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Shego Season 4

And now for the 4th Shego Season.

1 (67) - Blacklist: Lee learns (from jim and tim and tim possible) that the reason why he doesn't have many friends at school (male and female) is because of a bulling Jock (head of the wrestling team and an aspiring pro-wrestler) and his followers. The Jock (brock "big man" batista) and his crew threatens those peers who come in contact with Lee. Lee  confronts Brock Batista about it. Batista explains that he did it because he hates Lee and wants his High School life to suck hard. Why? because he keeps stopping the thugs (especially the bullying the jocks) from having their fun. Lee calls the reason lame and wants the blacklisting to end. Brock tells him that he'll think about it....if Lee beats him in a fight : 10pm at the Abandoned Warehouse near the docks. Lee accepts the challenge.

Meanwhile, on the 3rd planet in the next Solar System, Rucifel has killed it's inhabitants and is joyous of his kill. Rucifel enjoys killing creatures weaker than himself. After snacking on the flesh of his dead victims, Rucifel decides to head for Earth next.

On the Watchers Pandora in the Center of the Universe, The Elder Guardians look in disgust at Rucifel's handy work and realize that Earth will be his next Target.

Later that night,at Shego and Lee's apartment, Lee is prepares for the fight. Shego calls the fight with Batista and the Blacklisting juvenile and tries to talk Lee out of it. Lee tells his cousin that it's a matter of Pride and principle. Shego understands and wishes him luck.    

Later, Lee and Brock meet up and have their big fight..with a host of Middleton Students watching in attendance. It's Lee's Martial Arts vs Brock's Wrestling. While the fight is going on, Shego is in Toronto hunting down a thief that stole a prototype mech suit from Canada's leading tech labs. Shego catches up to him and stops him from causing anymore damage and fatalities. She destroys the suit in the process.   

Back at the fight, Lee beats his muscle bound opponent. However, Brock refuses to lift the Blacklist and tells his supporters to kill Lee. Lee manages to beat the hapless lemmings and makes a quick exit.

On his lookout, Rayjin senses that Rucifel is on his way to Earth...and that means grave trouble.
2 (68) - Lord of the Chaosverse: Rucifel arrives on Earth and ,after observation, is amused on how un-evolved and weak the humans are. He declares that all human life must be terminated for the good of his future rule. And So, The Lord of the Chaosverse begins his genocidal spree, killing everyone that he sees

Meanwhile,Shego and Lee are in Kyoto, tracking down a masked biker (kamen biker) who has stolen top secret plans for an advanced AI program. The Cousins catch up with him and after a chase, they stop him. After a battle, they capture him and take back the plans.

Meanwhile, Rucifel, growing tired of killing humans for one day, decides to seek out the one responsible for Eisneroth's defeat, Shego. Rayjin watches from atop his sanctuary and is not happy. Rucifel's as strong as ever and he fears that not even Shego can kill him,despite the abilities of the Palette Aura (the go powers) being the only thing that can bring the Lord of the Chaosverse down.

He summons Shego and Lee to the sanctuary to brief them on the sitch. He also tells them of Rucifel's origins (same tale the most high guardian told lee). He then tells them on how Rucifel arrived in our Universe the first time. He used the Sacred Idols he stole from Godian to open a portal to the Universe. When he was defeated,the Idols were taken from him by the Elder Guardians. He also reveals that the Go Powers (known as the palette aura) are the only thing that can bring down those of the Chaosverse (and unfortunately the cosmoverse too).

Rucifel arrives, surprising the heroes. He then proceeds to taunt the heroes. Shego and Lee ready to fight, Rayjin tells them not to fight here. Rucifel says it doesn't matter where they fight, so as long as he gets to kill Earth's only hope. Rucifel thinks of a place where they can have a private battle and teleports Shego, Lee and himself there.

Rayjin wishes the heroes luck.
3 (69) - Rucifel The Unstoppable: The Cousins and Villain are teleported to the roof of a building in Reef Side City, where he killed all of the people. The Go Cousins see the dead bodies and blood pools from atop the buildings and get angry.

Rucifel asks if they like his handywork? and tells them that he plans on doing the same thing to every human on this planet. After some threats, both sides ready for Battle. The heroes have a tough time, even wth their powers. Lee descovers that his ability copy doesnt work on those from another universe. Rucifel even mocks him for doing so.

Rayjin,fearing that the heroes won't be able to kill Rucifel, goes to the Elder Guardians for help in sending him back to the Chaosverse. Its revealed that if all of the Elder Guardians and all of the Planetary Guardians combine their portal opening skills, they can open a brief portal to the Chaosverse. The Elder's reject the idea, but try to think of another way to trap him...After some thinking, The Quartet come up with an idea,they tell Rayjin to use the same imprisonment method he used against Anerith.

Rayjin asks if the Chrysalis Tomb would hold a being as powerful as Rucifel? Rii-Sutan nods and tells Rayjin that the Elder Guardians have faith in him. Rayjin returns to Earth to create the trap. Back on the battlefield , Shego and Lee are getting whooped. Shego's fairing better than Lee, but is still losing.

