *facepalms* Ugh! Not this again!.

Snyd: It's time to end you, you embarrassment.

The transmission ends and the ship is hit. 

Tom Z: ok, if that's the way you want it. Cid, activate defense systems.

Cid: Affirmative.

Scene transitions out in space where the Star Nexus and The Ce'en, Snyd's ship have a laser fight.The Star Nexus fires a missile that destroys The Ce'en.

Scene transition's back to Tom.

Tom Z: That missile was a cheap shot,but it needed to be done. With that out of the way, it's time to continue cruising.

Klaxon's blare again.

Tom Z: What now?

Cid: Intruder warning. Ship infiltrated.

Tom Z: Where?

Cid: The Cargo Bay.

Tom leaves to confront the intruders. In the Ships Cargo Bay, Snyd isn't dead after all and is carrying a device.

Snyd: I will get rid of you yet. Engine Area, here I come.

Snyd leaves for the Engine Area. Minutes later, Tom Arrives and finds no one.

Tom Z: Damn! Missed them.

Cid: Intruders detected heading for the Engine Room.

Tom Z: On my way.

In the ships Engine Room, Snyd is setting up his time bomb and is about are about to escape, However Tom confronts him.

Tom Z: Snyd!? I knew your death was too good to be true.

Snyd: Natch! But you are too late, Fake Tom. In just a few short minutes,This ship and You will be destroyed.

Tom Z: Not on my watch.

Tom Z punches Snyd down to the round. Snyd takes out his lasor pistol, but Tom Z kicks it out of his hand. Followed by a kick to the abs. Snyd is in pain and defeated.

Snyd: You may have defeated me, but you will never defeat the bomb laughs evilly* You lose.

As Snyd escapes, Tom focuses on the bomb. According to the bomb's timer only 1 minute to detonation time.

Tom Z: I can't destroy this thing. Otherwise, It may go off.

Tom tries to separate the Bom from the engine, but as soon as he tries the count down starts to quicken.

Tom Z *starts getting worried*: Damn! That only increased the Bombs timer.

Scene transitions to outer space, where the Star Nexus blows up.
Ok now it's time for YOU to decide what happens next. Does TomZ get Destroyed or does he Survive?Vote in the Poll and the Winning option is what's gonna happen next.

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Clearing Something Up. A Message From Me to The Canadians

To The Canadians: I Don't Hate You. I just wanted to clear that up. I Despise You're Cartoons being aired on American TV all of the time. I don't mind you creating your own shows (animated or otherwise). You have a right to and I'm all for that.

It's just that your shows are being shoved in my face and promoted like they're something special. I also don't like how your Cartoons are replacing ours. Of course, Our Network Executives are to blame for this tragedy, not You guys.

Look but I have no Malice towards Your Country or Your people. I even have friends that are Canadian. One of my Wrestling Hero's,Bret Hart, is Canadian. Hell, Some of my favorite Voice Actors are Canadian.

Sure your Politics suck crap, but hey, so does ours. No Country or Person is Perfect. From what I could tell (via the internet) Canada seems like a beautiful country (especially nature wise). Plus you guys are good neighbors. I don't Hate Canada. I never said I did anyway. I said was I don't like your Cartoons airing constantly on my TV. But like I stated earlier, it's our Network Executives fault and not yours.   .

So I'm no Canadiaphobe(?). If I offended any of you, I'm sorry. There, I hope I've made my self clear on the subject.

Thank You, and Stay Gold


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Disney Destiny League Character Bio - Mulan

Hi there, toonsters.  First off, I like to thank Stefan for helping me with the Destiny League character bio blogs.  Now, it is my turn and this one I wanted to do next since I did the bio of Wall-E, per request by Stefan.  Anyway, today's profile is on Disney's favorite Chinese warrior princess, Mulan.

Background: A member of the Fa family from ancient China, Fa Mulan was usually a beautiful Chinese maiden, destined to be a betrothed to a male.  But, when her father was drafted back to the royal army, and aware that he is not feeling well, Mulan, without her father's knowledge, took up his armor and sword and joined the army as a man under the alias, "Ping."  After her deception was discovered, Mulan was kicked out of the army.  Despite this, Mulan fought hard to stop the Huns, including their leader, Shan-Yu.  After saving China, Mulan earned the respect from her peers, including Captain Li Shang, her father, and even the emperor of China himself. If there were more women like Mulan, China would of been a free, democratic country, not a communist country that see democracy as a crime.  What a gip!

Personality, Gear and Appearance:  Don't let her beauty fool you, just like Aladdin, there is more than Mulan than just a regular commoner.  She knows self-defense, good with a sword and very agile.  Although a lady, Mulan isn't afraid to speak her mind against those speak against the righteous.  Mulan isn't much armed, just her father's sword from the Fa family.  And when she is in a jam, she could always depends on her dragon friend, Mushu, the Fa family's guardian dragon.  When thawed out, Mulan had short, black hair (after she cut it when she joined the royal army in her father's place) and wears the standard uniform of the royal army (minus the armor), the same outfit she wore in Kingdom Hearts II.

Sidestory: After being thawed out, Mulan got debriefed by Rayjin about China falling to Igor's evil forces just like the other kingdoms.  Unlike the other characters, Mulan didn't feel disoriented and aware of this new evil that has plagued this world.  Although she has lost her friends and her family, luckily thanks to Rayjin, he manage to save Mushu, the guardian dragon.  Unlike Mulan, Mushu went crazy when got the bad news about the fall of China, lamenting that he failed.  But, Mulan brought him back to Earth, reminding him that he didn't fail and he has her always, despite being a bit crazy and eccentric. However, there was no rest, for Mulan and Mushu are ready to fight Igor and his evil forces.

I hope you like this blog.  Don't worry, it is not over.  There will be more.  Until next time. Godspeed, my friends.

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Did You Know: Screwed By The Executives

Did you Know... That Check Norris' Karate Kommando's (the very short and short lived Chuck Norris cartoon) was Originally gonna have 13-15 Episodes instead of just 5. Ruby Spears Production's cut the show short due to failing Toy Sales...despite the show itself having good ratings. If RS Productions didn't depend so much on the toy line, we would've enjoyed 8-10 more episodes of Animated Chuck Norris kicking ass. A very similar thing happened to Another RS Production.....Mega Man: The Animated Series.
Did You Know....That Swat Kats was gonna have a 3rd season. Hanna-Barbara Productions were ready to make it. However, Some Parents Groups teamed up Against the Idea and forced HB to stop making The 3rd Swat Kat Season. The Parents Groups complained that the Children of America shouldn't be watching this type of "Violent and Dark" Cartoon (despite SK not even being so). If it wasn't for those meddling Parents  Groups. Swat Kats would've been able to Continue.*sighs* Sadly, Swat Kats wasn't the last victim of this kind of treatment. :(
Did You Know....  The Highest Rated Animated Shows on Disney XD were Tron:Uprising and Motor City. However, Anne Sweeney decided to Scrap these shows in favor of Low rated Cartoons from Canada. Thus proving Once And For All, that Anne Sweeney is the Queen Of Retards and is Unfit to Command. Walt would be Ashamed.
That's it for today. If you have any Cartoon Trivia you'd like to submit to the site, drop a comment below

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The Day the Power Died - The Death of Lou Scheimer!

This is ACF News Bulletin.  Lou Scheimer, the father figure of the legendary cartoon studio Filmation, has died on October 18, 2013.  He was 85 years old. Scheimer, who founded Filmation since the 60s until its demise in the 90s, gave us some of the awesome cartoons from yesteryear.  Whether it's animated adaptations of fictional heroes like Tarzan, Zorro, The Lone Ranger, Superman, Batman, and Star Trek, or gave us the famed cartoons from the 70s and the 80s, including Ghostbusters (not to be confused with the other Ghostbusters from Columbia Pictures), Fat Albert (Hey, Hey, Hey!), Bravestar,Blackstar, and of course, arguably two of the best animation shows in the 80s, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and its spin-off, She-Ra: The Princess of Power.  Not only he founded Filmation, but he did voice work those cartoons I have mentioned, including voicing Orko. His death comes from not only quadruple bypass surgery, but from being diagnose with Parkinson's Disease.  Either way, his death has send a seismic shock of 10.0 to those who grew up with cartoons from the 60s, 70s and 80s, including Stefan and myself.  He is survived by most of his family, including his daughter, Erica, who did voice work in Filmation's cartoons as well.

