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Shego Season 4 (Part 2)

 Part 2 of Shego Season 4
9 (75) - Anerith Unbound: Anerith takes a tour of Earth to see how much has changed in 10,000 years. The Elder Guardians (rii-sutan , haansan, miriza, and rookus))are annoyed that Anerith, Sister of Eisneroth has been freed. Rayjin isn't surprised that his Chrysalis Tomb failed to permanently keep her trapped. He hopes Shego and Lee can handle her.

Lee, Shego, and Dr. Drakken are at Shego's apartment watching TV, awaiting dinner (yes shego Can cook). Rayjin appears to warn them about Anerith. When asked who Anerith is? Rayjin tells them that Anerith is Eisneroth's Younger Sister AND the former apprentice to the Elder Guardians. Anerith's loyalty to the Guardians was quite questionable. She and Eisneroth worked together a lot, likely scheming Universal Domination.

Rayjin,who was also an apprentice did a better at serving the Guardians and was more loyal. One day, 10,000 years ago, the Earth was due for a Guardian and the Elders decided to that one of their 2 apprentices would be that Guardian. In a 5-1 vote, Rayjin was chosen. Anerith's true colors were revealed and declared that if she couldn't be Earth's ruling Guardian, than there will be no more Earth. It was apparent,that the only reason Anerith was so helpful to the Guardians was so that she could be the Guardian of Earth.

Due to her power hungry and arrogant nature, had Anerith become Guardian,she would've acted as a Dictator and not a Guardian. Anerith attacks Earth and Rayjin battles to stop her using his Palette Aura Powers. Using the Black Glow, Rayjin temporary disables Anerith's powers and seals her up in a Chrysalis Tomb. After burying her deep within Earth's Moon, Rayjin became the Guardian of Earth, much to the chagrin of Eisneroth.  
 Shego asks about Rayjin's Palette Aura Power and asks why he's never used it in modern time? Rayjin tells her that he sacrificed them to create the Rainbow Comet.  

On the streets of Sabat City, Eisneroth is just sitting in the Ghetto, drunk. He is greeted by Anerith. Eisneroth is surprised to see his Sister. When asked, he tells her that he was made mortal and powerless by the Godian as punishment for helping the Chaosverse. After a reminiscing about old times, she gives him a vile of Jerichol juice (capable of turning one immortal or kill them instantly).        

In a desperate attempt to get his powers and immortality back. Eisneroth drinks it and dies. As Anerith mourns her brother, Eisneroth nips back up,immortality and powers fully restored. Eisneroth is ready for Revenge and Rayjin will be first.
10 (76) - Eisneroth Reborn: Eisneroth and Anerith head toward Rayjin's sanctuary. While on the trip, Eisneroth informs Anerith that Rayjin has given up his Palette Aura Powers to mortals and doesn't have them anymore. Anerith loves the sound of that.

On the Watches Pandora, the Elder Guardian's are livid at the fact that Eisneroth is back. Rii-Sutan tells his fellow Guardian's that with Eisneroth back, the Universe is in peril.

On his sanctuary, Rayjin is confronted by Eisneroth and Anerith. Rayjin is ready to defend his sanctuary. It is revealed moments later that The siblings are Rayjin's Cousins. Rayjin is overpowered by the combined force of his Cousins and is beaten. After beating Rayjin, The Siblings head for Watchers Pandora to confront the Elder Guardians.

A beaten Rayjin says he must warn Shego of Eisneroth's return. The Siblings arrive at Watcher's Pandora and are confronted by the 4 Elder Guardians. After threats, a fight breaks out and Eisneroth defeats all 4 Guardians and traps them in a huge Chrysalis Tomb. Eisneroth declares himself Supreme ruler of the Universe and as his first decree, he orders that all opposition to his rule be killed.       

Meanwhile,Shego and Lee are at Global Justice HQ briefing Dr.Director on the results of their last mission (protecting an Israeli diplomat targeted for assassination by a Pakistani terrorist group). Suddenly, Rayjin appears. Dr.Director is ready to kill the intruder with a gun, but Shego tells her that it's ok, and that Rayjin is a well as Guardian of Earth.

Rayjin, tells Shego that Anerith has restored Eisneroth to his full power and immortality. Shego and Lee ain't to pleased. 

Back at the Watcher's Pandora,Eisneroth is gloating in front of the trapped (and immobile) Elder Guardians in the dungeon area. After that he heads to the Master Chamber to relax. As he gets their he is greeted by Anerith, who tells her brother that She searched all over 5 different galaxies and that there is no sign of Rucifel anywhere.   

Eisneroth is baffled, he knows that Rucifel wasn't among his subjects when they were sucked back to the Chaosverse by the Godian. He shrugs and says they'll tackle that mystery later and right now they must focus on Killing Shego. And after that he'll finish off Rayjin and then the rest of the Elder Guardians. And that once every enemy is out of the way, He'll focus on army building.

Back at Global Justice HQ, Rayjin tells Shego and Lee that in order to defeat his Cousins (shego and lee still can't believe he's related to eisneroth) they must use their powers to the fullest. Shego tells Rayjin that she knows and reveals when she battled Eisneroth the last time, she had to use full power.

Rayjin asks Global Justice if they can contact Go Tower? Dr. Director has one of her techies contact Team Go. Rayjin tells Shego that every user of the Palette Aura must be available for the upcoming battle. Lee asks about the Siblings immortality factor? Rayjin tells Lee that he can have the rest of the Elder Guardian's do they've done it to him once before under Eisneroth's influence. He hopes he can convince them to do so.

Global Justice gets in contact with Team Go. Shego explains the situation to them and tells them She and Lee will meet them on the roof of her apartment in 4 hours for planning.

