Thursday, October 17, 2013

Why We Hate Stuart Snyder?! 2

This is the Sequel to RekkaDragonJay's
Retarded! Radical! Ideological! Extremist! Fanatical! Illogical! Pathetic! These words describe the Vast Majority of Today's Network Executives. But one Man really takes the cake...Stuart Snyder, Head of Cartoon Network and Boomerang ....And Pet to Phil Kent,Head of Turner Broadcasting (it's true, that's why Snyder has never been fired).

There is just so much damage this Ass has done to not only Cartoon Network, but Boomerang as well. This piece of Shit Insists on Continuing his radical and harmful leftist Ideology instead of listening to the American People (the majority, not the irrational minority).

Here is Snyder's biggest crimes. For starters let's start with the most extremist block on CN, Adult Swim. The Shows on that block are So extreme, they're only appealing to the radical progressive minority. What's worse is that Adult Swim(or a-duh swim) is on Every night for 8 Hours. That's WAY too much.

Don't get me wrong, I used to like AS, but that's when it was a small block that aired on Saturday and Sunday nights(with better shows). Now, Most Americans(myself included) feel that AS is no longer needed and that Snyder is overplaying his hand when it comes to the block itself.

In a Fascist move, Snyder has resurrected Toonami as an arm of Adult Swim. I'm sorry, but this New Toonami Is NOT the True Toonami. If it was the Real Toonami, it would be a Separate Block. I love Toonami, but not this retooled trash.

And things get worse from here, folks. Let's turn our attention to Stewie Snyder's Anti-Bulling Campaign. Ugh! Where do I begin. In late 2011-early 2012, Cartoon Network began adopting an Anti-Bulling attitude.. which has gotten really annoying as of late. CN has put out several (pathetic)PSA's featuring the stars of the ever retarded Live Action Shows (mainly "level up"). The latest PSA from Cartoon Network is a total Embarrassing Rap video staring 2 assholes from "Level Up". UGH!

And if that weren't enough, Snyder himself has decided to jump into this by putting out his Own Anti-Bulling PSA. Now That's Hypocritical. Snyder (who's a radical terrorist) speaking out against Bulling is like The Ayatollah of Iran speaking out against Anti-Semitism. Hypocritical to the Tenth Power.

Also, these "Anti-Bulling" messages AIN'T WORKING, but that Mega Extremist, Stuart Snyder refuses to take a hint. Best way to limit bulling is to enforce traditional values in the home, the schools, and the entertainment media. Period! Anyway, moving on to the saddest part of Snyder's legacy. Boomerang!

Boomerang is a network that had Soooo much potential, but thanks to that Radical Snyder, that potential will never be realized. From airing shitty CN advertisements to airing the trash from the mid-late 2k years, Boomerang is slowly dying. And airing those Pre-School shows don't help matters either.

Snyder truly is a Monster, a Fascist Monster. He's destroyed CN and now he's doing the same thing to Boomerang. It's Terrible. Snyder and his Radical Progressive Views must go NOW!!!! 
The only good news about CN is that the Live Action shows seems to be limited now, only airing about 3-4x a week (counting the movies). Not only that, but it seems the live action shows are in small blocks this time, instead of big ones. Cartoon Network is easing back on the Live Action garbage, However, that doesn't mean It'll be getting better. It's still destroyed, ruined by a Ideological Ass, who thinks he's the best.

Also calling Stewie Snyder Judge Doom is inaccurate.. He likes Cartoons, Just not American ones (kinda like bob iger, anne sweeney, and nikki reed). Deep down, Snyder hates the Great American Cartoon and foolishly sees Canadian shows (and live action ones) as superior. Sure, there Are American animated stuff on CN, but most of them are either Overrated or just plain Sucky.

When it comes to American Cartoons, Snyder couldn't care less about quality. Any quality American cartoon that is presented to him, He'll either reject it immediately or Ax it in a short period of time. And That's A Fact, Jack!

Anyway,speaking of Overrated and Sucky, Another thing Snyder is known for is over milking the overrated Ben 10 franchise to death. When Will This Insanity End!!

Bottom Line, The Vast Majority of Americans Hate Stuart Snyder for a verity of reasons, but they'll always remember him as the Extremist Ass that Destroyed Cartoon Network.

And Now for a Bonus attack.
In Offence of Jim Samples.

For those who think, Jimmy Samples is a Hero. You're screwing yourselves. Yes, he was one at first but then he turned to the Darkside in 2005. Samples is no Hero. He's the jackass who made CN bad in the first place. You people must remember, Snyder only made things worse and it was Samples who started bringing the destruction.

It was Samples who had a fetish for Canadian Shows. It Was Samples who Thought Kiddie Entertainment needed a return to CN, It was Samples who Introduced Radical Ideological Programing to Adult Swim, turning it from a flawed, but okay block to a horrible, horrible mess. It Was Samples Who Introduced The Live Action Concept for Cartoon Network.

All of these things made CN terrible and pathetic. Samples is no Hero. He's a Shithead. And I feel sorry for the ignorant lemmings who want him back.
This has been a ACF Special Presentation 


RekkaDragonJay said...

Wow. I never knew that Samples favors Canadian cartoons, too. If he did, he didn't go berserk over them like he did. Just my take. Anyway, I know calling Snyder Judge Doom was inaccurate. But, the word of God has spoken. I will stick to what I know about the guy. Snyder will always be Judge Doom to me, for what he did to those awesome cartoons like Thundercats and Young Justice.

One more thing, I think I know why Snyder favors Canadian cartoons more than those of the American and Japanese variety, before he was CEO of CN, Snyder use to work with CINAR, the Canadian TV studio. Does that explain a whole lot?

Stefan said...


It might. And I still Say he's Not Judge Doom. Oh, BTW,I stand by every word in this Post.

CN and Boomerang would've been better if Samples would've stayed on the Right path and Snyder never worked for Turner Broadcasting.