I always think that animation as a whole is in danger.  But with the death Mr. Scheimer, that statement couldn't be more true.  But, here in the American Cartoon Federation, even if someone we idolizes died, we have pledged to fight on and keep the memory of those who have since passed away all not be in vain, insuring that animation has a place in the world.  Here's to you, Lou. Godspeed and thanks for the good memories and all the life lessons you have given us in your cartoons.

(TAPS plays)

This has been an ACF News Bulletin.  Thank you.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Disney Destiny League Character Bio - M

Ok, It's now My turn to submit a Character Bio for Destiny League (or D-League). This time it's the Mysterious cyber-suited Leader of the League, M.

Background: Nothing is Known At This Time, Except he WAS the King of Planet Diz, an world populated by Anthropomorphic Animal people. He was ousted by The Malice Kingdom's Dark Lord Eigor in a hostile takeover. M was said to be murdered that night...but he survived the assault and secretly escaped to Earth.

Appearance, Gear and Personality:  M's original look is a mystery, he is never seen without his Black and Red Iron Man-esque armor. The helmet covers his entire head (face too) and has stylized mouse-like ears. His armored suit can fly and is very sturdy.. can take 2,000 hits before being destroyed.

The Suit is equipped with lasers, a stealth mode, and a super Pulsar blaster. Plus,M is a superb wrestler. M's Personality is the everyday heroic warrior...only slightly more dark. Fight the good fight in the name of Justice. Though he Can be quite vengeful when his friends and family are killed or hurt by bad guys. Since he was a great king, M's Leadership skills are top notch.

Backstory: M crash lands on Rayjin's Sanctuary, where he meets the Guardian of Earth,Rayjin. Nearly dead, M asks for help. Rayjin heals him up and listens as M tells him about the Plight of the Universe. Rayjin decides to help and outfits M with an armored suit. Rayjin knew that the Earth would need Defenders, so he tells M about the Ancient Earth Heroes that he Had Cryogenically Frozen just incase of an emergency.

Long story Short, Rayjin unfreezes the Heroes and recruits them to save the world alongside M. They Are The Destiny League. The Team was formed not a moment too soon,as the Malice Kingdom has arrived on Earth.
Please note that Destiny League takes place in a Different (alternate) Continuity than Shego. And that the Destiny League that appeared in 'Shego' isn't the same Destiny League. In fact, The D-League that appears in Shego are not Earth's Defenders, but Defenders of the Universe. And the revived Earth Warriors are from M's world instead of Earth.  Rayjin is different in Both Continuities. I'll list the differences some time.
Well that does it for this Bio. Stay Gold, Everyone.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Why We Hate Stuart Snyder?! 2

This is the Sequel to RekkaDragonJay's
Retarded! Radical! Ideological! Extremist! Fanatical! Illogical! Pathetic! These words describe the Vast Majority of Today's Network Executives. But one Man really takes the cake...Stuart Snyder, Head of Cartoon Network and Boomerang ....And Pet to Phil Kent,Head of Turner Broadcasting (it's true, that's why Snyder has never been fired).

There is just so much damage this Ass has done to not only Cartoon Network, but Boomerang as well. This piece of Shit Insists on Continuing his radical and harmful leftist Ideology instead of listening to the American People (the majority, not the irrational minority).

Here is Snyder's biggest crimes. For starters let's start with the most extremist block on CN, Adult Swim. The Shows on that block are So extreme, they're only appealing to the radical progressive minority. What's worse is that Adult Swim(or a-duh swim) is on Every night for 8 Hours. That's WAY too much.

Don't get me wrong, I used to like AS, but that's when it was a small block that aired on Saturday and Sunday nights(with better shows). Now, Most Americans(myself included) feel that AS is no longer needed and that Snyder is overplaying his hand when it comes to the block itself.

In a Fascist move, Snyder has resurrected Toonami as an arm of Adult Swim. I'm sorry, but this New Toonami Is NOT the True Toonami. If it was the Real Toonami, it would be a Separate Block. I love Toonami, but not this retooled trash.

And things get worse from here, folks. Let's turn our attention to Stewie Snyder's Anti-Bulling Campaign. Ugh! Where do I begin. In late 2011-early 2012, Cartoon Network began adopting an Anti-Bulling attitude.. which has gotten really annoying as of late. CN has put out several (pathetic)PSA's featuring the stars of the ever retarded Live Action Shows (mainly "level up"). The latest PSA from Cartoon Network is a total Embarrassing Rap video staring 2 assholes from "Level Up". UGH!

And if that weren't enough, Snyder himself has decided to jump into this by putting out his Own Anti-Bulling PSA. Now That's Hypocritical. Snyder (who's a radical terrorist) speaking out against Bulling is like The Ayatollah of Iran speaking out against Anti-Semitism. Hypocritical to the Tenth Power.

Also, these "Anti-Bulling" messages AIN'T WORKING, but that Mega Extremist, Stuart Snyder refuses to take a hint. Best way to limit bulling is to enforce traditional values in the home, the schools, and the entertainment media. Period! Anyway, moving on to the saddest part of Snyder's legacy. Boomerang!

Boomerang is a network that had Soooo much potential, but thanks to that Radical Snyder, that potential will never be realized. From airing shitty CN advertisements to airing the trash from the mid-late 2k years, Boomerang is slowly dying. And airing those Pre-School shows don't help matters either.

Snyder truly is a Monster, a Fascist Monster. He's destroyed CN and now he's doing the same thing to Boomerang. It's Terrible. Snyder and his Radical Progressive Views must go NOW!!!! 
The only good news about CN is that the Live Action shows seems to be limited now, only airing about 3-4x a week (counting the movies). Not only that, but it seems the live action shows are in small blocks this time, instead of big ones. Cartoon Network is easing back on the Live Action garbage, However, that doesn't mean It'll be getting better. It's still destroyed, ruined by a Ideological Ass, who thinks he's the best.

Also calling Stewie Snyder Judge Doom is inaccurate.. He likes Cartoons, Just not American ones (kinda like bob iger, anne sweeney, and nikki reed). Deep down, Snyder hates the Great American Cartoon and foolishly sees Canadian shows (and live action ones) as superior. Sure, there Are American animated stuff on CN, but most of them are either Overrated or just plain Sucky.

When it comes to American Cartoons, Snyder couldn't care less about quality. Any quality American cartoon that is presented to him, He'll either reject it immediately or Ax it in a short period of time. And That's A Fact, Jack!

Anyway,speaking of Overrated and Sucky, Another thing Snyder is known for is over milking the overrated Ben 10 franchise to death. When Will This Insanity End!!

Bottom Line, The Vast Majority of Americans Hate Stuart Snyder for a verity of reasons, but they'll always remember him as the Extremist Ass that Destroyed Cartoon Network.

And Now for a Bonus attack.
In Offence of Jim Samples.

For those who think, Jimmy Samples is a Hero. You're screwing yourselves. Yes, he was one at first but then he turned to the Darkside in 2005. Samples is no Hero. He's the jackass who made CN bad in the first place. You people must remember, Snyder only made things worse and it was Samples who started bringing the destruction.

It was Samples who had a fetish for Canadian Shows. It Was Samples who Thought Kiddie Entertainment needed a return to CN, It was Samples who Introduced Radical Ideological Programing to Adult Swim, turning it from a flawed, but okay block to a horrible, horrible mess. It Was Samples Who Introduced The Live Action Concept for Cartoon Network.

All of these things made CN terrible and pathetic. Samples is no Hero. He's a Shithead. And I feel sorry for the ignorant lemmings who want him back.
This has been a ACF Special Presentation 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Banned and Censored Episodes in Cartoons (and Why They Should Not Be Banned Permanently)

I like to take a moment to talk about banned and censored episodes.  The type of episode that were otherwise removed from its rotation due to what happened in real life like an earthquake or terrorist attack and such.  But since this is the American Cartoon Federation, I am, of course, referring to the episodes from cartoons that were banned or edited for content.  In the beginning, for the honor of those who were involved in real life issues, the networks that airs them either edited them or in the case of the Hub Network, remove it.  It was honorable and decent in the beginning and we hope one day that they will bring back the episode, knowing that the disaster in question has become a footnote in history, sealed up in every history book everywhere.  But in a world where political correctness has become the law of the land in all media, that is not entirely the case.  I know we got DVDs for the shows we like to watch and has all the episodes.  But the networks has a habit of getting all PC when it comes to cartoons, even those that are mature in nature.  It was honorable to remove them in the beginning to not hurt those victims, but by not putting those episodes back in the rotation, it has become stupid in nature because they only listen to the PC Police, with the censorship and all that.  Anyway,  the following list of episodes from cartoons that were either banned or edited:

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero - Cobra Quake

In this episode, the Joes had to stop Cobra from destroying Japan by disarming improvise explosives that Cobra placed around the country, which will explode, causing man-made earthquakes around the country, causing it to sink in the bottom of the Pacific.  There was no problem with this episode until the Hub Network removed it after the March 11th, 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami disaster that ravaged most of the country, so much it even caused severe damage to the Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Power Plant.  In the beginning, the Hub did it to honor and respect the Japanese people.  But it has since refused to air the episode back into its rotation and they've been doing it ever since, even if they stopped showing G.I. Joe altogether after Nikki Reed took over the Hub's programming format.  I like this episode, not because of the mature theme of the story, but because this is the episode that highlights Quick Kick and his impressions of Humphrey Bogart and Alfred Hitchcock.  He may not live up to Snake Eyes, but he is OK in my book.