Rayjin hopes they can defeat his Cousins. The survival of the Universe depends on it.
11 (77) - Anerith Attacks Part 1:  On the Roof of their Apartment building, Shego and Lee are waiting for Team Go. Team Go arrive and the 2 parties talk about the current situation. Meanwhile, Rayjin in Taos, Hong Kong on a building rooftop talking with Chisao Go. Chisao is vacationing in Hong Kong with his Sons and their wives. Rayjin tells Chisao about the Crisis Earth and the Universe are in and asks him for help.

Chisao agrees to help. Rayjin is surprised that Chisao doesn't uses his Palette Aura Powers anymore. Chisao explains that there wasn't much of a need to use them anymore. He mentions that his Grandchildren don't know about his Powers, as they've never seen him use them.

Rayjin tells him that he must now use his Powers again. He remembers the day Chisao got the powers. Chisao was the very first Earth Human to get Palette Aura Powers. Chisao mentions that he received the powers 6 days after his son Keiji's (lees father and younger brother of shego's father,yuusuke) 2nd birthday.

He found a piece of the Rainbow Comet while on a nature walk. The comet had an Orange Glow. Chisao almost died when he absorbed the comet's power, but when he recovered, he had the Orange Glow and the ability to pass through solid objects..including walls.

Rayjin mentions that he sent that piece down to Earth as a test run to see if the Palette Aura was compatible with Mortals. Needless to say, the test was success. Rayjin tells Chisao to end his vacation early and as soon as he sends his family home, they can begin the mission.   

At the Watchers Pandora, Eisneroth tells his sister that it's time to make Shego suffer. He requests Anerith to go to Earth and kill her. As a reward, he will make her the Mistress of Earth. Anerith loves the sound of that and leaves for Earth.

Shego finishes explaining the situation to Team Go. Team Go promises to do everything that they can. Anerith appears and after she makes her threats, the battle begins. 

Rayjin arrives at Watchers Pandora to confront Eisneroth. He figures that the Elder Guardian's were defeated by Eisneroth. Eisneroth arrives and greets his Cousin. Rayjin asks if he killed the Elder Guardians? Eisneroth tells him that he encased them all in a Chrysalis Tomb for now...but will turn them mortal and kill them later. Eisneroth tells Rayjin that he will take his immortality and life now.

And so the 1-on-1 battle between Eisneroth and Rayjin begins. Back on Earth,The Go family is having trouble with Anerith,who reveals that she is almost as powerful as her Brother. Suddenly, from out of nowhere,Chisao Go appears, surprising everyone. 
12 (78) - Anerith Attacks Part 2: Chisao tell his family that he'll explain everything later and challenges Anerith to a 1-on-1 battle. He holds his own against her. Back at the Watchers Pandora, Rayjin is battling Eisneroth and it's an even fight. However, Eisneroth reveals that he's just toying with his cousin and powers up to 40% power. The battle shifts in Eisneroth's favor.   

Meanwhile, The Go family are stunned at the fact that their Grandfather has "Go Powers". Shego is even more surprised that her Grandpa can make sport of Anerith. Anerith decides that it's time for the Mortals to see her True Power. She powers up and easily gets the upper hand on Chisao. Chisao isn't beaten yet, he powers up and shows his badassery yet again. Anerith is shocked at the power and ability of this old Mortal.

Again, Anerith and Chisao are even. The Rest of the Go's help out to even the score. 

Meanwhile, Eisneroth is giving Rayjin a very tough time. In the dungeon area, The Elder Guardian's Chrysalis Prison begins to shake and crack.  
13 (79) -  Anerith Attacks Part 3: On Earth, Anerith,irritated beyond belief at the Go Family's fighting spirit, decides to destroy them all in one single blast....a blast that could destroy the entire area. Anerith forms a huge sphere of energy. The Heroes have no idea what to do now, as they weren't prepared for something like this. Anerith throws the energy sphere. The Go's have no choice but to escape the area.

Chisao tells his Grandchildren to all grab on to him. They question this,but Chisao tells them to just do it. He prays that his idea works. Chisao makes himself and his family intangible. The sphere passes through them safely, but in the process destroys the area and people around them,including Shego and Lee's apartment. 

The Go's return to normal once the sphere vanishes. The Heroes are disgusted and horrified at the carnage around them. The entire area has been reduced to a big crater. Anerith is really annoyed at the fact the heroes survived.  

Back on at the Watchers Pandora, Rayjin is getting beat by Eisneroth. Meanwhile, the Elder Guardian's are freed from their prison and want Eisneroth's head.  Back on Earth,Anerith and Shego are engaged in hand to hand combat.

Shego is pissed at Anerith for killing all of those innocent people AND for destroying her apartment. Anerith is pissed off at Shego's human spirit. Anerith powers up again, this time to her maximum power. She gives Shego a run for her money, Lee tries to help, but gets knocked away hard. Shego powers up to full strength and tells Anerith that she will suffer for that. Shego executes a fully powered energy wave that engulfs Anerith. However, Anerith is damaged,but far from dead. Shego curses. 

Meanwhile Rayjin is getting beat bad. Eisneroth laughs at his Cousins situation and prepares to turn him Mortal. The Elder Guardians arrive. Eisneroth sees them and beats himself a bit for not making the Chrysalis Tomb stronger.

Rayjin tells the Guardians that Anerith is on earth and that she and Eisneroth need to be turned mortal in order for the Universe to be saved. Eisneroth tells the Guardians that it's too late and that Anerith is picking apart Shego and her allies as he speaks.

The Elders try to stop Eisneroth themselves,but get knocked back pretty far by a burst of his energy. With no more distractions, Eisneroth takes away Rayjin's the immortality, leaving the Guardian of Earth weaker than he's ever been. He then kills him and laughs about it. The Elders are shocked and somewhat horrified. 

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