Friday, February 22, 2013

Ultimate Boss: Disney Movie Network

Welcome to another instalment of 'Ultimate Boss'. A segment that basically informs the viewers about how I would do things if I was the boss of,well....anything.

Today,I'll be focusing on The Disney Movie Network,the very thing I'd replace that unneeded and god aweful Disney Jr with. The Network itself will be mostly made of Specialized Blocks containing a certain theme. Here are the blocks:

Babyboomer Theater: This block contains movies from the 60's and 70' well as the late 50's.

Kiddie Universe: A small block containing pre-school movies.

Better With Princesses: A Block containing movies about Disney's princesses.

Totally Disney: A block that shows Disney Movies from the 80's and 90's.

The Action Pack: A block that shows Action movies.

D2K: A block that shows the GOOD 2k Disney movies.

Pixar Place: A block that shows Pixar Movies. 

Marvel Madness: A Block that shows the various Marvel movies.

Special D: A Block containing the various Disney Specials.

Anime Injection: A block containing Anime Movies that are PG-13 and under. (hey,despite the new attitude,this is still disney)

Comedy Tonight: A block containing Comedy movies. PG-13 and under only.
Not bad,huh? Time for the line up..
Heres what would air on Weekdays.

12:00 am - Babyboomer Theater 
12:30 am - Off Air 
1:00 am -  Off Air
1:30 am -  Off Air
2:00 am -  Off Air
2:30 am -  Off Air
3:00 am - Paid Programming
3:30 am - Paid Programming
4:00 am - Paid Programming
4:30 am - Paid Programming
5:00 am -  Babyboomer Theater
5:30 am -  Babyboomer Theater
6:00 am -  Babyboomer Theater
6:30 am -  Babyboomer Theater
7:00 am - Babyboomer Theater
7:30 am - Babyboomer Theater
8:00 am - Kiddie Universe 
8:30 am - Kiddie Universe
9:00 am - Kiddie Universe
9:30 am - Kiddie Universe
10:00 am - Kiddie Universe 
10:30 am - Kiddie Universe
11:00 am -  D2K
11:30 am - D2K
12:00 pm - D2K
12:30 pm - D2K  
1:00 pm -  D2K
1:30 pm - D2K
2:00 pm - D2K
2:30 pm - D2K
3:00 pm - Better With Princesses
3:30 pm - Better With Princesses
4:00 pm - Better With Princesses
4:30 pm - Better With Princesses
5:00 pm -  Better With Princesses  
5:30 pm -  Better With Princesses
6:00 pm - Better With Princesses
6:30 pm - Better With Princesses
7:00 pm - Totally Disney:
7:30 pm - Totally Disney 
8:00 pm - Totally Disney 
8:30 pm - Totally Disney
9:00 pm - Totally Disney
9:30 pm - Totally Disney
10:00 pm - Totally Disney   
10:30 pm - Totally Disney
11:00 pm - Babyboomer Theater  
11:30 pm - Babyboomer Theater 

And Now,here's what I plan to air on Saturdays:

12:00 am - Babyboomer Theater
12:30 am - Off Air
1:00 am - Off Air
1:30 am - Off Air
2:00 am - Off Air
2:30 am - Off Air
3:00 am - Off Air
3:30 am - Off Air
4:00 am - Paid Programming
4:30 am - Paid Programming
5:00 am - Paid Programming
5:30 am - Paid Programming
6:00 am - Paid Programming
6:30 am - Paid Programming
7:00 am - Paid Programming
7:30 am - Paid Programming
8:00 am - Better With Princesses (re-airing of thursday's 1st movie)
8:30 am - Better With Princesses 
9:00 am - Better With Princesses 
9:30 am - Better With Princesses
10:00 am - Better With Princesses (re-airing of thursday's 2nd movie)
10:30 am - Better With Princesses
11:00 am - Better With Princesses
11:30 am - Better With Princesses
12:00 pm - Pixar Place
12:30 pm - Pixar Place
1:00 pm - Pixar Place
1:30 pm - Pixar Place
2:00 pm - Pixar Place
2:30 pm - Pixar Place
3:00 pm - Pixar Place
3:30 pm - Pixar Place
4:00 pm - Special D   
4:30 pm - Special D
5:00 pm - Special D 
5:30 pm - Special D
6:00 pm - Marvel Madness
6:30 pm - Marvel Madness
7:00 pm - Marvel Madness
7:30 pm - Marvel Madness
8:00 pm - Marvel Madness
8:30 pm - Marvel Madness
9:00 pm - Marvel Madness
9:30 pm - Marvel Madness
10:00 pm - Anime Injection
10:30 pm - Anime Injection
11:00 pm - Anime Injection
11:30 pm - Anime Injection

