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Disney Destiny League Character Bio - Tinker Bell

Hiya, Toonsters!

Rekka Dragon here with another character bio for Destiny League storyline, made by my good buddy and brother in arms, Stefan.  Sorry I didn't blog much this month.  I was busy with a lot of stuff, including doing a Sailor Mercury themed fan project for Karen Bernstein when she comes to this year's Anime Expo in LA and I was working on a script for an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, showcasing on Derpy Hooves, the mentally challenged, cross-eyed pony who represents all of us, including those with disabilities like myself and this episode will address the subject of disabilities and show the so-called Moral Guardians that disablees are people too and deserve the same rights as those who are normal. That is what being an animation crusader is all about.  Anyway, I think I said a mouthful.  Let's get started and talk about our favorite cute pixie, Tinker Bell.

Background: Born in Never Land, in her fabled home, Pixie Hollow, Tinker Bell is not just one of the best tinkerers and one of the most beautiful fairies in all the land.  At first, she didn't want to be a tinker and wanted to be like the other pixies.  But, when Pixie Hollow couldn't end winter on time (that sounds familiar), Tink uses her ingenuity to help her fellow pixies fix the mistakes she made and saved all of Pixie Hollow and spring was in bloom for all Never Land.  Years later, she became a friend and loyal companion to the boy who never grows up, Peter Pan.

Appearance, Gear and Personality: Normally, before she was thawed out, Tink was like any other fairy, very small.  Around her fairy friends, she speaks normal like us.  However in the presence of humans, she only speaks in chimes.  She has her standard appearance: blond hair with a hair bun on the back of her head, her short, green fairy dress with back exposed, matching green fairy shoes with cottons on her shoe tips, and fairy wings on her back.  Not only Tink is a good tinkerer, which means a person who builds things from other stuff or in this case, thinking outside the box, but when she glows all the time, she contains lots and lots of pixie dust and when the pixie dust is applied to another person, if you think happy thoughts, you could fly like her or Peter Pan.  When she got thawed by Rayjin, she gains a new ability, she could change into human size and vice versa, just like famed Marvel superherorine, Wasp.  In her human form, she can talk to other humans.  Despite being a nice and caring fairy, Tink also has a hot temper, which she can be easily agitated, whether it's from getting frustrated on harder thinks to tinker or being jealous.  Heck hath no fury like a fairy scorned.

Backstory: After being thawed out by Rayjin, Tinker Bell reawakens and most of her fairy powers was still intact. Rayjin, with no knowledge of speaking pixie chimes, uses his powers and Tink became human size, so they could talk to each other.  Tink explained to Rayjin that most of Pixie Hollow and all of Never Land are in ruins and most of her pixie friends, including Silvermist, are all slaves to Igor and Peter Pan was nowhere to be found. But unlike the other heroes and just like Tron, she is willing help Rayjin fight Igor and pledges to save her friends and restore all of Never Land.  With that in mind, Tink became a chief mechanic for the team and thanks to her small size, she will also be a infiltration expert in missions that requires stealth and grace.  After all, every team needs a tinker. :D

Well that's our blog, thanks for reading.  If you'll excuse me, I got a Sailor Mercury fanbase to support and got some whiney Moral Guardians to put in their place.  Until next time, happy trails to you.

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