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Live-Action Shows I Like

People have asked me constantly, if I like Any Live-Action shows? The answer to that is an astounding: Yes! Though mostly Retro shows, I like some 2K stuff as well. Here is a list of shows (by era)

The 60's:

Batman (Adam West's)
The Beverly Hillbillies
Gilligan's Island
The Addams Family
The Munsters
The 70's:

The Jeffersons
Sanford and Son
All In The Family
Lavern and Shirley
Happy Days
Mork and Mindy
Good Times
What's Happening
Three's Company
WWF Wrestling
Welcome Back, Kotter
The Muppet Show  
The 80's:

WWF Wrestling
The A-Team
Different Strokes
The Cosby Show
Roseanne (even though the show hit it's stride in the 90's)
Growing Pains
Full House
Family Ties
The Wonder Years
Who's The Boss?
Facts of Life
Doogie Howser MD
Family Matters (another 80's show that hit it's stride in the 90's)
Married...With Children   
Perfect Strangers
Double Dare
Mr. Wizard's World
Saved By The Bell
Charles In Charge
The Golden Girls
Empty Nest
Night Court
The Hogan Family
Pee Wee's Playhouse 
Night Rider
The 90's:
Gamepro TV
Video Power
Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Super Man (just got into this show)
The Weird Al Show
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Sister Sister
Smart Guy
Sabrina: The Teenage Witch
Boy Meets World
WWF Wrestling (up until early '98)
WCW Wrestling (up until mid '98)
Power Rangers
Young Hercules
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Xena: Warrior Princess
Touched By An Angel
7th Heaven
Walker: Texas Ranger 
Saved By The Bell: The New Class
Hang Time
California Dreams
VR Troopers
Big Bad Beetleborgs
Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation (Venus aside, this show isn't that bad)
Step By Step
Hangin' With Mr. Cooper
The Parent Hood
Beakman's World
Hey Vern! It's Ernest.
Legends of the Hidden Temple
Nick Arcade
Figure It Out
The Brothers Garcia
Cousin Skeeter
Get The Picture
The Adventures of Pete and Pete
Keenan and Kel
Clarissa Explains it All
All That
Are You Afraid of The Dark?
Home Improvement
The Amanda Show
Salute Your Shorts
Hey Dude
The Waynes Bros.
The Steve Harvey Show
Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog (or however the hell you spell it!!)
The 2k Years:

Tyler Perry's House of Payne
Tyler Perry's Meet The Browns
The Haunting Hour
The Aquabats Super Show
That's So Raven
Cory in the House
Kickin' It
Lab Rats
Mighty Med
Crash and Bernstein 
Pair of Kings (starting to like this show)
Various Animal Planet Shows
Aaron Stone
Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
Family Game Night

See, Animation isn't the Only thing that I like to watch.

Until Next Time, Stay Gold.

Disney Destiny League Character Bio - Tinker Bell

Hiya, Toonsters!

Rekka Dragon here with another character bio for Destiny League storyline, made by my good buddy and brother in arms, Stefan.  Sorry I didn't blog much this month.  I was busy with a lot of stuff, including doing a Sailor Mercury themed fan project for Karen Bernstein when she comes to this year's Anime Expo in LA and I was working on a script for an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, showcasing on Derpy Hooves, the mentally challenged, cross-eyed pony who represents all of us, including those with disabilities like myself and this episode will address the subject of disabilities and show the so-called Moral Guardians that disablees are people too and deserve the same rights as those who are normal. That is what being an animation crusader is all about.  Anyway, I think I said a mouthful.  Let's get started and talk about our favorite cute pixie, Tinker Bell.

Background: Born in Never Land, in her fabled home, Pixie Hollow, Tinker Bell is not just one of the best tinkerers and one of the most beautiful fairies in all the land.  At first, she didn't want to be a tinker and wanted to be like the other pixies.  But, when Pixie Hollow couldn't end winter on time (that sounds familiar), Tink uses her ingenuity to help her fellow pixies fix the mistakes she made and saved all of Pixie Hollow and spring was in bloom for all Never Land.  Years later, she became a friend and loyal companion to the boy who never grows up, Peter Pan.

Appearance, Gear and Personality: Normally, before she was thawed out, Tink was like any other fairy, very small.  Around her fairy friends, she speaks normal like us.  However in the presence of humans, she only speaks in chimes.  She has her standard appearance: blond hair with a hair bun on the back of her head, her short, green fairy dress with back exposed, matching green fairy shoes with cottons on her shoe tips, and fairy wings on her back.  Not only Tink is a good tinkerer, which means a person who builds things from other stuff or in this case, thinking outside the box, but when she glows all the time, she contains lots and lots of pixie dust and when the pixie dust is applied to another person, if you think happy thoughts, you could fly like her or Peter Pan.  When she got thawed by Rayjin, she gains a new ability, she could change into human size and vice versa, just like famed Marvel superherorine, Wasp.  In her human form, she can talk to other humans.  Despite being a nice and caring fairy, Tink also has a hot temper, which she can be easily agitated, whether it's from getting frustrated on harder thinks to tinker or being jealous.  Heck hath no fury like a fairy scorned.

Backstory: After being thawed out by Rayjin, Tinker Bell reawakens and most of her fairy powers was still intact. Rayjin, with no knowledge of speaking pixie chimes, uses his powers and Tink became human size, so they could talk to each other.  Tink explained to Rayjin that most of Pixie Hollow and all of Never Land are in ruins and most of her pixie friends, including Silvermist, are all slaves to Igor and Peter Pan was nowhere to be found. But unlike the other heroes and just like Tron, she is willing help Rayjin fight Igor and pledges to save her friends and restore all of Never Land.  With that in mind, Tink became a chief mechanic for the team and thanks to her small size, she will also be a infiltration expert in missions that requires stealth and grace.  After all, every team needs a tinker. :D

Well that's our blog, thanks for reading.  If you'll excuse me, I got a Sailor Mercury fanbase to support and got some whiney Moral Guardians to put in their place.  Until next time, happy trails to you.

