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Disney Destiny League Character Bio - Goliath and the Gargoyles

Hiya Toonsters,

Rekka Dragon here, with another Disney Destiny League character bio.  Only this time, it is not just one character, it is a whole team.  Who am I referring to?  I am, of course, referring to Disney's nocturnal hero team known as the Gargoyles.

Background: In the year 994 A.D., in medieval Scotland, there was a war between the royal family and the advancing Viking army. Fortunately, the royal family of Castle Wyvern and their army would've lost, if not for their protectors, the Gargoyles.  Led by Goliath, who was named after the biblical story of David and Goliath, they not only protect their castle home, but also the humans they sworn to protect.  One day, they were betrayed by the very humans they were protecting.  Eventually, they were turned into permanent stone by a magical spell and the only way it would be broken if the castle itself was on top of the skies. The Gargoyles were in stone for a 1,000 years (that sounds familiar) until business mogul David Xanatos took the castle itself into his high rise building in New York City, where the spell of eternal stone was broken and the Gargoyles were free from their imprisonment. Unfamiliar and slowing getting use to their new world, the Gargoyles vow to continue their mission, to protect the human race from other evil forces that will threaten it.  Now, they face a new enemy and a really different world from the one they remember.

Appearances, Gear and Personality: The Gargoyles are humanoid-like creatures that are nocturnal and capable of human thought and emotions.  They are known to fly and have sharp talons for climb and slicing things and their eyes glow, they are very, very angry, so stay clear of them if they do.  They had one handicap, although they are living and breath at night, they are mostly stone by day.  All that changed when Rayjin uses his magic, giving them the ability to change from gargoyle to human and vice versa.  The Gargoyles usually don't wear clothes, except for Hudson and Angela.  Mostly they wear medieval loincloths.  But when Rayjin gave them the ability to be human whenever they want, they were civilian clothing.  Here is the lowdown of the Gargoyles themselves:

Goliath: The leader of the Gargoyles.  He is clad in purple and has the deep voice of Keith David.  Though honorable, Goliath won't hesitate to rip you apart.  He was named after the character of the biblical story of David and Goliath.  He is considered the Hulk of Disney, cause that is Goliath's secret, he is always angry.

Hudson: Named after the river of the same name.  He is Goliath's mentor and oldest friend.  Although he is old and near blind, he is an experienced warrior.  Unlike his fellow clan members, he is fully clothed.  Most Gargoyles fight with their talons, Hudson like to fight most of the time with his sword.

Brooklyn: Named after one of the boroughs of New York City, he is a red Gargoyle who is known to be sarcastic at times.  But he is a good tactician when it comes to battling evil.

Lexington: His friends call him Lex, and I don't mean Luthor.  Named after the street in the island borough of Manhattan, he is a small, yellow green Gargoyle who eventually became a technical genius.  Unlike the other Gargoyles, his wings are attached to his arms.

Broadway: Named after the musical capital of New York City itself, he is a big boned, light blue Gargoyle who has a big appetite, loves classic movies and has a strong dislike for guns (he accidently shot Eliza Maza once, but that's another story).

Bronx: Just like Brooklyn, he is named after one of the boroughs of New York City. This blue-clad Gargoyle like hound, who doesn't fly by the way, serves as Hudson's seeing eye dog.

Angela: The daughter of both Goliath and Demona. Born from the lost city known as Avalon, she eventually joined Goliath and his fellow clanmates after he and Eliza were traveling world by world until finding the way back to New York City.  She is clad in purple like her father and unlike Demona, she doesn't hate humans.  Next to Hudson, she is fully clothed, mostly, because she wears a tanktop attached to her loincloth.

