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Shego Season 3 (Part 3)

Shego Season 3 Part 3

15 (61) - Eisneroth's Vendetta: Eisneroth and The Elder Guardians are at their Sanctuary (the watches pandora)in the Middle of the Universe wondering what their next step should be? Eisneroth is still shocked at his loss to shego, believing No Mortal could Ever defeat an Elder Guardian...especially since he beat Shego last time they fought. The other Guardians think of a great plan for entertainment. Eisenroth tells them to shut it and he has a plan of his own....Force Lee and Shego to fight to the Using the Rage Ruby,a Gem he stole from Rucifel when they faught all those Eons ago. The Other Elder Guardians are not amused and tell their Leader to just forget about his pointless vendetta and to leave Shego be. They believe that she has great entertainment value. They also disagree with him about Chaos being the best form of entertainment. They also question why they keep following him.
Eisneroth tells them that they've gotten lame and proceeds with his plan. As Eisneroth gets the Rage Ruby, he wonders if the others are correct, and his Vendetta against Shego is pointless and that there are other good forms of entertainment besides Chaos.

Suddenly, a demonic voice is heard, telling Eisneroth that the others have gotten soft and tells him to go for it..kill the good guys. Eisenroth tells the voice that it's right, like all of the other times they met. Eisenroth has been listening to this Voice ever since it started talking to him years ago.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Shego and Lee are going about their Daily lives at Middleton High. It's the 1st of November and Lee can't wait for The Holiday Break. 

Eisneroth appears at Middleton High and zaps Shego and Lee with it when they leave the building. The 2 grow enraged with one another and after arguments they fight with ferocity. The Middleton High students are enjoying themselves.....but not as much as Eisneroth, who's watching from the roof.

Meanwhile, on The Watchers Pandora, The other Elder Guardians are watching the events and are disgusted at the Childishness of their Leader. They consider going down to Earth to end this. But they can't due to that sacred pact they made when they first became Elder Guardians: An Elder Guardian must always listen to and follow Their Leader no matter what. They then consider breaking that pact...or at least changing it.

They realize that Eisneroth gotten more extreme as the years went on...maybe too extreme for them. They then decide that something must be done about him.

Back on Earth, Shego and Lee are fighting like mad. The Principal, Steve Barkin clears the area of onlookers and warns the Go cousins to stop fighting or else.  Eisneroth is enjoying this and his vengeance will soon be complete. Rayjin appears and tells The Elder Guardian that he will be punished for interfering with Mortal affairs. The 2 then battle, while Shego and Lee battle. Barkin tries to break it up, but gets hit by both Go's.

When Rayjin breaks the Rage Gem, Lee and Shego are back to normal. Pissed, Eisneroth tells Rayjin that he's on his hit list and leaves. Shego asks what the hell happened? Rayjin explains it to the Go's. Shego is pissed at Eisneroth. Rayjin then tells Barkin to go easy on the Go's, since they were under a Hypnotic trance. Barkin asks Rayjin who the hell is. Rayjin tells him he's the Guardian of the Earth and leaves.

Barkin,who strangely believes what Rayjin says, decides to suspend both Go's. Meanwhile,at the Watcher's Pandora, Eisneroth is getting an earful by his fellow Elder Guardians. Eisneroth reminds them of the Pact they made. Rii-Sutan, the 2nd in command, tells the leader that in extreme cases, Pacts can be made to be broken.

After the others leave, The Voice appears to Eisneroth once again. It tells him to forget about those assholes and focus on the Ultimate Plan. Eisneroth smiles and chuckles evilly.
16 (62) - Thanksgiving with the Go's: It's Thanksgiving time and Kim Possible is back. She Ron, and Rufus visit the Possible residence for Thanksgiving dinner. The Stoppables are there is Dr.Drakken, which freaks Ron out. But Kim reminds him that Drakken is reformed and is the Chief scientist at Global Justice. Kim asks about Shego and her Cousin Lee. Drakken tells Kim that Shego was invited but decided to entertain her Family and Lee's at her home. Kim is disappointed as She heard some cool things about Lee and would've liked to meet him.

