Friday, May 31, 2013

Shego and Lee

Here is Shego in her new Mission outfit in The Shego series. Also,
Here is her Cousin Lee in his Go outfit. Sorry if it looks sloppy (had to do the edits myself, gaia doesn't have duo color outfits), but you get the idea of what its supposed to look like.

Shego Season 3 coming soon

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cartoon Themes - Kim Possible

Back before Iger's minions trashed the Disney networks,there was this gem of a show.

Kim Possible

This show has a special place in my heart. Believe it or not KP is still popular today. So,Please Ditzney,Make a Shego Spin-off/sequel series. would make sence,since Shego is most popular.

More Cartoon themes ahead. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Shego Season 2.5

Because Saeson 2 wasn't Shego centric enough. We are proud to bring you Shego Season 2,5.

21(41) -  The Assasain: While Barkin is out with the Japanese Flu,Shego is chosen by the Super Intendent to be the substitute Vice Principal. Lee thinks that he's got it made (since his cousin is the vice principal now),but is He in for a rude awakening. Meanwhile,One of Shego's old Victims (when she was still a heel) hires a Ninja Assasain to kill Shego.  Shego eventually meets with the ninja and fights him. She then beats him.

22 (42) -  Go Family Go: Shego is annoyed when her Parents drop by for a visit. Shego's Mom (sherrie)is Caucasian and her Dad (yuusuke)is Japanese with Chinese heritage. And if that wasn't enough,her Brothers also stop by. In Go City,while the Go Bros are away,the Villians will play. 4 of Team Go's Greatest Villians (Aviarious,The Mather,Electronique,and Kleo Petra) have broken out of jail and have joined forces to terrorize Go City. Shego and her Brothers Return to Go City to stop them (after finding out via news cast)..while Lee keeps his Aunt and Uncle entertained.  In this episode the Go Brothers names are revealed. Henry (hego),Melvin or Mel (mego),Wesley or Wes (for Wego Twin 1),and Wendal (wego twin 2). Shego's full name is also reveald as Sheila Sheena Go (she hates her middle name). Lee's father's name is revealed to be Keiji Go. 

23 (43) -  Mystery of the Guardians: Curious about what the Elder Guardian's perpose is,Lee goes to Rayjin for answers. Rayjin reveals that the Elders true job is to make sure no one rips open the time/space faberic and enter this univverse..this includes beings from the chaosverse. He also tells lee that they openly admited that they alowed kai-knokk to escape so that he can be destroyed by a powerful mortal that didn't yet exist in days past. He also tells him the History of both the Elder Guardians and the Planetary Guardianship in general. Meanwhile,the Elder Guardians are working on plans for their next big tournament. They all agree that Guardianship will be off the table for winner requests. They even concider Inviting Shego back. Elder Leader Eisneroth visits Shego at her home to personally invite her to the Elder's next Tournament.  Shego refuses at first,but is convinced by the Elder to participate.

24 (44) - Disney World War Part 1: Shego,Lee and Drakken go to Disney World for their annual vacation. The Trio enjoy themselves and go almost everywhere. Shego even stops some muggers. Meanwhile,unknown to the heroes,an evil group is making plans to capture Disney World and make it their base of Operations. They are The Malice Kingdom. Comprised of: Lord Eigor (the leader of the villains and overlord of the malice kingdom. He wants Earth and will do everything in his power to get it),Lady Virus (evil knight of eigor.has terrible,yet paralizing singing voice),Zerk and Erody (twin jestures of the royal court. they are just as evil as lady virus. they love playing deadly pranks on people. they also enjoy annoying the hell out of everyone.),Mystica Alyxia (the wizard of the court. uses dark magic.),and Putrid Fish (a sea polluter with a canadian accent.he looks like a really ugly fish). Not to mention the countless Grunts and Footsoldiers. When the Villians Strike,Shego and Lee spring into action. The Go's get beated,and Drakken taken hostage. They are saved by Members of the Destiny League. Those Members are "M" ,Aladdin, Mulan ,Hercules , Ariel, Miss Bell aka Tinkerbell ,Stitch ,and Goliath. The Heroes beat back the badguys.

