Monday, March 31, 2014

Breaking News!!! Boomerang May Be Finished!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have some Horrid news. According to some info I recently acquired, Boomerang,the classic cartoon network, may be re-branded into something totally stupid.

Read this:

Boomerang has been greatly suffering under Stuart Snyder, but This Fall, Boomerang may become Turner Broadcasting's answer to the Disney Channel. We all hope that his successor will fix things and NOT go through with this Insane Plan.

This Network has Great Potential, but thanks to executive meddling, that Potential is never realized. If nothing is done to set things right, Boomerang Will Die. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Meet Ben Sherwood

Ladies and Gentlemen, Anne "The Retard Queen" Sweeney's replacement has unofficially been named. Meet Ben Sherwood.

This dude is the Head of ABC News and he's the Unofficial Replacement of Anne Sweeney. So If he becomes the Head of The Disney Networks, we may either be in for a treat or in for a nasty shock. I can't tell because, I know so little about him. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Until then, I'm keeping an eye on him and others who may replace Sweeney.

On another note, The Disney Channel is airing Teen Beach Movie once again..for the unprecedented 28th time. Also, A Jessie Marathon is gonna be on Disney XD this weekend..And to that I happily say: F-You and Your Cronies Anne Sweeney. You Truly Are The Retard Queen.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cartoon Network's Future Post-Snyder

This blog is a follow up on my last one about the news of Stuart Snyder's resignation.  Although Snyder has finally thrown the towel of surrender, we must know one other thing, who is going to run Cartoon Network after Snyder?  Both Stefan and I are cautious about this, but whoever is going to run Cartoon Network, better not pull a Snyder and ruin it even further.  But, if this new president of CN is going to make it better, here is the following things he or she should do:

1.  Remove anything relating to Live Action (movies and shows)

2.  Cut back on the imports, especially those from Canada, except for a few we like and cut back on the commercials promoting them.

3. Bring Toonami back to weekday afternoons and Saturday Nights.  It was fun staying up real late to watch Toonami in the beginning.  But, only a bloody vampire could stay up real late to watch it.  Anyway, by doing so, the action cartoons and anime will be front and center once more. Speaking of which, that leads to...

4. Stop depending on merchandising for the show's success.  It's lame-brain thinking that what got Green Lantern, Thundercats, Sym-Bionic Titan, Young Justice and possibly Beware the Batman cancelled.  This is why we got toy commercials.  We don't need a cartoon to promote toys, only commercials can do that.

5.  Make Boomerang back the way it was, classic cartoons with NO commercial interruptions (only before and after the show, THAT'S IT!!).

6. Give Pokémon and all the other Pokémon clone-themed animes a break. On a personal note, nothing against Sarah Nanocheny, but Veronica Taylor will always be our Ash.

7. Either Get rid of Adult Swim OR Suppress it by reverting it back into a 3 Hour Block on Weekends (not a megablock that airs every night).  And...put it back late at night.  I mean, we don't want our kids to watch this type of shows at night anyway.

8. Getting Rid Of Those Retarded Anti-Bulling PSA's/Advertisements. They are Obviously NOT working.

9. Stop milking Ben 10. In fact, get rid of it.

Anyway, that is what the new president of CN, male or female, should do, if that person doesn't follow in Snyder's footsteps, that is.  Bottom line, although it is good that the person we are fighting against finally surrendered, the one important part about fixing a network is seeing if the person fixes the mistakes his or her predecessor made or not.  Knowing the person in the business world and being cautious about their motives is what makes you a strong and wise leader.  Thanks Stefan.  I will be more cautious about things like this next time. 

Now if you'll excuse, there is a 9 year old Brony named Grayson Bruce that needs help and I must support his cause.  Until next time.  Stay Frosty and Godspeed, my friends!

If you want to pledge your support for Grayson Bruce, visit and if you got Twitter account, type in #supportforgrayson . This young Brony needs all the help he could get. Cartoon characters like Twilight Sparkle and friends can do anti-bullying messages than Stuart Snyder any day and that's saying something.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

This is an ACF Special Report - Anne Sweeney To Step Down Early Next Year!!!!

This is an ACF Special Report!!!!!

Well, days after I posted my Latest rant about Anne Sweeney, I found out this little piece of News. Anne Sweeney, The Retard Queen,will be Stepping down from her position to become a TV Director. Yes, After Years of raping The Disney Networks, The Retard Queen is finally Finally, stepping down. Although, it would've been best if she was fired. 

Disney needs to reinvent itself as a Company and with Anne Sweeney gone, That will be possible. 

While this news is awesome, I'm concerned about Who her replacement is gonna be.  Will they Carry on her work? or will they Change the Disney Networks for the better? Will they make Things Worse? Or Will They Undo The Crap That Sweeney Has Done?

I'm pessimistic about this, but we can all breath a sigh of relief that Anne "The Retard Queen" Sweeney will Finally Be Gone from Disney and Hopefully The Disney Nightmare Will End. But, unfortunately, she'll be leaving Next Year. So, We still have have to deal with her Bullshit for the remainder of 2014.  Let's just hope she doesn't do any irreversible damage until then.
To See For Yourselves that this is Real, Search for Her Name On Google and hit the 'News' Tab. There should be a bunch of stories on this issue.

On A Related Note, Bob Iger is set to step down in Late 2016. Joy!

