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Did You Know: Disney

Welcome to my Latest and Greatest Segment, Did You Know! In this segment it's all about Cartoon Factoids. Some known, others not. Well, let's get started.

Did You Know: The Bonkers was originally gonna be about the Misadventures of Roger and Jessica Rabbit (from who framed roger rabbit?), However Warner Brothers (who owned half of the roger rabbit license) didn't want them to do so and even threatened legal action if they did. So The concept and the characters of the show were changed. On a related note, When Disney announced the name of the Show, Warner Brothers were miffed off, due to the name 'Bonkers' being what they wanted to call their latest Cartoon series (at the time). Warner Brothers eventually gave up on the name. BTW, the show they wanted to name 'Bonkers' became Animaniacs.

Did You Know: That Dr. Drakken and Shego from Kim Possible were originally gonna be Villains that appeared once in a while and weren't even considered to be regulars by the Producers. However, the characters kinda grew on them and it wasn't long until Drakken and Shego were made regulars.

Did You Know: That Lilo and Stich The Series is the ONLY Disney Animated Show that had crossover episodes with 4 other Disney shows. Those shows were: Recess, The Proud Family, American Dragon Jake Long , and Kim Possible. So apparently, these shows exist in the Lilo and Stich Universe. Though, I don't know if it's the other way around. 

Did You Know: That Quack Pack is widely considered the Black sheep of Disney's "Duck" Universe. It's often debated among fans whether the Show is a continuation of Ducktales OR an Alternate retelling of it.

That's it for today. If you have any Cartoon Trivia you'd like to submit to the site, drop a comment below.

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Shego Season 3 (Part 3)

Shego Season 3 Part 3

15 (61) - Eisneroth's Vendetta: Eisneroth and The Elder Guardians are at their Sanctuary (the watches pandora)in the Middle of the Universe wondering what their next step should be? Eisneroth is still shocked at his loss to shego, believing No Mortal could Ever defeat an Elder Guardian...especially since he beat Shego last time they fought. The other Guardians think of a great plan for entertainment. Eisenroth tells them to shut it and he has a plan of his own....Force Lee and Shego to fight to the Using the Rage Ruby,a Gem he stole from Rucifel when they faught all those Eons ago. The Other Elder Guardians are not amused and tell their Leader to just forget about his pointless vendetta and to leave Shego be. They believe that she has great entertainment value. They also disagree with him about Chaos being the best form of entertainment. They also question why they keep following him.
Eisneroth tells them that they've gotten lame and proceeds with his plan. As Eisneroth gets the Rage Ruby, he wonders if the others are correct, and his Vendetta against Shego is pointless and that there are other good forms of entertainment besides Chaos.

Suddenly, a demonic voice is heard, telling Eisneroth that the others have gotten soft and tells him to go for it..kill the good guys. Eisenroth tells the voice that it's right, like all of the other times they met. Eisenroth has been listening to this Voice ever since it started talking to him years ago.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Shego and Lee are going about their Daily lives at Middleton High. It's the 1st of November and Lee can't wait for The Holiday Break. 

Eisneroth appears at Middleton High and zaps Shego and Lee with it when they leave the building. The 2 grow enraged with one another and after arguments they fight with ferocity. The Middleton High students are enjoying themselves.....but not as much as Eisneroth, who's watching from the roof.

Meanwhile, on The Watchers Pandora, The other Elder Guardians are watching the events and are disgusted at the Childishness of their Leader. They consider going down to Earth to end this. But they can't due to that sacred pact they made when they first became Elder Guardians: An Elder Guardian must always listen to and follow Their Leader no matter what. They then consider breaking that pact...or at least changing it.

They realize that Eisneroth gotten more extreme as the years went on...maybe too extreme for them. They then decide that something must be done about him.

Back on Earth, Shego and Lee are fighting like mad. The Principal, Steve Barkin clears the area of onlookers and warns the Go cousins to stop fighting or else.  Eisneroth is enjoying this and his vengeance will soon be complete. Rayjin appears and tells The Elder Guardian that he will be punished for interfering with Mortal affairs. The 2 then battle, while Shego and Lee battle. Barkin tries to break it up, but gets hit by both Go's.

When Rayjin breaks the Rage Gem, Lee and Shego are back to normal. Pissed, Eisneroth tells Rayjin that he's on his hit list and leaves. Shego asks what the hell happened? Rayjin explains it to the Go's. Shego is pissed at Eisneroth. Rayjin then tells Barkin to go easy on the Go's, since they were under a Hypnotic trance. Barkin asks Rayjin who the hell is. Rayjin tells him he's the Guardian of the Earth and leaves.

Barkin,who strangely believes what Rayjin says, decides to suspend both Go's. Meanwhile,at the Watcher's Pandora, Eisneroth is getting an earful by his fellow Elder Guardians. Eisneroth reminds them of the Pact they made. Rii-Sutan, the 2nd in command, tells the leader that in extreme cases, Pacts can be made to be broken.

After the others leave, The Voice appears to Eisneroth once again. It tells him to forget about those assholes and focus on the Ultimate Plan. Eisneroth smiles and chuckles evilly.
16 (62) - Thanksgiving with the Go's: It's Thanksgiving time and Kim Possible is back. She Ron, and Rufus visit the Possible residence for Thanksgiving dinner. The Stoppables are there is Dr.Drakken, which freaks Ron out. But Kim reminds him that Drakken is reformed and is the Chief scientist at Global Justice. Kim asks about Shego and her Cousin Lee. Drakken tells Kim that Shego was invited but decided to entertain her Family and Lee's at her home. Kim is disappointed as She heard some cool things about Lee and would've liked to meet him.

Meanwhile, at Shego's apartment Shego and Lee come home from getting food shopping (the rest of the stuff needed for the thanksgiving feast) and find the door unlocked. They open the door and find a man sitting on the couch who was waiting for Shego. Lee gets ready to fight but Shego knows the man as Uncle Otto (her mothers younger brother). Otto apologizes for breaking in, but wanted to see if he still got it. Shego mentions that Otto was the one who taught her how to pick locks.

After Shego introduces Lee to Uncle Otto,the Niece and Uncle catch up on old times,while putting the groceries away.  Later Sherrie and Yuusuke Go (shego's parents) arrive, followed by Team Go (not in uniform), The Twins (gina and jimmy), Chisao Go (shego's grandfather on her fathers side), and last but not least, Keiji and Dee Go (lee's parents).

Dee was the typical American cartoon mom, while Keiji was a  skinny nerdy man.

Meanwhile, on the Watchers Pandora,the Elder Guardians decide to have a Thanksgiving dinner of their own, after which they play 2 on 2 football (they learned it while watching an earth game). the Guardians have fun and realize that they don't have to always rely on other beings for Entertainment, they can make their own fun.

Back at the possible house,while having dinner, Kim talks about doing great in collage and her engagement to Ron. the family and Drakken are happy. Dr.Possible and Mr.Stoppable have a private man to man with Ron.

Back at the Go dinner,The Chisao Go tells the story about How the Go family came to America. Chun and Kikyo Go came by boat from Japan in 1919. Their Goal was to start life anew after their Parents disowned them for marrying each other. And in 1925,his father,Yuusuke Go,was born. Chisao also notes that he named his 2 sons after his dad and uncle Keiji.
Meanwhile,back on the Watchers Pandora, Eisneroth is making preperation for the ultimate plan. he takes the sacred idols from the vault and figures out how to use them to open up a huge gaping portal to the Chaosverse. 
17 (63) - Xmas in Go City: The Go Cousins and Drakken spend Christmas in Go City at Go Tower. It is revealed that the Jimmy and Gina (now wearing team go outfits that are colored the same their respective glow) have gotten better at using their powers.

While the Go's are enjoying (or trying to) their XMas Eve, A Go City Villain, called Zanta Klawz (a skinny guy dressed in a blue and black santa suit with a black beard) is on the loose and stealing X-Mas gifts from every home in Go City. Team Go is informed by the Mayor and they are off to stop the XMas Thief.