(Never Land Sky from Kingdom Hearts play)

*Fade Out

Friday, January 17, 2014

Shego Season 4 (Part 3)

Part 3 of Shego Season 4
14 (80) - Beginning of The End: Eisneroth stands over the dead body of Rayjin and savors his victory. He then turns his attention to the Elder Guardians. Rii-Sutan tells his fellow Guardians that he's going to Earth to help Shego and Lee and tells them to keep Eisneroth occupied until he gets back. He tells them that once he returns, they'll turn Eisneroth mortal and banish him.

Rii-Sutan leaves for Earth while the other Elder Guardians battle Eisneroth. Back on Earth, the Go's are having their troubles with Anerith individually. Anerith has her ability copied by Lee, Lee is kicked away. Shego comes at her with a barrage of Nova Blasts. Mego uses his rarely used Macro ability. Anerith handles everything. Anerith laughs at the attempts of the Go's and tells them that they are too weak to use the Palette Aura Powers effectively.  

Rii-Sutan appears and tells Anerith that it's over and she's finished. Anerith sees the Elder guardian and is shocked to see him out of the Chrysalis prison. Team Go wonders who Rii-Sutan is. Shego tells them. Rii-Sutan quickly grabs Anerith by her head and strips her of her immortality. Soon after he opens a portal to an empty and baron world and banishes her to that World. After closing the portal, Rii-Sutan heals up Shego and Lee and tells them to come with him back to The Watchers Pandora to help battle Eisneroth.

Shego and Lee go with the Elder Guardian Leader to The Watchers Pandora (via teleportation, natch). The Go's arrive at The Pandora and the first thing they see is a dead Rayjin. Shego vows to avenge him. Rii-Sutan leads The Go Cousin's to the fight. 

Eisneroth is manhandling the Elder Guardians. Shego, Lee, and  Rii-Sutan enter the scene. Rii-Sutan tells the others to rest easy and that he and Shego will handle things from here. The other Elders do so. Eisneroth calls Rii-Sutan stupid  for challenging him. Rii-Sutan tells Eisneroth that he will suffer the same fate as his sister. Eisneroth can't feel his sister on Earth anymore and angrily asks Rii-Sutan what he has done with Anerith? Rii-Sutan tells him,this pissess The Ex-Elder Guardian off even more. And so the Battle for The Universe Begins.
15 (81) - The Fall of Eisneroth:  Shego, Lee, and Rii-Sutan battle Eisneroth. Lee uses Aneriths energy shpere in battle (though it's smaller and less powerful in his use). The Battle is fierce, but the Combination of The Strongest Elder Guardian and the Full Power of the Go Cousins are enough to topple Eisneroth.

Rii-Sutan drains Eisneroth of his Immortality and banishes him to the Same world as Anerith. The Heroes are releived that it's over and the Universe is safe. The Go's and Elder Guardians resurrect Rayjin (to the surprise of the Go Cousins) and restore his immortality. Shego and Lee are happy to see him alive again. Rayjin thanks Rii-Sutan. Rii-Sutan and the other Elder Guardians offer Elder Guardianship to Rayjin. .

Rayjin declines and tells them that his place is watching Earth. And besides that, it's his home. The Elder Guardian's understand and accept his decline. Shego asks the Elders for a favor. She asks them if they can restore the Area that Anerith destroyed..including her apartment? The Elders tell her that it's the least that they could do for helping them with Eisneroth.

And So, the Elder Guardians restore the Area that Anerith destroyed...including Shego and Lee's apartment. Days later, things return to normal for the Go Cousins. While training Shego learns a new attack, A Green Aura Barrier, which she can launch at enemies. She calls it the 'Nova Barrier'. 

On Desgard , Rucifel breaks free of his Chrysalis Prison and is really pissed. Vengeance is on his mind.
16 (82) - Rucifel Strikes Back Part 1:  Dr. Drakken  and Shego are in Hawaii for Spring Vacation. Dr. Drakken and Shego talk about their previous relationship and think about rekindling it. Meanwhile,Rucifel is planet hopping all the way to Earth, thinking about nothing but revenge against Rayjin and his Earthlings. 

The Elder Guardians sense that Rucifel has freed himself and realize that the Chrysalis Tombs are crap against Immortals and creatures from the Chaosverse. Meanwhile, back at Global Justice HQ, Lee is training to become a full fledged Agent of Global Justice. This is something he wants more than a vacation. Le is in a training room mastering his skills and getting stronger. Betty Director is impressed at Lee's abilities and feels that one day, he will become a 1st Class Global Justice Agent.

Rayjin is warned by The Elder Guardians about Rucifel's return and warn that this time, Shego and Lee must kill him. Rayjin understands. He leaves for Hawaii to inform Shego of the situation. Shego and Drakken go out on a date. They are at a restaurant.  Rayjin inturupts and informs her that Rucifel is free and on his way to Earth. Shego can't believe it, but somehow knew the Chrysalis Trap would fail.

Rayjin tells Shego that Both Lee and herself must come to his Sanctuary for special training..because this time around, She must Kill Rucifel. Shego declines and says she'll train at Global Justice HQ..she hasn't done that in a while. Rayjin understands and wishes her luck.

After Rayjin leaves, Shego and Drakken return to their Date. After dinner, the 2 go out for a walk on the beach.

Out in space, Rucifel is getting closer to earth. Hours later, Shego and Drakken return to their shared hotel room, where they start to show romantic interest toward one another. Meanwhile, Lee returns home to take a shower and relax.

Lee orders out for Pizza and decides to kick back and watch TV, while he waits. As he watches, he wonders how Shego and Drakken are doing. On Nemesis, the 10th planet of our Solar System, Rucifel is taking a nap. The extreme cold of the planet doesn't bother him and he loves the dark. When he awakens, Rucifel will revisit earth for revenge..and then, terminate every human on the planet. 
17 (83) - Rucifel Strikes Back Part 2: Lee is sleeping at the apartment and he gets a call from Shego, telling him what Rayjin told her about Rucifel's Return. Lee knew it was too good to be true. Shego says that she's on her way home and they'll start training immediately. 