The Go Cousins are down, but refuse to give up. Shego and Lee remember all of the good times they've shared..even before they became a team. Lee was the only Go family member, Shego truly cared about and won't let their adventures together end yet. Lee refuses to give up as well. Shego's been his greatest friend ever since he was small and he's not about to let some ass from a Pocket Universe kill her.

The Cousins determination and the love they share for one another causes their bodies to glow Green and White respectively. Rucifel is confused and wonders what the hell is going on?

The Cousins are encsed in their own Auras. Suddenly they start fusing together, confusing the Chaosverse's Ruler even more.

When the aura dies out, a single fighter appears. Rucifel is shocked. 
4 (70) - Go Fusion: Rucifel is shocked at the site of this new warrior, as it tests out some punches,kicks, and flips on the air. Rayjin looks down from above his sanctuary and is amazed that Lee and Shego managed to access such an advanced technique of the Palette Aura powers so early.

Back to the battle, Rucifel's shock wears off and is quite thrilled that his opponent is much stronger this time. The unnamed fused Go Fighter. The Fighter is ready for battle. Rucifel readies for round 2. The Go Fighter battles Rucifel using Shego and Lee's powers...as well as a heavy dose of snark, which annoys Rucifel. 

Rucifel and The Go Fighter are on equal standing and fight each other blow for blow. Meanwhile, Rayjin is busy forging the crystalline trap meant to hold Rucifel. He also plans to send him to Desgard, World of the Damned, located in the far side of the Universe. 

Meanwhile, on the streets of Sabat City in Texas , A now mortal Eisneroth is slumming it out, drinking alcohol and demanding for money from passerby's. He also laments about how he was once a God and vows that one day, he will get revenge for what has happened to him. Revenge on Shego, Rayjin, and the Elder Guardians. Eisneroth wants his power back. 

Back at the battle,The Go Fighter is slowly gaining the upper hand on The Chaosverse ruler. However, just when they are close to defeating him,the fusion ends. Rucifel just laughs at the Go Cousin's misfortune and intends on killing them now.
5 (71) - The Return of Team Go: Rucifel just laughs at the unfortunate turn of events of his enemies. Shego curses and tells Lee that they need to think of something fast. Rucifel tells them that it's too late and they're finished. Rucifell attacks Lee first and starts beating on him. Shego tries to help, but is blasted back by the Chaosverse ruler.

While beating on Lee, Rucifel goes on an Anti- Earth Human tyrade about how weak, pathetic, and un-evolved they are. And thus,must be exterminated like the diseased vermin that they are. Lee,struggling, tells Rucifell that his sort of right and that Human-kind does really suck sometimes. However, he then tells Rucifel that whether the Human race lives or dies is up to God and no one else. And that It's God's Job to judge them and not Rucifel's.

Lee gives Rucifel a strong punch to the groin,causing both fighters pain (lee hurt his hand). Lee gets up and tells Rucifel that he has absolutely no damn right to come to another Persons Planet and start killing it's people. Rucifel just laughs off Lee's verbal attacks and tells him that It's his Universe now and he has a right to Everything he wants.

Lee and Rucifel battle.

Meanwhile at Global Justice, Dr.Drakken and Dr.Director are watching the Go/Rucifel fight via global satellite. Drakken asks Dr. Director why she hasn't dispatched Global Justice to handle things? Dr.Director tells Drakken that it would be wasted lives if she did. She tells Drakken that only Shego and Lee can handle such a threat. Drakken understands, but decides to call in back up anyway.

Meanwhile, Lee is getting pounded by Rucifel, Shego saves her cousin and engages in combat against Rucifel. She fares no better than her cousin. 

Suddenly, Team Go (all members) arrive to help. Jimmy and Gina (called Gigo and Jigo by hego, though they kinda hate it), rush to their brother to see if he's ok. Shego asks the Go Team what the hell they are doing here? Hego tells his sister that they got a call from Dr. Drakken asking them to Back you up in this tough fight. Mego is amused at the fact that Shego is losing for once. Shego tells him to go to hell.

The Wego's are glad Lee and Shego are ok. Annoyed at the interference, Rucifel calls Team Go pathetic interlopers and vows to kill them all in a single stroke. Team Go battle Rucifel, while Shego and Lee recover.

Meanwhile, Rayjin is putting the finishing touches on the Chrysalis Prison and hopes it's strong enough to hold Rucifel for Eons. Back in Sabat City Texas, Eisneroth is wandering the streets in a drunken stupor, still carrying a bottle of alcohol in a paper bag and pissed off at his foes. He Shouts out in a drunken rage that he Will be God again. After that he falls down and passes out. 

Meanwhile, Team Go is Getting beat by Rucifel. They all refuse to surrender. Rucifel grows tired of their "impudence" and gets ready to kill them in 1 big shot. Rayjin appears with the Chrysalis and blasts Rucifel with a burst of energy,sending the Chaos Lord flying back.

Rayjin tells the heroes that the tough part begins now. .
6 (72) - The Chrysalis Tomb: Hidden deep within the Earth's moon,lies a Chrysalis trap. Inside is a female person. The trap starts to crack. Back on Earth, Rayjin and the Go's are battling Rucifel, trying to weaken him enough to get him into the Chrysalis Prison.  .