Men in Black: The Series - The Neuralizer Syndrome

In this episode, after accidently wiping his memories clean, Agent J has to find a way to restore Agent K's memories.  This episode was banned because of one thing, 9/11.  That's right, it had the World Trade Center and the part with the aliens trying to rip it apart.  Since then, even when it was aired on the Hub, this is the only episode that wasn't in the rotation because of what happened on 9/11.  Now that One World Trade Center a.k.a. the Freedom Tower is near its completion, don't you think they should remove the ban on any of all shows and movies that have references to the World Trade Center in it. I think the time is now.

Batman Beyond - Bloodsport

OK, this one is a doozy.  In this episode, Terry (Future Batman) fights the Stalker, a game hunter with bionic implants.  When it was aired on the Hub, they didn't even show this episode at all.  The question is, why?  Why didn't they air it?  Was it the name of episode itself, or the part where Stalker kidnaps Terry's little brother, Matt?  With a wave of kidnappings and little kids disappearing on the rise,
it could be.  I am not sure.  If anyone has the answer of why this episode was banned on the Hub, tell me.  I ask the Hub once about this but they refuse to answer.

Batman: The Animated Series - Baby Doll

In this episode, Batman and Robin investigates the disappearance of actors playing a TV family, which were connected to the TV show called "Baby Doll."  For some reason, the episode was banned from future airings, not just by the little kids disappearing/kidnapping part as I stated before, but the character Baby Doll a.k.a. Mary Daal, is the cartoon equivalent to Gary Coleman, who, just like Baby Doll, had a condition that makes him not grow up.  How many more excuse they can come up with to ban episodes like this?

The next are the episodes that are banned and I will make this quick.

Gargoyles - Deadly Force: Edited because of guns. Stefan's Note: But that's not all. A whole slew of Gargoyles Eps were Censored. Worse yet, those Censored Episodes are the ones on the DVDs. Disney has Never released the Original Uncensored Episodes on DVD. We need to change this.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - The Last Roundup: Two words, Derpy Hooves. LAME!! Stefan's Note: Actually the episode was Only banned in America according to my knowledge.

What Stefan's trying to say is that the episode was removed for awhile.  But when the episode came back, the scene with Derpy was edited because of the so-called Moral Guardians claim that Derpy was offensive to those who have disabilities.  All wrong on both ends.  I thought the cartoon itself was usually was tolerable towards everybody, even those with disabilities.  Leave it to the Moral Guardians to be the "Fly in the Ointment."  Animation is not safe from the FCC's wrath, even on Cable and/or Satellite providers.

Spider-Man (1994 cartoon): 9/11 and references of Princess Diana in a few episodes. Stefan's Note: Stupid!!!

Justice League Unlimited (Vortexx Version): NO...VIOLENCE...EVER!!! Stefan's Note: Ugh! We Seriously need another SatAM Block.

Agree on both ends, too.  But as long as the FCC makes these rules, they won't be any blocks with action cartoons unless someone defies them and the Moral Guardians that supports them.  Let's keep hoping.

The point is, editing and banning certain episodes from cartoons won't make the world better.  It is just a matter of time until someone decides to put them back.  Until that day comes, at least we got the DVDs.  But still, banning and editing cartoons, to me, is a serious offense against not just the kids, but also to nature itself.  We don't our kids to believe that the world is all sugar-coated.  This is America, we are entitled to our freedom and our rights and banning episodes in cartoons or cartoons in general isn't one of them.  Until next time.  Godspeed, my friends.

Niiki Reed: Kiddie Show Fetishist And An Enemy To American Animation

When people say that The Hub Network will favor Live Action more than Animated, they are mistaken. The reality is, that The Hub Network isn't favoring Live Action all that much over Animation. No. It's favoring Kiddie Shows more and trashing the ones with more Maturity.

Look at the facts 90% of The Hub's current stable of Animated Programs are either Girly-Girl or Pre-School. This alienates those Animation fans who like Animated Shows that hate those types of shows. Believe it or not, only 8-10% of Viewers are fans of Preschool and Girly-Girl stuff. That's a small percentage of viewers. So That means 88-90% of the Viewers are getting the finger from the Network.

And If that ain't enough, The Hub Network seems to have a new found hate for action shows and shows with slightly mature themes. Here's Proof: Huboom no longer exists, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is either on Very Late at Night or Very Early in the Morning, the Kiddie and Girly Girl Crap air way more than they should, and let us not forget The Unnecessarily Censoring of Family Movies.

The Hub Network has a hard fetish for Baby and Girly-Girl cartoons and if changes aren't made soon, I'll become a Carbon Copy of the Disney Channel. And That's No Good. And That's not the half of it. The Hub Network is officially Anti-American when it comes to Animation.

The Vast Majority of Animated shows on the Hub Network are Canadian. How Sick! How Very Very Sick!

The fool behind these atrocities is Nikki Reed and her stupid bosses. They are the ones who want to turn The Hub Network into Disney Channel Number 2. Pathetic. Nikki Reed must be Fired. Period

Viva La American Cartoons!!!!! F The Baby and Girly Girl Shows.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ultimate Boss Special: Disney Afternoon Rebirth Promo

A Continuation of:
[montage of the internet]

Narrator: Ah, The Internet. Where Nostalgia lives eternally. For Disney Fans, it is the Only way nowadays to watch the classics. However,that's all about to change...Change For The Better

[Transitions to a control center. the Center has many computers and monitors. an armored character that resembles Ironman with a stylized mouse eared helmet enters. He is M.]

M: Hey Guys, I'm M, Leader of The Destiny League and Host of The New and Improved Disney Afternoon.  Yeah,It's been way too long since this block existed. But,The Disney Afternoon gets to live again. TDA died with a bang, and it's getting revived with a bang. Here's a cool show that fell victim to executive meddling.

[transitions into clips of Motor City with the appropriate Monologue}

Narrator: Detroit In The Near Future, one Corrupt Executive,with great press,rules with an iron hand. {dialogue from the clips} His only opposition, a small group of Hot-rodding rebels with attitude. {dialogue from the clips}. The Burners are ready to Burn Rubber and Burn the Evil Abe Kane in the process  [dialogue from the clips] Motor City. Live Fast, Live Free.

[transitions back to M in the control center]

M: Told ya we were starting off things with a bang. Now as you remember, TDA was mainly Male oriented. Most shows had male stars,with the ladies stuck in supportive roles. Well that's about to change.

[transitions into clips of W.I.T.C.H with the appropriate Monologue}

Narrator: Heart, Water, Fire, Earth, Air! 5 average teenage girls chosen to become Guardians. {dialogue from the clips}. Their Mission: To save the Universe from the tyrannical King of Meridian, who's hell bent on Ruling the Universe. {dialogue from the clips}. The jobs tough,thankfully though,they have backup: A Meridian rebel [dialogue from clips] and a goofy sidekick [dialogue from clips]. Together as One,These Girls are ready to save Meridian and the Universe [dialogue from clips] W.I.T.C.H! Guardians Unite.

[transitions back to M in the control center]

M: About time we started re-airing this show. It's one of Disney's finest. Speaking of finest, In order to keep this block at it's finest, we needed to be innovative and extraordinary......and We knew just the guys to call.