Meanwhile, Rucifel is getting close to Earth eagerly awaiting revenge and the extermination of all human life (who he considers unevolved and not worth existing). At Global Justice HQ, Shego and Lee are training in the Training Room for their big fight. They even try fusion again, but fail. After Training the 2 take a rest. Lee asks Shego about what she did with Drakken on their Vacation? Shego,not ready to tell lee about her and drakken's newly reborn relationship, tells him that they hung out and had a good time..nothing more.

Lee accuses Shego of hiding something. Shego gets annoyed. Before the conversation can continue,Dr.Director alerts the Go's that Rucifel has arrived and waiting in the Nevada desert. Shego and Lee teleport to the Nevada Desert. The Go Cousins face off against Rucifel. After threats from both sides, the battle begins. 

The Go's fair better against Rucifel this time than they did last (thanks to that training). Annoyed at the Go Cousins, Rucifel decides to destroy them in a single blast...taking the Earth with them. As Rucifel charges up, Lee and Shego get ready to counter with their own combined blasts (lee copied shego's attack before coming to the battle).

The Go Cousins fire their combined blasts,while Rucifel fires his. An Energy weave Tug-o-War between the 2 sides begins. The Go Cousins struggle,but eventually push the blast back at Rucifel. The Blast hits Rucifel hard, but doesn't kill him....It's just makes him pissed. 

Shego and Lee try the Go fusion again but fail and wonder how they did it last time. Rucifel tells the Cousins that he's gonna kill them both one at a time. Suddenly, Rayjin's voice appears befor them and tells them to let their Aura's and Soul's be in sync..that is the key to the Palette Aura Fusion. Rucifel is confused.

The Go Cousins decide to try it while Rucifel recovers from his confusion. They are successful and become the White and Green Aura'd Go Fighter once again.
18 (84) - Rucifel Strikes Back Part 3: The Go Fighter battles Rucifel and eventually kills him. The Go Fighter splits back into Shego and Lee. The Elder Guardians Celebrate. Rayjin Celebrates too. The Global Justice Agence watchin the battle also Celebrate.

The Go Cousin's are exhausted and just want to Go home and relax. At an excavation site in Utah,Workers uncover the final Piece of the Rainbow Comet (the black piece).  They wonder what it could be? They don't bother to touch the glowing rock and call the Authorities to deal with it. Until the authorities Do arrive, the Workers re-bury the rock (without touching it) and continue their work.

Later that evening, Rayjin takes the rock before the authorities arrive, stating that if the power of the Black Part of the Rainbow fell into the wrong hands, it would be a nightmare for Super Heroes and that he was a fool to send this to Earth. Rayjin leaves.
19 (85) - Kim's Visit: Shego, Drakken, and Lee are hanging out at the apartment, playing board games. Kim Possible comes for a surprise visit and they talk about old times. And by old times, they mean their various encounters when Shego was a villain. While chatting Kim joins in on the Games. After talking about old times, Kim and Shego go to the Mall.

Note: This is a Clip Show showing All of Shego and Kim's encounters from The Kim Possible Series.
20 (86) - Go Cousin's Forever:  After a tough mission (defusing an atomic warhead), Shego and Lee go home to relax. They soon reminisce about how they became a team and all of the battles they've had together up to that point. After that, Shego challenges Lee to a Video Game contest, loser does the apartment work for a week. Lee tells Shego that she's on.

Note: This is a retrospective of Lee and Shego's battles during the 4 seasons. It's another Clip Show.

Shego Season 4 (Part 2)

 Part 2 of Shego Season 4
9 (75) - Anerith Unbound: Anerith takes a tour of Earth to see how much has changed in 10,000 years. The Elder Guardians (rii-sutan , haansan, miriza, and rookus))are annoyed that Anerith, Sister of Eisneroth has been freed. Rayjin isn't surprised that his Chrysalis Tomb failed to permanently keep her trapped. He hopes Shego and Lee can handle her.

Lee, Shego, and Dr. Drakken are at Shego's apartment watching TV, awaiting dinner (yes shego Can cook). Rayjin appears to warn them about Anerith. When asked who Anerith is? Rayjin tells them that Anerith is Eisneroth's Younger Sister AND the former apprentice to the Elder Guardians. Anerith's loyalty to the Guardians was quite questionable. She and Eisneroth worked together a lot, likely scheming Universal Domination.

Rayjin,who was also an apprentice did a better at serving the Guardians and was more loyal. One day, 10,000 years ago, the Earth was due for a Guardian and the Elders decided to that one of their 2 apprentices would be that Guardian. In a 5-1 vote, Rayjin was chosen. Anerith's true colors were revealed and declared that if she couldn't be Earth's ruling Guardian, than there will be no more Earth. It was apparent,that the only reason Anerith was so helpful to the Guardians was so that she could be the Guardian of Earth.

Due to her power hungry and arrogant nature, had Anerith become Guardian,she would've acted as a Dictator and not a Guardian. Anerith attacks Earth and Rayjin battles to stop her using his Palette Aura Powers. Using the Black Glow, Rayjin temporary disables Anerith's powers and seals her up in a Chrysalis Tomb. After burying her deep within Earth's Moon, Rayjin became the Guardian of Earth, much to the chagrin of Eisneroth.  
 Shego asks about Rayjin's Palette Aura Power and asks why he's never used it in modern time? Rayjin tells her that he sacrificed them to create the Rainbow Comet.  

On the streets of Sabat City, Eisneroth is just sitting in the Ghetto, drunk. He is greeted by Anerith. Eisneroth is surprised to see his Sister. When asked, he tells her that he was made mortal and powerless by the Godian as punishment for helping the Chaosverse. After a reminiscing about old times, she gives him a vile of Jerichol juice (capable of turning one immortal or kill them instantly).        

In a desperate attempt to get his powers and immortality back. Eisneroth drinks it and dies. As Anerith mourns her brother, Eisneroth nips back up,immortality and powers fully restored. Eisneroth is ready for Revenge and Rayjin will be first.
10 (76) - Eisneroth Reborn: Eisneroth and Anerith head toward Rayjin's sanctuary. While on the trip, Eisneroth informs Anerith that Rayjin has given up his Palette Aura Powers to mortals and doesn't have them anymore. Anerith loves the sound of that.