Shego decides to let Team Go and The Twins stop him Lee decides to take a break too. Zanta is stopped and put into jail. The Go Family enjoys the rest of their x-mas holiday.

At the Watchers Pandora, the Guardians gather (minus eisneroth) and make a decision to oust Eisneroth as leader.
18 (64) - Chaosverse Rising Part 1 - Lee and Shego are at a Ski resort on their last day of the Holiday vacation.  Meanwhile, at the Watchers Pandora, Eisneroth is preparing for his Ultimate Plan and is about to leave for the roof of the Pandora with the Idols, when he is confronted by the Other Elders who are carrying a stone tablet. That Tablet contains the Pact the Guardians made in written form.

The Guardians are un happy with Eisneroth's extremist attitude and have decided to break their Pledge. They Destroy the tablet and tell Eisneroth as his reign as their Leader is over. Eisneroth does not take this well. The Elder Guardians notice the Idols in Eisneroth's possession and demand answers. Eisneroth reveals his plan to open up the Chaosverse and unleash hell upon the Earth...all for entertainment.

The Rest of the Elder Guardians don't like the plan, calling it reckless and sick. Eisneroth counters by telling them they've gotten weak and pathetic. Soon a fight breaks out between Eisneroth and the Other Elder Guardians. Eisneroth defeats the Elders and reveals that he secretly made a pact with the Lord of the Chaosverse during the Chaosverse' first invasion all those eons ago. The pact was 50/50 ownership of the universe. Rucifel, the Lord of Chaos, recently developed telepathic abilities and the moment he mastered them, he contacted him.

When asked why? Eisneroth reveals that he was sick to death of being a low level Guardian.. he wanted more power and a bigger role in the universe...he wanted to Own planets and people. After his Monologue, Eisneroth puts the Remaining 4 Guardians in Suspended animation and teleports them to the Prison Area.

Eisneroth continues with his plan. He gets on the Roof of the Pandora and places the Idols in the proper position.  Finally he says the incantation, which activates the Idols. The Idols give Eisneroth the power to rip open a huge portal to the Chaosverse.

Once the forces of the Chaosverse are freed, they waste no time and attack Earth. Shego and lee are attacked at the Ski Resort and are defeated. They retreat to Global Justice, where they learn that alien demons are attacking all over the world. Info passed down by Dr. Tim Possible (kim's dad).

Shego teleports (via the teleporter belt) to Rayjins Sanctuary for answers. Rayjin tells Shego that he feared this day would come.. The Elder Guardians have unleashed the Chaosverse upon Earth and the best way to win is to summon the Godian and his men from the Cosmoverse. However, he mentions that only an Elder Guardian can summon the Forces of the Cosmoverse to this Universe. The Cosmoverse can enter the Universe Anytime they want, but they choose to stay out until invited, out of respect.

Rayjin finds it strange that Lord Rucifel, The Mighty Master of the Chaosverse, is not among his minions.

Shego and Rayjin make plans to go to the Watchers Pandora to convince the Elders to stop this madness. Meanwhile, superheroes from around the globe are fighting the minions of the Chaosverse. Lee,Team Go, The Go Twins, Jake Long , and Team Possible are among those heroes who are fighting to save Earth. Even Dr. Betty Director is taking part.. fighting in her battle suit.

Shego and Rayjin arrive at the Watchers Pandora. where they see Eisneroth watching Earth with evil glee...and refreshments. The 2 confront the evil Elder Guardian. Eisneroth is surprised to see them. Shego asks if he was responsible for unleashing this evil?

Eisneroth nods proudly and tells Shego his reasons. Rayjin asks where the other elders were? Eisneroth tells him that he locked them up for betraying him as well as being weak.He intends on destroying them later. Rayjin leaves to find the others Guardians, Eisneroth tries to stop him, but Shego interferes and a fight begins.

Shego beats Eisneroth, but the evil Elder Guardian uses the Idols to power himself up. With his new Power, He gives Shego a tough time...and defeats her.
19 (65) - Chaosverse Rising Part 2: Back in Earth, the planets heroes are failing to the sheer might of the Chaosverse (including kim possible and lee. rons mystic monkey powers are getting weaker).

Meanwhile, Inside the Watchers Pandora, Rayjin finds the other Elder Guardians in suspended animation within the Prison Area, Rayjin wakes them up and informs them of the situation. He asks them for help and they agree.. though they refuse to call on the Cosmoverse. Shego is battling a powered up Eisneroth and is fighting as she never ever fought before.

Rayjin and the Other Elders arrive and see the Battle. The Elder Guardians like what they see, claiming the Shego/Eisneroth fight is great entertainment. Rayjin reminds them of the crisis. They ask Rayjin the Plan? Rayjin tells them that the only way to save Earth now is to summon the Cosmoverse. The Elders refuse telling him that it's a matter of pride.

As Shego battles Eisneroth,Rayjin tries his best to get the Elder Guardians to listen to reason...when that fails, He threatens them and tells them that the death of Earth will be on their heads. The Elders snap back at Rayjin. The Elder Guardians rush to the Fight and attack Their Ex-Leader...They get beat badly. The Elder Guardian's frustratingly decides try it Rayjin's way.

The Elder Guardian's summons the Cosmoverse with a chant. Suddenly, another portal opens up and the Cosmoverse forces, lead by Godian, rush out. The sight of this scares Eisneroth. Shego gets in a sneak attack.

Godian and the Forces of the Cosmoverse fly to earth and battle the Chaosverse. The Cosmoverse aren't allowed to kill mortals.. its a sacred rule, so they capture them instead. The Heroes are Releaved and thank the Cosmoverse.

Godian and his forces take the Captured Chaosverse members and toss them back into the open portal that Eisneroth made. Eisneroth is scared..really  really sacred. Godian seals up the portal and turns his attention to Eisneroth.

Godian condemns Eisneroth and decides to punish him severely for his deeds AND Breaking the Rules of the Guardians. Eisneroth attacks Godian, but the Master of The Cosmoverse easily defeats him.

Godian then strips Eisneroth of  his Position and Immortality. Godian hands down a second punishment to Eisneroth. The Ex-Guardian is to remain on Earth as a pitiful mortal. After exiling Eisneroth, Godian offers Rayjin the job of Elder Guardian. Rayjin declines and says that Earth is his home and wants to remain it's Guardian. He then convinces the Godian to spare the Other Elder Guardians. Godian decides to spare them. After commending Shego for her work, Godian takes the Sacred Idols and heads back to the Cosmoverse with his Forces.

After the Cosmoverse portal closes, Shego and Rayjin go home.
20 (66) - Guardians Atonement: A Day after the Chaosverse Invasion. The World is in the process of recovering. There are Medical teams and Construction teams in droves everywhere around the world. Even The Heroes and Global Justice are lending a hand.

Suddenly,The Elder Guardians (rii sutan , haansan, miriza, and rookus) appear before Shego, Lee, and Team Possible (who are all back in middleton). Shego thinks they are here for a fight. The Elder Guardian's tell her that they are here to help.

The Elders want to make up for the trouble they caused under Eisneroth and help rebuild Earth. Shego thinks this is a trick. Kim wants to give them the benefit of the doubt. And so the Elders help Shego and the others efforts to rebuild Earth.

Each of the Guardian's use their Powers to quickly restore Buildings and roads. They even heal the Injured and sick. They even get thanks. After that's done, The Guardians move on to another Part of the World.

During a Break, Shego, Lee, and Kim are chatting. Lee tells Kim about himself. and Shego reveals the origins of the Rainbow Comet when asked (the rainbow comet was created by rayjin because he wanted to give a chosen few superpowers so that they could defend the earth.).

The Girls then chat about old times. Shego reveals to Kim that she went easy on her all those times they fought. she held back because deep down she kinda found kim an interesting and fun opponent..and that she kinda cared about her. Kim reveals that she's always wanted a Big Sister relationship with her. The 2 hug.

