Friday, October 25, 2013

Clearing Something Up. A Message From Me to The Canadians

To The Canadians: I Don't Hate You. I just wanted to clear that up. I Despise You're Cartoons being aired on American TV all of the time. I don't mind you creating your own shows (animated or otherwise). You have a right to and I'm all for that.

It's just that your shows are being shoved in my face and promoted like they're something special. I also don't like how your Cartoons are replacing ours. Of course, Our Network Executives are to blame for this tragedy, not You guys.

Look but I have no Malice towards Your Country or Your people. I even have friends that are Canadian. One of my Wrestling Hero's,Bret Hart, is Canadian. Hell, Some of my favorite Voice Actors are Canadian.

Sure your Politics suck crap, but hey, so does ours. No Country or Person is Perfect. From what I could tell (via the internet) Canada seems like a beautiful country (especially nature wise). Plus you guys are good neighbors. I don't Hate Canada. I never said I did anyway. I said was I don't like your Cartoons airing constantly on my TV. But like I stated earlier, it's our Network Executives fault and not yours.   .

So I'm no Canadiaphobe(?). If I offended any of you, I'm sorry. There, I hope I've made my self clear on the subject.

Thank You, and Stay Gold


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Disney Destiny League Character Bio - Mulan

Hi there, toonsters.  First off, I like to thank Stefan for helping me with the Destiny League character bio blogs.  Now, it is my turn and this one I wanted to do next since I did the bio of Wall-E, per request by Stefan.  Anyway, today's profile is on Disney's favorite Chinese warrior princess, Mulan.

Background: A member of the Fa family from ancient China, Fa Mulan was usually a beautiful Chinese maiden, destined to be a betrothed to a male.  But, when her father was drafted back to the royal army, and aware that he is not feeling well, Mulan, without her father's knowledge, took up his armor and sword and joined the army as a man under the alias, "Ping."  After her deception was discovered, Mulan was kicked out of the army.  Despite this, Mulan fought hard to stop the Huns, including their leader, Shan-Yu.  After saving China, Mulan earned the respect from her peers, including Captain Li Shang, her father, and even the emperor of China himself. If there were more women like Mulan, China would of been a free, democratic country, not a communist country that see democracy as a crime.  What a gip!

Personality, Gear and Appearance:  Don't let her beauty fool you, just like Aladdin, there is more than Mulan than just a regular commoner.  She knows self-defense, good with a sword and very agile.  Although a lady, Mulan isn't afraid to speak her mind against those speak against the righteous.  Mulan isn't much armed, just her father's sword from the Fa family.  And when she is in a jam, she could always depends on her dragon friend, Mushu, the Fa family's guardian dragon.  When thawed out, Mulan had short, black hair (after she cut it when she joined the royal army in her father's place) and wears the standard uniform of the royal army (minus the armor), the same outfit she wore in Kingdom Hearts II.

Sidestory: After being thawed out, Mulan got debriefed by Rayjin about China falling to Igor's evil forces just like the other kingdoms.  Unlike the other characters, Mulan didn't feel disoriented and aware of this new evil that has plagued this world.  Although she has lost her friends and her family, luckily thanks to Rayjin, he manage to save Mushu, the guardian dragon.  Unlike Mulan, Mushu went crazy when got the bad news about the fall of China, lamenting that he failed.  But, Mulan brought him back to Earth, reminding him that he didn't fail and he has her always, despite being a bit crazy and eccentric. However, there was no rest, for Mulan and Mushu are ready to fight Igor and his evil forces.

I hope you like this blog.  Don't worry, it is not over.  There will be more.  Until next time. Godspeed, my friends.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Did You Know: Screwed By The Executives

Did you Know... That Check Norris' Karate Kommando's (the very short and short lived Chuck Norris cartoon) was Originally gonna have 13-15 Episodes instead of just 5. Ruby Spears Production's cut the show short due to failing Toy Sales...despite the show itself having good ratings. If RS Productions didn't depend so much on the toy line, we would've enjoyed 8-10 more episodes of Animated Chuck Norris kicking ass. A very similar thing happened to Another RS Production.....Mega Man: The Animated Series.
Did You Know....That Swat Kats was gonna have a 3rd season. Hanna-Barbara Productions were ready to make it. However, Some Parents Groups teamed up Against the Idea and forced HB to stop making The 3rd Swat Kat Season. The Parents Groups complained that the Children of America shouldn't be watching this type of "Violent and Dark" Cartoon (despite SK not even being so). If it wasn't for those meddling Parents  Groups. Swat Kats would've been able to Continue.*sighs* Sadly, Swat Kats wasn't the last victim of this kind of treatment. :(
Did You Know....  The Highest Rated Animated Shows on Disney XD were Tron:Uprising and Motor City. However, Anne Sweeney decided to Scrap these shows in favor of Low rated Cartoons from Canada. Thus proving Once And For All, that Anne Sweeney is the Queen Of Retards and is Unfit to Command. Walt would be Ashamed.
That's it for today. If you have any Cartoon Trivia you'd like to submit to the site, drop a comment below

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Day the Power Died - The Death of Lou Scheimer!

