Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Ultimate Boss: The HUB network

Welcome to another instalment of 'Ultimate Boss'. A segment that basically informs the viewers about how I would do things if I was the boss of,well....anything.

Today,I'll be doing a follow up on RekkaDragonJay's Hub Network posts. That's Right I'll be talking about The Hub Network on this edition of Ultimate Boss. As always, I'm gonna start by listing the main things wrong with the Network.

- First and Formost, Little Kid Shows should NOT be the dominant form of entertainment. The Hub Network holds these types of shows in higher regard than the rest. 

 - The Hub Family Movies air WAY too much. That ruins it's special quality and takes air time away from the other shows.

- They air the same Stupid Movies over and over. Seriously 'Igor' has been shown on the Hub for 4 MONTHS STRAGHT!!!

- Giving the Finger to Fans of old action shows by censoring them AND when they are too lazy to do that, They remove the show from their line ups entirely. Same with shows with slight mature themes.

- Removing Good shows and replacing them with Garbage...just like Other Networks.    

- The Canadian and Girly-Girl stuff. Nuff Said!!

- Getting Rid of HuBoom. Seriously, this Block had the Potential to be the Next Toonami.
If the Hub Network remains as is. It's gonna become a Carbon Copy of Disney Channel. Anywhoo, Here's a list of things that I would do to save This networks:

- First,I'd Get Rid and Forbid of the Canadian crap. (goosebumps will be the only exception) 

 - I'd surpress the Kiddy and Girly Girl shows to their own 3-Hour Block.

- I'd air the various Disney specials on that network as well.

- Air the Hub Family Movies 3x. Twice on Saturday Night and Once on Sunday Afternoon. With a Different Movie each time.

 - I'd never Air the same movies over and over.

- Aquire more Shows and Movies for The Network.

- Create better Shows and Movies for The Network.

- Reject any Show, Movie, or Special that is unworthy of The Hub.

- Bring Back all of those cool animated shows that were taken off the line ups.

- Revive HuBoom as a 3-hour Block that airs every weekday starting at 4.

- Create a cool host for HaBoom (ala Toonami's Tom)

- Air Anime (PG-13 and lower). And create a block for them.

- Keep the Shows and Movies as is, never censoring them in anyway.

- Try to Acquire Power Rangers, Beetleborgs, VR Troopers and other Saban Shows. Face it they are wating away on the Nick Networks.
Not bad,huh? i'll be posting the line-ups soon. In the meantime,check out a list of Movies and Shows That I'd Aquire The Airing Rights For (or try to):

Full House
Home Improvement
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 
Family Matters
Perfect Strangers
Boy Meets World
Sister Sister
Smart Guy
The Cosby Show
Xena: Warrior Princess
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Young Hercules
Walker: Texas Ranger
All 3 Sailor Moon Movies 
Sailor Moon
Dragon Ball Z (again,it's wasted on the nick networks)
Ronin Warriors
Ruby Spears Mega Man
Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight
The Tick
The Batman
Justice League
Static Shock
Batman (the 89 movie)
The A-Team
Alvin and the Chipmunks
Transformers Beast Wars
G.I.Joe (DiC)
Bobby's World
The Back to the Future Trilogy
The Rocky Movies (Yo Adrian!!)
The Hogan Family
The Wizard
All 4 Christopher Reeve Superman Movies
The Simpsons
Mortal Kombat 
Mortal Kombat Annihilation
Street Fighter
Double Dragon
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey
The Kevin Sorbo Hercules Movies
Ghostbusters II
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Movies (they aired the first 2).
Hope you enjoyed this edition of 'The Ultimate Boss'. Line-Up's Coming Shortly.


RekkaDragonJay said...

Hmmm...not bad. But you left out one show on that list and it's coming to the Hub next week and that is Step by Step. Other than that, it looks good.

Stefan said...

No need to. Since It's already on the Hub. Hope you comment on the Line-Up. I'll be posting it soon

RekkaDragonJay said...

Oh, you forgot one other show that should be on the Hub and that is Eek! the Cat. I know half of the show is done by Canadians, but its way better that all the other Canadian junk they show today, well except for Rescue Heroes and The Raccoons. Besides Eek! the Cat was one of Fox Kids' popular shows since its heyday. One more thing, here is a interesting fact you should know. One of the people behind The Twisted Whiskers Show is Bill Kopp. In case you don't know the name, he was the voice of Eek! the Cat himself. KUMBAYA! What a coincidence!

RekkaDragonJay said...

(as Uncle) ONE MORE THING! Not only Eek! the Cat, but also another Kids WB alumi show, Jackie Chan Adventures. How can I forget that, too.?