Meanwhile, somewhere in India, The Elder Guardians witness the Devastation and ruined lives (and dead children) and realize that their way of thinking might be flawed greatly. After healing the sick and rebuilding the structures using their Powers, The 4 Elder Guardians make a promise to respect and value all life on every planet....or at least Try to.

Meanwhile, On the Planet Juno (the 10th planet), Rucifel, The Evil Lord of the Chaosverse is in hiding. He knew that the Chaosverse and Eisneroth would fail,so he took precaution. He fled to Juno the moment he was freed and went into hiding.

And now that that's all over, he has reemerged, and ready to take over The Universe. He is somewhat disappointed at Eisneroth's failure, but learns that next time, he will telepathically manipulate better help.

Rucifel has been manipulating Eisneroth for years via telepathy. His goal was to have Eisneroth rip open a huge gate from the Chaosverse to The Main Universe. He also did it for fun.

Back on Earth,The Elder Guardians explain to Lee that Elder Guardians (and lower guardians) can open a single miniscule portal to anywhere, but they can't create huge ones or more than one without an outside power.

The Elder Guardians tell Shego and Co that they must be off. Shego thanks the Guardians for swallowing their Pride and helping and that they did an amazing job. The Elder Guardians bid farewell and leave. Watching from above from his Sanctuary, Rayjin feels thatb there's hope for the Elder's. But get's a deep feeling of dread knowing that Rucifel remains at large.
Continued in Season 4! Coming Soon!

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Shego Season 3 (Part 2)

Part 2 of Shego Season 3 Eps.

11 (57) - They Are The Turks: While shopping for Halloween, Shego and Lee run into and fight a Criminal Gang with Super Powers. The Gang introduces themselves as The Turk Family, Blessed with Powers from the God Meteor. The Oldest is Russ, with the Power of the Elements. The 2nd oldest Stan, with the Power of Life. Rudy, with Psychic Abilities. Oren, with the Power to Transform his arms into various weapons, and the Youngest,Irena, with Healing abilities.    

The cousins defeat them,but the Turk Siblings escape and vow vengeance. Apparently they lost do to lack of experience with their powers. Shego wants to learn more about this 'God Comet' and seek out Rayjin's input.

At an abandoned warehouse on the other side of town, The Turk Siblings are upset over their first loss, blaming the loss on luck, rather than inexperience with their powers.  Russ tells this siblings that they need to forget about the last battle and focus on the future. He reminds them that when they got their powers, they all promised to have fun with them all of the time. It didn't matter what they did with the powers, so as long as they had fun. He then warns not to let Anyone spoil their fun,especially the Law And Global Justice. 

The Others give Russ' speech an applause.

At Rayjin's Sanctuary High above the clouds, Shego asks about the God Meteor. Rayjin tells Shego that The God Meteor was created by the Elder Guardians to give some lucky Earthlings super powers. They did it so that they could get some more entertainment value out of Earth. And that it didn't matter who got the power, so as long as the Elders were entertained, that's all that mattered. The Meteor ended up in the front yard of the Turk's and the Children were exposed to it.

Shego calls the Elder Guardians selfish, petty assholes. Rayjin agrees. Shego gets a call from Lee, telling her that the Turk Siblings have returned and are causing havoc in Middleton Park and that Global Justice is on it's way. Shego leaves to help Lee with the Evil Family.

At the Park, The Go Cousins fight and eventually defeat the Turks. Global Justice finally arrives and the Turks flee. After defeating the Turk's, Shego and Lee go home. At the Turk's warehouse Hideout, the siblings get a visit from the Elder Guardins...well Eisneroth at least. Eisneroth introduces himself and who commends the Turks for their work. He then reveals that the Meteor was his creation and that he and his fellow Elder Guardians were hoping the Powers would go to people like them.

At first the Siblings don't believe him, but once Eisneroth demonstrates his power, The family is convinced. They tell the Head Elder Guardian that they are in his debt. Eisneroth smiles wickedly.
12 (58) - Twin Trouble: Shego and Lee get a visit from Lee's younger Siblings Jimmy and the disbelief of Lee. Shego reveals that since Lee's parent's were going on a weekend getaway, she was asked to watch the twins and she agreed. Now they are spending the weekend. Lee is shocked and very displeased.

The Siblings shock both Shego and Lee when they reveal that they have Rainbow Comet Super Powers. Gina has an pink glow and the power of invisibility. Jimmy has a Yellow glow and the power of super speed. Lee asks how in the hell did they get these powers?

The Twins explain that while they were playing at a Playground just outside of their School (upperton elementary), a small bi-colored Rainbow Comet landed on the grounds. They went to investigate (luckily no adults around) and when they got close to it, they received its powers. The next thing they remember was waking up in the hospital and finding out that they had special powers.

The Twins tell of how their Mom forbid them from using their powers until they were older. Lee tells them that's great advice and to listen to their Mother. Global Justice calls and tells the Go's that the Turks are causing havoc downtown. Shego has no choice but to bring the Kids along, but warns them to stay out of the way. The Twins Promise.

During the battle, The Twins decide to test their powers on the bad guys, but can't control their powers correctly. They end up getting in the way. The Turks escape, much to the Go's chagrin. Back at Shego's apartment, Lee scolds his siblings and warns them to never use their abilities or get it their way again. Saddened, twins run off.

Shego tells Lee that he was too tough on them.. after all they are only children. Lee reveals to Shego that ever since they were born, Jimmy and Gina were pests to him. Shego knows how it feels to have annoying siblings. Global Justice calls again informing them that the Turks are back and this time they are attacking the Mall. The Go's leave to take care of them...unknown to them that the twins were listening. The twins want to prove themselves again and secretly follow their Brother and Cousin.

The Go's arriver to battle the Turks. They are surprised to see Eisneroth appear during the battle. Eisneroth reveals to the Go's that he's now the Turks Mentor and with him, they will make the earth the most Entertaining thing in the Galaxy for him and his fellow Elder Guardians.

Shego calls him a sick son of a bitch. The twins arrive. Lee is upest with them. Shego tells them to go home. The Twins refuse and want to redeem themselves. Eisneroth captures the kids and tries to force the Go's to surrender. However, Gina turns invisible and bites Eisenroth's arm. This causes the Elder to drop Gina. The Invisible Gina throws a bench at the Elder Guardian's Head, causing him to drop Jimmy,who high speeds away.

The Bad guys are surprised that the kids have powers. The Go's beat the Turks and they leave. Eisneroth vows vengeance and leaves with them. Lee apologizes to the twins and he's forgiven. The Siblings hug. Later, Shego and Lee take the Twins to Go Tower, in Go City where they convince Hego to train them.

Back at their Warehouse hideout, The Turk siblings are upset at another loss. Eisneroth convinces them that as long as the Go's exist, their fun will always end early. So the Turks decide to The Go's once and for all.
13 (59) - Assault on Global Justice: At their Warehouse Hideout, The Turks are trying to figure out how to kill the Go's. But Eisneroth has a better idea. Forget about the Go's for now and concentrate on the thing that sends Shego out on her missions, Global Justice. He figures that the only reason Shego's a crime fighter is because she get's a paycheck from them. Without Global Justice, Shego will be forced out of crime fighting once and for all.

Irena asks about Lee? Eisneroth tells them that With Shego out of the Crime fighting, Lee will be all alone and an easier target to kill. Eisneroth tells them of a base that he discovered that belongs to Global Justice. He tells the Siblings where the base is located and gives them their mission.

On a base In the Nevada desert, Global Justice Agents are doing their thing. The Turk Siblings arrive and attack the base. They also kill the agents and steal information on where Global Justice's hidden HQ is.  

At Shego's Apartment, Shego and Lee are having a video game tournament. Global Justice calls and tells them that the Turks have attacked one of their Bases and according to a survivor, they took valuable information...mainly the Location of Head Quarters. She requests that Shego and Lee help defending HQ. She also tells of Dr. Drakken creating a device that can drain the Turks of their Powers.