On the Watches Pandora, the Elder Guardian's are livid at the fact that Eisneroth is back. Rii-Sutan tells his fellow Guardian's that with Eisneroth back, the Universe is in peril.

On his sanctuary, Rayjin is confronted by Eisneroth and Anerith. Rayjin is ready to defend his sanctuary. It is revealed moments later that The siblings are Rayjin's Cousins. Rayjin is overpowered by the combined force of his Cousins and is beaten. After beating Rayjin, The Siblings head for Watchers Pandora to confront the Elder Guardians.

A beaten Rayjin says he must warn Shego of Eisneroth's return. The Siblings arrive at Watcher's Pandora and are confronted by the 4 Elder Guardians. After threats, a fight breaks out and Eisneroth defeats all 4 Guardians and traps them in a huge Chrysalis Tomb. Eisneroth declares himself Supreme ruler of the Universe and as his first decree, he orders that all opposition to his rule be killed.       

Meanwhile,Shego and Lee are at Global Justice HQ briefing Dr.Director on the results of their last mission (protecting an Israeli diplomat targeted for assassination by a Pakistani terrorist group). Suddenly, Rayjin appears. Dr.Director is ready to kill the intruder with a gun, but Shego tells her that it's ok, and that Rayjin is a well as Guardian of Earth.

Rayjin, tells Shego that Anerith has restored Eisneroth to his full power and immortality. Shego and Lee ain't to pleased. 

Back at the Watcher's Pandora,Eisneroth is gloating in front of the trapped (and immobile) Elder Guardians in the dungeon area. After that he heads to the Master Chamber to relax. As he gets their he is greeted by Anerith, who tells her brother that She searched all over 5 different galaxies and that there is no sign of Rucifel anywhere.   

Eisneroth is baffled, he knows that Rucifel wasn't among his subjects when they were sucked back to the Chaosverse by the Godian. He shrugs and says they'll tackle that mystery later and right now they must focus on Killing Shego. And after that he'll finish off Rayjin and then the rest of the Elder Guardians. And that once every enemy is out of the way, He'll focus on army building.

Back at Global Justice HQ, Rayjin tells Shego and Lee that in order to defeat his Cousins (shego and lee still can't believe he's related to eisneroth) they must use their powers to the fullest. Shego tells Rayjin that she knows and reveals when she battled Eisneroth the last time, she had to use full power.

Rayjin asks Global Justice if they can contact Go Tower? Dr. Director has one of her techies contact Team Go. Rayjin tells Shego that every user of the Palette Aura must be available for the upcoming battle. Lee asks about the Siblings immortality factor? Rayjin tells Lee that he can have the rest of the Elder Guardian's do they've done it to him once before under Eisneroth's influence. He hopes he can convince them to do so.

Global Justice gets in contact with Team Go. Shego explains the situation to them and tells them She and Lee will meet them on the roof of her apartment in 4 hours for planning.

Rayjin hopes they can defeat his Cousins. The survival of the Universe depends on it.
11 (77) - Anerith Attacks Part 1:  On the Roof of their Apartment building, Shego and Lee are waiting for Team Go. Team Go arrive and the 2 parties talk about the current situation. Meanwhile, Rayjin in Taos, Hong Kong on a building rooftop talking with Chisao Go. Chisao is vacationing in Hong Kong with his Sons and their wives. Rayjin tells Chisao about the Crisis Earth and the Universe are in and asks him for help.

Chisao agrees to help. Rayjin is surprised that Chisao doesn't uses his Palette Aura Powers anymore. Chisao explains that there wasn't much of a need to use them anymore. He mentions that his Grandchildren don't know about his Powers, as they've never seen him use them.

Rayjin tells him that he must now use his Powers again. He remembers the day Chisao got the powers. Chisao was the very first Earth Human to get Palette Aura Powers. Chisao mentions that he received the powers 6 days after his son Keiji's (lees father and younger brother of shego's father,yuusuke) 2nd birthday.

He found a piece of the Rainbow Comet while on a nature walk. The comet had an Orange Glow. Chisao almost died when he absorbed the comet's power, but when he recovered, he had the Orange Glow and the ability to pass through solid objects..including walls.

Rayjin mentions that he sent that piece down to Earth as a test run to see if the Palette Aura was compatible with Mortals. Needless to say, the test was success. Rayjin tells Chisao to end his vacation early and as soon as he sends his family home, they can begin the mission.   

At the Watchers Pandora, Eisneroth tells his sister that it's time to make Shego suffer. He requests Anerith to go to Earth and kill her. As a reward, he will make her the Mistress of Earth. Anerith loves the sound of that and leaves for Earth.

Shego finishes explaining the situation to Team Go. Team Go promises to do everything that they can. Anerith appears and after she makes her threats, the battle begins. 

Rayjin arrives at Watchers Pandora to confront Eisneroth. He figures that the Elder Guardian's were defeated by Eisneroth. Eisneroth arrives and greets his Cousin. Rayjin asks if he killed the Elder Guardians? Eisneroth tells him that he encased them all in a Chrysalis Tomb for now...but will turn them mortal and kill them later. Eisneroth tells Rayjin that he will take his immortality and life now.

And so the 1-on-1 battle between Eisneroth and Rayjin begins. Back on Earth,The Go family is having trouble with Anerith,who reveals that she is almost as powerful as her Brother. Suddenly, from out of nowhere,Chisao Go appears, surprising everyone. 
12 (78) - Anerith Attacks Part 2: Chisao tell his family that he'll explain everything later and challenges Anerith to a 1-on-1 battle. He holds his own against her. Back at the Watchers Pandora, Rayjin is battling Eisneroth and it's an even fight. However, Eisneroth reveals that he's just toying with his cousin and powers up to 40% power. The battle shifts in Eisneroth's favor.   

Meanwhile, The Go family are stunned at the fact that their Grandfather has "Go Powers". Shego is even more surprised that her Grandpa can make sport of Anerith. Anerith decides that it's time for the Mortals to see her True Power. She powers up and easily gets the upper hand on Chisao. Chisao isn't beaten yet, he powers up and shows his badassery yet again. Anerith is shocked at the power and ability of this old Mortal.

