Sunday, October 20, 2013

Did You Know: Screwed By The Executives

Did you Know... That Check Norris' Karate Kommando's (the very short and short lived Chuck Norris cartoon) was Originally gonna have 13-15 Episodes instead of just 5. Ruby Spears Production's cut the show short due to failing Toy Sales...despite the show itself having good ratings. If RS Productions didn't depend so much on the toy line, we would've enjoyed 8-10 more episodes of Animated Chuck Norris kicking ass. A very similar thing happened to Another RS Production.....Mega Man: The Animated Series.
Did You Know....That Swat Kats was gonna have a 3rd season. Hanna-Barbara Productions were ready to make it. However, Some Parents Groups teamed up Against the Idea and forced HB to stop making The 3rd Swat Kat Season. The Parents Groups complained that the Children of America shouldn't be watching this type of "Violent and Dark" Cartoon (despite SK not even being so). If it wasn't for those meddling Parents  Groups. Swat Kats would've been able to Continue.*sighs* Sadly, Swat Kats wasn't the last victim of this kind of treatment. :(
Did You Know....  The Highest Rated Animated Shows on Disney XD were Tron:Uprising and Motor City. However, Anne Sweeney decided to Scrap these shows in favor of Low rated Cartoons from Canada. Thus proving Once And For All, that Anne Sweeney is the Queen Of Retards and is Unfit to Command. Walt would be Ashamed.
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KingsSideCastle said...

Still need to watch Tron Uprising. ^_^;

Would have been cool to see those series get more episodes