Using their Teleport belts, Shego and Lee teleport to GJHQ. In the wastelands of Nevada, The Turks arrive outside......a mountain. The Turks comment on this, but they know that the Mountain, in reality, contains an entrance into Global Justice HQ. A part of the Mountain opens and the Go cousins step out.

The Go's once again battle the Turks...and Win. Drakken arrives with a new device that can drain the Turks of their Powers. However, an angry Eisneroth arrives. Shego asks what Eisenroth has to gain from attacking Global Justice? Eisneroth reveals that he wanted the Turks to Win so that they can spread chaos and that without Shego as a Crime fighter, the Turks won't be stopped....It's all in the name of Entertainment.

Shego spits back calling Eisneroth a sick ass and that he knows Nothing about her. Eisneroth tells her that he knows enough. With that said, the Elder Guardian teleports both the Turks and himself away.  
14 (60) - When Turks Fall: At the Turks hideout, Eisenroth is really angry with the Turks failing to destroy Global Justice and inability to kill the Go's. The Turks snap back, but they are put in their place by the Elder Guardian, who reminds them about who gave them their powers.

Eisneroth decides to give them one last chance. He tells them where Shego lives and wants them to go there and attack. The Turk Siblings refuse and tell Eisneroth that his services are no longer wanted. They tell him that they are and always will be independent. Angry, the Elder Guardian attacks the Turks and drains them of their powers. He then leaves them for dead and decides to kill Shego himself. Russ is barely still alive and sees that his Sibling's are Dead. He vows revenge.

Meanwhile, Shego and Lee are back to school and Lee is already starting fights with the jerky jocks. Global Justice gets Greater Security System and has Drakken install it. 

Shego and Lee arrive home and have Eisneroth waiting for them. He begins his assault and the battle is taken to the roof.  Eisneroth tells Shego and Lee that this is personal, since he is sick of Shego ruining his plans for a more Entertaining Earth. Shego tells The Elder Guardian to get a life. The Battle is intense and pretty tough for the Go's. Elder Guardian soon gets the upper hand when he powers up.

The battle is interrupted by a battered and bloodied Russ,who seeks revenge on The Elder Guardian for killing his siblings. Eisneroth is surprised that Russ is alive...powerless, near death, but alive. Ruus has a gun and angrily shoots at Eisneroth..the Bullets do no harm and The Elder Guardian finishes Russ off.

The Battle between the Go Cousins and The Elder Guardian Continue. Shego manages to get the win. Eisneroth retreats with the promise that this isn't over. Shego and Lee goe to the downed Russ Turk. Russ tells Shego that he and his siblings were wrong to follow Eisneroth, despite the fact that he sent the God Meteor to them. Russ admits that Shego was a fun opponent and hopes they fight her again in the afterlife.....if there is one. With that Russ Turk dies.   

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Shego Season 3 (Part 1)

Episode Summaries for the 3rd Season of Shego!

1 (47) - Invasion: It's Summer Vacation for Shego and Lee,and the heroes are battling thugs on the beach (they hit on shego and didn't take no for an answer). Meanwhile, out in space, A group of ships by a small Akbar worshipping race called the Izlons are headed toward earth to tak,e it over and destroy the human race. Their arrival makes the 6:00 News, Global Justice sends out their agents to counter them (while calling the un,telling them that gj has it covered). Shego and Lee are also called in for back up. While Global Justice fights, The local police have the civilians evacuate the city. Global Justice manages to beat them and Shego manages to kill their leaders, General Momed and King Hamed, using a newly acquired power...Energy Blades. The surviving Aliens leave earth. Watching it all via a Spy bot, a mysterious man wants Shego back to her old self and plans to make it happen.
2 (48) - She Gone: While driving home from the Mall,Shego is attacked by the Evil General Khan (the mysterious man from last episode), General Khan introduces himself and when asked,he tells Shego that he has special plans for her. Shego and the General battle and Shego loses. The Evil General takes Shego and teleports back to his base. Meanwhile, Lee and Dr. Drakken start to worry about Shego, as it's been a day since she left. They contact Global Justice,but Betty Director tells them that Shego's Communicator is out and they were unable to contact her.

Director feels that something is up. Drakken and Lee decide to go search for her. They head to the Mall and retrace their steps by taking the normal route (a forest area with a road) that Shego takes to get home from the Mall. They find her communicator on the ground and check out the surrounding area, which was damaged from that great battle Shego and General Khan had (though lee and drakken don't know about that). Lee reports back to Global Justice giving them a status report.

Lee is worried about his cousin. Meanwhile, Shego is in Khan's lab sitting in a chair getting lobotomized. General Khan watches with evil glee as Shego's mind is being warped and her inner evil is being unleashed. Khan is happy that Shego will be back on the dark side soon. Though,he mentions that Shego won't have her smart-ass personality anymore,but her homicidal tendencies will more than make up for that.
3 (49) - The Return of Shego. To everyone's surprise,Shego returns to Go City..and to everyone's shock, starts killing everyone and destroying everything...all with a sadistic smile on her face. Lee and Drakken learn about Shego's rampage from the news and are shocked. Betty Director of Global Justice calls and tells them that they have contacted Team Go and that they are on their way to stop Shego.

Lee wants to know what's really up, so he and Drakken leave for Go City. Back in Go City,Shego's spree of death and destruction is interrupted by Team Go,who can't believe that their sister has returned to evil. Shego fights and kills all of a variety of ways...and laughs about it. General Khan arrives and is proud of Shego. Drakken and Lee arrive and find Shego and Khan. Khan introduces himself. Lee looks at his cousin's psychotic face and semi-blank eyes. He asks Khan if he did this? Khan nods proudly and explains his reasons. Lee vows to make the evil General pay. Shego attacks Lee.

Drakken stays out of the way. Lee is hesitant to fight back and tries to get Shego back to her fails. General Khan laughs at Lee's attempt and tells him that Shego's reprogramming is too strong. Dr. Director arrives in her Battle suit (the same one she had in season 1) and challenges General Khan. Khan smiles and tells her another time and escapes. Shego leaves as well.

Back at GJHQ, Dr.Director reveals to Drakken and Lee the origins of General Khan. He was the commander of Global Justice many years ago. a man born with special powers. One day he went mad and started terrorizing. He formed a terrorist group called The Federation, once the Federation was taken down at the hands of Global Justice, General Khan went into hiding.. never appearing until now. Lee vows to get his Cousin Back. Meanwhile, General Khan tells Shego that with her help he will become Lord of the World. He then gives Shego her next target.. Middleton.   
4 (50) - Lee Strikes Back: Shego arrives in Middleton and begins her assault on the City. Killing many and destroying tons of property. Dr. Director and Lee arrive with GJ agents. Shego battles Betty Director and Lee. Lee tries to bring Shego back to her fails. Shego knocks Lee Away and focuses on Director. After nearly killing her opponent, Shego turns her attention to Lee.   She Grabs Lee by the neck and smiles evilly.

Lee begs his cousin to remember who she really is. Suddenly Shego's memories of Lee kick in. She thinks about all of the good times they had together. She also envisions Drakken , a man that she secretly loves. The Generals evil programming Slowly fades as Shego drops her Cousin. Lee is concerned for his Cousin. Shego slowly returns to her senses, but the moment that happens, an angry General Khan appears and electrocutes Shego, nearly killing her. The General kicks Shego's unconscious and fried body away. Lee tries to reach his Cousin but is stopped by the evil General, who blames him for Shego's deprogramming. After nasty dialogue the 2 Battle. Lee defeats Khan,but he escapes, promising to return.

A Day Later, While Drakken and The Go Family and friends attend the Go Bros Funeral. Lee is visiting Shego at the hospital. After small talk, Lee breaks the bad news to the bedridden Shego. He tells her that despite being brainwashed, the local feds have decided to sentence her to Death for her homicidal conduct. And that ain't all, Global Justice and the Middleton School Board has decided to terminated her. Shego expected this to happen and accepts her fate. Lee decides not to accept it and promises to do something about it. He remembers that Drakken was working on an experimental Time Machine, so he goes see Drakken.