Again, Anerith and Chisao are even. The Rest of the Go's help out to even the score. 

Meanwhile, Eisneroth is giving Rayjin a very tough time. In the dungeon area, The Elder Guardian's Chrysalis Prison begins to shake and crack.  
13 (79) -  Anerith Attacks Part 3: On Earth, Anerith,irritated beyond belief at the Go Family's fighting spirit, decides to destroy them all in one single blast....a blast that could destroy the entire area. Anerith forms a huge sphere of energy. The Heroes have no idea what to do now, as they weren't prepared for something like this. Anerith throws the energy sphere. The Go's have no choice but to escape the area.

Chisao tells his Grandchildren to all grab on to him. They question this,but Chisao tells them to just do it. He prays that his idea works. Chisao makes himself and his family intangible. The sphere passes through them safely, but in the process destroys the area and people around them,including Shego and Lee's apartment. 

The Go's return to normal once the sphere vanishes. The Heroes are disgusted and horrified at the carnage around them. The entire area has been reduced to a big crater. Anerith is really annoyed at the fact the heroes survived.  

Back on at the Watchers Pandora, Rayjin is getting beat by Eisneroth. Meanwhile, the Elder Guardian's are freed from their prison and want Eisneroth's head.  Back on Earth,Anerith and Shego are engaged in hand to hand combat.

Shego is pissed at Anerith for killing all of those innocent people AND for destroying her apartment. Anerith is pissed off at Shego's human spirit. Anerith powers up again, this time to her maximum power. She gives Shego a run for her money, Lee tries to help, but gets knocked away hard. Shego powers up to full strength and tells Anerith that she will suffer for that. Shego executes a fully powered energy wave that engulfs Anerith. However, Anerith is damaged,but far from dead. Shego curses. 

Meanwhile Rayjin is getting beat bad. Eisneroth laughs at his Cousins situation and prepares to turn him Mortal. The Elder Guardians arrive. Eisneroth sees them and beats himself a bit for not making the Chrysalis Tomb stronger.

Rayjin tells the Guardians that Anerith is on earth and that she and Eisneroth need to be turned mortal in order for the Universe to be saved. Eisneroth tells the Guardians that it's too late and that Anerith is picking apart Shego and her allies as he speaks.

The Elders try to stop Eisneroth themselves,but get knocked back pretty far by a burst of his energy. With no more distractions, Eisneroth takes away Rayjin's the immortality, leaving the Guardian of Earth weaker than he's ever been. He then kills him and laughs about it. The Elders are shocked and somewhat horrified. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Shego Season 4

And now for the 4th Shego Season.

1 (67) - Blacklist: Lee learns (from jim and tim and tim possible) that the reason why he doesn't have many friends at school (male and female) is because of a bulling Jock (head of the wrestling team and an aspiring pro-wrestler) and his followers. The Jock (brock "big man" batista) and his crew threatens those peers who come in contact with Lee. Lee  confronts Brock Batista about it. Batista explains that he did it because he hates Lee and wants his High School life to suck hard. Why? because he keeps stopping the thugs (especially the bullying the jocks) from having their fun. Lee calls the reason lame and wants the blacklisting to end. Brock tells him that he'll think about it....if Lee beats him in a fight : 10pm at the Abandoned Warehouse near the docks. Lee accepts the challenge.

Meanwhile, on the 3rd planet in the next Solar System, Rucifel has killed it's inhabitants and is joyous of his kill. Rucifel enjoys killing creatures weaker than himself. After snacking on the flesh of his dead victims, Rucifel decides to head for Earth next.

On the Watchers Pandora in the Center of the Universe, The Elder Guardians look in disgust at Rucifel's handy work and realize that Earth will be his next Target.

Later that night,at Shego and Lee's apartment, Lee is prepares for the fight. Shego calls the fight with Batista and the Blacklisting juvenile and tries to talk Lee out of it. Lee tells his cousin that it's a matter of Pride and principle. Shego understands and wishes him luck.    

Later, Lee and Brock meet up and have their big fight..with a host of Middleton Students watching in attendance. It's Lee's Martial Arts vs Brock's Wrestling. While the fight is going on, Shego is in Toronto hunting down a thief that stole a prototype mech suit from Canada's leading tech labs. Shego catches up to him and stops him from causing anymore damage and fatalities. She destroys the suit in the process.   

Back at the fight, Lee beats his muscle bound opponent. However, Brock refuses to lift the Blacklist and tells his supporters to kill Lee. Lee manages to beat the hapless lemmings and makes a quick exit.

On his lookout, Rayjin senses that Rucifel is on his way to Earth...and that means grave trouble.
2 (68) - Lord of the Chaosverse: Rucifel arrives on Earth and ,after observation, is amused on how un-evolved and weak the humans are. He declares that all human life must be terminated for the good of his future rule. And So, The Lord of the Chaosverse begins his genocidal spree, killing everyone that he sees

Meanwhile,Shego and Lee are in Kyoto, tracking down a masked biker (kamen biker) who has stolen top secret plans for an advanced AI program. The Cousins catch up with him and after a chase, they stop him. After a battle, they capture him and take back the plans.

Meanwhile, Rucifel, growing tired of killing humans for one day, decides to seek out the one responsible for Eisneroth's defeat, Shego. Rayjin watches from atop his sanctuary and is not happy. Rucifel's as strong as ever and he fears that not even Shego can kill him,despite the abilities of the Palette Aura (the go powers) being the only thing that can bring the Lord of the Chaosverse down.

He summons Shego and Lee to the sanctuary to brief them on the sitch. He also tells them of Rucifel's origins (same tale the most high guardian told lee). He then tells them on how Rucifel arrived in our Universe the first time. He used the Sacred Idols he stole from Godian to open a portal to the Universe. When he was defeated,the Idols were taken from him by the Elder Guardians. He also reveals that the Go Powers (known as the palette aura) are the only thing that can bring down those of the Chaosverse (and unfortunately the cosmoverse too).

