Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wrath of the Moral Guardians and My Thoughts on Beware the Batman!

I like to take moment to talk about Moral Guardians.  I know what you are thinking but it is not what you think. I do know more about them than anyone in this world.  Anyway, according to TV Tropes, Moral Guardians are people who claim their are doing the right thing, but they are doing more harm than good when it comes to stuff we like.  They consist on the following people; Soccer Moms, Watchdog groups, and people who distort our faith in God for their own base ends.  Do you know why we don't get action cartoons on regular TV no more or why Derpy Hooves, our favorite disabled cross-eyed Pegasus pony, is being persecuted?  It is all because of them.  They see animation, video games and everything in between as a disease, a cancer if you will.  They think they are all hazardous to our health.  On top of that and this is the sad part about this, these are the very people politicians like the our government's FCC and Corrupt Executives like Stuart Snyder, Robert Iger, Anne Sweeney, Cyma Zarghami and Nikki Reed depend on when it comes to sugar coating the content of our media, including cartoons. The children need to know what is going on the real world and no Moral Guardian in the world isn't going to tell them how to run their lives.  In this world, there are people who like to twist, spin and distorted the truth for their own personal gain and this is what these so-called Moral Guardians are doing. This country, nay, the whole world needs more people who speak the truth like me and Stefan.  Without more truth tellers like us, this country will fall apart because of these people and their corrupt, preachy nonsense.  The way I see, me and Stefan got more morals than all the Moral Guardians combined.  They will never be apart of our country with their mindset like theirs.  If you ask me, THEY are ones who are hazardous to our health.  It's all part of being an animation crusader.  It's not just people like Snyder and Zarghami I have to deal with, but those who hate animation with a passion, too.  And whoever reads this will know that the Moral Guardians are the real cancer. A cancer that needs to be cut out.

To end this blog, I've been browsing about when Cartoon Network show Beware the Batman once more.  In case you don't know, this is CGI Batman cartoon, which is different from the other Bat shows.  Not only it involves a new character named Katana, but none of Batman's classic rogues gallery, aside from Ra's Al-Ghul, and I do mean "Raysh", are not in it, just for the purpose to show lesser known villains, including Anarky and Magpie (the psycho girl with the long nails and dresses like a dominatrix).  After 11 episodes, the show was put in hiatus. And we thought it was going to be back on January.  But January has passed and Beware the Batman was not brought back to their schedule means one thing; it is still on hiatus.  In otherwords, CARTOON NETWORK HAS LIED TO US!!  Once again, under Stuart Snyder's command, another action cartoon is just one signature away until ending up like Green Lantern and Young Justice: CANCELLED!!  Look, I am not the biggest fan of this show, although I am a big time fan of the Dark Knight himself, but this show deserve to be shown a full season before judging it when it's finished. Why, more merchandising for Ben 10 Omniverse and Adventure Time?  This reminds me of Spaceballs, when Yogurt says that "merchandising is where the real money from the movie is made."  And that is what Snyder is thinking.  That guy needs to get his head out of the gutter and realize one thing, merchandising doesn't get ratings, VIEWERS DO!!  Money is indeed the root cause of greed and corruption today.  And we need to fight this until it is done for good.  Until next time.  Stay frosty, my friends.

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