This is ACF News Bulletin.  Lou Scheimer, the father figure of the legendary cartoon studio Filmation, has died on October 18, 2013.  He was 85 years old. Scheimer, who founded Filmation since the 60s until its demise in the 90s, gave us some of the awesome cartoons from yesteryear.  Whether it's animated adaptations of fictional heroes like Tarzan, Zorro, The Lone Ranger, Superman, Batman, and Star Trek, or gave us the famed cartoons from the 70s and the 80s, including Ghostbusters (not to be confused with the other Ghostbusters from Columbia Pictures), Fat Albert (Hey, Hey, Hey!), Bravestar,Blackstar, and of course, arguably two of the best animation shows in the 80s, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and its spin-off, She-Ra: The Princess of Power.  Not only he founded Filmation, but he did voice work those cartoons I have mentioned, including voicing Orko. His death comes from not only quadruple bypass surgery, but from being diagnose with Parkinson's Disease.  Either way, his death has send a seismic shock of 10.0 to those who grew up with cartoons from the 60s, 70s and 80s, including Stefan and myself.  He is survived by most of his family, including his daughter, Erica, who did voice work in Filmation's cartoons as well.

I always think that animation as a whole is in danger.  But with the death Mr. Scheimer, that statement couldn't be more true.  But, here in the American Cartoon Federation, even if someone we idolizes died, we have pledged to fight on and keep the memory of those who have since passed away all not be in vain, insuring that animation has a place in the world.  Here's to you, Lou. Godspeed and thanks for the good memories and all the life lessons you have given us in your cartoons.

(TAPS plays)

This has been an ACF News Bulletin.  Thank you.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Disney Destiny League Character Bio - M

Ok, It's now My turn to submit a Character Bio for Destiny League (or D-League). This time it's the Mysterious cyber-suited Leader of the League, M.

Background: Nothing is Known At This Time, Except he WAS the King of Planet Diz, an world populated by Anthropomorphic Animal people. He was ousted by The Malice Kingdom's Dark Lord Eigor in a hostile takeover. M was said to be murdered that night...but he survived the assault and secretly escaped to Earth.

Appearance, Gear and Personality:  M's original look is a mystery, he is never seen without his Black and Red Iron Man-esque armor. The helmet covers his entire head (face too) and has stylized mouse-like ears. His armored suit can fly and is very sturdy.. can take 2,000 hits before being destroyed.

The Suit is equipped with lasers, a stealth mode, and a super Pulsar blaster. Plus,M is a superb wrestler. M's Personality is the everyday heroic warrior...only slightly more dark. Fight the good fight in the name of Justice. Though he Can be quite vengeful when his friends and family are killed or hurt by bad guys. Since he was a great king, M's Leadership skills are top notch.

Backstory: M crash lands on Rayjin's Sanctuary, where he meets the Guardian of Earth,Rayjin. Nearly dead, M asks for help. Rayjin heals him up and listens as M tells him about the Plight of the Universe. Rayjin decides to help and outfits M with an armored suit. Rayjin knew that the Earth would need Defenders, so he tells M about the Ancient Earth Heroes that he Had Cryogenically Frozen just incase of an emergency.

Long story Short, Rayjin unfreezes the Heroes and recruits them to save the world alongside M. They Are The Destiny League. The Team was formed not a moment too soon,as the Malice Kingdom has arrived on Earth.
Please note that Destiny League takes place in a Different (alternate) Continuity than Shego. And that the Destiny League that appeared in 'Shego' isn't the same Destiny League. In fact, The D-League that appears in Shego are not Earth's Defenders, but Defenders of the Universe. And the revived Earth Warriors are from M's world instead of Earth.  Rayjin is different in Both Continuities. I'll list the differences some time.
Well that does it for this Bio. Stay Gold, Everyone.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Why We Hate Stuart Snyder?! 2

This is the Sequel to RekkaDragonJay's
Retarded! Radical! Ideological! Extremist! Fanatical! Illogical! Pathetic! These words describe the Vast Majority of Today's Network Executives. But one Man really takes the cake...Stuart Snyder, Head of Cartoon Network and Boomerang ....And Pet to Phil Kent,Head of Turner Broadcasting (it's true, that's why Snyder has never been fired).

There is just so much damage this Ass has done to not only Cartoon Network, but Boomerang as well. This piece of Shit Insists on Continuing his radical and harmful leftist Ideology instead of listening to the American People (the majority, not the irrational minority).

Here is Snyder's biggest crimes. For starters let's start with the most extremist block on CN, Adult Swim. The Shows on that block are So extreme, they're only appealing to the radical progressive minority. What's worse is that Adult Swim(or a-duh swim) is on Every night for 8 Hours. That's WAY too much.

