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Shego Season 4 (Part 3)

Part 3 of Shego Season 4
14 (80) - Beginning of The End: Eisneroth stands over the dead body of Rayjin and savors his victory. He then turns his attention to the Elder Guardians. Rii-Sutan tells his fellow Guardians that he's going to Earth to help Shego and Lee and tells them to keep Eisneroth occupied until he gets back. He tells them that once he returns, they'll turn Eisneroth mortal and banish him.

Rii-Sutan leaves for Earth while the other Elder Guardians battle Eisneroth. Back on Earth, the Go's are having their troubles with Anerith individually. Anerith has her ability copied by Lee, Lee is kicked away. Shego comes at her with a barrage of Nova Blasts. Mego uses his rarely used Macro ability. Anerith handles everything. Anerith laughs at the attempts of the Go's and tells them that they are too weak to use the Palette Aura Powers effectively.  

Rii-Sutan appears and tells Anerith that it's over and she's finished. Anerith sees the Elder guardian and is shocked to see him out of the Chrysalis prison. Team Go wonders who Rii-Sutan is. Shego tells them. Rii-Sutan quickly grabs Anerith by her head and strips her of her immortality. Soon after he opens a portal to an empty and baron world and banishes her to that World. After closing the portal, Rii-Sutan heals up Shego and Lee and tells them to come with him back to The Watchers Pandora to help battle Eisneroth.

Shego and Lee go with the Elder Guardian Leader to The Watchers Pandora (via teleportation, natch). The Go's arrive at The Pandora and the first thing they see is a dead Rayjin. Shego vows to avenge him. Rii-Sutan leads The Go Cousin's to the fight. 

Eisneroth is manhandling the Elder Guardians. Shego, Lee, and  Rii-Sutan enter the scene. Rii-Sutan tells the others to rest easy and that he and Shego will handle things from here. The other Elders do so. Eisneroth calls Rii-Sutan stupid  for challenging him. Rii-Sutan tells Eisneroth that he will suffer the same fate as his sister. Eisneroth can't feel his sister on Earth anymore and angrily asks Rii-Sutan what he has done with Anerith? Rii-Sutan tells him,this pissess The Ex-Elder Guardian off even more. And so the Battle for The Universe Begins.
15 (81) - The Fall of Eisneroth:  Shego, Lee, and Rii-Sutan battle Eisneroth. Lee uses Aneriths energy shpere in battle (though it's smaller and less powerful in his use). The Battle is fierce, but the Combination of The Strongest Elder Guardian and the Full Power of the Go Cousins are enough to topple Eisneroth.

Rii-Sutan drains Eisneroth of his Immortality and banishes him to the Same world as Anerith. The Heroes are releived that it's over and the Universe is safe. The Go's and Elder Guardians resurrect Rayjin (to the surprise of the Go Cousins) and restore his immortality. Shego and Lee are happy to see him alive again. Rayjin thanks Rii-Sutan. Rii-Sutan and the other Elder Guardians offer Elder Guardianship to Rayjin. .

Rayjin declines and tells them that his place is watching Earth. And besides that, it's his home. The Elder Guardian's understand and accept his decline. Shego asks the Elders for a favor. She asks them if they can restore the Area that Anerith destroyed..including her apartment? The Elders tell her that it's the least that they could do for helping them with Eisneroth.

And So, the Elder Guardians restore the Area that Anerith destroyed...including Shego and Lee's apartment. Days later, things return to normal for the Go Cousins. While training Shego learns a new attack, A Green Aura Barrier, which she can launch at enemies. She calls it the 'Nova Barrier'. 

On Desgard , Rucifel breaks free of his Chrysalis Prison and is really pissed. Vengeance is on his mind.
16 (82) - Rucifel Strikes Back Part 1:  Dr. Drakken  and Shego are in Hawaii for Spring Vacation. Dr. Drakken and Shego talk about their previous relationship and think about rekindling it. Meanwhile,Rucifel is planet hopping all the way to Earth, thinking about nothing but revenge against Rayjin and his Earthlings. 

The Elder Guardians sense that Rucifel has freed himself and realize that the Chrysalis Tombs are crap against Immortals and creatures from the Chaosverse. Meanwhile, back at Global Justice HQ, Lee is training to become a full fledged Agent of Global Justice. This is something he wants more than a vacation. Le is in a training room mastering his skills and getting stronger. Betty Director is impressed at Lee's abilities and feels that one day, he will become a 1st Class Global Justice Agent.

Rayjin is warned by The Elder Guardians about Rucifel's return and warn that this time, Shego and Lee must kill him. Rayjin understands. He leaves for Hawaii to inform Shego of the situation. Shego and Drakken go out on a date. They are at a restaurant.  Rayjin inturupts and informs her that Rucifel is free and on his way to Earth. Shego can't believe it, but somehow knew the Chrysalis Trap would fail.

