Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Cartoon Chronicles: Cartoon Network:

Before it's total ruination in the 2006,Cartoon Network was a network that I cherished watching. My Story with the Pre-snyder CN began in 1996,It was summer and I remember there was nothing to watch,so I tuned into Cartoon Network. and I liked what I saw. It wouldn't take long for this gem (now shit) of a network to become my absolute favorite. 

Now before that time i was an advid Nickelodeon and Disney Channel watcher (mostly nick),but Nick moved into the number 2 slot and I almost completely forgotten about the Disney Channel. Cartoon Network was great back in the day. It was all cartoons all of the time,sure it had some lame stuff,but every network airs lame stuff. And thankfully the lame was overpowered by the cool.

Anyway back to my story,some of the shows that I remember watching during the Summer of '96 were: The Challenge of the Superfriends,Yogi Bear,Alvin and the Chipmunks,and the What-A-Cartoon! Show. I also watched Captain Planet and the Planeteers (go planet!),The Centurions (power extreme!),and Thundarr. I also enjoyed watching Looney Tunes. Sometime later (in 1997),I began watching Cartoon Networks 3 original series,Dexters Lab,Johnny Bravo,and Cow and Chicken. I also began watching Space Ghost Coast to Coast and Cartoon Planet.

I had such a great time watching Cartoon Network. However,the best was yet to come. In the summer of 97,I got into Toonami,the greatest block on Cartoon Network. As well as Cartoon Cartoon fridays. I was hooked on those blocks until their crapification in the 2k years. It was because of Toonami,that I became a fan of Anime and the art style. I watched that block religiously ever since i started watching it. I still remember the initial line-up.  Thundrcats,Voltron,and the Real Adventures of Johnny Quest. Thundercats and Voltron I tapped (along with sailor moon,when it was on the USA network. but that's a story for another time).

I wasn't a 'Real Adventures of Johnny Quest' fan until 1998. That's why I didn't tape it. Moltar was the host of Toonami during that time and I soon became a fan of his. Another thing I recall from the 'Moltar' Years of Toonami were the DC superhero shorts from the 50's,60's,and early 70's. And when Sailor Moon began airing on Toonami,I was thrilled. I even taped a few eps.

Cartoon Cartoon Fridays also gave me plesent memories. I explained that in my last edition of Cartoon Chronicles,so I'm not going to talk about it here.

Another great thing about CN,were The bumpers and station ID's,they were were very fun to watch. as were the promos. I also watched Adult Swim the first 3 years it was on (before it became a toxic pool). I mostly watched it for the Anime. I even taped some.

In 2005,Cartoon Network fell out of favor with me,though I still watched it from time to time. I mostly watched Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. CN went from being my #1 Network to being my #3. I began disliking it in '06 and ignored it all together in '07. Today I hate CN and what it's become.

I will always have fond memories of what Cartoon Network once was. It was dear to me,but perverted executive meddeling turned me against it.

This has been another edition of The Cartoon Chronicles. 

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