They eventually do it (actually, they just manage to stun him). Rayjin sneaks behind the stunned Rucifel, and activates the Chrysalis. The Chrysalis pulls Rucifel into it. Rucifel tries to fight it, but when Lee kicks him toward it, Rucifel is absorbed into the Chrysalis and imprisoned within it.

The heroes are relieved that it's finally over. Rayjin congratulates the Heroes on a job well done. But hopes that the Chrysalis Prison will hold Rucifel? He's not gonna wait to find out and opens up a portal To The Damned World of Desgard. As Rayjin opens the portal, One of the worlds many Creatures of Evil jumps out.

The Creature is big and is very pleased to be outside his hellish home. When asked, Rayjin tells the heroes that the monster is one of the many imprisoned on the planet. The Weary Heroes prepare for another battle. Rayjin quickly banishes the imprisoned Rucifel and closes the portal, before any more prisoners of Desgard escape.

The tired heroes fight and beat the creature. Rayjin quickly opens another portal to Desgard and has the heroes toss him back in quickly. Rayjin quickly closes the portal.  Later, The Go Cousins,tired from their battle,return home and find Drakken waiting for them. Drakken asks about the fight? The Go's are to tired to give an answer and fall asleep on the couch.

On his Sanctuary , Rayjin praises the heroes for their hard work. He explains that if the "Go Fusion" would've lasted longer, had Lee been more experienced with his powers. Rayjin thinks about Rucifel and can't help worring about the strength of the Chrysalis Tomb. If it's not as strong as he hopes it is, The Earth hasn't seen the last of Rucifel, Lord of the Chaosverse.  

Deep within the Earth's moon,the cracked Chrysalis trap, cracks a few more times. The sleeping person opens her eyes.
7 (73) - Links Part 1: Rayjin tells tales that bridge the gap between Kim Possible's Series and Shego's. The first tale is the most important: The whereabouts of the KP Villains in Modern time(a story called Evil Epilogue). Senor Senor Sr. gets sick and dies,after his funeral Junior inherits his estate and fortune and shares it with Bonnie. The 2 soon marry and live peacefully. Monkey Fist (still a stone statue) is now a statue belonging to DNAmy. DNAmy herself is in villain rehab and is learning to be a Animal Biologist.   

Motor Ed owns his own Fix-it Garage and is making much money fixing cars and motorcycles. He charges alot, but it's worth it. Duff Killigan owns his own Golf Course in Ireland and has stayed away from villainy. Camele Leon, Frugal Lucre,and Adrenna Lynn are still in Prison.  

Jack Hench was killed. Shot down by a Mafioso Don,when he refused to give him a refund on a faulty HenchCo product. Gemini and Prof. Dementor are still doing evil..but on a much lesser scale And below the Radar of Global Justice.

Rayjin takes a break from storytelling

Note: This and the next episode are the Only 4th wall breaking Eps. 
8 (74) - The Next tale Rayjin tells is about Kim and Ron's collage life (entitled kim possible: collage girl). Kim and Ron went to collage in another state and living at a Co-ed dorm. They are forbidden to miss any classes and aren't allowed to go on missions either..not even on weekends [strict rules of the dorm and education is the most important thing there].

The Next tale is about Dr.Drakken's path to redemption (called drakken's redemption). After a vacation, Dr.Drakken decides to return to villainy. During that vacation time,his "Flower" powers wear off. Shego decides to go into villainy for herself and does so. After 3 self-failing attempts to control the world,Drakken gives up in frustration, calling himself the "Al Bundy of Evil Scientists".

As Drakken is about to give up all hope on life, he recalls that when he helped the world his Genius was recognized and even praised. In fact the only reason he went into villainy is to force the world into recognizing his genius.  But as a Good Guy, they did that anyway. So, Drakken decides to become a Good Guy. He asks and receives forgiveness from Dr. Tim Possible and lives with him and his family for a while.

The Scientific community isn't as forgiving,but decide to give Drakken another chance. The Final Story Rayjin tells is about Shego,still evil at the time,and her relationship with Lee (called Sheila and Lee).

On the roof of his Upperton Apartment,Lee (at age 12) is awaiting his 1-on-1 tri-Yearly visit from his criminal Cousin Shego (who he still calls sheila). Shego arrives fresh off a battle with Kim Possible. The 2 talk about old times and current events in their lives. Lee knows that Shego's a criminal, and accepts it. It doesn't matter, he still loves her and think she's cool.

Shego mentions babysitting for Lee when he was a toddler and that's when their special bond began. She also confesseses that out of all of her family members, Lee is the only one she loves. They are more than cousins, they are best friends.

Back in Present time, Rayjin finishes up his stories and goes back to watching the Earth. Deep within the Earth's moon,the cracked Chrysalis trap, cracks even more times...eventually shattering. In a burst of light, the once trapped woman rises from the Moons ground and is glad to be free after 10,000 years. She then says that it's time to visit Earth. Her evil laugh echos through space.
Continued in Pt 2

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