Tuesday, April 16, 2013


For Weeks you've heard me talk about Neo-Capitalism and kept asking me what that is.

What Neo-Capitalism is is the art of Lying,Cheating,Brainwashing,and Strong Greed in Business (all kinds). Irresponsibility and Selfishness are also part of Neo-Capitalism. Neo-Capitalists are Both Power and Money Starved and They'll do Anything to satisfy their craving...and I do mean Anything. They don't give a shit Who they hurt,kill,or corrupt as long as they get what they want. They also have a huge Egos.

They're Thugs...Egotistical Greedy Thugs with no sense of decency. They have Very Vile Values and should be rightfully treated as Scum of the Earth. Why we allow such Things to run our businesses (especially our media orgs) is beyond me. Then again,our culture has become so corrupt that we actually Like having these Putrid Monsters running things.

Of course,America isn't the Only place with a Neo-Capitalist Infestation,although we caused the infestation and have the most severe case. Almost Every damn country in the world has this problem...Including Japan.

Neo-Capitalism just Pisses me off. Now,I consider myself a Retro Capitalist,someone who puts integrity and honesty in front of Money making. And Unlike Them,We Retro Capitalists don't crave power and don't want much of it. We also don't act like thugs. We look out for the best interest of the people and are not selfish nor egotistical.

Sadly,We Retro Capitalists are a dying breed and almost all Mainstream Businesses (especially the entertainment industry) are run by Neo-Capitalists.

For those not in the know,Neo means New,and at times,Modern. And Capitalism is a word that describes buisness,mainly the corperate system. So in conclusion,Modern Day Capitalists are the Evil ones,while the Old School Capitalists are the Good Guys.

Stay Gold!

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