At his GJ Lab, Lee talks to Dr.Drakken about using his Time Pod. Drakken refuses to let him use it's still in the experimental stage and he doesn't want Global Justice to know about it. Lee explains that if he can stop Shego from getting captured by Khan, everything would be good again. After Lee makes his case, Drakken reluctantly lets him use the machine, but warns him not to mess around with events in the past.. otherwise the Time/Space Continuum will screw up. Lee enters the Time Pod and ,with Drakken's instructions, activates the Machine. Lee enters the correct time coordinates and zaps into Time.
5 (51) - Lost In Time Part 1: While Traveling through the time stream,The Pod starts to malfunction and Lee is thrown into a different Time Period. That Time Period was Ancient Greece. Once there, Lee witnesses a crime being planned. It's Bruticus Maximus and his gang plotting to kidnap the Oracle for their own purposes (they want to learn the future). Lee wants to do something, but can't since that would mean messing up the timeline. When the thugs leave, Lee secretly follows them, trying hard not to be noticed.

He follows them to the City of Athens, where the Oracle is set to appear in the square infront of thousands. Bruticus and his gang have disappeared into the ally ways. Lee decides not to follow and just watch as history plays out live. The People of Athens start to notice Lee and give him strange looks and talk about him. Lee can't afford a Toga and Sandals ,since his Cash isn't good in Ancient Greece. Suddenly the Oracle is introduced and enters. The Crowd cheers. On the Roof tops, Bruticus looks down at the crowd and waits for his moment. As the oracle is telling the people about the future, The gang drop down to capture her. Bruticus and his gang kill the guards and are about to get away, However, they are thwarted by that Generation's Teen Hero Telemachus II , Grandson of the Famous Ulysses. Maximus throws a smoke bomb and he and his men are gone....With the Oracle. Lee meets up with a frustrated Telemachus.

After introductions, Lee offers his assist in saving the oracle. Telemachus reluctantly accepts. Lee knows that helping the Hero in this time period will ruin the Time Space Continuum, but if he just makes a quick save and leaves the Period, it should do no harm. Meanwhile , at Maximus' cave, Bruticus and his gang are trying to force the Oracle to tell him the future. The Oracle refuses to speak. Lee and Telemachus arrive and battle the bad guys and save the oracle. With the Bad guys beaten and the Oracle safe, Lee swiftly leaves..before Telemachus gets a chance to thank him. Lee returns to the Time Pod and rides it through the Time Stream, hoping that that glitch was a 1 time only thing.....he was wrong and the Machine sends him to Arizona in the 1890's. Back in present time, Dr.Director asks Dr. Drakken where Lee is? Drakken tells her a white lie saying that he went out. Director tries to call Lee,but to no avail.

Back in the 1890's, Lee lands in a desert area and exits out of his Time Pod. He sees a horse speed chase between a stage coach and 4 thugs on horse back, the thugs are shooting at the stage coach. Lee follows from afar to watch the events. The villains catch up to the stage coach and crash it by shooting it's wheels off. After killing the driver, they steal the Money. Unable to stand by and watch and longer,Lee rushes over and attacks the Criminal Gang (known as the gilbert cousins). He beats them and sends them packing without the money. The dying driver thanks Lee and instructs him to take the money to the bank. Lee agrees to do it.

Meanwhile in their shack , the Gilbert Cousins (zed, zeb , zeke ,and zell ) are upset that their heist was thwarted and blame Lee for it. They leave to find Lee and kill him. Meanwhile, Lee brings the money to the bank and explains what happened to the deliverer. The Teller thanks Lee and takes the money. As Lee is exiting the Bank he's shot at. It's the Gilbert Cousin's, who challenge Lee to a gunfight a noon tomorrow. Lee refuses knowing that if he interferes with this time period any more, the time/space continuum will go out of whack.

Suddenly, the Teen Heroes of that Era arrives. Max Possible and Miss Stoppable. They challenge The Gilbert Cousins to a Gun battle in Lee's place. The Gang accept and leave. Possible and Stoppable meet Lee and ask if he's ok. they then question his appearance. Lee tells them that he can't explain and must return home. Lee leaves and wishes the Duo luck in their battle. They call Lee a strange stranger. Lee returns to the desert to his Time Pod. He uses it to travel back in time once again. A Day Later, Possible and the Cousins Gilbert meet for their Gun fight. Possible is a very quick draw and shoots all 4 Cousins dead.
6 (52) - Lost In Time Part 2 : As he's traveling through the Time Stream, Lee just figured something out...It won't matter if he interferes in the past, Things will snap back to normal once he's prevented Khan from taking Shego. Suddenly,Lee's Time Pod malfunctions again and sends Lee to Medieval England ,Ruled by King Lancelot. Lee wanders around and is amazed at how nice the Kingdom when he comes across the citizens, they start pointing and staring at him. Suddenly, Lee spots a clocked figure getting beaten by a group of men.

Lee goes to help the attacked man. Le beats the Men and they run off. The Clocked man thanks Lee and runs off. Suddenly, Lee is knocked out via a surprise attack by one of King Lancelot's Knights. Lee is brought to Lancelot himself who accuses him of aiding in the escape of Bruce, "The Prince Of Thieves". Who stole the Royal Jewels. The King orders for Lee to be sentenced to death, despite the boy's arguments.  However, a White Knight enters and objects saying that the boy should prove his innocence. The White Knight is Sir Conner of the House of Possible. The Knight comes to Lee's defense and asks there is anything Lee can do to make it up to the Royals. King Lancelot tells Lee that he must bring in the Prince of Thieves and return the Jewels. Lee accepts. The King orders Sir Conner to accompany Lee to make sure he doesn't pull anything. And So the 2 go off to find Bruce.

Meanwhile, back in the Present time, Shego is standing Trial for her crimes and is sentenced to death. Shego stands speechless, but deep down wants General Khan to suffer too. Back in the past, Bruce is raiding an ancient cavern just outside the Kingdom. As he is taking the Treasure, Lee and Sir Conner arrive. Bruce is surprised they found him. Lee tells him that they just followed his footprints and warns him to surrender. Bruce takes out a smoke bomb in an attempt to escape,but Lee tackles the Thief to the ground. Bruce kicks him off and gets up. He then takes out another smoke bomb and successfully escapes. The Heroes are annoyed, but they continue their search.

Sir Conner decides that they wait for Bruce at his hut. Bruce returns to his Hut proud of his days work. To his shock, the heroes are waiting for him. Sir Conner demands the King's Jewels back. Bruce refuses , but decides to give Sir Conner a fighting chance. Bruce challenges him to a duel. If the Knight wins, Bruce will give Lancelot's Jewels back. But, should the knight lose, Bruce gets his armor and weapons. Sir Conner accepts the challenge and defeats him after a great battle. Bruce gives Sir Conner a sack containing the royal jewels from his hut. and tells him that he's still a fun opponent.

After telling the Knight that he'll see him next crime, Bruce uses a smoke bomb to escape. Later, Lee presents the Royal Jewels to King Lancelot, who drops all charges against Him After Lee says his Goodbyes to Sir Conner, He heads back to his Time Pod and leaves Lancelot's Kingdom Behind. Lee's Time Pod Malfunctions and takes him to The Stone Age.
7 (53) - Lost In Time Part 3: Lee arrives at the Stone Age. The Moment Lee exits the Pod , he is attacked by a group of Cavemen. Lee is overpowered and taken to their Leader,the Evil BongBong. BongBong is,naturally, curious of Lee's appearance and decides to kill him feeling that he's a threat. Another Caveman arrives and saves Lee.

The Hero is PozPoz, that Generations Great Hero. Lee thanks the Caveman and leaves to find the Time Pod. Lee finds his Time Pod and travels into the Time Stream Once again. In The Present Time, Shego is at Middleton Penn. being taken to the Yard for her execution by Firing Squad. The moment Shego reaches the yard, She makes an amazing and daring escape. The Guards put out an all point bulletin. Lee arrives in Feudal Japan now, still annoyed that his Machine isn't working right (it is a prototype after all).