Rucifel arrives, surprising the heroes. He then proceeds to taunt the heroes. Shego and Lee ready to fight, Rayjin tells them not to fight here. Rucifel says it doesn't matter where they fight, so as long as he gets to kill Earth's only hope. Rucifel thinks of a place where they can have a private battle and teleports Shego, Lee and himself there.

Rayjin wishes the heroes luck.
3 (69) - Rucifel The Unstoppable: The Cousins and Villain are teleported to the roof of a building in Reef Side City, where he killed all of the people. The Go Cousins see the dead bodies and blood pools from atop the buildings and get angry.

Rucifel asks if they like his handywork? and tells them that he plans on doing the same thing to every human on this planet. After some threats, both sides ready for Battle. The heroes have a tough time, even wth their powers. Lee descovers that his ability copy doesnt work on those from another universe. Rucifel even mocks him for doing so.

Rayjin,fearing that the heroes won't be able to kill Rucifel, goes to the Elder Guardians for help in sending him back to the Chaosverse. Its revealed that if all of the Elder Guardians and all of the Planetary Guardians combine their portal opening skills, they can open a brief portal to the Chaosverse. The Elder's reject the idea, but try to think of another way to trap him...After some thinking, The Quartet come up with an idea,they tell Rayjin to use the same imprisonment method he used against Anerith.

Rayjin asks if the Chrysalis Tomb would hold a being as powerful as Rucifel? Rii-Sutan nods and tells Rayjin that the Elder Guardians have faith in him. Rayjin returns to Earth to create the trap. Back on the battlefield , Shego and Lee are getting whooped. Shego's fairing better than Lee, but is still losing.

The Go Cousins are down, but refuse to give up. Shego and Lee remember all of the good times they've shared..even before they became a team. Lee was the only Go family member, Shego truly cared about and won't let their adventures together end yet. Lee refuses to give up as well. Shego's been his greatest friend ever since he was small and he's not about to let some ass from a Pocket Universe kill her.

The Cousins determination and the love they share for one another causes their bodies to glow Green and White respectively. Rucifel is confused and wonders what the hell is going on?

The Cousins are encsed in their own Auras. Suddenly they start fusing together, confusing the Chaosverse's Ruler even more.

When the aura dies out, a single fighter appears. Rucifel is shocked. 
4 (70) - Go Fusion: Rucifel is shocked at the site of this new warrior, as it tests out some punches,kicks, and flips on the air. Rayjin looks down from above his sanctuary and is amazed that Lee and Shego managed to access such an advanced technique of the Palette Aura powers so early.

Back to the battle, Rucifel's shock wears off and is quite thrilled that his opponent is much stronger this time. The unnamed fused Go Fighter. The Fighter is ready for battle. Rucifel readies for round 2. The Go Fighter battles Rucifel using Shego and Lee's well as a heavy dose of snark, which annoys Rucifel. 

Rucifel and The Go Fighter are on equal standing and fight each other blow for blow. Meanwhile, Rayjin is busy forging the crystalline trap meant to hold Rucifel. He also plans to send him to Desgard, World of the Damned, located in the far side of the Universe. 

Meanwhile, on the streets of Sabat City in Texas , A now mortal Eisneroth is slumming it out, drinking alcohol and demanding for money from passerby's. He also laments about how he was once a God and vows that one day, he will get revenge for what has happened to him. Revenge on Shego, Rayjin, and the Elder Guardians. Eisneroth wants his power back. 

Back at the battle,The Go Fighter is slowly gaining the upper hand on The Chaosverse ruler. However, just when they are close to defeating him,the fusion ends. Rucifel just laughs at the Go Cousin's misfortune and intends on killing them now.
5 (71) - The Return of Team Go: Rucifel just laughs at the unfortunate turn of events of his enemies. Shego curses and tells Lee that they need to think of something fast. Rucifel tells them that it's too late and they're finished. Rucifell attacks Lee first and starts beating on him. Shego tries to help, but is blasted back by the Chaosverse ruler.

While beating on Lee, Rucifel goes on an Anti- Earth Human tyrade about how weak, pathetic, and un-evolved they are. And thus,must be exterminated like the diseased vermin that they are. Lee,struggling, tells Rucifell that his sort of right and that Human-kind does really suck sometimes. However, he then tells Rucifel that whether the Human race lives or dies is up to God and no one else. And that It's God's Job to judge them and not Rucifel's.

Lee gives Rucifel a strong punch to the groin,causing both fighters pain (lee hurt his hand). Lee gets up and tells Rucifel that he has absolutely no damn right to come to another Persons Planet and start killing it's people. Rucifel just laughs off Lee's verbal attacks and tells him that It's his Universe now and he has a right to Everything he wants.

Lee and Rucifel battle.

Meanwhile at Global Justice, Dr.Drakken and Dr.Director are watching the Go/Rucifel fight via global satellite. Drakken asks Dr. Director why she hasn't dispatched Global Justice to handle things? Dr.Director tells Drakken that it would be wasted lives if she did. She tells Drakken that only Shego and Lee can handle such a threat. Drakken understands, but decides to call in back up anyway.

Meanwhile, Lee is getting pounded by Rucifel, Shego saves her cousin and engages in combat against Rucifel. She fares no better than her cousin. 

Suddenly, Team Go (all members) arrive to help. Jimmy and Gina (called Gigo and Jigo by hego, though they kinda hate it), rush to their brother to see if he's ok. Shego asks the Go Team what the hell they are doing here? Hego tells his sister that they got a call from Dr. Drakken asking them to Back you up in this tough fight. Mego is amused at the fact that Shego is losing for once. Shego tells him to go to hell.

The Wego's are glad Lee and Shego are ok. Annoyed at the interference, Rucifel calls Team Go pathetic interlopers and vows to kill them all in a single stroke. Team Go battle Rucifel, while Shego and Lee recover.

Meanwhile, Rayjin is putting the finishing touches on the Chrysalis Prison and hopes it's strong enough to hold Rucifel for Eons. Back in Sabat City Texas, Eisneroth is wandering the streets in a drunken stupor, still carrying a bottle of alcohol in a paper bag and pissed off at his foes. He Shouts out in a drunken rage that he Will be God again. After that he falls down and passes out. 

