Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ultimate Boss Special: Disney Afternoon Rebirth Promo

A Continuation of:
[montage of the internet]

Narrator: Ah, The Internet. Where Nostalgia lives eternally. For Disney Fans, it is the Only way nowadays to watch the classics. However,that's all about to change...Change For The Better

[Transitions to a control center. the Center has many computers and monitors. an armored character that resembles Ironman with a stylized mouse eared helmet enters. He is M.]

M: Hey Guys, I'm M, Leader of The Destiny League and Host of The New and Improved Disney Afternoon.  Yeah,It's been way too long since this block existed. But,The Disney Afternoon gets to live again. TDA died with a bang, and it's getting revived with a bang. Here's a cool show that fell victim to executive meddling.

[transitions into clips of Motor City with the appropriate Monologue}

Narrator: Detroit In The Near Future, one Corrupt Executive,with great press,rules with an iron hand. {dialogue from the clips} His only opposition, a small group of Hot-rodding rebels with attitude. {dialogue from the clips}. The Burners are ready to Burn Rubber and Burn the Evil Abe Kane in the process  [dialogue from the clips] Motor City. Live Fast, Live Free.

[transitions back to M in the control center]

M: Told ya we were starting off things with a bang. Now as you remember, TDA was mainly Male oriented. Most shows had male stars,with the ladies stuck in supportive roles. Well that's about to change.

[transitions into clips of W.I.T.C.H with the appropriate Monologue}

Narrator: Heart, Water, Fire, Earth, Air! 5 average teenage girls chosen to become Guardians. {dialogue from the clips}. Their Mission: To save the Universe from the tyrannical King of Meridian, who's hell bent on Ruling the Universe. {dialogue from the clips}. The jobs tough,thankfully though,they have backup: A Meridian rebel [dialogue from clips] and a goofy sidekick [dialogue from clips]. Together as One,These Girls are ready to save Meridian and the Universe [dialogue from clips] W.I.T.C.H! Guardians Unite.

[transitions back to M in the control center]

M: About time we started re-airing this show. It's one of Disney's finest. Speaking of finest, In order to keep this block at it's finest, we needed to be innovative and extraordinary......and We knew just the guys to call.

[transitions into clips of Phineas and Ferb with the appropriate Monologue}

Narrator: Young Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher aim to make every day of summer count {dialogue from the clips}. And with a little help from their friends, these step-brother make everyday extraordinary with a variety of awesome activities. [dialogue from the clips] Not even an overzealous older sister can stop these guys from having the best day ever. [dialogue from the clips]. Top it all off with a kickass Super Secret Agent Platypus, [dialogue from the clips] and you've got the Best Show Ever. [dialogue from the clip] Phineas and Ferb. Seize The Day.

[transitions back to M in the control center]

M: Are those boys geniuses or what? Add Perry to the mix and you got one hell of a show. With shows like these, you probably already think that this is as awesome as we're gonna get. Well,think again. Kim Possible has been off the air for years, but it's fan base is still going strong. And why not? Kim is one awesome girl. She can do anything,including make this block even more epic.

[transitions into clips of Kim Possible with the appropriate Monologue}

Narrator: Kim Possible isn't your average Teenage girl. [dialogue from the clips]. This fiery redhead is an action hero with amazing abilities. not to mention 16 styles of martial arts. [dialogue from the clips]. With the aid of her goofy best friend,his awesome pet molerat,and a wiz kid, she truly is unstoppable. [dialogue from the clips]. Mad Scientists and Super Powered Mercenaries will never beat her.{dialogue from the clips}. Confrontations with her School Rival....not a problem. {dialogue from the clips}. Fighting against Monkey Ninjas? big. [dialogue from the clips]. Dealing with everyday teenage life? not the drama...well most of the time, anyway. [dialogue from the clips]. Kim Possible. She Can Do Anything. 

[transitions back to M in the control center]

M: Truly a Classic. But KP isn't the only classic we have. We've brought back 2 TDA Alumni.