Don't get me wrong, I used to like AS, but that's when it was a small block that aired on Saturday and Sunday nights(with better shows). Now, Most Americans(myself included) feel that AS is no longer needed and that Snyder is overplaying his hand when it comes to the block itself.

In a Fascist move, Snyder has resurrected Toonami as an arm of Adult Swim. I'm sorry, but this New Toonami Is NOT the True Toonami. If it was the Real Toonami, it would be a Separate Block. I love Toonami, but not this retooled trash.

And things get worse from here, folks. Let's turn our attention to Stewie Snyder's Anti-Bulling Campaign. Ugh! Where do I begin. In late 2011-early 2012, Cartoon Network began adopting an Anti-Bulling attitude.. which has gotten really annoying as of late. CN has put out several (pathetic)PSA's featuring the stars of the ever retarded Live Action Shows (mainly "level up"). The latest PSA from Cartoon Network is a total Embarrassing Rap video staring 2 assholes from "Level Up". UGH!

And if that weren't enough, Snyder himself has decided to jump into this by putting out his Own Anti-Bulling PSA. Now That's Hypocritical. Snyder (who's a radical terrorist) speaking out against Bulling is like The Ayatollah of Iran speaking out against Anti-Semitism. Hypocritical to the Tenth Power.

Also, these "Anti-Bulling" messages AIN'T WORKING, but that Mega Extremist, Stuart Snyder refuses to take a hint. Best way to limit bulling is to enforce traditional values in the home, the schools, and the entertainment media. Period! Anyway, moving on to the saddest part of Snyder's legacy. Boomerang!

Boomerang is a network that had Soooo much potential, but thanks to that Radical Snyder, that potential will never be realized. From airing shitty CN advertisements to airing the trash from the mid-late 2k years, Boomerang is slowly dying. And airing those Pre-School shows don't help matters either.

Snyder truly is a Monster, a Fascist Monster. He's destroyed CN and now he's doing the same thing to Boomerang. It's Terrible. Snyder and his Radical Progressive Views must go NOW!!!! 
The only good news about CN is that the Live Action shows seems to be limited now, only airing about 3-4x a week (counting the movies). Not only that, but it seems the live action shows are in small blocks this time, instead of big ones. Cartoon Network is easing back on the Live Action garbage, However, that doesn't mean It'll be getting better. It's still destroyed, ruined by a Ideological Ass, who thinks he's the best.

Also calling Stewie Snyder Judge Doom is inaccurate.. He likes Cartoons, Just not American ones (kinda like bob iger, anne sweeney, and nikki reed). Deep down, Snyder hates the Great American Cartoon and foolishly sees Canadian shows (and live action ones) as superior. Sure, there Are American animated stuff on CN, but most of them are either Overrated or just plain Sucky.

When it comes to American Cartoons, Snyder couldn't care less about quality. Any quality American cartoon that is presented to him, He'll either reject it immediately or Ax it in a short period of time. And That's A Fact, Jack!

Anyway,speaking of Overrated and Sucky, Another thing Snyder is known for is over milking the overrated Ben 10 franchise to death. When Will This Insanity End!!

Bottom Line, The Vast Majority of Americans Hate Stuart Snyder for a verity of reasons, but they'll always remember him as the Extremist Ass that Destroyed Cartoon Network.

And Now for a Bonus attack.
In Offence of Jim Samples.

For those who think, Jimmy Samples is a Hero. You're screwing yourselves. Yes, he was one at first but then he turned to the Darkside in 2005. Samples is no Hero. He's the jackass who made CN bad in the first place. You people must remember, Snyder only made things worse and it was Samples who started bringing the destruction.

It was Samples who had a fetish for Canadian Shows. It Was Samples who Thought Kiddie Entertainment needed a return to CN, It was Samples who Introduced Radical Ideological Programing to Adult Swim, turning it from a flawed, but okay block to a horrible, horrible mess. It Was Samples Who Introduced The Live Action Concept for Cartoon Network.

All of these things made CN terrible and pathetic. Samples is no Hero. He's a Shithead. And I feel sorry for the ignorant lemmings who want him back.
This has been a ACF Special Presentation 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Banned and Censored Episodes in Cartoons (and Why They Should Not Be Banned Permanently)

I like to take a moment to talk about banned and censored episodes.  The type of episode that were otherwise removed from its rotation due to what happened in real life like an earthquake or terrorist attack and such.  But since this is the American Cartoon Federation, I am, of course, referring to the episodes from cartoons that were banned or edited for content.  In the beginning, for the honor of those who were involved in real life issues, the networks that airs them either edited them or in the case of the Hub Network, remove it.  It was honorable and decent in the beginning and we hope one day that they will bring back the episode, knowing that the disaster in question has become a footnote in history, sealed up in every history book everywhere.  But in a world where political correctness has become the law of the land in all media, that is not entirely the case.  I know we got DVDs for the shows we like to watch and has all the episodes.  But the networks has a habit of getting all PC when it comes to cartoons, even those that are mature in nature.  It was honorable to remove them in the beginning to not hurt those victims, but by not putting those episodes back in the rotation, it has become stupid in nature because they only listen to the PC Police, with the censorship and all that.  Anyway,  the following list of episodes from cartoons that were either banned or edited:

