Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tom Z vs Snyd: The Aftermath

Well, you've voted and here is the outcome you chose.
On the surface of a Green Planet (planet rock), lies the wreckage of the Star Nexus. Deep within the crashed ship lies a destroyed Tom Z.

Outside, 2 hovering robots discover the Star Nexus and decide to enter it. They are the Probots. They have no neck or legs. They also have short arms. The Probots soon find Tom Z. The bots decide to take tom...and so they do.
Days Later!

Inside a base on the planet, a robot (shown from the waist down) is walking toward an elevator. He enters the elevator and it takes him to the top floor, which is the Master Control room. The room has 4 monitors, a control panel, and 3 chairs (one in the center, one on the right, and 1on the left). The robot takes a seat and we see the entire character.. it's Tom Z, in a new form.

Tom Z: What up, ACF Fans. Yes, it's really me. Thought I bought the big one, huh? Well I kinda did. However thanks to the Probots, residents of this planet, I'm back and cooler than ever as Tom Z2. Now you are all probably wondering what the hell is this place. This is Mission Control, the place where I'll be doing my thing. *sighs* Shame about the Star Nexus, I really loved that ship. Thankfully, though, Cid was able to be saved. His data was dumped into a Probot body. We'll be seeing him later. 

Cid enters in his new Probot body. 

Cid *waves*: Greetings.

Tom Z2: Hey, Cid. You're here early.

Cid: I wanted to show the folks out my new look. I'm finally mobile.

Tom Z2: Sweet..

The 2 Brofist.

Cid: I'm going to get a recharge. You should get one too.

Tom Z2: In a moment. I wanna give the ACF fanatics the 411 on what's gonna be going on here. I've decided to get back at that scumbag Snyd another day. Right now I'm just gonna focus on bringin' the entertainment.

Cid: Affirmative . I'll see you later.

Cid leaves.

Tom Z2: Now, here's what I'm gonna be doing here at Mission Control. I'm gonna be handling all the Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon stuff. When Jason gets back, he'll  give me a hand with them, I'm also gonna be doing some specials too, so look out for those. I'm sure you've all heard that Stefan got himself a new partner. Well you're looking at him. I'm gonna be filling in for Jason full time until he gets back. Hope you come back soon dude, this place isn't the same without ya. *stands up and begins walking towards the elevator* Well, I better get that recharge. Catch ya'll later. 

The scene zooms out from the Base to the Planet. 

                                                                        Tom Z2

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tom Z vs Snyd

This Is An American Cartoon Federation Special Presentation.
The Star Nexus is cruising out in space. Scene transitions to the ships master control center, where Tom Z is

Tom Z:  Ahh, theirs nothing like a relaxing space cruise.

Suddenly Klaxons begin blaring.

Tom Z: What the? What's Going on.

Cid,The Ships onboard Computer answers Tom.

Cid: I'm detecting a Hostile force headed right for us.

Tom Z: Can you identify them?

Cid: Negative.

As the Klaxon's stop, the transmission signal sounds.

Cid: Incoming transmission. Source, Unknown.

Tom Z: Let's see what they want.

Cid activates the transmission. An a stranger appears on one of the rooms screens. Its the hostile force, Toms Z's old enemy, Snyd. Snyd is an evil red and white alien who looks like a cross between a gremlin(from gremlins),and judge doom(from roger rabbit).

Tom Z *annoyed*: Snyd!? What do you want?

Snyd: Isn't it obvious, I'm here to kill you. You see, I don't want you existing anymore. You've desecrated the legacy of the Tom Robots long enough. 

Tom Z: *facepalms* Ugh! Not this again!.

Snyd: It's time to end you, you embarrassment.

The transmission ends and the ship is hit. 

Tom Z: ok, if that's the way you want it. Cid, activate defense systems.

Cid: Affirmative.

Scene transitions out in space where the Star Nexus and The Ce'en, Snyd's ship have a laser fight.The Star Nexus fires a missile that destroys The Ce'en.

Scene transition's back to Tom.

Tom Z: That missile was a cheap shot,but it needed to be done. With that out of the way, it's time to continue cruising.

Klaxon's blare again.

Tom Z: What now?

Cid: Intruder warning. Ship infiltrated.

Tom Z: Where?

Cid: The Cargo Bay.

Tom leaves to confront the intruders. In the Ships Cargo Bay, Snyd isn't dead after all and is carrying a device.

Snyd: I will get rid of you yet. Engine Area, here I come.

Snyd leaves for the Engine Area. Minutes later, Tom Arrives and finds no one.

Tom Z: Damn! Missed them.

Cid: Intruders detected heading for the Engine Room.

Tom Z: On my way.

In the ships Engine Room, Snyd is setting up his time bomb and is about are about to escape, However Tom confronts him.

Tom Z: Snyd!? I knew your death was too good to be true.

Snyd: Natch! But you are too late, Fake Tom. In just a few short minutes,This ship and You will be destroyed.

Tom Z: Not on my watch.

Tom Z punches Snyd down to the round. Snyd takes out his lasor pistol, but Tom Z kicks it out of his hand. Followed by a kick to the abs. Snyd is in pain and defeated.

Snyd: You may have defeated me, but you will never defeat the bomb laughs evilly* You lose.

As Snyd escapes, Tom focuses on the bomb. According to the bomb's timer only 1 minute to detonation time.

Tom Z: I can't destroy this thing. Otherwise, It may go off.

Tom tries to separate the Bom from the engine, but as soon as he tries the count down starts to quicken.

Tom Z *starts getting worried*: Damn! That only increased the Bombs timer.

Scene transitions to outer space, where the Star Nexus blows up.
Ok now it's time for YOU to decide what happens next. Does TomZ get Destroyed or does he Survive?Vote in the Poll and the Winning option is what's gonna happen next.