He is confronted by a traveling Samurai  (and that time's great hero) named Murasama Miyamoto. Murasama challenges Lee to a fight. Lee defeats the Samurai. Murasama is amazed at the strength and skill of Lee. After introductions , Murasama requests Lee's aid against his Family's rivals, Chinese immigrants called the Go's. Lee is shocked. While on their way to Murasama's village, the Samurai tells Lee that he feels that he knows him and asks if they are related. Lee tells him that he doesn't think so.

When they arrive at the village they meet up with Murasama's twin sister Misa and after Murasama introduces Lee to her, they enter the Miyamoto home and they meet Murasama's big brother (shigiru) , Teenage Brother (satoshi), and father (musashi). Soon they discus the war between them and the Go's. Lee asks why are they feuding with the Go's? Murasama's father, Musashi wants to kill the Go's because the head of the family (and his family by extension) were disciples of his most hated enemy, Koujiro. And since Koujiro died by natural causes and not by his hands, Musashi feels the need to kill his disciples. Lee tells Musashi that that reason's lame, Misa agrees and reveals to her father that she's in love with Tsung Go,the Middle Son of the family.

The Family stands ready for a fight. Lee swears that he heard the name Tsung Go before. He becomes shocked as he realizes that he and Shego have an ancestor from this Era named Tsung Go. If things go badly in this personal war, not only Shego's existence is in danger ,but his too. In urgency, Lee asks Misa where the Go home is and that he wants to talk with them, she tells him and rushes out of the house to find the Go's. Murasama follows.

Lee meets up with Liu Go, head of the Go household and tries to get him to make peace with Miyamoto family. Liu reveals that he wants peace, but the hard headed Musashi refuses to make peace..all because he trained in the Koujiro style of Samurai. Murasama arrives. and Lee explains what Liu has told him. Murasama trusts Lee. Misa arrives and warns everyone that her Father and Brothers will be coming here to kill Tseng. Lee is horrified. Something must be done or Shego and Lee won't exist anymore. 
8 (54) - Lost In Time Part 4: Lee, Muramasa, Misa, and the Liu rush to find Tsung. They find him on a bridge. Suddenly they are confronted by Musashi and his sons...who want to kill Tseng for "corrupting his only daughter". The Rest of the Go Clan arrive and Liu counters Musashi's argument.

Lee tries to be a voice of reason and revealing himself to be a Go. This shocks everyone. Lee reveals to the families that he's from the future and a decendant of both families. Murasame strangely knows that its true and is torn, does he turn on his new friend or fight along side him for peace. Musashi tells his son to join him in the fight against the Go's..including Lee.

Lee has no choice but to fight if attacked. Musashi and his sons attack The Go's. Murasama attacks Tseng, despite the pleas of Misa. A great sword battle begins. Lee goes to protect Misa. Both sides are even and the Miyamoto family fight with a burning hatred...even Murasama, who fights for family honor. Lee tries to convince the fighting to stop,but fails. Misa runs away upset. Murasama gets the upper hand on Tseng and prepares to finish him.

Lee stops him and tells him that the Go's have done nothing to his family. Murasama tells Lee that he has no choice and it must be done to keep his family's honor. Lee tries one last time to convince Murasama to spare Tseng. Tseng reveals that he and Murasama's sister are married and have a son. This shocks Murasama...both familys overhear this and are shocked.

Though Musashi is pissed, The Go family is slightly annoyed that the 2 eloped. Misa returns with the baby (named dan). Both families come to admire the baby. Lee convinces the 2 families to make peace.for the Dan's sake. Later,Lee and Murasama walk back to the Time Pod and talk about their futures. Lee learned that sometimes to establish peace between factions, said factions must find at least 1 piece of common ground. Murasama wishes his great great great nephew luck and watches him leave in the Time Pod.

In the Time Stream, Lee's Pod malfunctions again and sends him to Washington DC in the Future. A dark future where Crime, Corruption, and Perversion are the way of America. Lee wonders what the hell happened. Patrol bots confront Lee and question him. When Lee doesn't give them Answers they're looking for,the Robot Police prepare to arrest Lee. Lee battles and destroys the robots. Lee gets back into the Pod and escapes. He decides to get to the bottom of this by confronting the President. Lee is shocked when he sees that the White House has been turned into an Emerald Fortress. Lee busts in fighting and destroying security bots along the way. When he reaches the Presedent's office (now a lair), Lee is shocked to see that the President and Mastermind behind this dark future is....Shego!

Shego is surprised to see Lee, believing that he vanished years ago. Lee asks Shego if she's the one behind this? Shego proudly tells him that it is. Shego explains that sometime after she escaped from Middleton Penn, She went on a manhunt for General Khan. She met with him and before the fight could begin, Global Justice arrived to kill them both. Khan and Shego fight them off. Khan does it out of hate, Shego does it out of self defense. Soon Khan talked Shego into a truce and a brief partnership ,since they had a common enemy, Global Justice.

After Shego and Khan Destroyed Global Justice, Shego went back into crime and, with General Khan's help, took over the Country. Lee asks where Khan is now? Shego tells her cousin that Khan is now Overlord of Earth....thanks to the help of the Elder Guardians. Lee is angry. Shego invites her cousin to join her as her apprentice. Lee refuses and tries to get Shego back to her senses. Shego takes Lee's refusal as defiance and treason. She then tells Lee that she's gonna enjoy killing him...just like she kills all of those who oppose her.

Shego and a reluctant Lee battle. Lee defeats Shego by defeating her with her own ability (copied it during the fight). Suddenly The secret service arrive and fire at Lee. Lee breaks out of the Emerald Fortress through a window. Lee then rushes back to his Time Pod and quickly leaves the Time Period before the Authorities arrive. Lee blames Khan for Shego's corruption and promises to make it up to sending him to hell. The Time Pod malfunctions again and sends Lee to....A Mysterious and Unknown Area
9 (55) - Life , The Cosmoverse, and Stuff:  Lee travels the Plains of this Mysterious area to find someone who will give him answers. He comes upon a Crystalline City and meets with some of the People, who are all dressed in white and blue. A Police officer Confronts Lee and tells him that they have a dress code Black and White is not a tolerate color here in Crystallis City. Lee asks if this is Earth in the Future? The cop laughs and tells him that this is the Planet Saynt the Central Planet of the Cosmoverse. Lee is Shocked.

Lee explains to the Cop that he's from Earth and thanks to a malfunctioning Time Machine, he ended up her. The Cop lets Lee off with a Warning, since he is a stranger. Lee asks the Cop where the City Hall is? The Cop tells him and Lee heads there. But as he reaches City Hall, Lee is teleported to a sanctuary in the Sky. Lee wonders what the hell happened?

Lee is greeted by the Planet's Guardian and one of the Cosmoverses Most High Guardians, Mikel. Mikel tells Lee that he saw him arrive and has brought him to his sanctuary to question him. after all, The Cosmoverse doesn't get ANY outside visits. After Introductions, Lee asks about the Cosmoverse.

Mikel tells him the origins; After the Universe was created, The Lord of Lords (master and creator of all)  decided to experiment by creating 2 Pocket Universes. Now, Pocket Universes are Smaller Universes that exist outside the Primary one. Anyway, The LoL created the Pocket Universes and dubbed one the Cosmoverse. It wasn't long before life and planets were created for Cosmoverse. Things were peaceful for Eons, under the rule of Godian, an Imortal put in charge of the Universe by The LoL.. The 2nd Pocket Universe, was vacant and nameless.

The Cosmoverse had peaceful times. However one power hungry and arrogant man, Rucifel, challenged Godian's authority and started a heavy war between his Followers and Godian's. Rucifel and his Forces were defeated and banished into the other Pocket Universe. Once Their an Enraged Rucifel and his followers turn the Pocket Universe into a Hellish Nightmare called the Chaosverse.      
Soon After, The Godian establishes Planetary Guardians to help keep the Worlds of the Cosmoverse safe and free. The Godian liked the idea of Guardians and asked the Lord of Lords if it was ok to give the Primary Universe Guardians too. The LoL ok'ed it, as long as there are rules.

