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Disney Destiny League Ideas: Characters - Tron

Happy New Year folks and welcome to this new blog series. Long ago, our good friend, Stefan, did an idea of a story about the Magic Kingdom being in ruins by the forces of evil led by Igor the Terrible (based on Robert Iger), former apprentice of Eisendore the Wise (based on Michael Eisner), who embraced the black magic of the devil himself. The villains have set their sites on earth. The Earth's only hope is a mysterious character named "M" and an original character named Rayjin (who is earth's guardian) and to do so, is to bring back the heroes of Disney's past to combat this evil and save the Earth and bring the Magic Kingdom back to its former glory. I will do the idea of the storyarcs another time. Right now, I will talk about the characters, starting with the heroes of the Disney World, starting with one of my favorites, the digital hero known as Tron. With every character I will do, I will talk about their background, their gear, and their sidestory on how they got back to life, adjust to this new world and discover their destiny in order to stop the forces of Evil. Anyway, let's begin, shall we?

Background: A security program created by Alan Bradley from ENCOM. Tron was programmed to protect the system from any of all threat that will corrupt the system. Long ago, he helped Kevin Flynn shut down the Master Control Program, freeing the computerized world in the process. Many years later, he returned with Flynn and CLU 2.0 to the Grid, for the purpose to create the perfect system, where users and programs co-exist. However, everything changed when CLU reprogrammed himself and declared war against programs who he sees as an "imperfection," including organic beings known as ISOs, the very beings Flynn sees as "A Digital Frontier to reshape the human condition." Tron did his best to fight off CLU's forces, but he was mortally wounded, but he barely escaped. During his time in hiding, he trained a young program named Beck, in order to pass the mantle of Tron, to protect the Grid from CLU's forces. It didn't take long until CLU finds him and reprogrammed him and became his enforcer named Rinzler. As Rinzler, Tron was very loyal to CLU, until he remembers his past and he reprograms himself and gave Kevin Flynn, his son, Sam and Quorra, the last ISO, enough time to head to the portal back to the real world. The last we saw Tron is he was pushed aside by CLU and ended up in the Sea of Simulation, but was alive, not de-rezzed. If Tron was truly de-rezzed, he would be in a million pieces right about now, but he is not. It's a wonder why we ended with the battle cry, "Tron Lives."

Appearance, Gear and Personality: Tron is a humanoid-like program, who resembles his user, Alan Bradley. He wears a full body suit, but mostly black with light blue highlights around his suit, including four blocks that form a "T" for Tron and its the same design like in Tron: Legacy and Tron: Uprising. When his suit is black, either he is neutral or he's uses it for stealth missions. But, when he's in battle, the suit's color turns from black to his classic silver gray, with his battle visor attached to it. His weapons of choice are his duel Discs, his Identity Disc and a newly developed prototype anti-virus disc, developed by Rayjin, to not only enhances his abilities, but also protects him from malware, spyware, and the corruption of his programming that turns him into the equally dangerous Rinzler. His baton can form into any vehicle of his choosing, including a Light Cycle. Thanks to Rayjin, Tron now has the ability to leave the Grid to the real world and vice versa. Tron is noble and wise, whether in battle or helping out friends in need, including being a father figure to some of the characters, including Ariel. Other than Tinker Bell, Tron doesn't feel disoriented in this new world, unlike the other characters. He is the team's de facto leader. But when he is not in battle, he also serves as chief communicator and mission briefer with Rayjin.

Sidestory: After finding the remains of the ENCOM building, Rayjin discovered a disc that was undamaged. Inside contained not only a message from Alan Bradley himself, but also Tron as well. Alan's message reads like this:

"Greetings fellow user. If you are reading this, I am already dead. I've been dead for many years after CLU's forces enter the real world after the dark lord Chernabog summoned them from the Grid. Although it is too late for me, but it is not too late for my creation. This is Tron, a security program, designed to protect the system from any abnormal or dangerous program that would corrupt it. A long time ago, Tron helped my friend, Kevin Flynn, my friend and another user like myself when Flynn was brought into the system by the Master Control Program. With Flynn's help, Tron shut down the MCP and freed the system. Years later, Flynn borrowed Tron to the Grid, along with the new version of CLU, for the purpose of making the Grid, the perfect system where users and programs co-exist peacefully. Flynn's plans for the perfect system were ruined when CLU corrupted himself and staged a coup against programs who CLU sees as an "imperfection." Tron fought hard, but was left for dead by CLU, only to be reprogrammed as Rinzler. I manage to save as much as Tron's data as I can. But I fear that if I reactivate him, he would revert back into being Rinzler. So I stored him into this disc for savekeeping until the time was right. Tron is not only strong but also noble and wise. Don't let your enemies corrupt him even further. Tron is not just the Grid's last hope, but also this world's last hope, too. I am sure you will use him well. I have faith in you and all the users out there. Don't let this world end up like the Grid. Tron Lives."

End of Line

Afterwards, Rayjin uploaded Tron and he explained to Tron about everything, from saving the system from the MCP, nearly de-rezzed by CLU, Rinzler, and what is going on in this world today, in order for Tron to remember. Tron is willing to help, but he was still weak after reprogramming himself from being Rinzler and his scuffle with CLU. But when CLU appeared into the real world and attack the other Disney heroes, Tron wanted to stop CLU because no one knows CLU better than he does. Rayjin told him he can't because he is still weak and fears that he is still corrupted and would turn into Rinzler if faces CLU again. But Tron, as the noble security program that he is, wants to fight CLU because it's in his programming, he fights for the users and he rather be de-rezzed in battle than turn into Rinzler and serve CLU once more. Rayjin understands Tron's nobility and decided to let Tron help the others. But, in order to do so, Rayjin created a newly developed prototype disc for his Identity Disc. When fused, not only Tron will have his abilities enhanced, but also help him overcome any of all reprogramming that will turn him into Rinzler. And no sooner than CLU was going to kill everybody, Tron steps in and stops him. CLU tried his reprogramming ability, but to no avail, thanks to the anti-virus disc. Thanks to Tron, CLU retreated back to the Grid, to fight another day. Afterwards, Rayjin made Tron the field commander of this ragtag team of Disney heroes because of his wisdom and doesn't feel any disorientation like the other characters in this new world. Not only that, he also made him chief communicator and mission briefer with Rayjin. Now, Tron fights for the future for both programs and users alike. He has come home.

I hope you like this first entry of this awesome story. There will be more soon. Until then, Stay Gold and Godspeed.

End of Line

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