And Now,here's what I plan to air on Sundays:

12:00 am - Anime Injection
12:30 am - Anime Injection
1:00 am - Anime Injection
1:30 am - Anime Injection
2:00 am - Off Air
2:30 am - Off Air
3:00 am - Off Air
3:30 am - Off Air
4:00 am - Off Air
4:30 am - Off Air
5:00 am - Paid Programming
5:30 am - Paid Programming
6:00 am - Paid Programming
6:30 am - Paid Programming
7:00 am - Paid Programming
7:30 am - Paid Programming
8:00 am - Better With Princesses (re-airing of friday's 1st movie)
8:30 am - Better With Princesses 
9:00 am - Better With Princesses 
9:30 am - Better With Princesses 
10:00 am - Better With Princesses (re-airing of friday's 2nd movie)
10:30 am - Better With Princesses 
11:00 am - Better With Princesses 
11:30 am - Better With Princesses 
12:00 pm - Pixar Place (re-airing of saturday's 2nd movie)
12:30 pm - Pixar Place 
1:00 pm - Pixar Place
1:30 pm - Pixar Place
2:00 pm - Pixar Place (re-airing of saturday's 1st movie)
2:30 pm - Pixar Place
3:00 pm - Pixar Place
3:30 pm - Pixar Place
4:00 pm - Special D (re-airing of saturdays special)
4:30 pm - Special D
5:00 pm - Special D
5:30 pm - Special D
6:00 pm - Action Pack
6:30 pm - Action Pack
7:00 pm - Action Pack
7:30 pm -  Action Pack
8:00 pm - Action Pack   
8:30 pm - Action Pack
9:00 pm - Action Pack
9:30 pm - Action Pack
10:00 pm - Comedy Tonight 
10:30 pm - Comedy Tonight
11:00 pm - Comedy Tonight
11:30 pm - Comedy Tonight

It's not perfect,but it's a start.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Disney Destiny League Character Ideas - Hercules

This is the story of a time long ago, a time of myth and legend. When the ancient gods were petty and cruel and they plague mankind with suffering. Only one man dared to challenge their power....which is the subject of our next character, the superstrong demi-god, the mighty Hercules.

Background: The following story is based on the Disney version, so I will not go into details into the original greek myth of Hercules, including his original name, Heracles. The son of Zeus and Hera, the rulers of Mt. Olympus, Hercules was taken away by the minions of Hades, the lord of the underworld. They tried to take his godly essence from him, but he was saved by a human family. Now mostly human, Hercules was trying to be normal, but his god-like strength caused more harm than good in the beginning. But it was not until his earth parents told him the truth about his heritage. With this motivation, Herc goes to embrace his destiny. With guidance from his father, Zeus, Herc was trained by Philoctetes or Phil for short, in order to harness his strength and become a true hero. Down the road, Herc learned one important lesson, being a hero is not just from strength alone, the true strength of being a hero is straight from the heart.

