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Disney Destiny League Ideas: Characters - Ariel the Little Mermaid

The next character in this story I will talk about is another favorite character of mine and just like Rapunzel, she is one of my favorite Disney princesses and that is Ariel the Little Mermaid.

Background: The youngest daughter of King Triton of Atlantica, the fabled kingdom of the merfolk. Of all the mermaids, Ariel has the most beautiful voice in all the cosmos. Let me on you on a little secret, her voice not only cheers up everybody, but it has the power to heal, just like Rapunzel's magic hair. Although a mermaid, Ariel longs to live in the surface world, to be with the humans, including the one human she has fallen in love with, Prince Eric. At the time, after Triton destroyed her grotto because of his hatred with the humans at the time, Ariel became a human by the evil sea witch Ursula, provided that she gave up her voice. But she got it back, only to be Ursula's prisoner along with Triton. She was later saved by Eric by killing Ursula, saving both the oceans and the surface world. Years later, she got married to Eric and gave birth to her daughter, Melody, who cemented the co-existence between the humans and the merfolk.

Appearance, Gear and Personality: Her usual appearance is the same, especially her red hair and her starlight blue eyes. As a human, when she is not fighting, she wears her blue dress, minus her bow ribbon on the back of her head. When she's in battle, she wears a purple jumpsuit with silver medal bracelets on her wrists. But when she's a mermaid, she is shown with her purple seashell bikini top and her green mermaid tail. She uses it whether it's for undersea rescues or like to swim in the ocean for fun and/or for some alone time. Her weapons of choice are seashell-shaped shurikens, her knowledge of martial arts, learned from Rayjin, including Shotokan-style Karate, and thanks to Rayjin, not only her voice can heal, but could also destroy, just like Black Canary. Later in the story, she wields her father's magic trident. At first, she was reluctant to use it, fearing that she will destroy just like her father, but eventually, she will use it when the time was right. She also has the ability to change from human to mermaid and vice versa. Ariel is mostly cheerful and kind. As a teen, she was headstrong, and naive, which gets her into trouble, especially with both her father and Sebastian. Now an adult, Ariel is not as headstrong as she used to be. Even though she is mature, cheerful and kind, of all the characters, Ariel is the most disoriented in this new dark world (more on that in a moment). Although she feels alone, her friends will always watch over her, including Mulan, Tron and later her daughter Melody. Despite this, Ariel is one of most kind, caring characters in the Disney universe, no matter what some nay sayer say about her past and her personality in a rather cruel matter. Ariel is special in many ways, and no one in this world will tell her otherwise.

Sidestory: After being thawed out by Rayjin, Ariel was like a fish out of water, literally. Rayjin explained to her what happen to her home and her family. Ariel didn't believe him at first. But when she went to not just Atlantica, but also Prince Eric's castle at Copenhagen, they were both in ruins, destroyed by the forces of Igor the Terrible. Ariel was distraught after realizing her friends and family were no more. So much she wanted to return to the ocean and live there alone. But, thanks to a little convincing by not just Rayjin and especially Tron, she decided to stay with them and help them fight this evil threat. And no sooner than later, Morgana, the sister of Ursula, returns for revenge by attacking the other Disney heroes. And when Morgana went after Ariel, her new powers kicked in, and her mermaid shriek send Morgana back into the northern part of the world, defeated, not destroyed. Under Rayjin's guidance, Ariel learned to control her new powers and learn martial arts from him, just to be one with mind and body and voice. Even though she is a part of a new family, she misses her old family and fears that she will never see them again...or does she?

That's it with this character profile. See you real soon for the next one. Stay Gold and Godspeed.

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