Backstory: During a mission to find out what Igor was planning next, Rayjin went New York City and discovered the ruins of Castle Wyvern on top of the Xantos building.  During his investigation, he discovered Goliath and his fellow Gargoyles were turned to stone, by a familiar magic spell that trapped them in stone for a 1,000 years back then.  Rayjin took them back to headquarters and using his magic, he freed them. Mistaken for the perpetrator who cast the spell on them, Goliath almost took off Rayjin's head, but not before he told him that he freed them, not the one who put them into stone. Once Goliath calmed down, he apologized to him and told them the story of how they ended up turned to permanent stone again.  After stopping Demona from spreading her version of Ragnarok, Goliath and his clan return home to their castle, only to find it in ruins. While combing through the ruins, a mysterious hooded figure came out of nowhere. That hooded figured revealed to be Igor the Terrible.  He and his Disciples of Chernabog attacked Wyvern Castle just to get to the Gargoyles.  Luckily, they were away elsewhere.  But Goliath's clan weren't so lucky when they returned.  Igor used the very same spell that made them permanent stone in the first place.  One by one, the Gargoyles all fall into Igor's wrath.  Instead of killing them in their stone prison, he let them live, but gloating that they are better off as lawn ornaments.  And that's how they were until they were free, thinking that Rayjin is the same guy that turned them into stone.  With their misunderstanding behind them, Goliath and his clan pledge their allegiance to Rayjin and his fight against Igor.  But, in order to blend in and not cause problems with the other humans, Rayjin gives them the ability to change into humans at will whenever they want and need to turn into their Gargoyle selves when need to when to fight evil.  Never again they will turn into stone at daytime.  Day or night, evil will not survive as long as the Gargoyles are in the prowl.  As for Goliath, although he doesn't have his human friend Eliza Maza no more, he later develops a good relationship with Ariel, who does look a bit like Eliza, hairstyle and all, but as friends, nothing more.

And with that, this concludes another Destiny League blog.  Until next time, Stay frosty and Godspeed my friends. :D

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sailor Moon Questions I'd Ask Naoko Takeuchi

Let's just say, me and Naoko Takeuchi learned to understand English and became my E-Mail "Pen-Pal". Plus, I had the opportunity to ask her some Sailor Moon Related Questions. Well here's what I'd ask her:   
Question 1 - Who Was the Moon King? Surely Princess Serenity must've had a Father and Queen Serenity a Husband? I've been dying to know Who The King of The Moon was.

Question 2 - As Mentioned in the Sailor Moon Mythology, Each Planet in Our Solar System and Our Moon had a Kingdom. But what abouit the Sun? Does the Sun have a Kingdom Too?

Question 3 - What was Prince Endymion's Home Life Like on Earth During the Silver Millennium?

Question 4 - What Happened To Haruka and Michiru's Parent's?    

Question 5 - How Is It Possible For Haruka and Michiru, as well as Makoto (lita), to afford living alone?  That's what I wanna Know. 

Question 6 - Do You Consider Pluto A Planet? I sure do.

Question 7 - What Was Your Overall Opinion Of The Infamous Toon Maker's American Sailor Moon Promo? I've been wondering about this.

Question 8 - Would You Be Open To A Disney Sailor Moon Animated Adaption?

Question 9 - What Is Your Opinion of The DiC and Cloverway Dubs?

Question 10 - Can You Tell Me About The Other Royal Families of The Silver Millennium (the ones from the other planets in our solar system)?

Question 11 - About The Princess of Saturn (the one reborn as hotaru tomoe). Was She Evil? 

Question 12 - Was The Princess of Uranus, in Reality, a Prince?

Question 13 - How Do The Sailor Senshi manage to Keep Their Identities Secret? Aside from the Sailor Senshi Uniforms, The Girls in their civilian forms look the same as they do in their Senshi forms. Are The People of Japan (in-universe) That Dense?

Question 14 - Where Exactly Was Queen Nehelenia's Kingdom? I know it was on another Moon,but Which Moon? 

Question 15 - The Dark Side Of The Moon. Did Queen Serenity Rule That Section of Our Moon Too Or Was Their Another Ruler?

Question 16 - Were There Any Surviving Lunarians After The Brutal Dark Kingdom Assault?

Question 17 - Why Is Rini's (chibi-usa's) Hair and Eyes a Different Color than her Parents?

Question 18 - Where Were Sailor's Uranus, Neptune,Pluto,and Saturn During The Silver Millennium? I think it was explained in the Manga, but I'm not sure. I know it wasn't explained in the Anime.

Question 19 - Sailor Moon seems like a shout-out to She-Ra and Wonder Woman, while Tuxedo Mask seems like a shout-out to The Green Hornet (outfit wise,anyway). Are There Any American Super Heroes That You Took Inspiration From When Creating Sailor Moon?

Question 20 - Would You Be Open To An American Sailor Moon Comic?  If So, Who Would You Like To Handle The Adaption? I'd personally pic either Archie or Marvel.

And That My Friends is What I'd Ask Her.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Advice To Disney!