[transitions into clips of Phineas and Ferb with the appropriate Monologue}

Narrator: Young Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher aim to make every day of summer count {dialogue from the clips}. And with a little help from their friends, these step-brother make everyday extraordinary with a variety of awesome activities. [dialogue from the clips] Not even an overzealous older sister can stop these guys from having the best day ever. [dialogue from the clips]. Top it all off with a kickass Super Secret Agent Platypus, [dialogue from the clips] and you've got the Best Show Ever. [dialogue from the clip] Phineas and Ferb. Seize The Day.

[transitions back to M in the control center]

M: Are those boys geniuses or what? Add Perry to the mix and you got one hell of a show. With shows like these, you probably already think that this is as awesome as we're gonna get. Well,think again. Kim Possible has been off the air for years, but it's fan base is still going strong. And why not? Kim is one awesome girl. She can do anything,including make this block even more epic.

[transitions into clips of Kim Possible with the appropriate Monologue}

Narrator: Kim Possible isn't your average Teenage girl. [dialogue from the clips]. This fiery redhead is an action hero with amazing abilities. not to mention 16 styles of martial arts. [dialogue from the clips]. With the aid of her goofy best friend,his awesome pet molerat,and a wiz kid, she truly is unstoppable. [dialogue from the clips]. Mad Scientists and Super Powered Mercenaries will never beat her.{dialogue from the clips}. Confrontations with her School Rival....not a problem. {dialogue from the clips}. Fighting against Monkey Ninjas? big. [dialogue from the clips]. Dealing with everyday teenage life? not the drama...well most of the time, anyway. [dialogue from the clips]. Kim Possible. She Can Do Anything. 

[transitions back to M in the control center]

M: Truly a Classic. But KP isn't the only classic we have. We've brought back 2 TDA Alumni.

[transitions into clips of Gargoyles with the appropriate Monologue}

Narrator: 1000 Years ago in Europe, Superstition and the sword ruled. [dialogue from the clips] It was the Dark ages and the age of Gargoyles. [dialogue from the clips] Betrayed by the very ones they were sworn to protect, frozen in stone by a magic spell. A millennia later, they are brought to New York City by a devious billionaire. [dialogue from the clips]. But when night falls,the Spell brakes and they Live Again.[dialogue from the clips]. These winged creatures of the night battle to protect humankind while trying to adapt to the modern world [dialogue from the clips]. Stone by day, warriors by night. Gargoyles. Rock On!

[transitions back to M in the control center].

M: So glad to gave this show back. And now. It's time to get Dangerous.

[transitions into clips of Darkwing Duck with the appropriate Monologue}

Narrator: St. Canard is under constant attack by powerful Super villains and arch fiends. [dialogue from the clips] Only one Duck dares to challenge their might....Darkwing Duck [dialogue from the clisp]. By day,he is Drake Mallard,mild mannered parent living in the suberbs [dialogue from the clips] But by night,he is Darkwing Duck,scourge of all evil. [dialogue from the clips] The Masked Mallard is combat skilled [dialogue from the clips]. Fearless [dialogue from the clips]. Graceful[dialogue from the clips]. And a great shot [dialogue from the clips]. He has all the skills to give every bad in the City a run for their money. {dialogue from the clips}. Darkwing Duck. Let's Get Dangerous.   

[transitions back to M in the control center]

M: After all these years Darkwing's still got it. Launchpad McQuack too. As you can see, TDA is new and improved. Here's a Montage of the cool shows we'll be showing you. Take it way.

{transitions into a mixed montage of Motor City, W.I.T.C.H.,Phineas and Ferb,Kim Possible, Gargoyles, and Darkwing Duck clips}

Narrator: Disney Afternoon Rebirth. Resurrecting your Weekday Afternoons with a Bang.

[transitions back to M in the control center]

M: Too cool, huh? Can't wait to get to work with shows like these. But these shows are only part of the epicness. Stay tuned after the transmition break,We still have a few more awesome things to tell you about.  

{transmition breaks}

[transitions back to M in the control center]

M: Welcome back to this special Disney Afternoon Rebirth Promo. I'm your host M. As promised we have some more cool stuff to present to you. As you know, DVD's and Blue-Ray are mega popular and will continue to be so until the end of the century. Disney Afternoon Rebirth Proudly Presents: The Disney DVD announcements board

[shows one of the computer screens. this one shows a list of upcoming Disney, Pixar,and Marvel DVD's....out dated, but accurate. focuses back to M]

M: Yeah, the list is outdated. But what this is a preview show, so it's fine. We'll give you real upcoming Disney DVD info when the block debuts. Disney had made some amazing Shows and movies. Speaking which,one thing we'll also be doing, is review various Shows, Movies, and Games made for or by the Big D.

M: Weather it be Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, or even Disney itself, it don't matter. It'll be reviewed here on Disney Afternoon Rebirth...with no bias. Fair and balanced is what makes a smart review. Cool huh? and we still have 1 more card to play.

M: One of the main reasons why TDA has been reborn, is because of the fans. You helped us. now it's time to return the favor. Introducibg DA:R Fan Showcase. For 10 minutes, DA:R will be showcasing Disney Fan Art, Reading Fan mail, and even take some Q&A. We are and forever will be For Fans By Fans. So there you have it, The Disney Afternoon is back from the dead and much better than ever. Be sure to check us out Weekdays from 3-6 on the Disney Channel. I'm M and I'll see you real soon. Take us home, Narrator.  

[montage of all that DA:R has to offer]

Narrator: Reborn Shows, Reborn Block, Reborn Attitude. For Fans By Fans. It's Disney Afternoon Rebirth. An Unstoppable Revival.

{screen gets snowy and goes black}

Monday, October 7, 2013

Ultimate Boss: The HUB Network Part 2

And Now. The Program Schedule for The Hub Network.

Here's what I will air on Weekdays.

12 am - Sliders   
12.5 am - Sliders 
1 am - Paid Programming
1.5 am - Paid Programming
2 am - Paid Programming
2.5 am - Paid Programming
3 am -  Paid Programming
3.5 am - Paid Programming
4 am - Sliders 
4.5 am - Sliders
5 am - Lois and Clark 
5.5 am - Lois and Clark
6 am - Transformers Rescue Bots
6.5 am - Transformers Rescue Bots
7 am - Super Hero Squad Show
7.5 am - Super Hero Squad Show
8 am -  Transformers Animated    
8.5 am - Transformers Animated
9 am - Hub Lite (Strawberry Shortcake: Bitty Berry Adventures)
9.5 am - Hub Lite (Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot)
10 am - Hub Lite (Littlest Pet Shop)
10.5 am - Hun Lite (The Twisted Whiskers Show)
11 am - Hub Lite (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
11.5 am - Hub Lite (Pound Puppies)
12 pm - Batman (adam west's)      
12.5 pm - Batman (adam west's)
1 pm - Transformers G1   
1.5 pm - G.I. Joe: Real American Hero
2 pm - Tiny Toon Adventures
2.5 pm - Tiny Toon Adventures
3 pm - Animaniacs
3.5 pm - Animaniacs
4 pm - HuBoom (Deltora Quest)
4.5 pm - HuBoom (G.I Joe: Renegades)
5 pm - HuBoom (Transformers Prime)
5.5 pm - HuBoom (Batman Beyond)
6 pm - HuBoom (Men in Black: The Series)
6.5 pm - HuBoom (Batman: The Animated Series)
7 pm -  Dan Vs.
7.5 pm - Dan Vs.
8 pm - Prime Time Hub (Step-By-Step)
8.5 pm - Prime Time Hub (Alf)
9 pm - Prime Time Hub (Sabrina: The Teenage Witch)
9.5 pm - Prime Time Hub (Lavern and Shirley)
10 pm - Prime Time Hub (Happy Days)
10.5 pm - Prime Time Hub (Mork and Mindy)
11 pm - Lois and Clark 
11.5 pm - Lois and Clark
Here's what I will air on Saturdays.

