Monday, April 1, 2013

Cartoons will be gone, FOREVER!!

The American Cartoon Federation is nothing but a futile attempt to bring animation back to the limelight, especially on regular TV. I am glad the cartoon blocks are gone.  With no competition, Vortexx will gone no time flat and Saturday Mornings will be no more.  Another thing I am glad is editing Justice League Unlimited.  I am tired of all the violence in that show, especially from that awful Green Arrow character and all his boxing glove arrows.  I'm glad they edited it out along with changing gunfire to laser fire for sound.

Another thing I should mention, I hate girly shows and movies, especially Sailor Moon, My Little Pony and The Little Mermaid.  Let's start with Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon is no hero, she is a phony.  She can't fight her own battles and she always get her butt handed to her by the Dark Kingdom.  Virtue of Courage, my exaust port.  She is as weak as all the senshi combined.

The Ponies from My Little Pony, they are nothing but funny duddies who are crazy and stupid.  "Friendship is Magic," what a joke?  It is nothing but a excuse to make friends, which will fail at the end.

Speaking of which, The Little Mermaid is a failure on to itself and here's why.  For starters, it is nothing like the original Hans Christian Andersen story and its too family friendly for my taste.  The songs are nothing but failed attempts for making dreams come true.  And finally, the characters.  Ariel is not an nurturing earth mother, she is the most selfish, uncaring, cruel mermaid in the history of animation.  She forsakes her friends for her own heart's desire and she doesn't care what happens to them.  Ariel isn't the only character I despise.  The other characters are as worse as they are.  Flounder is a coward, Sebastian is a loud mouth, trying to rip off John Witherspoon, Scuttle can't tell a Dinglehopper to a fork and vice versa, Prince Eric is as shallow as the other Disney princes, Ursula can't hold a candle to Maleficent and of course, King Triton, although a powerful Sea King, is an abusive parent!  I'm glad Disney and Bob Iger cancelled the 3D re-release of that movie.  They know it would make a lot of money but ripping off children and those young at heart is what they do best.

Don't give me that crud about "Those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it."  Same goes for the phrase, "The only thing nessecary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."  Doing nothing for animation is the best thing I will ever do.  Writing fan letters or doing petitions won't work.  No matter how noble your cause is, it will fail at the end.  Thanks to Viacom and the companies they helped see the light, I have seen the light, too.  Animation, in any form, will never return to its glory years as long as they are in charge.  Bottom line, I use to think that fighting for animation was a good cause.  But now, I don't see it that way.  Let the companies ruin us, let YouTube declare Fair Use to be illegal.  Just like Night Mare Moon vowing to put all Equestia into eternal darkness, animation will be like the dinosaurs, EXTINCT!! 


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