Hey, what's happening Toon Fans. Welcome to another ACF special. Yeah, I know, it's been too long since I've posted. But, I've had a lot on my plate for the last several weeks,so my neglect for this site wasn't intentional. Trust me, ACF is here for life.

Anyway, before I start thing, I'm sure your all wondering what's in the cards for 2014 and what's Not in the cards. Well, first things first, I wanna clear out my To-Do list. It's been a full year and I haven't even touched it. So, I'll try to do that first. I've also decided to retire Toon Rumble, I really don't have the "spark" for it anymore. Sorry. 

Anyway, it's time to get to the topic at hand. As you know, I have bashed The Walt Disney company a lot. However, this topic will be more of a critical analysis than a bash fest. Plus, I'll be giving Bob Iger some advice to make Disney the way it supposed to be. Nice change of pace huh? I'm throwing some water on the fires.

Anyway, as you are all well aware, Disney hasn't been doing too well as of late. It's parks being it's Only saving grace...and even they are loosing ground with the public.

Disney's woes began in late 2006 and Hannah Montana Mania. This pathetic and disgusting franchise lead to more girly-girl trash and eventual girly-girl dominance. Coupled with the over glorification of Pre-school shows,canning and banning the cool shows, and neglecting the classic shows lead to what I call the Disney Nightmare.

The Disney Channel was supposed to be for Everyone,not the minor and insignificant demographic. With the creation of Disney XD,a boy's network,you'd expect this problem to be rectified. It Wasn't. Girly shows air on that channel, despite the fact that the girly-girl garbage (like jessie) isn't supposed to. The Canadian crap isn't helping things either.

When Disney bought Marvel,the fans were worried about how The Big D would treat Stan Lee's huge family. They had a right to worry..but not for the reasons they initially had. Instead of completely bastardizing the franchises, they suppress them (in more ways than one).

Here's proof, The Marvel shows are not airing much and when they Do air, it early in the morning. That's just wrong! The Marvel shows have great potential under the Disney brand. Disney,just doesn't realize it..or perhaps they do, and just choose to ignore it entirely.And That's Just Wrong!

I fear the same may happen to the Star Wars franchise.Though,I doubt I'm alone in that fear. Sad, I know. 

Things are getting bad for Disney XD, with the cool shows are being tossed and never seen again (motor city and tron uprising, anyone?). Not to mention Disney's new Jessie fetish (ugh!).  Seriously, Big D, Why is Jessie on Disney XD anyway? Seriously, Get Rid Of It. Keeping Jessie on Disney XD is trolling. Nobody likes a troll.  

ABC Family and the Disney Channel aren't doing much better. Both are stuck in hell, rarely airing ANY good show. The overly promoted Teeny-bopper and Girly shows, are among the lowest rated programming on their Networks.

They aren't working, and if Disney doesn't ditch them in favor of better programming, Their networks will die and Disney will have nothing but their Theme Parks to support them (well, that and their movies and merchandise).

Another problem Disney has regarding it's Marketing. It's as disastrous as Nintendo's. Disney's marketing is focused on the Kiddie and girly-girl stuff, alienating the General Audience, Long-Time Disney Fans,and Casual Watchers.

For example, look at their toy ads. It's mostly stuff for small children (especially little girls). While the Male toys (like the marvel figures) aren't getting a fair shake. That's wrong. It's not just the toy's either, It's their merchandising in general (kiddie and girly-girl stuff over the stuff for the general audience).

They ain't too great with their Video Game ads either, In fact some of their games don't even have Any. Out of all of the Disney games,Disney Infinity has the best ads,but that's not saying much. Ads for their shows are just painful,as once again the cool stuff gets shafted in favor of the crappy stuff. In fact, that crappy stuff gets over promoted.

And when Disney Does air ads for their cool stuff, they botch it. All Disney Networks suffer from this. ABC Family and the Disney Channel most of all. The ads for their Movies have,for the most part,been ok. Though, those ads could've been much much better.  

Anyway,speaking of the networks, Disney, Bobby Iger, Was it REALLY Necessary to create a Disney Jr. Network? C'mon, a 24/7 Pre-school network is just retarded. Shame on you for not knowing better. Then again, maybe it Wasn't Iger's fault (yeah, you heard me).

Maybe it was the fault of Anne Sweeney, President of Disney/ABC Networks. She's the woman behind the Disney Nightmare. This isn't good. Sweeney and her minions (ie. the program directors) must be fired for the future of the Big D.