Godian selects and immortalizes the Cosmoverse denizens that he felt worthy to be Guardians. He layed down the rules to them..including the biggest Rule: A Guardian can't interfere with Mortal Affairs, unless the Mortals ask them for assistance. Same goes for the Guardians of the Cosmoverse, who can't enter the Primary Universe, unless summoned by the Elder Guardians. If the rules are broken, the consequences will be dire.

Godian choses members of his high council.  Eisneroth, Miriza, Rii-Sutan, Rookus, and Haanson were chosen as the Elder Guardians, watchers of the Planetary Guardians. After the Elder Guardianship was established, the Planetary Guardianship was next. All was good, until the Chaosverse found a way to rip though the Universal fabric and enter the Primary Universe.

The Elder Guardians beat back Rucifel and the Chaosverse and send them back. They then use 4 sacred Idols to seal up the rip between the Chaosvers and the Primary One. Soon, the Elder Guardians were given a Secondary Task: Making Sure that The Chaosverse Never Enters The Primary Universe Again. Back in the Cosmoverse, the Guardians of that Universe were retitled as "Most High Guardians".

After Mikel finishes his story, Lee asks if the Guardian can fix his Time Pod? Mikel teleports the Time Pod to the sanctuary and fixes it up with his Mystic Powers. Lee thanks the guardian and leaves for his original Destination....The Moment Before Shego was captured by Khan!
10 (56) -  Home Again:  With no problems, Lee successfully makes it to his destination. He arrives at the Mall and sees Shego about to leave. Lee follows. using the Time Pods 'casual cruising' mode (he used it before in the future).

On her way home from the mall (through a forest area with a road) Shego is attacked by General Khan. Lee arrives. Shego asks Lee what he's doing here. Lee explains Khan's intentions. Khan is shocked that Lee knows his plans. Lee tells Shego that he's here to help her destroy this bastard. Shego tells Lee that she can handle this herself. Lee ignores her and goes on the attack against The evil General.

Shego soon joins in. The Go cousins double team General Khan. They eventually Kill him with duo 'Kamehameha'- style energy waves. After a lengthy and tough battle. Lee explains to Shego that he's from a bad future caused by General Khan and came here using a Time Machine built by Drakken. Since Khan is now dead, the future is safe. Lee bids his cousin farewell and leaves in The Time Pod. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Hub Network's Schedule Ideas - by Rekka Dragon Jay

As I stated before in my last blog, because of Nikki Reed and prior of her becoming the new head of programming, the Hub Network is a total wreck. More children's themed shows, no Huboom, with some of the action shows in the mornings and confined to Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, live action shows have most of the scenes cut for time constraints like it was in most channels, and the show they show Mondays to Thursdays for 2 hours each and not to mention the Hub family movie block, which use to show on weekends, has been shown weekly now, filling the spots where the other sitcoms use to be.  And in the immortal words of Sonic the Hedgehog:

That's NO good!

The Hub Network is not what is use to be when Donna Ebbs was in charge of programming.  But still, all is not lost.  That is where I come in. I may not be a hot shot TV exec, but if Stefan could do a idea blog, so can I.  So hear it is.  My scheduling ideas for the Hub Network.  Let's start with weekdays.
For the mornings, 3 hours of action cartoons starting at 6A.M., follow by 4 hours of children's shows, including My Little Pony and Pound Puppies, starting at 9A.M.
Next, they should bring back the Huboom block, if they still have plans for it, from 2P.M. to 6P.M. as it should be.  We all want our Batman and Superman, with a side of Transformers and G.I. Joe.
Next, I believe that Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs should have an hour block, half-hour each while the 6PM hour should have an hour of Dan Vs..
But for the Hub Family movie block, it should be back to 2 times a week (1 movie on Fridays and another on Saturdays), not weekly as it was shown now and put the sitcoms and other shows back on the 8P.M.-12A.M. block as it use to be from Monday to Thursday nights.
Now for the formats on certain shows.  I demand that the sitcoms should be uncut as it should, including Happy Days.  The Hub shortened my favorite scene from the episode, "Fearless Malph," where Ralph, while under the influence of hypnosis, stood up to Fonzie, even calling him "Artie." 
As for the cartoons, although they are shown uncut, as they should, we demand that all the episodes of every single cartoon and if a certain episode has references to real life, they should remove it temporary.  But, don't put that certain episode on lockdown permanent, we don't want that.  We appreciate what the Hub has done to respect those who are victims of natural disasters or crimes against humanity, but they should not put a permanent banhammer on certain episodes that would otherwise be a footnote in the future.  These actions towards certain episodes like "Cobra Quake" from G.I. Joe, "The Neuralizer Syndrome" from MIB the series and "Bloodsport" from Batman Beyond is a sign of Political Correctness at its worst.
And lastly, and this is minor, since most of the live action shows are shown at night, I think they should lighten up bleeping out swear words, including shows like Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.  As long as they are shown at night, they won't be sued or prosecuted by those so-called "Moral Guardians."
That's all with the writing part of it.  Here is what the schedule should look it if I was in charge of programming:
Weekday Mornings
6:00 - Batman: The Animated Series
6:30 - Superman: The Animated Series
7:00 - Batman Beyond
7:30 - Transformers Prime
8:00 - G.I. Joe: Renegades
8:30 - Men in Black: The Series
9:00 - Fraggle Rock
9:30 - Transformers Rescue Bots
10:00 - Care Bears
10:30 - Strawberry Shortcake
11:00 - Littlest Pet Shop (full hour)
12:00 - Pound Puppies (full hour)
1:00 - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (full hour)
Weekday Afternoons Mondays to Thursdays
2:00 - The Super Hero Squad Show
2:30 - Men in Black: The Series
3:00 - Transformers Animated
3:30 - Batman Beyond
4:00 - G.I. Joe: Renegades
4:30 - Transformers Prime
5:00 - Batman: The Animated Series
5:30 - Superman: The Animated Series

6:00 - Dan Vs.
7:00 - Tiny Toon Adventures
7:30 - Animaniacs
Weeknights Mondays to Thursdays
8:00 - Facts of Life
8:30 - Doogie Howser, M.D.
9:00 - Happy Days
9:30 - ALF
10:00 - Laverne & Shirley
10:30 - Mork & Mindy
11:00 - Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Huboom Late Nights Mondays to Thursdays
12:00 - Batman (60s TV show)
12:30 - Transformers
1:00 - G.I. Joe
1:30 - Jem and the Holograms
Friday Afternoons and Evenings
6:00 - Transformers
6:30 - G.I. Joe
7:00 - Kaijudo
7:30 - Transformers Prime
8:00 - The Hub Family Movie
10:00 - Lois and Clark - The New Adventures of Superman
11:00 - Hercules: The Legendary Journeys



They may not be perfect, but that's the best I could come up with. But my partner Stefan will back me up in a future blog, showing how the weekend schedule on the Hub should be. Bottom line, we gotta keep balance within the Hub, otherwise it will end up like Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.  The Hub, will become, the center, of media universe. Thank you.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Hub Network - Savior of Nostalgia or yet another Disney clone!

Once upon a time, a few years ago.  Television, especially in the world of animation, were in dire straits.  When the FCC ruled with an iron fist, and every soccer mom and watchdog group sees animation as the devil's spawns, which to them deemed them too violent, trivial and everything in between.  Not even the networks we use to watch all the time are falling in the time.  From Cartoon Network becoming more live action oriented under the new Judge Doom, Stuart Snyder, to Viacom milking Nickelodeon's Cash Cow Franchises like Fairly OddParents, including making Cosmo's voice more annoying.  With no cartoon blocks on regular TV to combat that, all was lost.  That is until one network changed it around and made TV watchable again. And that network is known as the Hub. Their first slogan was "Where everything comes together."  But, these days, after a few years of entertainment, past and present, it is slowly becoming like the other networks that came before it.  Let me set the "Way Back" machine to the Hub Network's infancy.