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero - Cobra Quake

In this episode, the Joes had to stop Cobra from destroying Japan by disarming improvise explosives that Cobra placed around the country, which will explode, causing man-made earthquakes around the country, causing it to sink in the bottom of the Pacific.  There was no problem with this episode until the Hub Network removed it after the March 11th, 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami disaster that ravaged most of the country, so much it even caused severe damage to the Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Power Plant.  In the beginning, the Hub did it to honor and respect the Japanese people.  But it has since refused to air the episode back into its rotation and they've been doing it ever since, even if they stopped showing G.I. Joe altogether after Nikki Reed took over the Hub's programming format.  I like this episode, not because of the mature theme of the story, but because this is the episode that highlights Quick Kick and his impressions of Humphrey Bogart and Alfred Hitchcock.  He may not live up to Snake Eyes, but he is OK in my book.

Men in Black: The Series - The Neuralizer Syndrome

In this episode, after accidently wiping his memories clean, Agent J has to find a way to restore Agent K's memories.  This episode was banned because of one thing, 9/11.  That's right, it had the World Trade Center and the part with the aliens trying to rip it apart.  Since then, even when it was aired on the Hub, this is the only episode that wasn't in the rotation because of what happened on 9/11.  Now that One World Trade Center a.k.a. the Freedom Tower is near its completion, don't you think they should remove the ban on any of all shows and movies that have references to the World Trade Center in it. I think the time is now.

Batman Beyond - Bloodsport

OK, this one is a doozy.  In this episode, Terry (Future Batman) fights the Stalker, a game hunter with bionic implants.  When it was aired on the Hub, they didn't even show this episode at all.  The question is, why?  Why didn't they air it?  Was it the name of episode itself, or the part where Stalker kidnaps Terry's little brother, Matt?  With a wave of kidnappings and little kids disappearing on the rise,
it could be.  I am not sure.  If anyone has the answer of why this episode was banned on the Hub, tell me.  I ask the Hub once about this but they refuse to answer.

Batman: The Animated Series - Baby Doll

In this episode, Batman and Robin investigates the disappearance of actors playing a TV family, which were connected to the TV show called "Baby Doll."  For some reason, the episode was banned from future airings, not just by the little kids disappearing/kidnapping part as I stated before, but the character Baby Doll a.k.a. Mary Daal, is the cartoon equivalent to Gary Coleman, who, just like Baby Doll, had a condition that makes him not grow up.  How many more excuse they can come up with to ban episodes like this?

The next are the episodes that are banned and I will make this quick.

Gargoyles - Deadly Force: Edited because of guns. Stefan's Note: But that's not all. A whole slew of Gargoyles Eps were Censored. Worse yet, those Censored Episodes are the ones on the DVDs. Disney has Never released the Original Uncensored Episodes on DVD. We need to change this.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - The Last Roundup: Two words, Derpy Hooves. LAME!! Stefan's Note: Actually the episode was Only banned in America according to my knowledge.

What Stefan's trying to say is that the episode was removed for awhile.  But when the episode came back, the scene with Derpy was edited because of the so-called Moral Guardians claim that Derpy was offensive to those who have disabilities.  All wrong on both ends.  I thought the cartoon itself was usually was tolerable towards everybody, even those with disabilities.  Leave it to the Moral Guardians to be the "Fly in the Ointment."  Animation is not safe from the FCC's wrath, even on Cable and/or Satellite providers.

Spider-Man (1994 cartoon): 9/11 and references of Princess Diana in a few episodes. Stefan's Note: Stupid!!!

Justice League Unlimited (Vortexx Version): NO...VIOLENCE...EVER!!! Stefan's Note: Ugh! We Seriously need another SatAM Block.

Agree on both ends, too.  But as long as the FCC makes these rules, they won't be any blocks with action cartoons unless someone defies them and the Moral Guardians that supports them.  Let's keep hoping.

The point is, editing and banning certain episodes from cartoons won't make the world better.  It is just a matter of time until someone decides to put them back.  Until that day comes, at least we got the DVDs.  But still, banning and editing cartoons, to me, is a serious offense against not just the kids, but also to nature itself.  We don't our kids to believe that the world is all sugar-coated.  This is America, we are entitled to our freedom and our rights and banning episodes in cartoons or cartoons in general isn't one of them.  Until next time.  Godspeed, my friends.

Niiki Reed: Kiddie Show Fetishist And An Enemy To American Animation

When people say that The Hub Network will favor Live Action more than Animated, they are mistaken. The reality is, that The Hub Network isn't favoring Live Action all that much over Animation. No. It's favoring Kiddie Shows more and trashing the ones with more Maturity.