12 am - Sliders
12.5 am - Sliders
1 am - Paid Programming
1.5 am - Paid Programming
2 am - Paid Programming
2.5 am - Paid Programming
3 am - Paid Programming
3.5 am - Paid Programming
4 am - Lois and Clark (re-airing of Friday's episode) 
4.5 am - Lois and Clark (re-airing of Friday's episode)
5 am - Sliders (re-airing of Friday's episode)
5.5 am - Sliders (re-airing of Friday's episode)
6 am - Fraggle Rock
6.5 am - Fraggle Rock
7 am - Jem
7.5 am - Jem 
8 am - The Saturday Morning Zone (Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego)
8.5 am - The Saturday Morning Zone (G.I. Joe: Sigma 6)
9 am -  The Saturday Morning Zone (Transformers Animated)
9.5 am - The Saturday Morning Zone (Superman: The Animated Series)
10 am - The Saturday Morning Zone (Superman: The Animated Series)
10.5 am - The Saturday Morning Zone (Kaijudo)
11 am - The Saturday Morning Zone (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation)
11.5 am - The Saturday Morning Zone (The Aquabats Super Show)
12 pm - Transformers G1
12.5 pm - Transformers G1
1 pm - G.I. Joe: Real American Hero
1.5 pm - G.I. Joe: Real American Hero.
2 pm -  Family Ties   
2.5 pm - Family Ties
3 pm - Haunted Hub (The Haunting Hour)
3.5 pm - Haunted Hub (The Haunting Hour)
4 pm -  Haunted Hub (Goosebumps)
4.5 pm - Haunted Hub (Goosebumps)
5 pm - Young Hercules
5.5 pm -  Young Hercules
6 pm - Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
6.5 pm - Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
7 pm - The Hub Family Movie (1st movie)
7.5 pm - The Hub Family Movie (1st movie)
8 pm - The Hub Family Movie (1st movie)
8.5 pm - The Hub Family Movie (1st movie)
9 pm - The Hub Family Movie (2nd movie)
9.5 pm - The Hub Family Movie (2nd movie)
10 pm - The Hub Family Movie (2nd movie)
10.5 pm - The Hub Family Movie (2nd movie)
11 pm -  Xena: Warrior Princess
11.5 pm - Xena: Warrior Princess
Here's what I will air on Sundays.

12 am -  Dan Vs. 
12.5 am - Dan Vs.
1 am - Paid Programming
1.5 am - Paid Programming
2 am - Paid Programming
2.5 am - Paid Programming
3 am - Paid Programming
3.5 am - Paid Programming
4 am -   Paid Programming
4.5 am -  Paid Programming
5 am -  Paid Programming
5.5 am - Paid Programming
6 am - Fraggle Rock
6.5 am - Fraggle Rock
7 am -  Jem
7.5 am - Jem
8 am - My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
8.5 am - Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch
9 am - Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?   
9.5 am - Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?
10 am - Transformers: Beast Wars 
10.5 am - Transformers: Beast Wars
11 am -  G.I. Joe (DiC)
11.5 am - G.I. Joe (DiC)  
12 pm - Transformers Prime
12.5 pm - G.I. Joe: Renegades  
1 pm - Haunted Hub (The Haunting Hour)
1.5 pm - Haunted Hub (The Haunting Hour)
2 pm - Haunted Hub (Goosebumps) _
2.5 pm -  Haunted Hub (Goosebumps)
3 pm - The Hub Family Movie (movie)
3.5 pm - The Hub Family Movie (movie)
4 pm - The Hub Family Movie (movie)
4.5 pm - The Hub Family Movie (movie)
5 pm - Young Hercules
5.5 pm - Young Hercules
6 pm - Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
6.5 pm - Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
7 pm - Xena: Warrior Princess
7.5 pm - Xena: Warrior Princess
8 pm - Family Game Night (Family Game Night)
8.5 pm - Family Game Night (Family Game Night)
9 pm - Family Game Night (Scrabble Showdown)
9.5 pm - Family Game Night (Scrabble Showdown)
10 pm -  Sunday Night Hub (Alf)
10.5 pm - Sunday Night Hub (Family Ties)
11 pm -  Sunday Night Hub (Doogie Houser MD)
11.5 pm - Sunday Night Hub (Who's The Boss?)

Way better than The3 Hub's current Schedule, wouldn't you say?  That's gonna do it for this edition of Ultimate Boss. Stay Gold and See ya.   

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Ultimate Boss: The HUB network

Welcome to another instalment of 'Ultimate Boss'. A segment that basically informs the viewers about how I would do things if I was the boss of,well....anything.

Today,I'll be doing a follow up on RekkaDragonJay's Hub Network posts. That's Right I'll be talking about The Hub Network on this edition of Ultimate Boss. As always, I'm gonna start by listing the main things wrong with the Network.

- First and Formost, Little Kid Shows should NOT be the dominant form of entertainment. The Hub Network holds these types of shows in higher regard than the rest. 

 - The Hub Family Movies air WAY too much. That ruins it's special quality and takes air time away from the other shows.

- They air the same Stupid Movies over and over. Seriously 'Igor' has been shown on the Hub for 4 MONTHS STRAGHT!!!

- Giving the Finger to Fans of old action shows by censoring them AND when they are too lazy to do that, They remove the show from their line ups entirely. Same with shows with slight mature themes.

- Removing Good shows and replacing them with Garbage...just like Other Networks.    

- The Canadian and Girly-Girl stuff. Nuff Said!!

- Getting Rid of HuBoom. Seriously, this Block had the Potential to be the Next Toonami.
If the Hub Network remains as is. It's gonna become a Carbon Copy of Disney Channel. Anywhoo, Here's a list of things that I would do to save This networks:

- First,I'd Get Rid and Forbid of the Canadian crap. (goosebumps will be the only exception) 

 - I'd surpress the Kiddy and Girly Girl shows to their own 3-Hour Block.

- I'd air the various Disney specials on that network as well.

- Air the Hub Family Movies 3x. Twice on Saturday Night and Once on Sunday Afternoon. With a Different Movie each time.

 - I'd never Air the same movies over and over.

- Aquire more Shows and Movies for The Network.

- Create better Shows and Movies for The Network.

- Reject any Show, Movie, or Special that is unworthy of The Hub.

- Bring Back all of those cool animated shows that were taken off the line ups.

- Revive HuBoom as a 3-hour Block that airs every weekday starting at 4.

- Create a cool host for HaBoom (ala Toonami's Tom)

- Air Anime (PG-13 and lower). And create a block for them.

- Keep the Shows and Movies as is, never censoring them in anyway.

- Try to Acquire Power Rangers, Beetleborgs, VR Troopers and other Saban Shows. Face it they are wating away on the Nick Networks.
Not bad,huh? i'll be posting the line-ups soon. In the meantime,check out a list of Movies and Shows That I'd Aquire The Airing Rights For (or try to):

Full House
Home Improvement
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 
Family Matters
Perfect Strangers
Boy Meets World
Sister Sister
Smart Guy
The Cosby Show
Xena: Warrior Princess
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Young Hercules
Walker: Texas Ranger
All 3 Sailor Moon Movies 
Sailor Moon
Dragon Ball Z (again,it's wasted on the nick networks)
Ronin Warriors
Ruby Spears Mega Man
Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight
The Tick
The Batman
Justice League
Static Shock
Batman (the 89 movie)
The A-Team
Alvin and the Chipmunks
Transformers Beast Wars
G.I.Joe (DiC)
Bobby's World
The Back to the Future Trilogy
The Rocky Movies (Yo Adrian!!)
The Hogan Family
The Wizard
All 4 Christopher Reeve Superman Movies
The Simpsons
Mortal Kombat 
Mortal Kombat Annihilation
Street Fighter
Double Dragon
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey
The Kevin Sorbo Hercules Movies
Ghostbusters II
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Movies (they aired the first 2).
Hope you enjoyed this edition of 'The Ultimate Boss'. Line-Up's Coming Shortly.

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Did You Know: Disney

Welcome to my Latest and Greatest Segment, Did You Know! In this segment it's all about Cartoon Factoids. Some known, others not. Well, let's get started.

Did You Know: The Bonkers was originally gonna be about the Misadventures of Roger and Jessica Rabbit (from who framed roger rabbit?), However Warner Brothers (who owned half of the roger rabbit license) didn't want them to do so and even threatened legal action if they did. So The concept and the characters of the show were changed. On a related note, When Disney announced the name of the Show, Warner Brothers were miffed off, due to the name 'Bonkers' being what they wanted to call their latest Cartoon series (at the time). Warner Brothers eventually gave up on the name. BTW, the show they wanted to name 'Bonkers' became Animaniacs.

Did You Know: That Dr. Drakken and Shego from Kim Possible were originally gonna be Villains that appeared once in a while and weren't even considered to be regulars by the Producers. However, the characters kinda grew on them and it wasn't long until Drakken and Shego were made regulars.

Did You Know: That Lilo and Stich The Series is the ONLY Disney Animated Show that had crossover episodes with 4 other Disney shows. Those shows were: Recess, The Proud Family, American Dragon Jake Long , and Kim Possible. So apparently, these shows exist in the Lilo and Stich Universe. Though, I don't know if it's the other way around. 

