Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Enter the Rekka Dragon!!

Hi folks.  Jason here.  Doing my first blog in weeks.  Let me sum it up for you.  My other computer broke down because the starter button won't work right.  Everytime I turn it on, it just turns off and when I try it again, it just won't turn on at all.  I had to wait almost two weeks until I get a new computer, which I did.  And this one I am using is a beaut, a dream modem if I ever had one.  The load times on certain pages are faster now since my new computer has a faster processor.

Anyway, to make a long story short, sorry I've been away for some time.  The ACF won't be the same without me.  And I won't let anyone, especially my brother in arms, Stefan, down again.  Once I get my computer back into the status quo, I will get back into blogging.  Whether its the Destiny League character profiles or doing a Sailor Moon themed blog or ranting against Corporate Meddling, I will do that.

As far as my username goes, Dragonranger1 is no more. Initially, I thought the name was for a cross between a dragon and paying homage to the underrated 80s action cartoon, The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers.  But, whoever left that comment about my old username, he was right.  The name, Dragonranger was the name of the character from the Super Sentai show which was the jump start for Power Rangers, Dinosaur Squadron Zyuranger.  Just like the Phoenix who rises from the ashes and in honor of my favorite anime hero, Rekka no Ryo (Ryo of the Wildfire) from Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors), from this point on, my username will be and forever shall be known as...

Rekka Dragon Jay!!

It's time for these corporate hacks to see the light.

Until next time, stay gold and Godspeed.

*Megaman X3 Stage Complete theme plays

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Stefan said...

Awesome name and welcome back. This time,I hope you do much more