Saturday, June 22, 2013

Disney Destiny League Character Ideas: Aladdin

Hi folks, Rekka Dragon here.  And since me and Stefan are bringing the fight to Disney, I figure I resume our joint ideas of the Destiny League fanfic story.  Today, our character we will talk about is everyone's favorite street rat, Aladdin.  Let us begin, shall we?

Background: A clever, street urchin from the desert kingdom of Agrabah. Aladdin spends his life, living in the streets, stealing stuff to survive while outwitting the Sultan's guards.  Then one day, he meets and falls in love with the Sultan's daughter, Princess Jasmine, who is against arranged marriages and wants a live outside the palace (that sounds familiar).  He was later used as a pawn by the Sultan's royal viser, Jafar, to find a magic lamp at the Cave of Wonders.  With the possession of the lamp, Aladdin summoned the Genie from that lamp and granted him wishes, including being a prince because he was afraid that if he told Jasmine about him, being a street rat, she would flatly reject him.  Jafar later gained possession of the lamp to seize control of Agrabah, but was thwarted by Aladdin, by making Jafar an all powerful genie and imprisoning him in his own lamp.  With his third wish, Aladdin grants Genie his freedom and admits to Jasmine that he is not really a prince. But it didn't matter to her because she loves Aladdin for who he truly is.  Later, with the help of Iago, his former lackey, Aladdin defeated Jafar, once and for all and Agrabah enjoyed relative peace.

Appearance, Gear & Personality: When thawed out, he was wearing his default outfit, a purple vest, baggy parachute pants ala M.C. Hammer and a red fez on his head and he was barefooted.  To adjust to this dark world, Aladdin wears a futuristic style of arab-style clothing, colored in silver and gray, almost straight out of Prince of Persia, wearing arab-style boots (with the curled tip in front) and a small, silver cape, very sheik, I mean chic (don't care what Edna Mode says, capes are awesome).  His weapon of choice is a standard scimitar and has the magic lamp that contains Genie, although freed from his 10,000 year imprisonment.  For his mode of transportation,  he has his magic Carpet. And above all, since he had the personality of a thief, he is very athletic, so athletic he could outwit and avoid his enemies.  Although born a thief, despite his shortcomings and not pretty good with being royalty, Aladdin is a kind, caring person who will give is life to save his friends, including his brother in arms, Hercules.

Sidestory: After being thawed out by Rayjin, Aladdin was de-briefed about what happen to Agrabah and it became a world of hatred, suffering and death.  Wondering about his friends, Aladdin went to Agrabah against Rayjin's concerns. To Al's horror, Agrabah was in ruins, now ruled by a group of Arabs who are followers of Jafar, who want to rule Agrabah with an iron fist and destroy those who don't follow their way of life.  To make matters worse, these anti-social psychopaths are lead by Nasira, the sister of Jafar, who wants revenge on Aladdin for his death.   While in hiding, Aladdin was taken in by a nice elderly man and his family, told him the horrible story about Agrabah's downfall and Nasira's rise to power.  And to make it worse, the Sultan, Jasmine, everybody close to Al has since passed on, all wiped out by Nasira.  Without Aladdin, Agrabah became a world of darkness. But, the elderly man hoped and pray that one day, Agrabah will be free from Nasira's rule and it will be free for all nationalities.  With determination and renewed strength, Aladdin vows to free Agrabah and stop Nasira.  Aladdin, scimitar at hand, singlehandedly fought against Jafar's disciples and against Nasira.  Although defeated, Nasira vowed vengeance when she retreated back to the shadows, along with her followers.  Afterwards, the spirit of Princess Jasmine appeared before Aladdin. Al apologizes to Jasmine for not being there with her when Agrabah fell.  Jasmine sympathizes with him, knowing that they can't be together anymore.  But, before vanishing, Jasmine states that she will always be there for him and kisses him goodbye.  Afterwards, Aladdin returns to Rayjin and he is ready to fight alongside him.  Rayjin knows that he can't bring back his friends, including Jasmine, but he has salvage not only Carpet, but also the magic lamp, containing Genie.  Although Al will feel alone, but as long as he has both Carpet and Genie, he will not feel alone.  As long as Jasmine is here in spirit, Aladdin will never falter.

And that is it for today. Now, if you'll excuse me, I got some campaigning to do to give justice to Disney.  Until next time, stay gold and Godspeed.

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Stefan said...

Great Entry. Though How Jafar's Sister exists in the modern age is beyond me. I smell Plot hole

KingsSideCastle said...

I think I missed most of the Disney Destiny League background while I was away last year so I was a little lost reading the sidestory. (I don't know who Rayjin is? ^_^;) Is there an earlier post explaining the Disney Destiny League storyline?

I enjoyed reading this post a lot though. Aladdin rocks and it looks like you have a great storyline going on with him.

Stefan said...

here you go,KSC. and be sure to check the Disney section for more profiles

KingsSideCastle said...

:-D Thanks...I'll check them out.