Appearance, Gear & Personality: When he was thawed out, he wore his armored tunic, his cape and sandals. But when he adjusted to this new world, he now wears a yellow, sleaveless vest, dark brown pants, light brown boots and black gauntlets with metal decals attach to them, rememnicant to the same outfit worn by Kevin Sorbo, the star of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. Although he uses modern weapons like a sword and a bow and arrow, Herc's true weapon is his god-like strength, along with years of training from Phil. His mode of transportation is his winged horse companion, Pegasus, who was saved by both Rayjin and Zeus. Even though he is a hero, Herc could act a bit zealous, arrogant, and over confident sometimes. But deep down, he is kind, caring, and downright selfless and won't hesitate to help those in need.

Sidestory: After awaken by Rayjin, Hercules felt disoriented about what has happened. But Rayjin explained to him what has happened to Greece and Mt. Olympus. Hades, with the aid of Igor, left Greece in ruins and seized control of Mt. Olympus and manipulated the Gods, including Hera. The only one who resisted Hades and Igor was Zeus, but he disappeared when Olympus has fallen. To make matters worse, Herc's friends, including Phil and Megara, have passed away because of Hades and Igor. Distraught for what he has heard, Hercules walk away to clear his mind about the situation. During his journey to find himself once more, he meets a young boy, who is a big fan of Greek mythology. While at the same time, he also meets that boy's older sister, who has an uncanny resemblance to Megara. He talked about how he became a hero and how Mt. Olympus fell after his disappearance and how he felt responsible for it. The young woman told him it wasn't his fault. She told her that she and her little brother lost their parents when Igor's forces ravaged the entire world and how she is raising him herself and the little boy idolize Hercules and wanted to be a hero like him. Herc's doubts turned into optimisium after hearing about that young boy's interest in Greek heroes. But, just as he finally found himself, Greece ended up under attack by Hades. Hercules engaged him in battle but because of his self-doubts at the time, Herc's fighting spirit was low. Luckly, Aladdin and Mulan came to his aid. At first they didn't get along that good because of their differences, except for Mulan, who is the voice of reason because she knows who is the true enemy they face. But, they put their differences aside and fought against Hades. However, Aladdin and Mulan were laid waste, but not dead, leaving Herc to fend for himself. Hades continues to taunt him mercifully until his memories of his past and into his meeting with the young boy and his older sister, causing his strength and fighting spirit to return and he single-handedly fought and defeated Hades, causing the lord of the Underworld to retreat back to Olympus. Afterwards, Herc consules Aladdin and Mulan for injures. And suddenly, he encountered a mysterious cloaked figure, only to be revealed to be his father, Zeus. Somehow, Igor removed most of his god-like powers but escaped barely. Zeus watched over his son, from his rebirth to hearing Herc telling stories to his new friends he met and he vowed to continue to watch over him and try to take back Olympus from the inside. Herc asked his father about his other friends, including Megara. But Zeus, sadly told him that they are all gone. However, their spirits will always watch over him, especially Megara, who bid "Wonderboy" as Meg use to call him a fond farewell. Hercules returned to Rayjin, ensuring that he is ready to help him fight Igor, but he will have to face Hades again very soon. Herc's journey to regain his hero's heart was complete. But, to make sure that his quest was complete, Rayjin suprised Herc with his winged horse, Pegasus. During the fall of Olympus, Rayjin not only saved Zeus, but also saved Pegasus, too. Although he is ready to fight Igor, Herc vowed to return one day to see his new friends, who helped him restore his hero's heart.

Extra Info: The little boy and his big sister, who resembled Megara, their names are Iolaus and Deianeira. That's right, these characters are named after the characters from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. One more thing, did you know that Hercules and Ariel are related? I'm not joking, there are some people who believed that both Herc and Ariel are related and here is some connections to it. We all know that Triton is Ariel's father, right? But we also know that Triton is the son of Poseidon, which in turn is connected to Zeus and the other greek gods. Coincidence? I think not. For this info about Herc's and Ariel's greek origins, I like to thank real life Disney Princess, Traci Hines, for giving us such fascinating info.

Well, another character bio done, and a bit longer than the last two. Until next time folks.

(Theme of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys plays)

*Fade Out