Did You Know: That Quack Pack is widely considered the Black sheep of Disney's "Duck" Universe. It's often debated among fans whether the Show is a continuation of Ducktales OR an Alternate retelling of it.

That's it for today. If you have any Cartoon Trivia you'd like to submit to the site, drop a comment below.

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Shego Season 3 (Part 3)

Shego Season 3 Part 3

15 (61) - Eisneroth's Vendetta: Eisneroth and The Elder Guardians are at their Sanctuary (the watches pandora)in the Middle of the Universe wondering what their next step should be? Eisneroth is still shocked at his loss to shego, believing No Mortal could Ever defeat an Elder Guardian...especially since he beat Shego last time they fought. The other Guardians think of a great plan for entertainment. Eisenroth tells them to shut it and he has a plan of his own....Force Lee and Shego to fight to the Using the Rage Ruby,a Gem he stole from Rucifel when they faught all those Eons ago. The Other Elder Guardians are not amused and tell their Leader to just forget about his pointless vendetta and to leave Shego be. They believe that she has great entertainment value. They also disagree with him about Chaos being the best form of entertainment. They also question why they keep following him.
Eisneroth tells them that they've gotten lame and proceeds with his plan. As Eisneroth gets the Rage Ruby, he wonders if the others are correct, and his Vendetta against Shego is pointless and that there are other good forms of entertainment besides Chaos.

Suddenly, a demonic voice is heard, telling Eisneroth that the others have gotten soft and tells him to go for it..kill the good guys. Eisenroth tells the voice that it's right, like all of the other times they met. Eisenroth has been listening to this Voice ever since it started talking to him years ago.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Shego and Lee are going about their Daily lives at Middleton High. It's the 1st of November and Lee can't wait for The Holiday Break. 

Eisneroth appears at Middleton High and zaps Shego and Lee with it when they leave the building. The 2 grow enraged with one another and after arguments they fight with ferocity. The Middleton High students are enjoying themselves.....but not as much as Eisneroth, who's watching from the roof.

Meanwhile, on The Watchers Pandora, The other Elder Guardians are watching the events and are disgusted at the Childishness of their Leader. They consider going down to Earth to end this. But they can't due to that sacred pact they made when they first became Elder Guardians: An Elder Guardian must always listen to and follow Their Leader no matter what. They then consider breaking that pact...or at least changing it.

They realize that Eisneroth gotten more extreme as the years went on...maybe too extreme for them. They then decide that something must be done about him.

Back on Earth, Shego and Lee are fighting like mad. The Principal, Steve Barkin clears the area of onlookers and warns the Go cousins to stop fighting or else.  Eisneroth is enjoying this and his vengeance will soon be complete. Rayjin appears and tells The Elder Guardian that he will be punished for interfering with Mortal affairs. The 2 then battle, while Shego and Lee battle. Barkin tries to break it up, but gets hit by both Go's.

When Rayjin breaks the Rage Gem, Lee and Shego are back to normal. Pissed, Eisneroth tells Rayjin that he's on his hit list and leaves. Shego asks what the hell happened? Rayjin explains it to the Go's. Shego is pissed at Eisneroth. Rayjin then tells Barkin to go easy on the Go's, since they were under a Hypnotic trance. Barkin asks Rayjin who the hell is. Rayjin tells him he's the Guardian of the Earth and leaves.

Barkin,who strangely believes what Rayjin says, decides to suspend both Go's. Meanwhile,at the Watcher's Pandora, Eisneroth is getting an earful by his fellow Elder Guardians. Eisneroth reminds them of the Pact they made. Rii-Sutan, the 2nd in command, tells the leader that in extreme cases, Pacts can be made to be broken.

After the others leave, The Voice appears to Eisneroth once again. It tells him to forget about those assholes and focus on the Ultimate Plan. Eisneroth smiles and chuckles evilly.
16 (62) - Thanksgiving with the Go's: It's Thanksgiving time and Kim Possible is back. She Ron, and Rufus visit the Possible residence for Thanksgiving dinner. The Stoppables are there is Dr.Drakken, which freaks Ron out. But Kim reminds him that Drakken is reformed and is the Chief scientist at Global Justice. Kim asks about Shego and her Cousin Lee. Drakken tells Kim that Shego was invited but decided to entertain her Family and Lee's at her home. Kim is disappointed as She heard some cool things about Lee and would've liked to meet him.

Meanwhile, at Shego's apartment Shego and Lee come home from getting food shopping (the rest of the stuff needed for the thanksgiving feast) and find the door unlocked. They open the door and find a man sitting on the couch who was waiting for Shego. Lee gets ready to fight but Shego knows the man as Uncle Otto (her mothers younger brother). Otto apologizes for breaking in, but wanted to see if he still got it. Shego mentions that Otto was the one who taught her how to pick locks.

After Shego introduces Lee to Uncle Otto,the Niece and Uncle catch up on old times,while putting the groceries away.  Later Sherrie and Yuusuke Go (shego's parents) arrive, followed by Team Go (not in uniform), The Twins (gina and jimmy), Chisao Go (shego's grandfather on her fathers side), and last but not least, Keiji and Dee Go (lee's parents).

Dee was the typical American cartoon mom, while Keiji was a  skinny nerdy man.

Meanwhile, on the Watchers Pandora,the Elder Guardians decide to have a Thanksgiving dinner of their own, after which they play 2 on 2 football (they learned it while watching an earth game). the Guardians have fun and realize that they don't have to always rely on other beings for Entertainment, they can make their own fun.

Back at the possible house,while having dinner, Kim talks about doing great in collage and her engagement to Ron. the family and Drakken are happy. Dr.Possible and Mr.Stoppable have a private man to man with Ron.

Back at the Go dinner,The Chisao Go tells the story about How the Go family came to America. Chun and Kikyo Go came by boat from Japan in 1919. Their Goal was to start life anew after their Parents disowned them for marrying each other. And in 1925,his father,Yuusuke Go,was born. Chisao also notes that he named his 2 sons after his dad and uncle Keiji.
Meanwhile,back on the Watchers Pandora, Eisneroth is making preperation for the ultimate plan. he takes the sacred idols from the vault and figures out how to use them to open up a huge gaping portal to the Chaosverse. 
17 (63) - Xmas in Go City: The Go Cousins and Drakken spend Christmas in Go City at Go Tower. It is revealed that the Jimmy and Gina (now wearing team go outfits that are colored the same their respective glow) have gotten better at using their powers.

While the Go's are enjoying (or trying to) their XMas Eve, A Go City Villain, called Zanta Klawz (a skinny guy dressed in a blue and black santa suit with a black beard) is on the loose and stealing X-Mas gifts from every home in Go City. Team Go is informed by the Mayor and they are off to stop the XMas Thief.

Shego decides to let Team Go and The Twins stop him Lee decides to take a break too. Zanta is stopped and put into jail. The Go Family enjoys the rest of their x-mas holiday.

At the Watchers Pandora, the Guardians gather (minus eisneroth) and make a decision to oust Eisneroth as leader.
18 (64) - Chaosverse Rising Part 1 - Lee and Shego are at a Ski resort on their last day of the Holiday vacation.  Meanwhile, at the Watchers Pandora, Eisneroth is preparing for his Ultimate Plan and is about to leave for the roof of the Pandora with the Idols, when he is confronted by the Other Elders who are carrying a stone tablet. That Tablet contains the Pact the Guardians made in written form.

The Guardians are un happy with Eisneroth's extremist attitude and have decided to break their Pledge. They Destroy the tablet and tell Eisneroth as his reign as their Leader is over. Eisneroth does not take this well. The Elder Guardians notice the Idols in Eisneroth's possession and demand answers. Eisneroth reveals his plan to open up the Chaosverse and unleash hell upon the Earth...all for entertainment.

The Rest of the Elder Guardians don't like the plan, calling it reckless and sick. Eisneroth counters by telling them they've gotten weak and pathetic. Soon a fight breaks out between Eisneroth and the Other Elder Guardians. Eisneroth defeats the Elders and reveals that he secretly made a pact with the Lord of the Chaosverse during the Chaosverse' first invasion all those eons ago. The pact was 50/50 ownership of the universe. Rucifel, the Lord of Chaos, recently developed telepathic abilities and the moment he mastered them, he contacted him.

When asked why? Eisneroth reveals that he was sick to death of being a low level Guardian.. he wanted more power and a bigger role in the universe...he wanted to Own planets and people. After his Monologue, Eisneroth puts the Remaining 4 Guardians in Suspended animation and teleports them to the Prison Area.