Rayjin tells Shego that Both Lee and herself must come to his Sanctuary for special training..because this time around, She must Kill Rucifel. Shego declines and says she'll train at Global Justice HQ..she hasn't done that in a while. Rayjin understands and wishes her luck.

After Rayjin leaves, Shego and Drakken return to their Date. After dinner, the 2 go out for a walk on the beach.

Out in space, Rucifel is getting closer to earth. Hours later, Shego and Drakken return to their shared hotel room, where they start to show romantic interest toward one another. Meanwhile, Lee returns home to take a shower and relax.

Lee orders out for Pizza and decides to kick back and watch TV, while he waits. As he watches, he wonders how Shego and Drakken are doing. On Nemesis, the 10th planet of our Solar System, Rucifel is taking a nap. The extreme cold of the planet doesn't bother him and he loves the dark. When he awakens, Rucifel will revisit earth for revenge..and then, terminate every human on the planet. 
17 (83) - Rucifel Strikes Back Part 2: Lee is sleeping at the apartment and he gets a call from Shego, telling him what Rayjin told her about Rucifel's Return. Lee knew it was too good to be true. Shego says that she's on her way home and they'll start training immediately. 

Meanwhile, Rucifel is getting close to Earth eagerly awaiting revenge and the extermination of all human life (who he considers unevolved and not worth existing). At Global Justice HQ, Shego and Lee are training in the Training Room for their big fight. They even try fusion again, but fail. After Training the 2 take a rest. Lee asks Shego about what she did with Drakken on their Vacation? Shego,not ready to tell lee about her and drakken's newly reborn relationship, tells him that they hung out and had a good time..nothing more.

Lee accuses Shego of hiding something. Shego gets annoyed. Before the conversation can continue,Dr.Director alerts the Go's that Rucifel has arrived and waiting in the Nevada desert. Shego and Lee teleport to the Nevada Desert. The Go Cousins face off against Rucifel. After threats from both sides, the battle begins. 

The Go's fair better against Rucifel this time than they did last (thanks to that training). Annoyed at the Go Cousins, Rucifel decides to destroy them in a single blast...taking the Earth with them. As Rucifel charges up, Lee and Shego get ready to counter with their own combined blasts (lee copied shego's attack before coming to the battle).

The Go Cousins fire their combined blasts,while Rucifel fires his. An Energy weave Tug-o-War between the 2 sides begins. The Go Cousins struggle,but eventually push the blast back at Rucifel. The Blast hits Rucifel hard, but doesn't kill him....It's just makes him pissed. 

Shego and Lee try the Go fusion again but fail and wonder how they did it last time. Rucifel tells the Cousins that he's gonna kill them both one at a time. Suddenly, Rayjin's voice appears befor them and tells them to let their Aura's and Soul's be in sync..that is the key to the Palette Aura Fusion. Rucifel is confused.

The Go Cousins decide to try it while Rucifel recovers from his confusion. They are successful and become the White and Green Aura'd Go Fighter once again.
18 (84) - Rucifel Strikes Back Part 3: The Go Fighter battles Rucifel and eventually kills him. The Go Fighter splits back into Shego and Lee. The Elder Guardians Celebrate. Rayjin Celebrates too. The Global Justice Agence watchin the battle also Celebrate.

The Go Cousin's are exhausted and just want to Go home and relax. At an excavation site in Utah,Workers uncover the final Piece of the Rainbow Comet (the black piece).  They wonder what it could be? They don't bother to touch the glowing rock and call the Authorities to deal with it. Until the authorities Do arrive, the Workers re-bury the rock (without touching it) and continue their work.

Later that evening, Rayjin takes the rock before the authorities arrive, stating that if the power of the Black Part of the Rainbow fell into the wrong hands, it would be a nightmare for Super Heroes and that he was a fool to send this to Earth. Rayjin leaves.
19 (85) - Kim's Visit: Shego, Drakken, and Lee are hanging out at the apartment, playing board games. Kim Possible comes for a surprise visit and they talk about old times. And by old times, they mean their various encounters when Shego was a villain. While chatting Kim joins in on the Games. After talking about old times, Kim and Shego go to the Mall.

Note: This is a Clip Show showing All of Shego and Kim's encounters from The Kim Possible Series.
20 (86) - Go Cousin's Forever:  After a tough mission (defusing an atomic warhead), Shego and Lee go home to relax. They soon reminisce about how they became a team and all of the battles they've had together up to that point. After that, Shego challenges Lee to a Video Game contest, loser does the apartment work for a week. Lee tells Shego that she's on.

Note: This is a retrospective of Lee and Shego's battles during the 4 seasons. It's another Clip Show.

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