Saturday, March 8, 2014

An ACF Special Report - Stuart Snyder has resigned! FINALLY!!

This is an ACF Special Report

Stuart Snyder, who has been Cartoon Network's president since the aftermath of the Boston Bomb Scare, has resigned.  As we recall, ever since taking over after Jim Samples' resignation, Snyder ruined Cartoon Network beyond recognition by ditching the "All Cartoons, All the Time" format, in favor for imports, Pok√©mon clone themed animes, and most disturbing of all, live action shows and movies.  Snyder had such a bad reputation that some people think of him as either the spawn of the devil or the real life equivalent to Judge Doom.  I've recently been tweeting for Snyder's termination on my twitter account after he and his cronies lied about Beware the Batman returning on January.  As a Batman fan, I am offended.  I may not like it because of the lack of Batman's classic rogues gallery aside from Ra's Al-Ghul, but this show deserves a chance before judging it complete.  With Snyder's resignation being legit, being for real this time, Cartoon Network may have a chance to return to its former glory, including bringing action cartoons and Japanese anime back in the fold. For more information, visit the following site:,0,642714.story#axzz2vEJug

This is a good day to be an Animation Crusader and those who want to see justice done.  Zarghami, Iger, Sweeney and Nikki Reed are next. But for now, let us celebrate this righteous moment.  We've won.

(Throws a punch; shouts like Bruce Lee)


Stefan said...

If it's too good to be true, it likely is, Jase.

There's one important detail you are forgetting?

Snyder's Replacement! Will they be as bad as Snyder? Will they be worse? Will they be Better? Will they Rebuild Cartoon Network? Or Will they Continue where Snyder left off?

I'm extremely Pessimistic.

RekkaDragonJay said...

I didn't mention it because I wasn't thinking about it for a moment. I got the info from one of my YouTube friends and I asked him if this claim of Snyder's resignation was legit. To back up his claim, I surf the web when I typed "Stuart Snyder Resigns" and there it was, and judge from all the other blog sites and the news sites I went to, the claim was 100% legit, it is not the false rumor that slap us in the face last time around. As far as his replacement goes we will watch him or her....closely