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Shego Season 3 (Part 2)

Part 2 of Shego Season 3 Eps.

11 (57) - They Are The Turks: While shopping for Halloween, Shego and Lee run into and fight a Criminal Gang with Super Powers. The Gang introduces themselves as The Turk Family, Blessed with Powers from the God Meteor. The Oldest is Russ, with the Power of the Elements. The 2nd oldest Stan, with the Power of Life. Rudy, with Psychic Abilities. Oren, with the Power to Transform his arms into various weapons, and the Youngest,Irena, with Healing abilities.    

The cousins defeat them,but the Turk Siblings escape and vow vengeance. Apparently they lost do to lack of experience with their powers. Shego wants to learn more about this 'God Comet' and seek out Rayjin's input.

At an abandoned warehouse on the other side of town, The Turk Siblings are upset over their first loss, blaming the loss on luck, rather than inexperience with their powers.  Russ tells this siblings that they need to forget about the last battle and focus on the future. He reminds them that when they got their powers, they all promised to have fun with them all of the time. It didn't matter what they did with the powers, so as long as they had fun. He then warns not to let Anyone spoil their fun,especially the Law And Global Justice. 

The Others give Russ' speech an applause.

At Rayjin's Sanctuary High above the clouds, Shego asks about the God Meteor. Rayjin tells Shego that The God Meteor was created by the Elder Guardians to give some lucky Earthlings super powers. They did it so that they could get some more entertainment value out of Earth. And that it didn't matter who got the power, so as long as the Elders were entertained, that's all that mattered. The Meteor ended up in the front yard of the Turk's and the Children were exposed to it.

Shego calls the Elder Guardians selfish, petty assholes. Rayjin agrees. Shego gets a call from Lee, telling her that the Turk Siblings have returned and are causing havoc in Middleton Park and that Global Justice is on it's way. Shego leaves to help Lee with the Evil Family.

At the Park, The Go Cousins fight and eventually defeat the Turks. Global Justice finally arrives and the Turks flee. After defeating the Turk's, Shego and Lee go home. At the Turk's warehouse Hideout, the siblings get a visit from the Elder Guardins...well Eisneroth at least. Eisneroth introduces himself and who commends the Turks for their work. He then reveals that the Meteor was his creation and that he and his fellow Elder Guardians were hoping the Powers would go to people like them.

At first the Siblings don't believe him, but once Eisneroth demonstrates his power, The family is convinced. They tell the Head Elder Guardian that they are in his debt. Eisneroth smiles wickedly.
12 (58) - Twin Trouble: Shego and Lee get a visit from Lee's younger Siblings Jimmy and the disbelief of Lee. Shego reveals that since Lee's parent's were going on a weekend getaway, she was asked to watch the twins and she agreed. Now they are spending the weekend. Lee is shocked and very displeased.

The Siblings shock both Shego and Lee when they reveal that they have Rainbow Comet Super Powers. Gina has an pink glow and the power of invisibility. Jimmy has a Yellow glow and the power of super speed. Lee asks how in the hell did they get these powers?

The Twins explain that while they were playing at a Playground just outside of their School (upperton elementary), a small bi-colored Rainbow Comet landed on the grounds. They went to investigate (luckily no adults around) and when they got close to it, they received its powers. The next thing they remember was waking up in the hospital and finding out that they had special powers.

The Twins tell of how their Mom forbid them from using their powers until they were older. Lee tells them that's great advice and to listen to their Mother. Global Justice calls and tells the Go's that the Turks are causing havoc downtown. Shego has no choice but to bring the Kids along, but warns them to stay out of the way. The Twins Promise.

During the battle, The Twins decide to test their powers on the bad guys, but can't control their powers correctly. They end up getting in the way. The Turks escape, much to the Go's chagrin. Back at Shego's apartment, Lee scolds his siblings and warns them to never use their abilities or get it their way again. Saddened, twins run off.

Shego tells Lee that he was too tough on them.. after all they are only children. Lee reveals to Shego that ever since they were born, Jimmy and Gina were pests to him. Shego knows how it feels to have annoying siblings. Global Justice calls again informing them that the Turks are back and this time they are attacking the Mall. The Go's leave to take care of them...unknown to them that the twins were listening. The twins want to prove themselves again and secretly follow their Brother and Cousin.

The Go's arriver to battle the Turks. They are surprised to see Eisneroth appear during the battle. Eisneroth reveals to the Go's that he's now the Turks Mentor and with him, they will make the earth the most Entertaining thing in the Galaxy for him and his fellow Elder Guardians.

