Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Path to Redemption - Return of the Rekka Dragon!

Hi there toonsters,

RekkaDragonJay here.  I haven't blogged for 2 months.  But now its the time to set things straight with you.  Ever since my failure to deliver Karen Bernstein to this year's Unplugged Expo's Sailor Moon themed reunion, I've learned something down the road, humility.  I owe everybody an apology, especially my brother in arms, Stefan.  I was possessive of bringing Karen to the expo, it made me forget my mission as an animation crusader. Since that time, I've been struggling to regain my edge, my fighting spirit, if you will.  Just because I failed one thing, doesn't mean it's the end of the world.  Still, if I would've plan earlier, this would've been a great moment for Sailor Moon fans everywhere, even those who are fans of Sailor Mercury.  As far as Ms. Bernstein goes, I don't know what happen to her.  Either she disappeared from the face of the Earth or she stopped caring about the fan base altogether.  Either way, I will try harder.  Who knows?  I might try harder in two years for the 20th anniversary of the English dub of Sailor Moon, that is if I get my twitter account and my time at the Galaxy Cauldron forum gets rolling.

Anyway,  I am happy to report that I am taking it one crusade at a time.  I will never take failure this hard or take things for granted ever again.  I am no fraud, and I am no failure either.  I just needed a push, a push from my friends.  Since Stefan is taking a break until January, I will be blogging once more.  Expect a very special Toon Ninja Christmas review right before Christmas time in the near future.  Once again, to Stefan and every other person who stands up for animation's right to exist, thank you. I have inspired everyone to do this and believe that animation still has a place in society and it makes me very, very happy and I will never forget it.

Truly yours,

RekkaDragonJay (aka Jason)

*Friends in My Heart plays


Stefan said...

Awesome. Welcome Back! I missed ya, buddy. I look forward to your next set of posts

KingsSideCastle said...

:-D Welcome back Rekka Dragon. ^_^

Looking forward to seeing what you guys post in the future. ^_^