Disney doing ok Movie wise, but they really need to put more effort into them.

Now, let's talk about Disney's Rivals. First there's Dreamworks Animation. Dreamworks Animation has battled Disney and Pixar for Dominance in the Animated Movie Market since the early 2000's.

Now, Dreamworks animated films are hit and miss. They haven't had too much luck in defeating Disney. Sure they came close on a few occasions, but no success. However, I believe it's only a matter of time before Dreamworks topples Disney at the movies. Their Latest flick (as of this moment), Peabody and Sherman has the potential to "Melt" Frozen (disney's latest animated flick).

If Disney want's to remain on top of the Animated Movie Market, they need to Advertise better. They also need to get rid of the G-Rated films entirely and go with PG and PG-13 stuff. If they do that Disney will remain the dominant force in the Animated Movie Market.

Next up on the list of rivals is Disney's oldest one, Warner Brothers. There's really not much to say. Warner Brothers has been focused mainly on Live Action Stuff. But the few, non-DC ,animated films that they Do have, can't top Disney.  Then again, The Lego Movie (warner brothers' latest animated film) looks like it could go toe-to-toe with Any of Disney's modern animated films. 

So if you don't take the DC Animated movies or the Lego Movie into account, The WB has not been doing well in the Animated Movie Market as of late. Television-wise, WB hasn't done much in the animation department either. The only things they've done as of late were The DC animated series and The Looney Toons Show.

However, In Warner Brother's case, it's Quality that trumps Quantity. Young Justice and Beware The Batman,despite their flawed nature, have been doing extremely well against Disney's Marvel shows. And Teen Titans Go and The Looney Toons Show are going neck and neck with Disney's other Animated shows..if you could believe that.  

All and All, Warner Brother's is doing fine against Disney on their Animated front...mostly with their DC brand. So if Disney wants to defeat WB, they must put out better quality Marvel animated movies and shows. And they MUST stop suppressing them.

Warner Brother's and Disney are rivals in the Live-Action front too, but Only when dealing with Super Hero Movies. DC and Marvel have been rivals since the Silver Age, and that's not gonna change anytime soon. So far, Disney and Warner Brothers have been running neck and neck on that front.

Cartoon Network sucks, but it has 2 things that are toppling Disney: The stuff from Warner Brothers and Adult Swim's Toonami. Without these, Cartoon Network is hopeless against Disney. And even the worst Disney XD show can destroy CN's live action garbage. Period.

Moving on to the last of the Big D's rivals, Nickelodeon. Ever since 1993, Nick and Disney have been going head to head for the title of  "America's Greatest Youth and Family Network". Nickelodeon has defeated Disney every step of the way most of the time. Nowadays,Disney is getting trashed by Nick..despite the fact that Nick's current batch of teen sitcoms suck hard.

Nicktoons Network is just Manhandling Disney XD. Not only do they have Power Rangers and Anime in their roster, but they also have good original shows like Ninja Turtles 2k12 and Legend of Korra. 

The secrets to Nick's success is obvious. Number 1, They don't neglect the Classic stuff. Number 2, they treat their shows with respect (ie, not canning them and putting them on at reasonable hours). And Number 3, They don't insult or assault their viewers intelligence.

Look, The Big V is pure evil, but the one thing they ain't is retarded. Trust me,if they were, Nicktoons Network would've been full of teen garbage. Thankfully, they have TeenNick for that. Speaking of TeenNick. That Network is Destroying it's Disney counterpart, ABC Family. 2 Reasons. 1- ABC Family's fetish for the Gilmore Girls and radical feministic shows. And 2 - TeenNick has The 90's are All That.
If TeenNick can air the "90's Are All That" Block earlier (say around 9-10pm)and add more shows to it, ABC Family would be finished. Moving along.

ABC and ESPN aren't doing so great either. ABC's shows (besides once upon a time and Agents of SHIELD) are just as retarded as their CBS, FOX,NBC,and CW counterparts. Remember when it wasn't always like that. Oh, how I miss those days. 

Anyway, as for ESPN. They need to try harder to appeal to the Pro-Wrestling fans. They also need some more MMA action too.

Now, on to the things that Disney is most well known for, Their Theme Parks. Disney Land and Disney World are one of the 2 things that are keeping Disney alive (the other being their movies).

