Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sailor Moon Questions I'd Ask Naoko Takeuchi

Let's just say, me and Naoko Takeuchi learned to understand English and became my E-Mail "Pen-Pal". Plus, I had the opportunity to ask her some Sailor Moon Related Questions. Well here's what I'd ask her:   
Question 1 - Who Was the Moon King? Surely Princess Serenity must've had a Father and Queen Serenity a Husband? I've been dying to know Who The King of The Moon was.

Question 2 - As Mentioned in the Sailor Moon Mythology, Each Planet in Our Solar System and Our Moon had a Kingdom. But what abouit the Sun? Does the Sun have a Kingdom Too?

Question 3 - What was Prince Endymion's Home Life Like on Earth During the Silver Millennium?

Question 4 - What Happened To Haruka and Michiru's Parent's?    

Question 5 - How Is It Possible For Haruka and Michiru, as well as Makoto (lita), to afford living alone?  That's what I wanna Know. 

Question 6 - Do You Consider Pluto A Planet? I sure do.

Question 7 - What Was Your Overall Opinion Of The Infamous Toon Maker's American Sailor Moon Promo? I've been wondering about this.

Question 8 - Would You Be Open To A Disney Sailor Moon Animated Adaption?

Question 9 - What Is Your Opinion of The DiC and Cloverway Dubs?

Question 10 - Can You Tell Me About The Other Royal Families of The Silver Millennium (the ones from the other planets in our solar system)?

Question 11 - About The Princess of Saturn (the one reborn as hotaru tomoe). Was She Evil? 

Question 12 - Was The Princess of Uranus, in Reality, a Prince?

Question 13 - How Do The Sailor Senshi manage to Keep Their Identities Secret? Aside from the Sailor Senshi Uniforms, The Girls in their civilian forms look the same as they do in their Senshi forms. Are The People of Japan (in-universe) That Dense?

Question 14 - Where Exactly Was Queen Nehelenia's Kingdom? I know it was on another Moon,but Which Moon? 

Question 15 - The Dark Side Of The Moon. Did Queen Serenity Rule That Section of Our Moon Too Or Was Their Another Ruler?

Question 16 - Were There Any Surviving Lunarians After The Brutal Dark Kingdom Assault?

Question 17 - Why Is Rini's (chibi-usa's) Hair and Eyes a Different Color than her Parents?

Question 18 - Where Were Sailor's Uranus, Neptune,Pluto,and Saturn During The Silver Millennium? I think it was explained in the Manga, but I'm not sure. I know it wasn't explained in the Anime.

Question 19 - Sailor Moon seems like a shout-out to She-Ra and Wonder Woman, while Tuxedo Mask seems like a shout-out to The Green Hornet (outfit wise,anyway). Are There Any American Super Heroes That You Took Inspiration From When Creating Sailor Moon?

Question 20 - Would You Be Open To An American Sailor Moon Comic?  If So, Who Would You Like To Handle The Adaption? I'd personally pic either Archie or Marvel.

And That My Friends is What I'd Ask Her.


KingsSideCastle said...

Good questions for her. ^_^

RekkaDragonJay said...

Wow, she starting to understand English? When I wrote her a fan letter to her long time ago, I didn't get a response from her, thinking that she didn't understand me because my letter was mostly English. That is why the next time I write to someone who doesn't speak or understand English, I will write the same letter, but with another language. In Naoko-chan's case, it will be Japanese. Thank God for computers.