Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Game Rant

Why Retro Gaming is Superior To Modern Gaming

1 - Extreme Cursing Was Kept To A Minimum..Infact,All Cursing Was Kept To A Minimum (most of the time..anyway).

2 - They Were More Diverse,Meaning(for the most part)They Appealed To Everyone,Unlike a Majority of Todays Games.

3 - The Heroes and Icons Were Cool and Not Retards or Twisted SOB's. Infact,Most VG Characters Of Yesteryear had class and were admirable.

4 - Strong Sexual Content Was(for the most part)Absent.

5 - Little to No Voice Acting Outside of Cutscenes. It's Way Fun To Do The Voices Yourself.

6 - No Hollywood Influence. Most games today are Influenced by Hollywood's Garbage...as proven in the Dialogue and Overall Writing. Video Games should be Games and Not Hollywood Movies.

7 - No Cutscene Domination. Most Games Today are dominated by long cutscenes. I know it's to advance the story,but still.
Note: Also Most(not all though)M-Rated Games back in the 90's didn't use extreme cursing at all. And they were only Rated Mature because of the Violence,Blood,Gore,andGraphic Scenes.
And the ones that did,used those words sparingly..unlike today.

Note: Another thing wrong with Games today is that there are too many Cutscenes. I know a game's gotta have a story,but Game Companies over do it with Cutscenes. They are oftentimes long too. Gamers don't play Games for the CutScenes. If they wanna watch Movies,they'll watch DVDs.

Note: Though I'm a hardline Retro Gamer,I acknowlage that not all Retro Games were good (but the majority of them are/were.). And Just because a Modern game has a 2D-esque look to it,doesn't mean it has the heart and soul of a Retro Game.

The big exception is the GBA,since the system has the heart and soul(and feel) of a true retro system.

Even though You may not agree with these,Fact of the matter is that Most,if not All,of these reasons are Totally Valid.

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