This has been an ACF Special Report!!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Reasons Why Anne Sweeney MUST be Fired

As You Are All Aware, Anne Sweeney, Head of Disney/ABC Networks(and Queen of Retards) is the one responsible for the Damnation of the Disney Networks. Today, I will give you the reasons on WHY this Retard Queen Needs To Be Fired.

Reason 1 - Putting The Girly-Girl/Teeny Bopper Garbage on Disney XD. This pisses me off. What The Retard Queen did was put The Disney Channel's Quality Challenged Teen Sitcoms on a Network that's supposed to be Cool...and for Boys. But Sweeney, decided it would be cool to air those types of shows on XD. Not only that but Those shit shows air in marathons on a weekly basis. This Shouldn't Happen. Jessie, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Zack and Cody Have absolutely No Place on Disney XD! THEY MUST GO NOW!!!!!!!

Reason 2 - Canning Cool Shows. Ugh! Under Anne Sweeney, many awesome animated series were canned. Spectacular Spider-Man, Tron: Uprising, and Motor City were among them. She Replaced them with Canadian Animated Bullshit. And to make things worse,those shows are Never airing again. Without Anne Sweeney, these shows would still be on the air..with new episodes.

Reason 3 -  Love For Canadian Craptoons. Canadian Cartoons Suck and they shouldn't be the dominant form of Animation on American TV.  

Reason 4 - Suppressing The Good Shows. Under Anne Sweeney, Cool Animated Shows are being suppressed. What I mean by "suppressed" is that These shows don't air often and when they do, they Only air once. The Marvel Shows are the biggest Victim. This Has To Stop. And The Only Way is to Fire Anne Sweeney AND Punish Bob Iger.    
Reason 5 - Way Overdoing It With The Baby Shows. The Disney Jr. Block is on Everyday Day for 6 Hours. And There's a 24/7 Disney Jr. Network. My Point Has Been Made.

Reason 6 - Neglecting The Classics. Ever since the Termination of Toon Disney,Anne Sweeney has decided to forget about the fun animated stuff from the 80's and 90's. Y'know the stuff that made the Disney Animated Universe Popular to begin with.

Reason 7 - Hannah Montana Mania. Hannah Montana Mania is the Very thing that Contributed to the Disney well as Miley's Messed-up behavior. Well Anne "Retard Queen" Sweeney is to Blame for those Disgusting Thing. She WAY over milked the Hannah Montana Franchise. By Doing so she not only Tarnished the Disney Brand,but she also Ruined Miley Cyrus. Anne Sweeney has absolutely No Remorse about what she did and is Proud of Hannah Montana Mania. She did it all for Money.That's right, She's Retarded and a Neo-Capitalist. In fact, Anne Sweeney has openly admitted that Quality means nothing to her as long as she can make a Quick Buck. Now is THAT the type of person You want to continue working for Disney?

Reason 8 - The State of ABC Family. Sweeney has made a Mess out of this network. She's polluterd it Radical Feministic Shows and Horrible Original Sitcoms. Not to mention that the older sitcoms they air (boy meets world aside) are Pathetic. The only way for that Network to get better is to Fire Anne Sweeney and the asshole who runs the Programming. *Sigh*I miss the Old ABC Family. F-You, Retard Queen!

Reason 9 - Turningg The Disney Brand into a Kiddie Brand. Do I REALLY have to explain this one?

Reason 10 - Her Teenie Bopper and Girly-Girl Show Fetish. Seriously those shows have No place on the Disney Networks.  

Because of all of the above, Anne Sweeney (as well as her underlings) has Tarnished The Disney Brand. Disney is no longer a Company the People Trust or Respect. Because of her Disney is getting beat to death by Nickelodeon and Craptoon Network. It's Pathetic.

Thanks to Anne Sweeney, Disney's Fellow Media Company's (toei included) have lost all respect for them. Thanks to Anne Sweeney, Disney will be forever remembered as The Brand for Little Kids. Thanks To Anne Sweeney, Disney's Ultimate Potential will Never be realized. Thanks to Anne Sweeney all of our Disney childhood memories have been Raped. Thanks a lot Retard Queen!

Join Me in the Fight to Fire Anne Sweeney!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

An ACF Special Report - Stuart Snyder has resigned! FINALLY!!

This is an ACF Special Report

Stuart Snyder, who has been Cartoon Network's president since the aftermath of the Boston Bomb Scare, has resigned.  As we recall, ever since taking over after Jim Samples' resignation, Snyder ruined Cartoon Network beyond recognition by ditching the "All Cartoons, All the Time" format, in favor for imports, Pokémon clone themed animes, and most disturbing of all, live action shows and movies.  Snyder had such a bad reputation that some people think of him as either the spawn of the devil or the real life equivalent to Judge Doom.  I've recently been tweeting for Snyder's termination on my twitter account after he and his cronies lied about Beware the Batman returning on January.  As a Batman fan, I am offended.  I may not like it because of the lack of Batman's classic rogues gallery aside from Ra's Al-Ghul, but this show deserves a chance before judging it complete.  With Snyder's resignation being legit, being for real this time, Cartoon Network may have a chance to return to its former glory, including bringing action cartoons and Japanese anime back in the fold. For more information, visit the following site:,0,642714.story#axzz2vEJug

This is a good day to be an Animation Crusader and those who want to see justice done.  Zarghami, Iger, Sweeney and Nikki Reed are next. But for now, let us celebrate this righteous moment.  We've won.

(Throws a punch; shouts like Bruce Lee)