Friday, October 18, 2013

Disney Destiny League Character Bio - M

Ok, It's now My turn to submit a Character Bio for Destiny League (or D-League). This time it's the Mysterious cyber-suited Leader of the League, M.

Background: Nothing is Known At This Time, Except he WAS the King of Planet Diz, an world populated by Anthropomorphic Animal people. He was ousted by The Malice Kingdom's Dark Lord Eigor in a hostile takeover. M was said to be murdered that night...but he survived the assault and secretly escaped to Earth.

Appearance, Gear and Personality:  M's original look is a mystery, he is never seen without his Black and Red Iron Man-esque armor. The helmet covers his entire head (face too) and has stylized mouse-like ears. His armored suit can fly and is very sturdy.. can take 2,000 hits before being destroyed.

The Suit is equipped with lasers, a stealth mode, and a super Pulsar blaster. Plus,M is a superb wrestler. M's Personality is the everyday heroic warrior...only slightly more dark. Fight the good fight in the name of Justice. Though he Can be quite vengeful when his friends and family are killed or hurt by bad guys. Since he was a great king, M's Leadership skills are top notch.

Backstory: M crash lands on Rayjin's Sanctuary, where he meets the Guardian of Earth,Rayjin. Nearly dead, M asks for help. Rayjin heals him up and listens as M tells him about the Plight of the Universe. Rayjin decides to help and outfits M with an armored suit. Rayjin knew that the Earth would need Defenders, so he tells M about the Ancient Earth Heroes that he Had Cryogenically Frozen just incase of an emergency.

Long story Short, Rayjin unfreezes the Heroes and recruits them to save the world alongside M. They Are The Destiny League. The Team was formed not a moment too soon,as the Malice Kingdom has arrived on Earth.
Please note that Destiny League takes place in a Different (alternate) Continuity than Shego. And that the Destiny League that appeared in 'Shego' isn't the same Destiny League. In fact, The D-League that appears in Shego are not Earth's Defenders, but Defenders of the Universe. And the revived Earth Warriors are from M's world instead of Earth.  Rayjin is different in Both Continuities. I'll list the differences some time.
Well that does it for this Bio. Stay Gold, Everyone.


KingsSideCastle said...

Sounds like a neat character. Is he based on another character (Mickey with Megaman's armor maybe?)or is he a complete OC? Cool either way.

RekkaDragonJay said...

Wow, Iron Man and Mickey Mouse rolled into one. Sounds awesome! :D Thanks for filling me in. I was going to do Mulan next.