[transitions into clips of Gargoyles with the appropriate Monologue}

Narrator: 1000 Years ago in Europe, Superstition and the sword ruled. [dialogue from the clips] It was the Dark ages and the age of Gargoyles. [dialogue from the clips] Betrayed by the very ones they were sworn to protect, frozen in stone by a magic spell. A millennia later, they are brought to New York City by a devious billionaire. [dialogue from the clips]. But when night falls,the Spell brakes and they Live Again.[dialogue from the clips]. These winged creatures of the night battle to protect humankind while trying to adapt to the modern world [dialogue from the clips]. Stone by day, warriors by night. Gargoyles. Rock On!

[transitions back to M in the control center].

M: So glad to gave this show back. And now. It's time to get Dangerous.

[transitions into clips of Darkwing Duck with the appropriate Monologue}

Narrator: St. Canard is under constant attack by powerful Super villains and arch fiends. [dialogue from the clips] Only one Duck dares to challenge their might....Darkwing Duck [dialogue from the clisp]. By day,he is Drake Mallard,mild mannered parent living in the suberbs [dialogue from the clips] But by night,he is Darkwing Duck,scourge of all evil. [dialogue from the clips] The Masked Mallard is combat skilled [dialogue from the clips]. Fearless [dialogue from the clips]. Graceful[dialogue from the clips]. And a great shot [dialogue from the clips]. He has all the skills to give every bad in the City a run for their money. {dialogue from the clips}. Darkwing Duck. Let's Get Dangerous.   

[transitions back to M in the control center]

M: After all these years Darkwing's still got it. Launchpad McQuack too. As you can see, TDA is new and improved. Here's a Montage of the cool shows we'll be showing you. Take it way.

{transitions into a mixed montage of Motor City, W.I.T.C.H.,Phineas and Ferb,Kim Possible, Gargoyles, and Darkwing Duck clips}

Narrator: Disney Afternoon Rebirth. Resurrecting your Weekday Afternoons with a Bang.

[transitions back to M in the control center]

M: Too cool, huh? Can't wait to get to work with shows like these. But these shows are only part of the epicness. Stay tuned after the transmition break,We still have a few more awesome things to tell you about.  

{transmition breaks}

[transitions back to M in the control center]

M: Welcome back to this special Disney Afternoon Rebirth Promo. I'm your host M. As promised we have some more cool stuff to present to you. As you know, DVD's and Blue-Ray are mega popular and will continue to be so until the end of the century. Disney Afternoon Rebirth Proudly Presents: The Disney DVD announcements board

[shows one of the computer screens. this one shows a list of upcoming Disney, Pixar,and Marvel DVD's....out dated, but accurate. focuses back to M]

M: Yeah, the list is outdated. But what this is a preview show, so it's fine. We'll give you real upcoming Disney DVD info when the block debuts. Disney had made some amazing Shows and movies. Speaking which,one thing we'll also be doing, is review various Shows, Movies, and Games made for or by the Big D.

M: Weather it be Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, or even Disney itself, it don't matter. It'll be reviewed here on Disney Afternoon Rebirth...with no bias. Fair and balanced is what makes a smart review. Cool huh? and we still have 1 more card to play.

M: One of the main reasons why TDA has been reborn, is because of the fans. You helped us. now it's time to return the favor. Introducibg DA:R Fan Showcase. For 10 minutes, DA:R will be showcasing Disney Fan Art, Reading Fan mail, and even take some Q&A. We are and forever will be For Fans By Fans. So there you have it, The Disney Afternoon is back from the dead and much better than ever. Be sure to check us out Weekdays from 3-6 on the Disney Channel. I'm M and I'll see you real soon. Take us home, Narrator.  

[montage of all that DA:R has to offer]

Narrator: Reborn Shows, Reborn Block, Reborn Attitude. For Fans By Fans. It's Disney Afternoon Rebirth. An Unstoppable Revival.

{screen gets snowy and goes black}


RekkaDragonJay said...

Wow, a Disney Afternoon revival plan! Sounds like a plan. Think you could add The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and Timon and Pumbaa to that list of shows? Other than that, it sounds like fun!

Stefan said...

Maybe. This is a starter line-up for the block.

And The Disney Afternoon Should be revived. Toonami was.