Meanwhile, Team Go is Getting beat by Rucifel. They all refuse to surrender. Rucifel grows tired of their "impudence" and gets ready to kill them in 1 big shot. Rayjin appears with the Chrysalis and blasts Rucifel with a burst of energy,sending the Chaos Lord flying back.

Rayjin tells the heroes that the tough part begins now. .
6 (72) - The Chrysalis Tomb: Hidden deep within the Earth's moon,lies a Chrysalis trap. Inside is a female person. The trap starts to crack. Back on Earth, Rayjin and the Go's are battling Rucifel, trying to weaken him enough to get him into the Chrysalis Prison.  .

They eventually do it (actually, they just manage to stun him). Rayjin sneaks behind the stunned Rucifel, and activates the Chrysalis. The Chrysalis pulls Rucifel into it. Rucifel tries to fight it, but when Lee kicks him toward it, Rucifel is absorbed into the Chrysalis and imprisoned within it.

The heroes are relieved that it's finally over. Rayjin congratulates the Heroes on a job well done. But hopes that the Chrysalis Prison will hold Rucifel? He's not gonna wait to find out and opens up a portal To The Damned World of Desgard. As Rayjin opens the portal, One of the worlds many Creatures of Evil jumps out.

The Creature is big and is very pleased to be outside his hellish home. When asked, Rayjin tells the heroes that the monster is one of the many imprisoned on the planet. The Weary Heroes prepare for another battle. Rayjin quickly banishes the imprisoned Rucifel and closes the portal, before any more prisoners of Desgard escape.

The tired heroes fight and beat the creature. Rayjin quickly opens another portal to Desgard and has the heroes toss him back in quickly. Rayjin quickly closes the portal.  Later, The Go Cousins,tired from their battle,return home and find Drakken waiting for them. Drakken asks about the fight? The Go's are to tired to give an answer and fall asleep on the couch.

On his Sanctuary , Rayjin praises the heroes for their hard work. He explains that if the "Go Fusion" would've lasted longer, had Lee been more experienced with his powers. Rayjin thinks about Rucifel and can't help worring about the strength of the Chrysalis Tomb. If it's not as strong as he hopes it is, The Earth hasn't seen the last of Rucifel, Lord of the Chaosverse.  

Deep within the Earth's moon,the cracked Chrysalis trap, cracks a few more times. The sleeping person opens her eyes.
7 (73) - Links Part 1: Rayjin tells tales that bridge the gap between Kim Possible's Series and Shego's. The first tale is the most important: The whereabouts of the KP Villains in Modern time(a story called Evil Epilogue). Senor Senor Sr. gets sick and dies,after his funeral Junior inherits his estate and fortune and shares it with Bonnie. The 2 soon marry and live peacefully. Monkey Fist (still a stone statue) is now a statue belonging to DNAmy. DNAmy herself is in villain rehab and is learning to be a Animal Biologist.   

Motor Ed owns his own Fix-it Garage and is making much money fixing cars and motorcycles. He charges alot, but it's worth it. Duff Killigan owns his own Golf Course in Ireland and has stayed away from villainy. Camele Leon, Frugal Lucre,and Adrenna Lynn are still in Prison.  

Jack Hench was killed. Shot down by a Mafioso Don,when he refused to give him a refund on a faulty HenchCo product. Gemini and Prof. Dementor are still doing evil..but on a much lesser scale And below the Radar of Global Justice.

Rayjin takes a break from storytelling

Note: This and the next episode are the Only 4th wall breaking Eps. 
8 (74) - The Next tale Rayjin tells is about Kim and Ron's collage life (entitled kim possible: collage girl). Kim and Ron went to collage in another state and living at a Co-ed dorm. They are forbidden to miss any classes and aren't allowed to go on missions either..not even on weekends [strict rules of the dorm and education is the most important thing there].

The Next tale is about Dr.Drakken's path to redemption (called drakken's redemption). After a vacation, Dr.Drakken decides to return to villainy. During that vacation time,his "Flower" powers wear off. Shego decides to go into villainy for herself and does so. After 3 self-failing attempts to control the world,Drakken gives up in frustration, calling himself the "Al Bundy of Evil Scientists".

As Drakken is about to give up all hope on life, he recalls that when he helped the world his Genius was recognized and even praised. In fact the only reason he went into villainy is to force the world into recognizing his genius.  But as a Good Guy, they did that anyway. So, Drakken decides to become a Good Guy. He asks and receives forgiveness from Dr. Tim Possible and lives with him and his family for a while.

The Scientific community isn't as forgiving,but decide to give Drakken another chance. The Final Story Rayjin tells is about Shego,still evil at the time,and her relationship with Lee (called Sheila and Lee).

On the roof of his Upperton Apartment,Lee (at age 12) is awaiting his 1-on-1 tri-Yearly visit from his criminal Cousin Shego (who he still calls sheila). Shego arrives fresh off a battle with Kim Possible. The 2 talk about old times and current events in their lives. Lee knows that Shego's a criminal, and accepts it. It doesn't matter, he still loves her and think she's cool.

Shego mentions babysitting for Lee when he was a toddler and that's when their special bond began. She also confesseses that out of all of her family members, Lee is the only one she loves. They are more than cousins, they are best friends.

Back in Present time, Rayjin finishes up his stories and goes back to watching the Earth. Deep within the Earth's moon,the cracked Chrysalis trap, cracks even more times...eventually shattering. In a burst of light, the once trapped woman rises from the Moons ground and is glad to be free after 10,000 years. She then says that it's time to visit Earth. Her evil laugh echos through space.
Continued in Pt 2

Sunday, January 5, 2014

An Interesting Theory

Y'know, after watching Nickelodeon and Nicktoons Network, I got to see first hand on how terrible their program direction is. They have a bunch of good shows in their current line-up and they seem to air the crappy ones much more.

But Why? Why would they favor the garbage over the cool stuff? Viacom is Evil that's why? However, Viacom aren't run by retarded idiots (liker disney is), so they must have another reason for doing this. After all, Their Nick Networks are supposed to be the "Cool" counterparts to Disney's Networks.

