Monday, March 4, 2013

The ACF Presents: Disneys Biggest Screw-Ups

This is something I wanted to do for a long while,and now I'm finally getting around to it. Ladies and Gentleman,Boys and Girls,The American Cartoon Federation is Proud to present Disney's biggest Screw-Ups!

Though out the mit to late 2k years the Walt Disney Corperation had made a mockery of out intellegence and integrity..a thing that they still do today. So I will be listing their most infamous and biggest screw-ups.

ABC Family's Original Shows: I'm gonna get this out of the way first. ABC Family's original Programming is chock full or Radical Feministic ideals ....and it's Sickening. Every Single Damn Show is Dominated by this ideology. Another thing noteworthy of these shows is that they are almost All About Women and Girls. This Is ABC Family,Ditzney,Not Lifetime or WE!! Now I don't mind female centered shows,but Not this kind of hyper-feministic trash. They Suck Shit! The only redeeming quality of this network is that they air retro sitcoms and movies that I like. Overall,ABC Family is Not a network to watch for it's original programming.

Reducing New Eps of Phineas and Ferb from a halfhour to less than 15 minutes: Now we get into the Disney Nightmare. I've talked about this before and I'm gonna mention it once again. In a shitheaded move,Iger's Disney Channel lackies cut Phineas and Ferb from a half-hour show to 15 minutes. And they pair it with the putrid Fishhooks. In recent months I finally realised WHY they're doing this....It's to make more room for their retarded sitcoms. *facedesk* You truely suck Disney,I swear to Satan and his dark Angels,you are PATHETIC!! P&F is the better show,Te fans know this,but you retarded babies can't (or won't) seem to grasp that. It's ALWAYS anout those damn teen sitcoms (more like shitcoms) to you,isn't it? *sighs* And This is only a Minor screw-up compared to the rest I'm gonna talk about. 

Disney Jr. Network: This Network was Waste of Time,Money,and Effort. Seriously,These losers are making the same mistake Viacom did (though,the Big V relized it and now airs adult parenting shows at night on nick jr.). They even ripped off Nick Jr.'s name. And Vilecom doesn't sue,Why?!! Disney,I'm gonna tell you what I told Viacom years ago,whilst addressing Nick jr.. No MommaScrewing Kiddie Watches TV All Of The Time..Especially At Night and Early In The Morning!!!!!!! This Network Should've been a Movie Network..Period. We did Not need another 24/7 Pre-school network.

Disney XD: This network is an extention of the Disney Channel..Even though it was advertised as something different..something great. Disney fans were Scammed in more ways than one. Y'see,Disney XD was gonna be for Boys 9-13. Well. Not really. This Network airs commercials for not only Girls toys(like dolls),but lame Stuffed Animals. Plus there's also their live action shows. Which are really stupid (even for the demographic) Though Lab Rats and Kickin' it are decent and Pair of Kings has gotten a bit better (not by much). Fishhooks and Slugterra,2 Canadian abominations,also Suck shit. In fact,other than those 2 craptoons,Disney XD's animated stuff is it's highest rated. But then again,Disney IS run by Retarded Babies,so of course this statistic is gonna keep being ignored. Bottom Line,Disney XD Should've stayed an All Animation Network.  

Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney XD: A Teeny-Bopper sitcom on a Network meant to represent something totally different? More Proof that Disney is Run by Retarded Babies. And to make matters worse it's on in mini marathons and oftentimes gets bigger marathons. And don't get me started on that shitty and lame movie. Anyway,Moving along.

Disney Channel Sitcoms: Thise sitcoms are really stupid,not to mention over-publicized and way over-promoted. Seriously,there is nothing great about these lame sitcoms. In fact a lot of them are stupid concepts. and to make matters worse,the shit keeps on piling up and it seems never ending. Plus,almost every sitcom seems to be girly-girl centered. ABC Family much. Disney Network executives,Reatarded infants the whole bunch of them. The only good shows this network has are Phineas and Ferb and Gravity Falls. Other than these Gems among the manure,don't bother with this network.

Animation Underappreciation: Now we are getting down to the nitty-gritty. To Bob Iger's Disney,Animation is just another way to make a quick buck. And that's just sickens me. In fact,they don't even promote them that well. Which is ironic,because ALL of Disney's animated show (fishhooks aside of course) are the Best things they have on TV right now. Sadly,Disney isn't the only one who thinks so lowly of asmerican Animation. Stuart Snyder doesn't think much of it either. *sighs* That's one of the Reasons this site exists,to Promote American Animation to it's fullest. American Cartoons 4 Ever!

The Zack and Cody Fetish: And now one of the biggest things that pisses me off about Iger's Disney...Their super hard Zack and Cody Fetish!  Seriously,just look at Disney XD's line up.Zack and Cody is their most dominant show. And if that's not enough Z&C for ya,Disney XD would often run big marathons of it. I am shocked that Disney XD wasn't renamed Disney ZC (zc = zack and cody) with all of this Zack and Cody fetishism going on on that network. But I guess it sort of fitting,after asll,only a Retarded baby would love the Zack and Cody shows,and Disney Is run by Retarded babies. BTW,Zack and Cody are among Disney XD's lowest rated shows. And Yes,I concider both Suite Life and Suite Life on Deck to be one single series. Up Yours Disney.

Hannah Montana Mania: Ah,now we go into Disney's Biggest screw up. Hannah Montana. Oy Vey,This Is by far the absolue WORST thing to happen to Disney.  Hannah Montana Mania is what started "The Disney Nightmare". Yes I went there,because it's 1 googleplex percent True. The show and it's related events were promoted way too much and treated it like they were something awesome. Sadly may bought into this,mostly young girls. Miley Cyrus Sucks. She can't sing,She can't act,and she's a terrible role model. Don't get me started on the idiotic and disgusting things she's done (both during and after the franchises run).  Bottom line,Hannah Montana Mania was a Nightmare that shoud have never happened in the first place. And sadly,the Nightmare continues today,in other (though lesser) forms.

And to think,this entire Nightmare could've been Avoided if Bob Iger and his minions hadn't been put into power. Also,keep in mind that I was in a good mood when I wrote all of this,so it looked like I kinda took it easy on them. That wasn't intentional,I swear.

Anyway,that's gonna do it for now. Stay Gold.

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DragonRanger1 said...

You forgot the part that they cancelled the 3D re-release of The Little Mermaid.