But even at it's low point, Disney Land and Disney world just barely trump their competitors. Universal Studios is Disney's #1 competitor in the Theme Park front and continues to come close to ending them. But,close doesn't cut it. And Universal and Disney are to this day running neck and neck in the Theme Park front.

Disney needs more fun and exciting attractions to get the upper hand.

Now on to the final part, before I give The Big D my solutions. The Video Game Market. As you are aware Disney Interactive has laid off over 100 of it's workers. As well as disbanded Lucas Arts. So has Disney been hurting in the Video Game Market? themselves at least.

The Only thing good they have right now is Disney Infinity and that game is not selling that well anymore. This is mainly due to Marketing. Had the marketing been better, DI would've kept selling.

Now,Disney is doing just fine when working with other Game Companies. Kingdom Hearts (co-created by square-enix) has lost some popularity,but it's fan base is still strong. Kingdom Hearts 3 is expected to sell extremely well.

So, Disney is good with games as long as they work with other companies. That needs to change. While, I Love it when Disney teams up with other companies,The Big D needs to re-establish it's own game brand. And the best thing it could do, is get a better marketing campaign.

Any great Businessperson knows that Marketing can either make or break a product. The better the Marketing, the better the product will sell. 

Ok, it's time to give The Big D advice.

The first thing they need to do is Fire Anne Sweeney and her cronies (the program directors). Without this fundamental advice, The Big D won't have much of a future in television. The next thing they need to do is rid the Networks of all Teeney-Bopper and Girly Girl shows (yes, that includes jessie). These shows are Hurting the Company, not Helping. That my friends is called sacrificing quality for a quick buck.

Soon After, to combat nickelodeon, they need to make more edgy shows...though not too edgy, this is still Disney after all. I'd say the ratings for those types of Disney shows would be TV-PG to TV-14. 

The shows also need to be smart, never insulting or assaulting the viewers intelligence. I so want a Shego spin-off show so bad. Go Make It Big D. 

Next,they gotta stop getting animation from Canada. Seriously,Disney, is it That painful to create your Own original cartoons? You did it before, You can do it again. Get Busy!!

Disney also needs to stop canning and/or suppressing shows. They need to air not only their Classic stuff, but also the other Marvel Cartoons as well (including spectacular spider-man and avengers: earths mightiest heroes). They are recently re-airing Kim Possible. But sadly, it's only for a short time. Also, Disney must Stop pandering to the kiddies, teeney-boppers, and girly-girls.

Because of crap like that,the Disney brand is made worse. Trash the teeny-bopper and girly garbage,Disney. And while you're at it, suppress the kiddie shows too. Now,what I mean by "suppressing" them is to give the kiddie stuff a 3 hour block every weekday morning and that's it. Also, Big D, once you trash the girly-girl and teeney-bopper crap, I'd be wise Not to make any more.  The Music Videos are also damning the Company.
 One really cool thing Disney could do is Revive the Disney Afternoon. If Turner Bitchcasting can bring back Toonami, Disney can surely revive the Disney Afternoon. Disney should also make their own Tokusatsu/Super Sentai. I'd rock if they did.  

ABC Family should be for the General Public and Not just a handful of extreme minorities. They need to get rid of their current roster of original shows and replace them with superior ones.

Also, Disney Jr. should be converted into a 23/7 Disney Movie Network. The whole 24/7 Kiddie Show Network idea is really retarded. So, Please, Big D, replace Disney Jr. 

Speaking of Movies, they need to ditch the G-Rated Mentality and go for both PG and PG-13 animated movies. They are doing pretty good with the PG-13 live-action flicks. They should continue those as well. It's the only way they'll stay on top, Trust Me.

Another thing they should do is create movie adaptions of Japanese stories. I'd also like to see a Journey To The West adaption.    

Disney Land and Disney world could use some more cool attractions. Such as a digital/virtual reality shooting game. The Cool attractions must also dominate the parks. 

On the Video Game front, they need to add more Awesome characters to Disney Infinity. I can think of a whole slew of Disney characters who would be Absolutely Perfect for Disney Infinity. Characters such as: Mulan, Kim Possible, Shego, Shang, Goliath, Jake Long, Tron, The Beast, Hercules, Hades, Ariel (jason would love that), Ursula, Quasimodo, Perry the Platypus, Stitch, Scrooge McDuck, Darkwing Duck, etc. I could go on and on about who should be in this game, but I won't.

