Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Snyderism, UGH!

Greetings, Everyone. I hope everyone had a great holiday season, but the good times have once again morphed into dark ones. 2014 is gonna be a very disturbing year for us TV watchers. And it's all because of the widespread disease called Snyderism.
For those not in the know, Snyderism is when a Network or Company changes its business strategy to something unrelated to the true purpose of said Company or Network. In other words, abandoning it's initial concept. Snyderism is named after none other than, Stuart Snyder, the man who once forced a Live Action agenda on Cartoon Network (he still is to a minor extent).

Since Snyder appeared on the scene his pathetic business model has been inspiration for Other networks as well. They felt that it was OK, to change the purpose of their Networks,because Snyder was doing it. Snyder was Trend setter.....and NOT in a positive way.

The latest victim, is Animal Planet.70% of it's current Programming and 80% of it's New stuff have little to nothing to do with Animals and it's Always about Humans. Ugh! If I wanted to see shows about Humans, I would watch other Live Action Shows!! Dumbasses!

Many other Networks are starting to show signs of Snyderism too,like UP (a family network that's slowly turning into a woman's network). This is Pathetic! and I fear that the worse is yet to come.

Network Executives Are Assholes!!!! Plain and Simple!!! Stuart Snyder, I hope your proud of the Legacy that you've made for yourself? 'Cuz, We're sure as hell ain't!

But even Snyderism has it's roots. Yes, Snyder must've gotten his corrupt ideology from somewhere. He got them from The Walt Disney Company, when they started dominating the Disney Channel with the Teeny-Bopper Trash. Now, remember, The Disney Channel was mostly a Family Network that appealed to Everyone. Got that? Every! One! Not the Preschoolers, not the Girly-Girls, but the General Audience. 

Snyder was dumb enough to take on Disney's retarded example  And from his ignorance, he created Snyderism.

But what about Nickelodeon? Didn't they adapt Disney's ignorant philosophy too? Yes and No? While the Teen Sitcoms of Nick were/are Pathetic, Nick,for the most part,kept it's purpose...provide shows for kids and teens no matter how terrible they were.

And despite the lack of true diversity, Nickelodeon continues their purpose to this very day.

Bottom line, Snyderism is a virus that must be conquered. If not, then American TV is doomed. 


KingsSideCastle said...

Rough start to 2014. ^_^;

Really hoping for some good television in 2014 too. ^_^

RekkaDragonJay said...

Yeah, and let's not forget that Cyma Zarghami is suffering from Snyderism, too. Well, all of Viacom is suffering from Snyderism, too and they are very evil to the core like him. Anyway, in case you didn't hear, James Avery died on New Year's Day. I am going to blog about this, along with a few things that got me steamed after his death and why animation has something to do with it. Uncle Phil a.k.a. the Shredder will be missed. :(