Meanwhile, at Shego's apartment Shego and Lee come home from getting food shopping (the rest of the stuff needed for the thanksgiving feast) and find the door unlocked. They open the door and find a man sitting on the couch who was waiting for Shego. Lee gets ready to fight but Shego knows the man as Uncle Otto (her mothers younger brother). Otto apologizes for breaking in, but wanted to see if he still got it. Shego mentions that Otto was the one who taught her how to pick locks.

After Shego introduces Lee to Uncle Otto,the Niece and Uncle catch up on old times,while putting the groceries away.  Later Sherrie and Yuusuke Go (shego's parents) arrive, followed by Team Go (not in uniform), The Twins (gina and jimmy), Chisao Go (shego's grandfather on her fathers side), and last but not least, Keiji and Dee Go (lee's parents).

Dee was the typical American cartoon mom, while Keiji was a  skinny nerdy man.

Meanwhile, on the Watchers Pandora,the Elder Guardians decide to have a Thanksgiving dinner of their own, after which they play 2 on 2 football (they learned it while watching an earth game). the Guardians have fun and realize that they don't have to always rely on other beings for Entertainment, they can make their own fun.

Back at the possible house,while having dinner, Kim talks about doing great in collage and her engagement to Ron. the family and Drakken are happy. Dr.Possible and Mr.Stoppable have a private man to man with Ron.

Back at the Go dinner,The Chisao Go tells the story about How the Go family came to America. Chun and Kikyo Go came by boat from Japan in 1919. Their Goal was to start life anew after their Parents disowned them for marrying each other. And in 1925,his father,Yuusuke Go,was born. Chisao also notes that he named his 2 sons after his dad and uncle Keiji.
Meanwhile,back on the Watchers Pandora, Eisneroth is making preperation for the ultimate plan. he takes the sacred idols from the vault and figures out how to use them to open up a huge gaping portal to the Chaosverse. 
17 (63) - Xmas in Go City: The Go Cousins and Drakken spend Christmas in Go City at Go Tower. It is revealed that the Jimmy and Gina (now wearing team go outfits that are colored the same their respective glow) have gotten better at using their powers.

While the Go's are enjoying (or trying to) their XMas Eve, A Go City Villain, called Zanta Klawz (a skinny guy dressed in a blue and black santa suit with a black beard) is on the loose and stealing X-Mas gifts from every home in Go City. Team Go is informed by the Mayor and they are off to stop the XMas Thief.

Shego decides to let Team Go and The Twins stop him Lee decides to take a break too. Zanta is stopped and put into jail. The Go Family enjoys the rest of their x-mas holiday.

At the Watchers Pandora, the Guardians gather (minus eisneroth) and make a decision to oust Eisneroth as leader.
18 (64) - Chaosverse Rising Part 1 - Lee and Shego are at a Ski resort on their last day of the Holiday vacation.  Meanwhile, at the Watchers Pandora, Eisneroth is preparing for his Ultimate Plan and is about to leave for the roof of the Pandora with the Idols, when he is confronted by the Other Elders who are carrying a stone tablet. That Tablet contains the Pact the Guardians made in written form.

The Guardians are un happy with Eisneroth's extremist attitude and have decided to break their Pledge. They Destroy the tablet and tell Eisneroth as his reign as their Leader is over. Eisneroth does not take this well. The Elder Guardians notice the Idols in Eisneroth's possession and demand answers. Eisneroth reveals his plan to open up the Chaosverse and unleash hell upon the Earth...all for entertainment.

The Rest of the Elder Guardians don't like the plan, calling it reckless and sick. Eisneroth counters by telling them they've gotten weak and pathetic. Soon a fight breaks out between Eisneroth and the Other Elder Guardians. Eisneroth defeats the Elders and reveals that he secretly made a pact with the Lord of the Chaosverse during the Chaosverse' first invasion all those eons ago. The pact was 50/50 ownership of the universe. Rucifel, the Lord of Chaos, recently developed telepathic abilities and the moment he mastered them, he contacted him.

