Sunday, October 13, 2013

Niiki Reed: Kiddie Show Fetishist And An Enemy To American Animation

When people say that The Hub Network will favor Live Action more than Animated, they are mistaken. The reality is, that The Hub Network isn't favoring Live Action all that much over Animation. No. It's favoring Kiddie Shows more and trashing the ones with more Maturity.

Look at the facts 90% of The Hub's current stable of Animated Programs are either Girly-Girl or Pre-School. This alienates those Animation fans who like Animated Shows that hate those types of shows. Believe it or not, only 8-10% of Viewers are fans of Preschool and Girly-Girl stuff. That's a small percentage of viewers. So That means 88-90% of the Viewers are getting the finger from the Network.

And If that ain't enough, The Hub Network seems to have a new found hate for action shows and shows with slightly mature themes. Here's Proof: Huboom no longer exists, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is either on Very Late at Night or Very Early in the Morning, the Kiddie and Girly Girl Crap air way more than they should, and let us not forget The Unnecessarily Censoring of Family Movies.

The Hub Network has a hard fetish for Baby and Girly-Girl cartoons and if changes aren't made soon, I'll become a Carbon Copy of the Disney Channel. And That's No Good. And That's not the half of it. The Hub Network is officially Anti-American when it comes to Animation.

The Vast Majority of Animated shows on the Hub Network are Canadian. How Sick! How Very Very Sick!

The fool behind these atrocities is Nikki Reed and her stupid bosses. They are the ones who want to turn The Hub Network into Disney Channel Number 2. Pathetic. Nikki Reed must be Fired. Period

Viva La American Cartoons!!!!! F The Baby and Girly Girl Shows.


RekkaDragonJay said...

Agreed. Nikki Reed has undo what the Hub use to be. What they have against action cartoons anyway?

Stefan said...

Damn right. So what do you think of Toon Rumble?

RekkaDragonJay said...

It's a work in progress but its getting there. You think you could do one with Sam Manson vs. Vicky the Babysitter?