Eisneroth continues with his plan. He gets on the Roof of the Pandora and places the Idols in the proper position.  Finally he says the incantation, which activates the Idols. The Idols give Eisneroth the power to rip open a huge portal to the Chaosverse.

Once the forces of the Chaosverse are freed, they waste no time and attack Earth. Shego and lee are attacked at the Ski Resort and are defeated. They retreat to Global Justice, where they learn that alien demons are attacking all over the world. Info passed down by Dr. Tim Possible (kim's dad).

Shego teleports (via the teleporter belt) to Rayjins Sanctuary for answers. Rayjin tells Shego that he feared this day would come.. The Elder Guardians have unleashed the Chaosverse upon Earth and the best way to win is to summon the Godian and his men from the Cosmoverse. However, he mentions that only an Elder Guardian can summon the Forces of the Cosmoverse to this Universe. The Cosmoverse can enter the Universe Anytime they want, but they choose to stay out until invited, out of respect.

Rayjin finds it strange that Lord Rucifel, The Mighty Master of the Chaosverse, is not among his minions.

Shego and Rayjin make plans to go to the Watchers Pandora to convince the Elders to stop this madness. Meanwhile, superheroes from around the globe are fighting the minions of the Chaosverse. Lee,Team Go, The Go Twins, Jake Long , and Team Possible are among those heroes who are fighting to save Earth. Even Dr. Betty Director is taking part.. fighting in her battle suit.

Shego and Rayjin arrive at the Watchers Pandora. where they see Eisneroth watching Earth with evil glee...and refreshments. The 2 confront the evil Elder Guardian. Eisneroth is surprised to see them. Shego asks if he was responsible for unleashing this evil?

Eisneroth nods proudly and tells Shego his reasons. Rayjin asks where the other elders were? Eisneroth tells him that he locked them up for betraying him as well as being weak.He intends on destroying them later. Rayjin leaves to find the others Guardians, Eisneroth tries to stop him, but Shego interferes and a fight begins.

Shego beats Eisneroth, but the evil Elder Guardian uses the Idols to power himself up. With his new Power, He gives Shego a tough time...and defeats her.
19 (65) - Chaosverse Rising Part 2: Back in Earth, the planets heroes are failing to the sheer might of the Chaosverse (including kim possible and lee. rons mystic monkey powers are getting weaker).

Meanwhile, Inside the Watchers Pandora, Rayjin finds the other Elder Guardians in suspended animation within the Prison Area, Rayjin wakes them up and informs them of the situation. He asks them for help and they agree.. though they refuse to call on the Cosmoverse. Shego is battling a powered up Eisneroth and is fighting as she never ever fought before.

Rayjin and the Other Elders arrive and see the Battle. The Elder Guardians like what they see, claiming the Shego/Eisneroth fight is great entertainment. Rayjin reminds them of the crisis. They ask Rayjin the Plan? Rayjin tells them that the only way to save Earth now is to summon the Cosmoverse. The Elders refuse telling him that it's a matter of pride.

As Shego battles Eisneroth,Rayjin tries his best to get the Elder Guardians to listen to reason...when that fails, He threatens them and tells them that the death of Earth will be on their heads. The Elders snap back at Rayjin. The Elder Guardians rush to the Fight and attack Their Ex-Leader...They get beat badly. The Elder Guardian's frustratingly decides try it Rayjin's way.

The Elder Guardian's summons the Cosmoverse with a chant. Suddenly, another portal opens up and the Cosmoverse forces, lead by Godian, rush out. The sight of this scares Eisneroth. Shego gets in a sneak attack.

Godian and the Forces of the Cosmoverse fly to earth and battle the Chaosverse. The Cosmoverse aren't allowed to kill mortals.. its a sacred rule, so they capture them instead. The Heroes are Releaved and thank the Cosmoverse.

Godian and his forces take the Captured Chaosverse members and toss them back into the open portal that Eisneroth made. Eisneroth is scared..really  really sacred. Godian seals up the portal and turns his attention to Eisneroth.

Godian condemns Eisneroth and decides to punish him severely for his deeds AND Breaking the Rules of the Guardians. Eisneroth attacks Godian, but the Master of The Cosmoverse easily defeats him.

Godian then strips Eisneroth of  his Position and Immortality. Godian hands down a second punishment to Eisneroth. The Ex-Guardian is to remain on Earth as a pitiful mortal. After exiling Eisneroth, Godian offers Rayjin the job of Elder Guardian. Rayjin declines and says that Earth is his home and wants to remain it's Guardian. He then convinces the Godian to spare the Other Elder Guardians. Godian decides to spare them. After commending Shego for her work, Godian takes the Sacred Idols and heads back to the Cosmoverse with his Forces.

After the Cosmoverse portal closes, Shego and Rayjin go home.
20 (66) - Guardians Atonement: A Day after the Chaosverse Invasion. The World is in the process of recovering. There are Medical teams and Construction teams in droves everywhere around the world. Even The Heroes and Global Justice are lending a hand.

Suddenly,The Elder Guardians (rii sutan , haansan, miriza, and rookus) appear before Shego, Lee, and Team Possible (who are all back in middleton). Shego thinks they are here for a fight. The Elder Guardian's tell her that they are here to help.

The Elders want to make up for the trouble they caused under Eisneroth and help rebuild Earth. Shego thinks this is a trick. Kim wants to give them the benefit of the doubt. And so the Elders help Shego and the others efforts to rebuild Earth.

Each of the Guardian's use their Powers to quickly restore Buildings and roads. They even heal the Injured and sick. They even get thanks. After that's done, The Guardians move on to another Part of the World.

During a Break, Shego, Lee, and Kim are chatting. Lee tells Kim about himself. and Shego reveals the origins of the Rainbow Comet when asked (the rainbow comet was created by rayjin because he wanted to give a chosen few superpowers so that they could defend the earth.).

The Girls then chat about old times. Shego reveals to Kim that she went easy on her all those times they fought. she held back because deep down she kinda found kim an interesting and fun opponent..and that she kinda cared about her. Kim reveals that she's always wanted a Big Sister relationship with her. The 2 hug.

Meanwhile, somewhere in India, The Elder Guardians witness the Devastation and ruined lives (and dead children) and realize that their way of thinking might be flawed greatly. After healing the sick and rebuilding the structures using their Powers, The 4 Elder Guardians make a promise to respect and value all life on every planet....or at least Try to.

Meanwhile, On the Planet Juno (the 10th planet), Rucifel, The Evil Lord of the Chaosverse is in hiding. He knew that the Chaosverse and Eisneroth would fail,so he took precaution. He fled to Juno the moment he was freed and went into hiding.

And now that that's all over, he has reemerged, and ready to take over The Universe. He is somewhat disappointed at Eisneroth's failure, but learns that next time, he will telepathically manipulate better help.

Rucifel has been manipulating Eisneroth for years via telepathy. His goal was to have Eisneroth rip open a huge gate from the Chaosverse to The Main Universe. He also did it for fun.

Back on Earth,The Elder Guardians explain to Lee that Elder Guardians (and lower guardians) can open a single miniscule portal to anywhere, but they can't create huge ones or more than one without an outside power.

The Elder Guardians tell Shego and Co that they must be off. Shego thanks the Guardians for swallowing their Pride and helping and that they did an amazing job. The Elder Guardians bid farewell and leave. Watching from above from his Sanctuary, Rayjin feels thatb there's hope for the Elder's. But get's a deep feeling of dread knowing that Rucifel remains at large.
Continued in Season 4! Coming Soon!

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Shego Season 3 (Part 2)

Part 2 of Shego Season 3 Eps.

11 (57) - They Are The Turks: While shopping for Halloween, Shego and Lee run into and fight a Criminal Gang with Super Powers. The Gang introduces themselves as The Turk Family, Blessed with Powers from the God Meteor. The Oldest is Russ, with the Power of the Elements. The 2nd oldest Stan, with the Power of Life. Rudy, with Psychic Abilities. Oren, with the Power to Transform his arms into various weapons, and the Youngest,Irena, with Healing abilities.    

The cousins defeat them,but the Turk Siblings escape and vow vengeance. Apparently they lost do to lack of experience with their powers. Shego wants to learn more about this 'God Comet' and seek out Rayjin's input.

