Wednesday, May 1, 2013

True Facts About Bob Iger And His Cronies

Here are some True Factoids about Bob Iger,President and CEO of the Walt Disney Corperation and his retarded cronies.

- Anne Sweeney is a Man-Hating little Bitch with a Super Hard Fetish for Gilmore Girls.

- The Disney XD Executives think that Canadian cartoons are Superior to American ones. In fact,they HATE American Animation. 

- The Disney XD Executives have a Sickening Obsession for Zack and Cody. So sick,that they Actually Masterbate while watching the Show(s).

- The Disney XD Executives are 1,000% Clueless as to how to run a Network properly. (they are retarded babies after all,so it's sorta a given)

- The Person (I use that turm loosel) who thought that Disney Jr. was a great idea,is an even Bigger Retarded Baby. A Retard who has a Fetish for Preschool Shows.

- The Folks who run the Disney Channel are the very type of People who Walt and Roy refused to do buisness with. Gee,I wonder Why? (sarcasm).

- The guys who run The Disney Channel have a Hard Fetish for Teenage Girls (super pedo's).

- The Jerks who run Disney Hate traditional Animation. (Boo!!!)

- The Dipshits at Disney are pretty damn hypocritical (in more ways than one). 

- Bob Iger and his Cronies are all pathological Liers

- Bob Iger is a Biggot. It's is true. He HATES the Japanese with a Passion.

- Like with his Disney Channel Cronies,Bob Iger also has a Fetish for Teenage Girls (biggoted and perverted!!). His fetish is so strong,that He constantly Yerns to have Sex with them. (super pedo,much)

- Bob Iger Masterbates to Every teen Sitcom that's on the Disney Channel.  

- Bob Iger not only hates Traditional Animation,but he also hates All of Disney's Animated Classics (both movies and tv shows).

- Bob Iger doesn't believe in Competition.(sad,i know) 

- Bob Iger would do anything for a quick buck (and I do mean ANYTHING)

- To Bob Iger,Walt and Roy are nothing but peices of shit.

- Bob Iger hates Mickey Mouse.

- To this day,Bob Iger still gets Hard when he watches Hannah Montana (he owns them on DVD).

- Bob Iger would cheat on his Wife in a heartbeat if it was to be with a Pretty Teenage Girl.

- Bob Iger was never born a full human. He's either a Half-Demon OR a Demon in the form of a man. Infact, Bob Iger himself is the Cousin of Lucifer/Satan (that sure explains alot,doesn't it)

That's all I've got. If anyone has more facts reguarding Bob Iger and Co..Send them my way


KingsSideCastle said... tell them Stefan. ^_^

DragonRanger1 said...

Let's not forget one thing, making ripoffs of beach themed movies to insult the memory of the late Annette Funicello, which is the case with Teen Beach Movie this July.