Shego calls him a sick son of a bitch. The twins arrive. Lee is upest with them. Shego tells them to go home. The Twins refuse and want to redeem themselves. Eisneroth captures the kids and tries to force the Go's to surrender. However, Gina turns invisible and bites Eisenroth's arm. This causes the Elder to drop Gina. The Invisible Gina throws a bench at the Elder Guardian's Head, causing him to drop Jimmy,who high speeds away.

The Bad guys are surprised that the kids have powers. The Go's beat the Turks and they leave. Eisneroth vows vengeance and leaves with them. Lee apologizes to the twins and he's forgiven. The Siblings hug. Later, Shego and Lee take the Twins to Go Tower, in Go City where they convince Hego to train them.

Back at their Warehouse hideout, The Turk siblings are upset at another loss. Eisneroth convinces them that as long as the Go's exist, their fun will always end early. So the Turks decide to The Go's once and for all.
13 (59) - Assault on Global Justice: At their Warehouse Hideout, The Turks are trying to figure out how to kill the Go's. But Eisneroth has a better idea. Forget about the Go's for now and concentrate on the thing that sends Shego out on her missions, Global Justice. He figures that the only reason Shego's a crime fighter is because she get's a paycheck from them. Without Global Justice, Shego will be forced out of crime fighting once and for all.

Irena asks about Lee? Eisneroth tells them that With Shego out of the Crime fighting, Lee will be all alone and an easier target to kill. Eisneroth tells them of a base that he discovered that belongs to Global Justice. He tells the Siblings where the base is located and gives them their mission.

On a base In the Nevada desert, Global Justice Agents are doing their thing. The Turk Siblings arrive and attack the base. They also kill the agents and steal information on where Global Justice's hidden HQ is.  

At Shego's Apartment, Shego and Lee are having a video game tournament. Global Justice calls and tells them that the Turks have attacked one of their Bases and according to a survivor, they took valuable information...mainly the Location of Head Quarters. She requests that Shego and Lee help defending HQ. She also tells of Dr. Drakken creating a device that can drain the Turks of their Powers.

Using their Teleport belts, Shego and Lee teleport to GJHQ. In the wastelands of Nevada, The Turks arrive outside......a mountain. The Turks comment on this, but they know that the Mountain, in reality, contains an entrance into Global Justice HQ. A part of the Mountain opens and the Go cousins step out.

The Go's once again battle the Turks...and Win. Drakken arrives with a new device that can drain the Turks of their Powers. However, an angry Eisneroth arrives. Shego asks what Eisenroth has to gain from attacking Global Justice? Eisneroth reveals that he wanted the Turks to Win so that they can spread chaos and that without Shego as a Crime fighter, the Turks won't be stopped....It's all in the name of Entertainment.

Shego spits back calling Eisneroth a sick ass and that he knows Nothing about her. Eisneroth tells her that he knows enough. With that said, the Elder Guardian teleports both the Turks and himself away.  
14 (60) - When Turks Fall: At the Turks hideout, Eisenroth is really angry with the Turks failing to destroy Global Justice and inability to kill the Go's. The Turks snap back, but they are put in their place by the Elder Guardian, who reminds them about who gave them their powers.

Eisneroth decides to give them one last chance. He tells them where Shego lives and wants them to go there and attack. The Turk Siblings refuse and tell Eisneroth that his services are no longer wanted. They tell him that they are and always will be independent. Angry, the Elder Guardian attacks the Turks and drains them of their powers. He then leaves them for dead and decides to kill Shego himself. Russ is barely still alive and sees that his Sibling's are Dead. He vows revenge.

Meanwhile, Shego and Lee are back to school and Lee is already starting fights with the jerky jocks. Global Justice gets Greater Security System and has Drakken install it. 

Shego and Lee arrive home and have Eisneroth waiting for them. He begins his assault and the battle is taken to the roof.  Eisneroth tells Shego and Lee that this is personal, since he is sick of Shego ruining his plans for a more Entertaining Earth. Shego tells The Elder Guardian to get a life. The Battle is intense and pretty tough for the Go's. Elder Guardian soon gets the upper hand when he powers up.

The battle is interrupted by a battered and bloodied Russ,who seeks revenge on The Elder Guardian for killing his siblings. Eisneroth is surprised that Russ is alive...powerless, near death, but alive. Ruus has a gun and angrily shoots at Eisneroth..the Bullets do no harm and The Elder Guardian finishes Russ off.

The Battle between the Go Cousins and The Elder Guardian Continue. Shego manages to get the win. Eisneroth retreats with the promise that this isn't over. Shego and Lee goe to the downed Russ Turk. Russ tells Shego that he and his siblings were wrong to follow Eisneroth, despite the fact that he sent the God Meteor to them. Russ admits that Shego was a fun opponent and hopes they fight her again in the afterlife.....if there is one. With that Russ Turk dies.   

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