At an abandoned warehouse on the other side of town, The Turk Siblings are upset over their first loss, blaming the loss on luck, rather than inexperience with their powers.  Russ tells this siblings that they need to forget about the last battle and focus on the future. He reminds them that when they got their powers, they all promised to have fun with them all of the time. It didn't matter what they did with the powers, so as long as they had fun. He then warns not to let Anyone spoil their fun,especially the Law And Global Justice. 

The Others give Russ' speech an applause.

At Rayjin's Sanctuary High above the clouds, Shego asks about the God Meteor. Rayjin tells Shego that The God Meteor was created by the Elder Guardians to give some lucky Earthlings super powers. They did it so that they could get some more entertainment value out of Earth. And that it didn't matter who got the power, so as long as the Elders were entertained, that's all that mattered. The Meteor ended up in the front yard of the Turk's and the Children were exposed to it.

Shego calls the Elder Guardians selfish, petty assholes. Rayjin agrees. Shego gets a call from Lee, telling her that the Turk Siblings have returned and are causing havoc in Middleton Park and that Global Justice is on it's way. Shego leaves to help Lee with the Evil Family.

At the Park, The Go Cousins fight and eventually defeat the Turks. Global Justice finally arrives and the Turks flee. After defeating the Turk's, Shego and Lee go home. At the Turk's warehouse Hideout, the siblings get a visit from the Elder Guardins...well Eisneroth at least. Eisneroth introduces himself and who commends the Turks for their work. He then reveals that the Meteor was his creation and that he and his fellow Elder Guardians were hoping the Powers would go to people like them.

At first the Siblings don't believe him, but once Eisneroth demonstrates his power, The family is convinced. They tell the Head Elder Guardian that they are in his debt. Eisneroth smiles wickedly.
12 (58) - Twin Trouble: Shego and Lee get a visit from Lee's younger Siblings Jimmy and the disbelief of Lee. Shego reveals that since Lee's parent's were going on a weekend getaway, she was asked to watch the twins and she agreed. Now they are spending the weekend. Lee is shocked and very displeased.

The Siblings shock both Shego and Lee when they reveal that they have Rainbow Comet Super Powers. Gina has an pink glow and the power of invisibility. Jimmy has a Yellow glow and the power of super speed. Lee asks how in the hell did they get these powers?

The Twins explain that while they were playing at a Playground just outside of their School (upperton elementary), a small bi-colored Rainbow Comet landed on the grounds. They went to investigate (luckily no adults around) and when they got close to it, they received its powers. The next thing they remember was waking up in the hospital and finding out that they had special powers.

The Twins tell of how their Mom forbid them from using their powers until they were older. Lee tells them that's great advice and to listen to their Mother. Global Justice calls and tells the Go's that the Turks are causing havoc downtown. Shego has no choice but to bring the Kids along, but warns them to stay out of the way. The Twins Promise.

During the battle, The Twins decide to test their powers on the bad guys, but can't control their powers correctly. They end up getting in the way. The Turks escape, much to the Go's chagrin. Back at Shego's apartment, Lee scolds his siblings and warns them to never use their abilities or get it their way again. Saddened, twins run off.

Shego tells Lee that he was too tough on them.. after all they are only children. Lee reveals to Shego that ever since they were born, Jimmy and Gina were pests to him. Shego knows how it feels to have annoying siblings. Global Justice calls again informing them that the Turks are back and this time they are attacking the Mall. The Go's leave to take care of them...unknown to them that the twins were listening. The twins want to prove themselves again and secretly follow their Brother and Cousin.

The Go's arriver to battle the Turks. They are surprised to see Eisneroth appear during the battle. Eisneroth reveals to the Go's that he's now the Turks Mentor and with him, they will make the earth the most Entertaining thing in the Galaxy for him and his fellow Elder Guardians.

Shego calls him a sick son of a bitch. The twins arrive. Lee is upest with them. Shego tells them to go home. The Twins refuse and want to redeem themselves. Eisneroth captures the kids and tries to force the Go's to surrender. However, Gina turns invisible and bites Eisenroth's arm. This causes the Elder to drop Gina. The Invisible Gina throws a bench at the Elder Guardian's Head, causing him to drop Jimmy,who high speeds away.

The Bad guys are surprised that the kids have powers. The Go's beat the Turks and they leave. Eisneroth vows vengeance and leaves with them. Lee apologizes to the twins and he's forgiven. The Siblings hug. Later, Shego and Lee take the Twins to Go Tower, in Go City where they convince Hego to train them.

Back at their Warehouse hideout, The Turk siblings are upset at another loss. Eisneroth convinces them that as long as the Go's exist, their fun will always end early. So the Turks decide to The Go's once and for all.
13 (59) - Assault on Global Justice: At their Warehouse Hideout, The Turks are trying to figure out how to kill the Go's. But Eisneroth has a better idea. Forget about the Go's for now and concentrate on the thing that sends Shego out on her missions, Global Justice. He figures that the only reason Shego's a crime fighter is because she get's a paycheck from them. Without Global Justice, Shego will be forced out of crime fighting once and for all.

Irena asks about Lee? Eisneroth tells them that With Shego out of the Crime fighting, Lee will be all alone and an easier target to kill. Eisneroth tells them of a base that he discovered that belongs to Global Justice. He tells the Siblings where the base is located and gives them their mission.

On a base In the Nevada desert, Global Justice Agents are doing their thing. The Turk Siblings arrive and attack the base. They also kill the agents and steal information on where Global Justice's hidden HQ is.  

At Shego's Apartment, Shego and Lee are having a video game tournament. Global Justice calls and tells them that the Turks have attacked one of their Bases and according to a survivor, they took valuable information...mainly the Location of Head Quarters. She requests that Shego and Lee help defending HQ. She also tells of Dr. Drakken creating a device that can drain the Turks of their Powers.

Using their Teleport belts, Shego and Lee teleport to GJHQ. In the wastelands of Nevada, The Turks arrive outside......a mountain. The Turks comment on this, but they know that the Mountain, in reality, contains an entrance into Global Justice HQ. A part of the Mountain opens and the Go cousins step out.

The Go's once again battle the Turks...and Win. Drakken arrives with a new device that can drain the Turks of their Powers. However, an angry Eisneroth arrives. Shego asks what Eisenroth has to gain from attacking Global Justice? Eisneroth reveals that he wanted the Turks to Win so that they can spread chaos and that without Shego as a Crime fighter, the Turks won't be stopped....It's all in the name of Entertainment.

Shego spits back calling Eisneroth a sick ass and that he knows Nothing about her. Eisneroth tells her that he knows enough. With that said, the Elder Guardian teleports both the Turks and himself away.  
14 (60) - When Turks Fall: At the Turks hideout, Eisenroth is really angry with the Turks failing to destroy Global Justice and inability to kill the Go's. The Turks snap back, but they are put in their place by the Elder Guardian, who reminds them about who gave them their powers.

Eisneroth decides to give them one last chance. He tells them where Shego lives and wants them to go there and attack. The Turk Siblings refuse and tell Eisneroth that his services are no longer wanted. They tell him that they are and always will be independent. Angry, the Elder Guardian attacks the Turks and drains them of their powers. He then leaves them for dead and decides to kill Shego himself. Russ is barely still alive and sees that his Sibling's are Dead. He vows revenge.

Meanwhile, Shego and Lee are back to school and Lee is already starting fights with the jerky jocks. Global Justice gets Greater Security System and has Drakken install it. 

Shego and Lee arrive home and have Eisneroth waiting for them. He begins his assault and the battle is taken to the roof.  Eisneroth tells Shego and Lee that this is personal, since he is sick of Shego ruining his plans for a more Entertaining Earth. Shego tells The Elder Guardian to get a life. The Battle is intense and pretty tough for the Go's. Elder Guardian soon gets the upper hand when he powers up.

The battle is interrupted by a battered and bloodied Russ,who seeks revenge on The Elder Guardian for killing his siblings. Eisneroth is surprised that Russ is alive...powerless, near death, but alive. Ruus has a gun and angrily shoots at Eisneroth..the Bullets do no harm and The Elder Guardian finishes Russ off.

The Battle between the Go Cousins and The Elder Guardian Continue. Shego manages to get the win. Eisneroth retreats with the promise that this isn't over. Shego and Lee goe to the downed Russ Turk. Russ tells Shego that he and his siblings were wrong to follow Eisneroth, despite the fact that he sent the God Meteor to them. Russ admits that Shego was a fun opponent and hopes they fight her again in the afterlife.....if there is one. With that Russ Turk dies.