When asked why? Eisneroth reveals that he was sick to death of being a low level Guardian.. he wanted more power and a bigger role in the universe...he wanted to Own planets and people. After his Monologue, Eisneroth puts the Remaining 4 Guardians in Suspended animation and teleports them to the Prison Area.

Eisneroth continues with his plan. He gets on the Roof of the Pandora and places the Idols in the proper position.  Finally he says the incantation, which activates the Idols. The Idols give Eisneroth the power to rip open a huge portal to the Chaosverse.

Once the forces of the Chaosverse are freed, they waste no time and attack Earth. Shego and lee are attacked at the Ski Resort and are defeated. They retreat to Global Justice, where they learn that alien demons are attacking all over the world. Info passed down by Dr. Tim Possible (kim's dad).

Shego teleports (via the teleporter belt) to Rayjins Sanctuary for answers. Rayjin tells Shego that he feared this day would come.. The Elder Guardians have unleashed the Chaosverse upon Earth and the best way to win is to summon the Godian and his men from the Cosmoverse. However, he mentions that only an Elder Guardian can summon the Forces of the Cosmoverse to this Universe. The Cosmoverse can enter the Universe Anytime they want, but they choose to stay out until invited, out of respect.

Rayjin finds it strange that Lord Rucifel, The Mighty Master of the Chaosverse, is not among his minions.

Shego and Rayjin make plans to go to the Watchers Pandora to convince the Elders to stop this madness. Meanwhile, superheroes from around the globe are fighting the minions of the Chaosverse. Lee,Team Go, The Go Twins, Jake Long , and Team Possible are among those heroes who are fighting to save Earth. Even Dr. Betty Director is taking part.. fighting in her battle suit.

Shego and Rayjin arrive at the Watchers Pandora. where they see Eisneroth watching Earth with evil glee...and refreshments. The 2 confront the evil Elder Guardian. Eisneroth is surprised to see them. Shego asks if he was responsible for unleashing this evil?

Eisneroth nods proudly and tells Shego his reasons. Rayjin asks where the other elders were? Eisneroth tells him that he locked them up for betraying him as well as being weak.He intends on destroying them later. Rayjin leaves to find the others Guardians, Eisneroth tries to stop him, but Shego interferes and a fight begins.

Shego beats Eisneroth, but the evil Elder Guardian uses the Idols to power himself up. With his new Power, He gives Shego a tough time...and defeats her.
19 (65) - Chaosverse Rising Part 2: Back in Earth, the planets heroes are failing to the sheer might of the Chaosverse (including kim possible and lee. rons mystic monkey powers are getting weaker).

Meanwhile, Inside the Watchers Pandora, Rayjin finds the other Elder Guardians in suspended animation within the Prison Area, Rayjin wakes them up and informs them of the situation. He asks them for help and they agree.. though they refuse to call on the Cosmoverse. Shego is battling a powered up Eisneroth and is fighting as she never ever fought before.

Rayjin and the Other Elders arrive and see the Battle. The Elder Guardians like what they see, claiming the Shego/Eisneroth fight is great entertainment. Rayjin reminds them of the crisis. They ask Rayjin the Plan? Rayjin tells them that the only way to save Earth now is to summon the Cosmoverse. The Elders refuse telling him that it's a matter of pride.

As Shego battles Eisneroth,Rayjin tries his best to get the Elder Guardians to listen to reason...when that fails, He threatens them and tells them that the death of Earth will be on their heads. The Elders snap back at Rayjin. The Elder Guardians rush to the Fight and attack Their Ex-Leader...They get beat badly. The Elder Guardian's frustratingly decides try it Rayjin's way.

The Elder Guardian's summons the Cosmoverse with a chant. Suddenly, another portal opens up and the Cosmoverse forces, lead by Godian, rush out. The sight of this scares Eisneroth. Shego gets in a sneak attack.

