Sunday, August 25, 2013

Captain America wants YOU to fight SOPA!

Attention all users,

The internet is in danger, unless you can fight it.  If you want to take action against SOPA, go to links to the petitions in the picture's description at the address below.  That is all.

Friday, August 23, 2013

This Dragon's Got FANGS!!

Hi there, Rekka Dragon here.  You are aware that Stefan is having issues beyond my control.  Until he gets better, it is up to me to carry on where he left off.  I will do my best to post up as much blogs as I can to keep the dream of bringing balance back to all media by giving animation, especially cartoons the same rights as us common folk.  I still got my Destiny League blogs to do.  As well as the other important blogs, including the current state of the Hub, which is slowing becoming like the other networks, because of Nikki Reed.

If Captain America can fight on against this injustice, so will I.  Until then, stay strong and Godspeed.

And Stefan, if you are reading this.  This Rekka Dragon's got FANGS!!  And I will use these fangs to bring justice for all animation.  I wish you a speedy recovery with you other problems.  Best of luck to you, my brother from another planet.

(Thumbs up) AAAAAAAY!

(Megaman X4 - Zero's Victory Theme Plays)

*Fade Out