25 (45) - Disney World War Part 2: Beaten,Igor and co. head to Disney Land to take that over,but this time sending Grunts all overr the World to keep the Heroes pre-occupied. Rayjin sends each hero to a part of the globe to defeat the Grunts. He sends Shego to Disney Land to stop Igor. Long story Short,The Destiny League,Drakken,and Lee manage to Beat the bad guys and send them back to where they belong. Shego defeats Igor and his Royal Court..but just barely. Igor escapes,but warns that this is far from the last time the Earth will experience the Malace Kingdom. The 2 teams thank eachother and part ways. Shego and Co. go back to Disney World to enjoy the rest of their vacation.

Note: The Disney World War 2 Parter is Non-Canon!

26 (46) - Memories of Shego. Shego reminises about Past Events. A Clip Show Recapping what's happened so far.

Well that's it for Season 2.5.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Buddy Boy Buddy Boy

I have decided to take a break from my War with Iger to bring you an interesting peice of American Animation history.

Before there was Captain N and The N-Team,there was the Adventures of Buddy Boy.

Buddy Boy was a Captain N concept created by former DiC employee,Fil Barlow. Nintendo approached DiC back in 1989 to do an animated show based on any of their games. Executive Producer Richard Raynis picked "Paper Boy" and Barlow helped him develop ideas and characters from there.

Fil Barlow worked closely with Executive Producer Richard Raynis in the early development of the show. However,due to legal issues,Nintendo didn't want to use the "Paper Boy" game title,so Richard Raynis changed the name to Buddy Boy.

Richard and Fil were working with the idea that Buddy was still a paperboy and would crossover with Game World characters.

Fil Barlow did some pitch art that Richard Raynis took into the meeting to try and sell Buddy to Nintendo. According to Barlow himself,had he been the lead character designer on Captain Nintendo the whole show would have been in this rounder style. Unfortunately,for him,he was back in Australia when the show was green lit,and other artists took the helm.

Barlow was laid off from DiC by management as part of the yearly seasonal layoffs (he was the last artist left and had only been retained to work on the pitch art). Though not directly involved,some of Barlow's character designs for Buddy Boy were reused by other artists.

Besides Buddy the Paper Boy,there were a bunch of other Video Game characters that woud've made appearences. Characters like King Hippo,Eggplant Wizard,Donkey Kong,Donkey Kong Jr.Dr.Wily,Mega Man,Pit "Kid" Icarus,and The Grim Reaper.

I'll talk more about the characters later. Right now,let's talk a bit about the story.

Buddy was a Paper Boy living in an American City,who loves playing Video Games. Buddy lives with his Parents and has Dog. One night,Buddy is recruited by Pit to help him and his allies in the Game World. Buddy is reluctant at first but agrees to help. The Warp to the Game World is soon established within Buddy's Closet.

One enemy,Buddy and his Game friends face is The Grim Reaper,who would try to "Game Over" Buddy by kicking him out of the Game World,back into the Real World. Barlow stated that he's always liked The Grim Reaper.

Storywise,that's all we know of this concept series. Moving along to the Characters.

Buddy was based on the protagonist of Paper Boy (makes sence,concidering that this show was initially gonna be a paperboy cartoon). He appeared in the Captain N episode "Invasion of the Paper Peddlers" as a Hispanic boy named Julio.

The Grim Reaper was a protagonist. He looks like he did in the games. Her never appeared in Captain N.

Pit Icarus was the 1st VG Hero that Buddy Meets. He looks like he did in Captain N. 