Godian and the Forces of the Cosmoverse fly to earth and battle the Chaosverse. The Cosmoverse aren't allowed to kill mortals.. its a sacred rule, so they capture them instead. The Heroes are Releaved and thank the Cosmoverse.

Godian and his forces take the Captured Chaosverse members and toss them back into the open portal that Eisneroth made. Eisneroth is scared..really  really sacred. Godian seals up the portal and turns his attention to Eisneroth.

Godian condemns Eisneroth and decides to punish him severely for his deeds AND Breaking the Rules of the Guardians. Eisneroth attacks Godian, but the Master of The Cosmoverse easily defeats him.

Godian then strips Eisneroth of  his Position and Immortality. Godian hands down a second punishment to Eisneroth. The Ex-Guardian is to remain on Earth as a pitiful mortal. After exiling Eisneroth, Godian offers Rayjin the job of Elder Guardian. Rayjin declines and says that Earth is his home and wants to remain it's Guardian. He then convinces the Godian to spare the Other Elder Guardians. Godian decides to spare them. After commending Shego for her work, Godian takes the Sacred Idols and heads back to the Cosmoverse with his Forces.

After the Cosmoverse portal closes, Shego and Rayjin go home.
20 (66) - Guardians Atonement: A Day after the Chaosverse Invasion. The World is in the process of recovering. There are Medical teams and Construction teams in droves everywhere around the world. Even The Heroes and Global Justice are lending a hand.

Suddenly,The Elder Guardians (rii sutan , haansan, miriza, and rookus) appear before Shego, Lee, and Team Possible (who are all back in middleton). Shego thinks they are here for a fight. The Elder Guardian's tell her that they are here to help.

The Elders want to make up for the trouble they caused under Eisneroth and help rebuild Earth. Shego thinks this is a trick. Kim wants to give them the benefit of the doubt. And so the Elders help Shego and the others efforts to rebuild Earth.

Each of the Guardian's use their Powers to quickly restore Buildings and roads. They even heal the Injured and sick. They even get thanks. After that's done, The Guardians move on to another Part of the World.

During a Break, Shego, Lee, and Kim are chatting. Lee tells Kim about himself. and Shego reveals the origins of the Rainbow Comet when asked (the rainbow comet was created by rayjin because he wanted to give a chosen few superpowers so that they could defend the earth.).

The Girls then chat about old times. Shego reveals to Kim that she went easy on her all those times they fought. she held back because deep down she kinda found kim an interesting and fun opponent..and that she kinda cared about her. Kim reveals that she's always wanted a Big Sister relationship with her. The 2 hug.

Meanwhile, somewhere in India, The Elder Guardians witness the Devastation and ruined lives (and dead children) and realize that their way of thinking might be flawed greatly. After healing the sick and rebuilding the structures using their Powers, The 4 Elder Guardians make a promise to respect and value all life on every planet....or at least Try to.

Meanwhile, On the Planet Juno (the 10th planet), Rucifel, The Evil Lord of the Chaosverse is in hiding. He knew that the Chaosverse and Eisneroth would fail,so he took precaution. He fled to Juno the moment he was freed and went into hiding.

And now that that's all over, he has reemerged, and ready to take over The Universe. He is somewhat disappointed at Eisneroth's failure, but learns that next time, he will telepathically manipulate better help.

Rucifel has been manipulating Eisneroth for years via telepathy. His goal was to have Eisneroth rip open a huge gate from the Chaosverse to The Main Universe. He also did it for fun.

Back on Earth,The Elder Guardians explain to Lee that Elder Guardians (and lower guardians) can open a single miniscule portal to anywhere, but they can't create huge ones or more than one without an outside power.

The Elder Guardians tell Shego and Co that they must be off. Shego thanks the Guardians for swallowing their Pride and helping and that they did an amazing job. The Elder Guardians bid farewell and leave. Watching from above from his Sanctuary, Rayjin feels thatb there's hope for the Elder's. But get's a deep feeling of dread knowing that Rucifel remains at large.
Continued in Season 4! Coming Soon!

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