Look at the facts 90% of The Hub's current stable of Animated Programs are either Girly-Girl or Pre-School. This alienates those Animation fans who like Animated Shows that hate those types of shows. Believe it or not, only 8-10% of Viewers are fans of Preschool and Girly-Girl stuff. That's a small percentage of viewers. So That means 88-90% of the Viewers are getting the finger from the Network.

And If that ain't enough, The Hub Network seems to have a new found hate for action shows and shows with slightly mature themes. Here's Proof: Huboom no longer exists, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is either on Very Late at Night or Very Early in the Morning, the Kiddie and Girly Girl Crap air way more than they should, and let us not forget The Unnecessarily Censoring of Family Movies.

The Hub Network has a hard fetish for Baby and Girly-Girl cartoons and if changes aren't made soon, I'll become a Carbon Copy of the Disney Channel. And That's No Good. And That's not the half of it. The Hub Network is officially Anti-American when it comes to Animation.

The Vast Majority of Animated shows on the Hub Network are Canadian. How Sick! How Very Very Sick!

The fool behind these atrocities is Nikki Reed and her stupid bosses. They are the ones who want to turn The Hub Network into Disney Channel Number 2. Pathetic. Nikki Reed must be Fired. Period

Viva La American Cartoons!!!!! F The Baby and Girly Girl Shows.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ultimate Boss Special: Disney Afternoon Rebirth Promo

A Continuation of:
[montage of the internet]

Narrator: Ah, The Internet. Where Nostalgia lives eternally. For Disney Fans, it is the Only way nowadays to watch the classics. However,that's all about to change...Change For The Better

[Transitions to a control center. the Center has many computers and monitors. an armored character that resembles Ironman with a stylized mouse eared helmet enters. He is M.]

M: Hey Guys, I'm M, Leader of The Destiny League and Host of The New and Improved Disney Afternoon.  Yeah,It's been way too long since this block existed. But,The Disney Afternoon gets to live again. TDA died with a bang, and it's getting revived with a bang. Here's a cool show that fell victim to executive meddling.

[transitions into clips of Motor City with the appropriate Monologue}

Narrator: Detroit In The Near Future, one Corrupt Executive,with great press,rules with an iron hand. {dialogue from the clips} His only opposition, a small group of Hot-rodding rebels with attitude. {dialogue from the clips}. The Burners are ready to Burn Rubber and Burn the Evil Abe Kane in the process  [dialogue from the clips] Motor City. Live Fast, Live Free.

[transitions back to M in the control center]

M: Told ya we were starting off things with a bang. Now as you remember, TDA was mainly Male oriented. Most shows had male stars,with the ladies stuck in supportive roles. Well that's about to change.

[transitions into clips of W.I.T.C.H with the appropriate Monologue}

Narrator: Heart, Water, Fire, Earth, Air! 5 average teenage girls chosen to become Guardians. {dialogue from the clips}. Their Mission: To save the Universe from the tyrannical King of Meridian, who's hell bent on Ruling the Universe. {dialogue from the clips}. The jobs tough,thankfully though,they have backup: A Meridian rebel [dialogue from clips] and a goofy sidekick [dialogue from clips]. Together as One,These Girls are ready to save Meridian and the Universe [dialogue from clips] W.I.T.C.H! Guardians Unite.

[transitions back to M in the control center]

M: About time we started re-airing this show. It's one of Disney's finest. Speaking of finest, In order to keep this block at it's finest, we needed to be innovative and extraordinary......and We knew just the guys to call.

[transitions into clips of Phineas and Ferb with the appropriate Monologue}

Narrator: Young Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher aim to make every day of summer count {dialogue from the clips}. And with a little help from their friends, these step-brother make everyday extraordinary with a variety of awesome activities. [dialogue from the clips] Not even an overzealous older sister can stop these guys from having the best day ever. [dialogue from the clips]. Top it all off with a kickass Super Secret Agent Platypus, [dialogue from the clips] and you've got the Best Show Ever. [dialogue from the clip] Phineas and Ferb. Seize The Day.

[transitions back to M in the control center]

M: Are those boys geniuses or what? Add Perry to the mix and you got one hell of a show. With shows like these, you probably already think that this is as awesome as we're gonna get. Well,think again. Kim Possible has been off the air for years, but it's fan base is still going strong. And why not? Kim is one awesome girl. She can do anything,including make this block even more epic.

[transitions into clips of Kim Possible with the appropriate Monologue}

Narrator: Kim Possible isn't your average Teenage girl. [dialogue from the clips]. This fiery redhead is an action hero with amazing abilities. not to mention 16 styles of martial arts. [dialogue from the clips]. With the aid of her goofy best friend,his awesome pet molerat,and a wiz kid, she truly is unstoppable. [dialogue from the clips]. Mad Scientists and Super Powered Mercenaries will never beat her.{dialogue from the clips}. Confrontations with her School Rival....not a problem. {dialogue from the clips}. Fighting against Monkey Ninjas? big. [dialogue from the clips]. Dealing with everyday teenage life? not the drama...well most of the time, anyway. [dialogue from the clips]. Kim Possible. She Can Do Anything. 

