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Disney Destiny League Character Bio - Goliath and the Gargoyles

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Rekka Dragon here, with another Disney Destiny League character bio.  Only this time, it is not just one character, it is a whole team.  Who am I referring to?  I am, of course, referring to Disney's nocturnal hero team known as the Gargoyles.

Background: In the year 994 A.D., in medieval Scotland, there was a war between the royal family and the advancing Viking army. Fortunately, the royal family of Castle Wyvern and their army would've lost, if not for their protectors, the Gargoyles.  Led by Goliath, who was named after the biblical story of David and Goliath, they not only protect their castle home, but also the humans they sworn to protect.  One day, they were betrayed by the very humans they were protecting.  Eventually, they were turned into permanent stone by a magical spell and the only way it would be broken if the castle itself was on top of the skies. The Gargoyles were in stone for a 1,000 years (that sounds familiar) until business mogul David Xanatos took the castle itself into his high rise building in New York City, where the spell of eternal stone was broken and the Gargoyles were free from their imprisonment. Unfamiliar and slowing getting use to their new world, the Gargoyles vow to continue their mission, to protect the human race from other evil forces that will threaten it.  Now, they face a new enemy and a really different world from the one they remember.

Appearances, Gear and Personality: The Gargoyles are humanoid-like creatures that are nocturnal and capable of human thought and emotions.  They are known to fly and have sharp talons for climb and slicing things and their eyes glow, they are very, very angry, so stay clear of them if they do.  They had one handicap, although they are living and breath at night, they are mostly stone by day.  All that changed when Rayjin uses his magic, giving them the ability to change from gargoyle to human and vice versa.  The Gargoyles usually don't wear clothes, except for Hudson and Angela.  Mostly they wear medieval loincloths.  But when Rayjin gave them the ability to be human whenever they want, they were civilian clothing.  Here is the lowdown of the Gargoyles themselves:

Goliath: The leader of the Gargoyles.  He is clad in purple and has the deep voice of Keith David.  Though honorable, Goliath won't hesitate to rip you apart.  He was named after the character of the biblical story of David and Goliath.  He is considered the Hulk of Disney, cause that is Goliath's secret, he is always angry.

Hudson: Named after the river of the same name.  He is Goliath's mentor and oldest friend.  Although he is old and near blind, he is an experienced warrior.  Unlike his fellow clan members, he is fully clothed.  Most Gargoyles fight with their talons, Hudson like to fight most of the time with his sword.

Brooklyn: Named after one of the boroughs of New York City, he is a red Gargoyle who is known to be sarcastic at times.  But he is a good tactician when it comes to battling evil.

Lexington: His friends call him Lex, and I don't mean Luthor.  Named after the street in the island borough of Manhattan, he is a small, yellow green Gargoyle who eventually became a technical genius.  Unlike the other Gargoyles, his wings are attached to his arms.

Broadway: Named after the musical capital of New York City itself, he is a big boned, light blue Gargoyle who has a big appetite, loves classic movies and has a strong dislike for guns (he accidently shot Eliza Maza once, but that's another story).

Bronx: Just like Brooklyn, he is named after one of the boroughs of New York City. This blue-clad Gargoyle like hound, who doesn't fly by the way, serves as Hudson's seeing eye dog.

Angela: The daughter of both Goliath and Demona. Born from the lost city known as Avalon, she eventually joined Goliath and his fellow clanmates after he and Eliza were traveling world by world until finding the way back to New York City.  She is clad in purple like her father and unlike Demona, she doesn't hate humans.  Next to Hudson, she is fully clothed, mostly, because she wears a tanktop attached to her loincloth.

Backstory: During a mission to find out what Igor was planning next, Rayjin went New York City and discovered the ruins of Castle Wyvern on top of the Xantos building.  During his investigation, he discovered Goliath and his fellow Gargoyles were turned to stone, by a familiar magic spell that trapped them in stone for a 1,000 years back then.  Rayjin took them back to headquarters and using his magic, he freed them. Mistaken for the perpetrator who cast the spell on them, Goliath almost took off Rayjin's head, but not before he told him that he freed them, not the one who put them into stone. Once Goliath calmed down, he apologized to him and told them the story of how they ended up turned to permanent stone again.  After stopping Demona from spreading her version of Ragnarok, Goliath and his clan return home to their castle, only to find it in ruins. While combing through the ruins, a mysterious hooded figure came out of nowhere. That hooded figured revealed to be Igor the Terrible.  He and his Disciples of Chernabog attacked Wyvern Castle just to get to the Gargoyles.  Luckily, they were away elsewhere.  But Goliath's clan weren't so lucky when they returned.  Igor used the very same spell that made them permanent stone in the first place.  One by one, the Gargoyles all fall into Igor's wrath.  Instead of killing them in their stone prison, he let them live, but gloating that they are better off as lawn ornaments.  And that's how they were until they were free, thinking that Rayjin is the same guy that turned them into stone.  With their misunderstanding behind them, Goliath and his clan pledge their allegiance to Rayjin and his fight against Igor.  But, in order to blend in and not cause problems with the other humans, Rayjin gives them the ability to change into humans at will whenever they want and need to turn into their Gargoyle selves when need to when to fight evil.  Never again they will turn into stone at daytime.  Day or night, evil will not survive as long as the Gargoyles are in the prowl.  As for Goliath, although he doesn't have his human friend Eliza Maza no more, he later develops a good relationship with Ariel, who does look a bit like Eliza, hairstyle and all, but as friends, nothing more.

And with that, this concludes another Destiny League blog.  Until next time, Stay frosty and Godspeed my friends. :D

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