And then it clicked. For some reason, as a sign of good will, Viacom has decided to dumb-down their Nickelodeon and Nicktoons line-ups for the sake of Disney, their rivals.

I know, this Theory sounds nuts, but here me out , folks. Disney's programing direction is really really Retarded (like the companies management) , but Viacom has seen this and, instead of taking full advantage of their rival's weakness, they allow themselves to look bad for the sake of Disney.

But Why? Why would they do this? Well, I don't have a definite answer to this. Maybe Disney paid the Big V to do so? Who really knows. But,what I Do know is that there's definitely a method behind the madness.
An alternitave theory is that Disney's program scheduling is so bad that Viacom can afford to be lazy with the scheduling.of Nick and Nicktoons.  Both theories have merit, as the majority of New Cartoons that they air are garbage (almost as much as their sitcoms).

So there you go , my theory(s) as to why The Nick Line-ups are so bad. Hope you enjoyed this little nugget of information.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Shredder has been Shredded - The Death of James Avery!

This is a ACF special news bulletin!

James Avery has died right before New Year's Day due to complications after open heart surgery.  He was 68 years old.

Avery was best known for two characters he has played.  The first was voicing Oroku Saki aka The Shredder from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon.  The second was playing lawyer turned superior court judge, Phillip Banks on the hit TV show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which jumpstarted Will Smith's career. He also did some other shows and cartoons like voicing War Machine in the first dozen episodes of the 90s Iron Man cartoon and appeared in the short lived UPN TV show, Sparks.

Avery's death mirrors that of another similar situation with another actor who had open heart surgery long ago and that was Tony Jay.  Both Mr. Avery's and Mr. Jay's fates were similar in many ways.  But I will get to that in a moment.

Remember that Fresh Prince episode where Uncle Phil had a heart attack after eating some fatty foods Will sneaked in by the sly?  The difference between Avery and his character is while Uncle Phil survived and live to care for his family and fight for law and order for another day, the actor who played him, he ended up dead because of his weak heart...or so they say.

What I am trying say is, I don't what caused these complications.  Is it his poor health or the doctors, who are responsible for the surgery itself, caused more harm than good (e.g. a scalpel accidently scratched his heart causing the complications).  Either way, the consequences of open heart surgery should be address.  Those doctors should start being more careful when they do this.  If they don't take care of their patient when doing the surgery, they will die on the spot, not now, but say, in a few days or weeks.  Open heart surgery is no joke, it is not a game.  It is a matter of life and death here and both Mr. Jay and Mr. Avery paid the ultimate price for their incompetence and careless procedures.

Anyway, Mr. Avery's death also helped me understand one other thing.  Why hasn't anyone in the animation world, voice actor or otherwise, is nothing being acknowledged after their deaths? In the wake of Mr. Avery's death, many people wondered, "Why these people are not getting the respect they so rightfully deserve?". And I will tell you why.  The reason animation and those who pioneered it is not being well-respected is because of the following elements: The gutless executives like Stuart Snyder, Cyma Zarghami and Robert Iger, the mindless bureaucrats like our government's FCC and the coddling Moral Guardians who thinks animation as a whole is hazardous to our health.  First Lou Scheimer, then Danny Wells, then Christopher Welch and now James Avery.  I guess what Trixie Tang said about animation is being the lowest form of entertainment is true.  It is so because of what these people I have mention has done to this wonderful genre. I think that the next time someone dies and when this year ends, we demand that those who are pioneers in animation should be acknowledged, if they died of course. We are tired of those who treat animation as an afterthought and leaving those who died un-mourned.

In short, let James Avery's death serve as a reminder that animation should be mentioned in all media, in death or in life.  I will never let it get ignored like this ever again. Here's to you James, who gave life to an iconic villain in cartoons and a devoted father/uncle to an then up and rising Will Smith.  Godspeed, Uncle Phil. :(

(TAPS plays)

James La Rue Avery
November 27, 1945 - December 31, 2013

This has been an ACF special report.  Thank you.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Snyderism, UGH!

Greetings, Everyone. I hope everyone had a great holiday season, but the good times have once again morphed into dark ones. 2014 is gonna be a very disturbing year for us TV watchers. And it's all because of the widespread disease called Snyderism.
For those not in the know, Snyderism is when a Network or Company changes its business strategy to something unrelated to the true purpose of said Company or Network. In other words, abandoning it's initial concept. Snyderism is named after none other than, Stuart Snyder, the man who once forced a Live Action agenda on Cartoon Network (he still is to a minor extent).

Since Snyder appeared on the scene his pathetic business model has been inspiration for Other networks as well. They felt that it was OK, to change the purpose of their Networks,because Snyder was doing it. Snyder was Trend setter.....and NOT in a positive way.

The latest victim, is Animal Planet.70% of it's current Programming and 80% of it's New stuff have little to nothing to do with Animals and it's Always about Humans. Ugh! If I wanted to see shows about Humans, I would watch other Live Action Shows!! Dumbasses!

Many other Networks are starting to show signs of Snyderism too,like UP (a family network that's slowly turning into a woman's network). This is Pathetic! and I fear that the worse is yet to come.

Network Executives Are Assholes!!!! Plain and Simple!!! Stuart Snyder, I hope your proud of the Legacy that you've made for yourself? 'Cuz, We're sure as hell ain't!

But even Snyderism has it's roots. Yes, Snyder must've gotten his corrupt ideology from somewhere. He got them from The Walt Disney Company, when they started dominating the Disney Channel with the Teeny-Bopper Trash. Now, remember, The Disney Channel was mostly a Family Network that appealed to Everyone. Got that? Every! One! Not the Preschoolers, not the Girly-Girls, but the General Audience. 

Snyder was dumb enough to take on Disney's retarded example  And from his ignorance, he created Snyderism.

But what about Nickelodeon? Didn't they adapt Disney's ignorant philosophy too? Yes and No? While the Teen Sitcoms of Nick were/are Pathetic, Nick,for the most part,kept it's purpose...provide shows for kids and teens no matter how terrible they were.

And despite the lack of true diversity, Nickelodeon continues their purpose to this very day.

Bottom line, Snyderism is a virus that must be conquered. If not, then American TV is doomed.