[transitions back to M in the control center]

M: Truly a Classic. But KP isn't the only classic we have. We've brought back 2 TDA Alumni.

[transitions into clips of Gargoyles with the appropriate Monologue}

Narrator: 1000 Years ago in Europe, Superstition and the sword ruled. [dialogue from the clips] It was the Dark ages and the age of Gargoyles. [dialogue from the clips] Betrayed by the very ones they were sworn to protect, frozen in stone by a magic spell. A millennia later, they are brought to New York City by a devious billionaire. [dialogue from the clips]. But when night falls,the Spell brakes and they Live Again.[dialogue from the clips]. These winged creatures of the night battle to protect humankind while trying to adapt to the modern world [dialogue from the clips]. Stone by day, warriors by night. Gargoyles. Rock On!

[transitions back to M in the control center].

M: So glad to gave this show back. And now. It's time to get Dangerous.

[transitions into clips of Darkwing Duck with the appropriate Monologue}

Narrator: St. Canard is under constant attack by powerful Super villains and arch fiends. [dialogue from the clips] Only one Duck dares to challenge their might....Darkwing Duck [dialogue from the clisp]. By day,he is Drake Mallard,mild mannered parent living in the suberbs [dialogue from the clips] But by night,he is Darkwing Duck,scourge of all evil. [dialogue from the clips] The Masked Mallard is combat skilled [dialogue from the clips]. Fearless [dialogue from the clips]. Graceful[dialogue from the clips]. And a great shot [dialogue from the clips]. He has all the skills to give every bad in the City a run for their money. {dialogue from the clips}. Darkwing Duck. Let's Get Dangerous.   

[transitions back to M in the control center]

M: After all these years Darkwing's still got it. Launchpad McQuack too. As you can see, TDA is new and improved. Here's a Montage of the cool shows we'll be showing you. Take it way.

{transitions into a mixed montage of Motor City, W.I.T.C.H.,Phineas and Ferb,Kim Possible, Gargoyles, and Darkwing Duck clips}

Narrator: Disney Afternoon Rebirth. Resurrecting your Weekday Afternoons with a Bang.

[transitions back to M in the control center]

M: Too cool, huh? Can't wait to get to work with shows like these. But these shows are only part of the epicness. Stay tuned after the transmition break,We still have a few more awesome things to tell you about.  

{transmition breaks}

[transitions back to M in the control center]

M: Welcome back to this special Disney Afternoon Rebirth Promo. I'm your host M. As promised we have some more cool stuff to present to you. As you know, DVD's and Blue-Ray are mega popular and will continue to be so until the end of the century. Disney Afternoon Rebirth Proudly Presents: The Disney DVD announcements board

[shows one of the computer screens. this one shows a list of upcoming Disney, Pixar,and Marvel DVD's....out dated, but accurate. focuses back to M]

M: Yeah, the list is outdated. But what this is a preview show, so it's fine. We'll give you real upcoming Disney DVD info when the block debuts. Disney had made some amazing Shows and movies. Speaking which,one thing we'll also be doing, is review various Shows, Movies, and Games made for or by the Big D.

M: Weather it be Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, or even Disney itself, it don't matter. It'll be reviewed here on Disney Afternoon Rebirth...with no bias. Fair and balanced is what makes a smart review. Cool huh? and we still have 1 more card to play.

M: One of the main reasons why TDA has been reborn, is because of the fans. You helped us. now it's time to return the favor. Introducibg DA:R Fan Showcase. For 10 minutes, DA:R will be showcasing Disney Fan Art, Reading Fan mail, and even take some Q&A. We are and forever will be For Fans By Fans. So there you have it, The Disney Afternoon is back from the dead and much better than ever. Be sure to check us out Weekdays from 3-6 on the Disney Channel. I'm M and I'll see you real soon. Take us home, Narrator.  

[montage of all that DA:R has to offer]

Narrator: Reborn Shows, Reborn Block, Reborn Attitude. For Fans By Fans. It's Disney Afternoon Rebirth. An Unstoppable Revival.

{screen gets snowy and goes black}

Monday, October 7, 2013

Ultimate Boss: The HUB Network Part 2

And Now. The Program Schedule for The Hub Network.

Here's what I will air on Weekdays.