The Hub wasn't always like this.  In the beginning, it was once called Discovery Kids, a channel that use to show every single children's themed shows, which explains why they have the E/I, Educational and Informational logo slapped on their shows.  Gosh, it's a wonder why regular TV don't show action-themed cartoons no more, because of these rules the FCC shove down our throats.  Anyway, it was the same old song and dance, until October 10th, 2010 (Remember that date, folks, 10/10/10).  Hasbro, the famed toy company from Pawtucket, Rhode Island, known for their toy franchises like G.I. Joe, Transformers, My Little Pony and every single board game, some that use to be owned by either Parker Brothers or Milton Bradley, bought Discover Kids and now share 50/50 with Discovery Communications, Discovery Kids' parent company.  As a result, Discover Kids cease to exist.  And in its place, came a network, where everything, nostalgia and new generation, all come together and thus, the Hub was born. Since its maiden voyage, the Hub showed every show from the days of nostalgia.  Let's start with the cartoons.  Some of the cartoons that first aired were not only from the 80s and 90s like G.I. Joe and Transformers, but also those from the days of Fox Kids and Kids WB, but mostly Kids WB like Batman, Superman, Batman Beyond, Men in Black the series, Animaniacs and so on and so forth.  As for the shows, they were all awesome, even shown in this age like the 60s Batman show, Family Ties, Doogie Howser, M.D., Mork & Mindy (Nanu-Nanu!), and Happy Days.  Because of the Hub, I am a big fan of the Fonz, now and forever.

(thumbs up; ala Fonzie) AAAAAAY!!

By the way, the only anime they showed on that channel was Deltora Quest, which was based on a children's storybook series.

Anyway, although we have our classics, we can't forget the shows for modern times and for the most part, they are awesome. Shows like G.I. Joe: Renegades, Pound Puppies (not the old ones with Cooler and Co., the new ones, done by the same guys who did Recess), Family Game Night (for those who have big families and like to play board games on weekends), Dan Vs., and of course, our two favorite shows, which lasted more that a season, Transformers Prime and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  It was awesome and it remained like that for a few years.  But like all good things, it didn't last that long.

            Nikki Reed - the new head of programming of the Hub Network (BOOO!)

Around the time the Hub was going strong still, Nikki Reed was hired to replace Donna Ebbs, who was here since 10/10/10, as the head of programming on the Hub Network itself.  And many people are skeptic about her and with good reason. Prior to joining Discovery Communications and being with the Hub, Nikki Reed was the former executive in charge of programming for, wait for it, Disney Channel and Disney XD!

(Dramatic fanfare)

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, with her knowledge of more live action than animation, Reed is planning to turn the Hub into a Disney Channel clone. 

Stefan's Note: Correction, Jason. She has more knowledge of Kiddie and Girly shows rather than Live Action in General. She also has NO respect for American Animation and is more favorable to Canadian shows.

It seems that Robert Iger is planning to destroy the Hub from the inside out, by sending his former employee to be the Hub's new head of programming, just to spite us and screw the rules. Other than that, I got a few pet peeves I like to discuss about the Hub.

First off, when the Hub came to be, it was fine and awesome.  I remember they use to show every episode of the original G.I. Joe, before they show the rest with Serpentor and all that.  But, when the March 11th, 2011 Earthquake/Tsunami disaster happened in Japan, the Hub, out of respect for the Japanese people, removed the episode, "Cobra Quake", from its rotation and they been doing it ever since.  I was hoping they were air it once more, but they refuse to air it.  It was honorable and decent back then, but it has become annoying.  It is like they are being politically correct in not re-airing.  And if you are wondering why they are not airing the Men in Black episode, "The Neuralizer Syndrome," it is all because of what happen at 9/11.  I was hoping to see it, too, but the PC Police put a permanent banhammer on it. Let me make this perfectly clear, just because you don't air an episode that has real-life references, doesn't mean you ban it permanently.  With the Freedom Tower built already, there is no sense to keep any references of 9/11, the good parts anyway including the twin towers themselves, censored permanently.  Everyone deserve to see all the episodes as they should. Why not, they showed all 98 episodes of Transformers.  But, there is one Batman Beyond I should discuss and that's the episode, "Bloodsport" (Not to be confused to Jean Claude Van-Damme movie of the same name).  This was the episode where Terry (Future Batman) fights against the Stalker, a game hunter with bionic implants.  But for some reason, the Hub refused to air it.  Why?  Was it the episode title itself, or the part where Terry's little brother, Matt, gets kidnapped by the Stalker? Do I smell Political Correctness here?  I will talk more about this and other stuff in a moment.

Let's talk movies.  Most of the movies we see are family friendly.  But, when the show other movies, I got a problem with it and here's why.  First off, since the Hub is known to be a family-friendly type network, any movie that has profane words, strong ones by the way, will be bleeped out, except for a few and the exclamation of God. They did the same thing in some action shows like Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, where Herc described Xena, who at the time was a villain, as the "B" word (trust me, I don't use swear words as I blog).  And this is the kicker here, some of the movies they show, they have some of the scenes cut.  They did that so they could fit all two hours according to their schedule.  If you don't believe me, if you watch certain movies on the Hub, before they air them, they leave a little message that reads:

"The following film has been modified from its original version. It has been formatted to fit this screen, to run in the time allotted."

Which means, don't except your movies to have your favorite scenes in it because they will be cut, whether it's Jumanji or Who Framed Roger Rabbit. They did the same thing for most live action shows. Good thing they didn't edit the cartoons, they kept them as they were.  Just remember what movie producer/writer Bob Gale use to say on his commentary on the Back to the Future DVD after commenting on the movie being edited for content on NBC around after the 9/11 attacks: If you want to watch your favorite movies, always watch them the REAL way they were meant to be shown.  And that, I believe him and I've been steering clear of the edit versions ever since.  At least until I get the DVDs, including Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

And now, the biggest pet peeve, Where! Is! HUBOOM!?! This summer, Huboom, the famed action cartoon block was pushed aside for the Hub's Summer Pool Party block and shown us nothing but 3 hours each of Pound Puppies and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, with Littlest Pet Shop in the beginning and in the end. The only action shows we see these days are Transformers Rescue Bots, Super Hero Squad, Kaijudo and Transformers Prime (which has finished its run and it won't fully conclude until Predacons Rising this October).  Poor Superman and especially Batman, push on the way side in the mornings now, waiting for their plugs to be pulled.  So much for everything coming together.  Because of Nikki Reed, the Hub and everything in between are coming apart.  I recently wrote an email to the Hub through the Discovery Communications website, asking them a few questions from why they are not airing the Batman Beyond episode, "Bloodsport" to why there is no Huboom this summer and I waited and waited and waited until I got a reply and...this wasn't I was hoping for.  The reply reads:

"Dear Viewer,

Thank you for watching the Hub Network and our lineup of original and
acquired programming for kids and their families. As you know, television
networks occasionally make changes in their schedules in order to include
new programming and keep schedules fresh and entertaining. For more
complete information on the Hub Network programming and to check up-to-date
program schedules, please visit


Viewer Relations
Hub Network"

In otherwords, they didn't answer my questions and they acted like I liked the channel.  I do like the Hub, but I don't like the way they are being too involved in politics, back stabbing and political correctness.

Bottom line, our worst fears have come true. The Hub, the very network we depended on, is slowly becoming like the other networks.  But as long as Nikki Reed is in charge of programming, don't expect Beast Wars, Static Shock, Freakazoid, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, The Tick, Perfect Strangers, or any other show to be shown anytime soon, even other anime shows, including Sailor Moon (well, the original dub anyway).

Although I still believe in the Hub.  But, I won't tolerate those who use the "Executive Meddling/Screwed by the Network" mentality for their base ends.  Isn't that worth saying?

(Raises his fist) Fight the Power!

(Marvel vs. Capcom Game Over Jingle)

*Fade Out