Mega Man is one of Buddy's Game allies. He looks like he did in Captain N. However,his head is more round. Another thing worth noting is that in this Concept show,Mega Man has a family. He has a Megamom, Megadad, Megabird (would've been a bastardisation of beat,had this been 1992) and even Megacat (would've been a bitchification of Tango had this been 1994). Megaman acted like an average boy,then a fighter. Imagine the Mega Man fanrage if THIS version of Mega Man/with his family was Greenlit. Not a pretty sight.

Dr.Wily was an Antagonist who created evil robots. He was to look like his Captain N counterpart.

Donkey Kong was an antagonist. He looks like he did in Captain N. However,he was gonna be 7 Feet tall. In Captain N,he was way bigger.

Donkey Kong Jr. did not appear in Captain N,though he was gonna appear in Buddy Boy. He looks like he did in the games. His role in Buddy Boy is unknown.

Eggplant Wizard and King Hippo were antagonists. Both look like their Captain N counterparts. Though King Hippo was light yellow instead of light blue.

That's all for the characters. I'm sure more were planned,but this is all I know. It's also worth noting that,In Buddy Boy,the many game enemies were to look like their game counterparts.

Interesting huh? It's always cool to find and talk about Cartoon Concepts. Anyway,before I sign off, Here an interesting fact fot ya.

Before he was layed off,Fil Barlow created Bayou Billy.He originally designed Billy to look similar to his game counterpart. But after Barlow got canned,Bayou Billy was turned into a Crocodile Dundee-esque character by one of the character artists. Barlow Hated the design. and still hates it to this day. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

True Facts About Bob Iger And His Cronies

Here are some True Factoids about Bob Iger,President and CEO of the Walt Disney Corperation and his retarded cronies.

- Anne Sweeney is a Man-Hating little Bitch with a Super Hard Fetish for Gilmore Girls.

- The Disney XD Executives think that Canadian cartoons are Superior to American ones. In fact,they HATE American Animation. 

- The Disney XD Executives have a Sickening Obsession for Zack and Cody. So sick,that they Actually Masterbate while watching the Show(s).

- The Disney XD Executives are 1,000% Clueless as to how to run a Network properly. (they are retarded babies after all,so it's sorta a given)

- The Person (I use that turm loosel) who thought that Disney Jr. was a great idea,is an even Bigger Retarded Baby. A Retard who has a Fetish for Preschool Shows.

- The Folks who run the Disney Channel are the very type of People who Walt and Roy refused to do buisness with. Gee,I wonder Why? (sarcasm).

- The guys who run The Disney Channel have a Hard Fetish for Teenage Girls (super pedo's).

- The Jerks who run Disney Hate traditional Animation. (Boo!!!)

- The Dipshits at Disney are pretty damn hypocritical (in more ways than one). 

- Bob Iger and his Cronies are all pathological Liers

- Bob Iger is a Biggot. It's is true. He HATES the Japanese with a Passion.

- Like with his Disney Channel Cronies,Bob Iger also has a Fetish for Teenage Girls (biggoted and perverted!!). His fetish is so strong,that He constantly Yerns to have Sex with them. (super pedo,much)

- Bob Iger Masterbates to Every teen Sitcom that's on the Disney Channel.  

- Bob Iger not only hates Traditional Animation,but he also hates All of Disney's Animated Classics (both movies and tv shows).

- Bob Iger doesn't believe in Competition.(sad,i know) 

- Bob Iger would do anything for a quick buck (and I do mean ANYTHING)

- To Bob Iger,Walt and Roy are nothing but peices of shit.

- Bob Iger hates Mickey Mouse.

- To this day,Bob Iger still gets Hard when he watches Hannah Montana (he owns them on DVD).

- Bob Iger would cheat on his Wife in a heartbeat if it was to be with a Pretty Teenage Girl.

- Bob Iger was never born a full human. He's either a Half-Demon OR a Demon in the form of a man. Infact, Bob Iger himself is the Cousin of Lucifer/Satan (that sure explains alot,doesn't it)

That's all I've got. If anyone has more facts reguarding Bob Iger and Co..Send them my way