12 am - Sliders   
12.5 am - Sliders 
1 am - Paid Programming
1.5 am - Paid Programming
2 am - Paid Programming
2.5 am - Paid Programming
3 am -  Paid Programming
3.5 am - Paid Programming
4 am - Sliders 
4.5 am - Sliders
5 am - Lois and Clark 
5.5 am - Lois and Clark
6 am - Transformers Rescue Bots
6.5 am - Transformers Rescue Bots
7 am - Super Hero Squad Show
7.5 am - Super Hero Squad Show
8 am -  Transformers Animated    
8.5 am - Transformers Animated
9 am - Hub Lite (Strawberry Shortcake: Bitty Berry Adventures)
9.5 am - Hub Lite (Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot)
10 am - Hub Lite (Littlest Pet Shop)
10.5 am - Hun Lite (The Twisted Whiskers Show)
11 am - Hub Lite (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
11.5 am - Hub Lite (Pound Puppies)
12 pm - Batman (adam west's)      
12.5 pm - Batman (adam west's)
1 pm - Transformers G1   
1.5 pm - G.I. Joe: Real American Hero
2 pm - Tiny Toon Adventures
2.5 pm - Tiny Toon Adventures
3 pm - Animaniacs
3.5 pm - Animaniacs
4 pm - HuBoom (Deltora Quest)
4.5 pm - HuBoom (G.I Joe: Renegades)
5 pm - HuBoom (Transformers Prime)
5.5 pm - HuBoom (Batman Beyond)
6 pm - HuBoom (Men in Black: The Series)
6.5 pm - HuBoom (Batman: The Animated Series)
7 pm -  Dan Vs.
7.5 pm - Dan Vs.
8 pm - Prime Time Hub (Step-By-Step)
8.5 pm - Prime Time Hub (Alf)
9 pm - Prime Time Hub (Sabrina: The Teenage Witch)
9.5 pm - Prime Time Hub (Lavern and Shirley)
10 pm - Prime Time Hub (Happy Days)
10.5 pm - Prime Time Hub (Mork and Mindy)
11 pm - Lois and Clark 
11.5 pm - Lois and Clark
Here's what I will air on Saturdays.

12 am - Sliders
12.5 am - Sliders
1 am - Paid Programming
1.5 am - Paid Programming
2 am - Paid Programming
2.5 am - Paid Programming
3 am - Paid Programming
3.5 am - Paid Programming
4 am - Lois and Clark (re-airing of Friday's episode) 
4.5 am - Lois and Clark (re-airing of Friday's episode)
5 am - Sliders (re-airing of Friday's episode)
5.5 am - Sliders (re-airing of Friday's episode)
6 am - Fraggle Rock
6.5 am - Fraggle Rock
7 am - Jem
7.5 am - Jem 
8 am - The Saturday Morning Zone (Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego)
8.5 am - The Saturday Morning Zone (G.I. Joe: Sigma 6)
9 am -  The Saturday Morning Zone (Transformers Animated)
9.5 am - The Saturday Morning Zone (Superman: The Animated Series)
10 am - The Saturday Morning Zone (Superman: The Animated Series)
10.5 am - The Saturday Morning Zone (Kaijudo)
11 am - The Saturday Morning Zone (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation)
11.5 am - The Saturday Morning Zone (The Aquabats Super Show)
12 pm - Transformers G1
12.5 pm - Transformers G1
1 pm - G.I. Joe: Real American Hero
1.5 pm - G.I. Joe: Real American Hero.
2 pm -  Family Ties   
2.5 pm - Family Ties
3 pm - Haunted Hub (The Haunting Hour)
3.5 pm - Haunted Hub (The Haunting Hour)
4 pm -  Haunted Hub (Goosebumps)
4.5 pm - Haunted Hub (Goosebumps)
5 pm - Young Hercules
5.5 pm -  Young Hercules
6 pm - Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
6.5 pm - Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
7 pm - The Hub Family Movie (1st movie)
7.5 pm - The Hub Family Movie (1st movie)
8 pm - The Hub Family Movie (1st movie)
8.5 pm - The Hub Family Movie (1st movie)
9 pm - The Hub Family Movie (2nd movie)
9.5 pm - The Hub Family Movie (2nd movie)
10 pm - The Hub Family Movie (2nd movie)
10.5 pm - The Hub Family Movie (2nd movie)
11 pm -  Xena: Warrior Princess
11.5 pm - Xena: Warrior Princess
Here's what I will air on Sundays.