There's a rumor going around that the next Disney Infinity Game will have Marvel and Star Wars characters. If that's true than it's a step in the right direction for them..but won't help them much in the Gaming market. Another thing they should do to improve their sitch in the Video Game Market is make first party games that Target Gamers exclusively.

By giving gamers what they need, Disney would not only make a killing in the VG Market, but they'd get respect in it as well.

Working with other media companies helps too. The Kingdom Hearts games, Roger Rabbit, and Wreck-It-Ralph are proof positive of this. A Kingdom Hearts Cartoon would be cool too. 
 Marketing needs to be a focus too. Disney must try to appeal to the people. Try to make the product sound as awesome as possible,while giving them information on that product.

False Advertising is a sin that Disney has committed as of late (with disney xd). It'd be best for business for them to NOT troll the Public again. It's another reason Anne Sweeney and her underlings must be fired. So Bob Iger, do it! Fire Her! Fire Her And Her Cronies!

I'm gonna end this before I go into a full on rant. But,as you can tell,If Disney doesn't heed my advice, they won't last much longer in today's entertainment world.

I hope Iger and his People (and roy disney) are reading this.

Stay Gold, Everyone.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wrath of the Moral Guardians and My Thoughts on Beware the Batman!

I like to take moment to talk about Moral Guardians.  I know what you are thinking but it is not what you think. I do know more about them than anyone in this world.  Anyway, according to TV Tropes, Moral Guardians are people who claim their are doing the right thing, but they are doing more harm than good when it comes to stuff we like.  They consist on the following people; Soccer Moms, Watchdog groups, and people who distort our faith in God for their own base ends.  Do you know why we don't get action cartoons on regular TV no more or why Derpy Hooves, our favorite disabled cross-eyed Pegasus pony, is being persecuted?  It is all because of them.  They see animation, video games and everything in between as a disease, a cancer if you will.  They think they are all hazardous to our health.  On top of that and this is the sad part about this, these are the very people politicians like the our government's FCC and Corrupt Executives like Stuart Snyder, Robert Iger, Anne Sweeney, Cyma Zarghami and Nikki Reed depend on when it comes to sugar coating the content of our media, including cartoons. The children need to know what is going on the real world and no Moral Guardian in the world isn't going to tell them how to run their lives.  In this world, there are people who like to twist, spin and distorted the truth for their own personal gain and this is what these so-called Moral Guardians are doing. This country, nay, the whole world needs more people who speak the truth like me and Stefan.  Without more truth tellers like us, this country will fall apart because of these people and their corrupt, preachy nonsense.  The way I see, me and Stefan got more morals than all the Moral Guardians combined.  They will never be apart of our country with their mindset like theirs.  If you ask me, THEY are ones who are hazardous to our health.  It's all part of being an animation crusader.  It's not just people like Snyder and Zarghami I have to deal with, but those who hate animation with a passion, too.  And whoever reads this will know that the Moral Guardians are the real cancer. A cancer that needs to be cut out.

To end this blog, I've been browsing about when Cartoon Network show Beware the Batman once more.  In case you don't know, this is CGI Batman cartoon, which is different from the other Bat shows.  Not only it involves a new character named Katana, but none of Batman's classic rogues gallery, aside from Ra's Al-Ghul, and I do mean "Raysh", are not in it, just for the purpose to show lesser known villains, including Anarky and Magpie (the psycho girl with the long nails and dresses like a dominatrix).  After 11 episodes, the show was put in hiatus. And we thought it was going to be back on January.  But January has passed and Beware the Batman was not brought back to their schedule means one thing; it is still on hiatus.  In otherwords, CARTOON NETWORK HAS LIED TO US!!  Once again, under Stuart Snyder's command, another action cartoon is just one signature away until ending up like Green Lantern and Young Justice: CANCELLED!!  Look, I am not the biggest fan of this show, although I am a big time fan of the Dark Knight himself, but this show deserve to be shown a full season before judging it when it's finished. Why, more merchandising for Ben 10 Omniverse and Adventure Time?  This reminds me of Spaceballs, when Yogurt says that "merchandising is where the real money from the movie is made."  And that is what Snyder is thinking.  That guy needs to get his head out of the gutter and realize one thing, merchandising doesn't get ratings, VIEWERS DO!!  Money is indeed the root cause of greed and corruption today.  And we need to fight this until it is done for good.  Until next time.  Stay frosty, my friends.