Thursday, October 24, 2013

Disney Destiny League Character Bio - Mulan

Hi there, toonsters.  First off, I like to thank Stefan for helping me with the Destiny League character bio blogs.  Now, it is my turn and this one I wanted to do next since I did the bio of Wall-E, per request by Stefan.  Anyway, today's profile is on Disney's favorite Chinese warrior princess, Mulan.

Background: A member of the Fa family from ancient China, Fa Mulan was usually a beautiful Chinese maiden, destined to be a betrothed to a male.  But, when her father was drafted back to the royal army, and aware that he is not feeling well, Mulan, without her father's knowledge, took up his armor and sword and joined the army as a man under the alias, "Ping."  After her deception was discovered, Mulan was kicked out of the army.  Despite this, Mulan fought hard to stop the Huns, including their leader, Shan-Yu.  After saving China, Mulan earned the respect from her peers, including Captain Li Shang, her father, and even the emperor of China himself. If there were more women like Mulan, China would of been a free, democratic country, not a communist country that see democracy as a crime.  What a gip!

Personality, Gear and Appearance:  Don't let her beauty fool you, just like Aladdin, there is more than Mulan than just a regular commoner.  She knows self-defense, good with a sword and very agile.  Although a lady, Mulan isn't afraid to speak her mind against those speak against the righteous.  Mulan isn't much armed, just her father's sword from the Fa family.  And when she is in a jam, she could always depends on her dragon friend, Mushu, the Fa family's guardian dragon.  When thawed out, Mulan had short, black hair (after she cut it when she joined the royal army in her father's place) and wears the standard uniform of the royal army (minus the armor), the same outfit she wore in Kingdom Hearts II.

Sidestory: After being thawed out, Mulan got debriefed by Rayjin about China falling to Igor's evil forces just like the other kingdoms.  Unlike the other characters, Mulan didn't feel disoriented and aware of this new evil that has plagued this world.  Although she has lost her friends and her family, luckily thanks to Rayjin, he manage to save Mushu, the guardian dragon.  Unlike Mulan, Mushu went crazy when got the bad news about the fall of China, lamenting that he failed.  But, Mulan brought him back to Earth, reminding him that he didn't fail and he has her always, despite being a bit crazy and eccentric. However, there was no rest, for Mulan and Mushu are ready to fight Igor and his evil forces.

I hope you like this blog.  Don't worry, it is not over.  There will be more.  Until next time. Godspeed, my friends.


Stefan said...

Cool entry, Brah! Rayjin should be next. and I'll provide the entry.

KingsSideCastle said...

Neat. Mulan Rocks!!