12 am -  Dan Vs. 
12.5 am - Dan Vs.
1 am - Paid Programming
1.5 am - Paid Programming
2 am - Paid Programming
2.5 am - Paid Programming
3 am - Paid Programming
3.5 am - Paid Programming
4 am -   Paid Programming
4.5 am -  Paid Programming
5 am -  Paid Programming
5.5 am - Paid Programming
6 am - Fraggle Rock
6.5 am - Fraggle Rock
7 am -  Jem
7.5 am - Jem
8 am - My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
8.5 am - Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch
9 am - Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?   
9.5 am - Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?
10 am - Transformers: Beast Wars 
10.5 am - Transformers: Beast Wars
11 am -  G.I. Joe (DiC)
11.5 am - G.I. Joe (DiC)  
12 pm - Transformers Prime
12.5 pm - G.I. Joe: Renegades  
1 pm - Haunted Hub (The Haunting Hour)
1.5 pm - Haunted Hub (The Haunting Hour)
2 pm - Haunted Hub (Goosebumps) _
2.5 pm -  Haunted Hub (Goosebumps)
3 pm - The Hub Family Movie (movie)
3.5 pm - The Hub Family Movie (movie)
4 pm - The Hub Family Movie (movie)
4.5 pm - The Hub Family Movie (movie)
5 pm - Young Hercules
5.5 pm - Young Hercules
6 pm - Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
6.5 pm - Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
7 pm - Xena: Warrior Princess
7.5 pm - Xena: Warrior Princess
8 pm - Family Game Night (Family Game Night)
8.5 pm - Family Game Night (Family Game Night)
9 pm - Family Game Night (Scrabble Showdown)
9.5 pm - Family Game Night (Scrabble Showdown)
10 pm -  Sunday Night Hub (Alf)
10.5 pm - Sunday Night Hub (Family Ties)
11 pm -  Sunday Night Hub (Doogie Houser MD)
11.5 pm - Sunday Night Hub (Who's The Boss?)

Way better than The3 Hub's current Schedule, wouldn't you say?  That's gonna do it for this edition of Ultimate Boss. Stay Gold and See ya.   

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Ultimate Boss: The HUB network

Welcome to another instalment of 'Ultimate Boss'. A segment that basically informs the viewers about how I would do things if I was the boss of,well....anything.

Today,I'll be doing a follow up on RekkaDragonJay's Hub Network posts. That's Right I'll be talking about The Hub Network on this edition of Ultimate Boss. As always, I'm gonna start by listing the main things wrong with the Network.

- First and Formost, Little Kid Shows should NOT be the dominant form of entertainment. The Hub Network holds these types of shows in higher regard than the rest. 

 - The Hub Family Movies air WAY too much. That ruins it's special quality and takes air time away from the other shows.

- They air the same Stupid Movies over and over. Seriously 'Igor' has been shown on the Hub for 4 MONTHS STRAGHT!!!

- Giving the Finger to Fans of old action shows by censoring them AND when they are too lazy to do that, They remove the show from their line ups entirely. Same with shows with slight mature themes.

- Removing Good shows and replacing them with Garbage...just like Other Networks.    

- The Canadian and Girly-Girl stuff. Nuff Said!!

- Getting Rid of HuBoom. Seriously, this Block had the Potential to be the Next Toonami.
If the Hub Network remains as is. It's gonna become a Carbon Copy of Disney Channel. Anywhoo, Here's a list of things that I would do to save This networks:

- First,I'd Get Rid and Forbid of the Canadian crap. (goosebumps will be the only exception) 

 - I'd surpress the Kiddy and Girly Girl shows to their own 3-Hour Block.

- I'd air the various Disney specials on that network as well.

- Air the Hub Family Movies 3x. Twice on Saturday Night and Once on Sunday Afternoon. With a Different Movie each time.

 - I'd never Air the same movies over and over.

- Aquire more Shows and Movies for The Network.

- Create better Shows and Movies for The Network.

- Reject any Show, Movie, or Special that is unworthy of The Hub.

- Bring Back all of those cool animated shows that were taken off the line ups.

- Revive HuBoom as a 3-hour Block that airs every weekday starting at 4.

- Create a cool host for HaBoom (ala Toonami's Tom)

- Air Anime (PG-13 and lower). And create a block for them.

- Keep the Shows and Movies as is, never censoring them in anyway.

- Try to Acquire Power Rangers, Beetleborgs, VR Troopers and other Saban Shows. Face it they are wating away on the Nick Networks.
Not bad,huh? i'll be posting the line-ups soon. In the meantime,check out a list of Movies and Shows That I'd Aquire The Airing Rights For (or try to):

Full House
Home Improvement
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 
Family Matters
Perfect Strangers
Boy Meets World
Sister Sister
Smart Guy
The Cosby Show
Xena: Warrior Princess
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Young Hercules
Walker: Texas Ranger
All 3 Sailor Moon Movies 
Sailor Moon
Dragon Ball Z (again,it's wasted on the nick networks)
Ronin Warriors
Ruby Spears Mega Man
Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight
The Tick
The Batman
Justice League
Static Shock
Batman (the 89 movie)
The A-Team
Alvin and the Chipmunks
Transformers Beast Wars
G.I.Joe (DiC)
Bobby's World
The Back to the Future Trilogy
The Rocky Movies (Yo Adrian!!)
The Hogan Family
The Wizard
All 4 Christopher Reeve Superman Movies
The Simpsons
Mortal Kombat 
Mortal Kombat Annihilation
Street Fighter
Double Dragon
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey
The Kevin Sorbo Hercules Movies
Ghostbusters II
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Movies (they aired the first 2).
Hope you enjoyed this edition of 'The Ultimate Boss'. Line-Up's Coming Shortly.