Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cartoon Network's Future Post-Snyder

This blog is a follow up on my last one about the news of Stuart Snyder's resignation.  Although Snyder has finally thrown the towel of surrender, we must know one other thing, who is going to run Cartoon Network after Snyder?  Both Stefan and I are cautious about this, but whoever is going to run Cartoon Network, better not pull a Snyder and ruin it even further.  But, if this new president of CN is going to make it better, here is the following things he or she should do:

1.  Remove anything relating to Live Action (movies and shows)

2.  Cut back on the imports, especially those from Canada, except for a few we like and cut back on the commercials promoting them.

3. Bring Toonami back to weekday afternoons and Saturday Nights.  It was fun staying up real late to watch Toonami in the beginning.  But, only a bloody vampire could stay up real late to watch it.  Anyway, by doing so, the action cartoons and anime will be front and center once more. Speaking of which, that leads to...

4. Stop depending on merchandising for the show's success.  It's lame-brain thinking that what got Green Lantern, Thundercats, Sym-Bionic Titan, Young Justice and possibly Beware the Batman cancelled.  This is why we got toy commercials.  We don't need a cartoon to promote toys, only commercials can do that.

5.  Make Boomerang back the way it was, classic cartoons with NO commercial interruptions (only before and after the show, THAT'S IT!!).

6. Give Pokémon and all the other Pokémon clone-themed animes a break. On a personal note, nothing against Sarah Nanocheny, but Veronica Taylor will always be our Ash.

7. Either Get rid of Adult Swim OR Suppress it by reverting it back into a 3 Hour Block on Weekends (not a megablock that airs every night).  And...put it back late at night.  I mean, we don't want our kids to watch this type of shows at night anyway.

8. Getting Rid Of Those Retarded Anti-Bulling PSA's/Advertisements. They are Obviously NOT working.

9. Stop milking Ben 10. In fact, get rid of it.

Anyway, that is what the new president of CN, male or female, should do, if that person doesn't follow in Snyder's footsteps, that is.  Bottom line, although it is good that the person we are fighting against finally surrendered, the one important part about fixing a network is seeing if the person fixes the mistakes his or her predecessor made or not.  Knowing the person in the business world and being cautious about their motives is what makes you a strong and wise leader.  Thanks Stefan.  I will be more cautious about things like this next time. 

Now if you'll excuse, there is a 9 year old Brony named Grayson Bruce that needs help and I must support his cause.  Until next time.  Stay Frosty and Godspeed, my friends!

If you want to pledge your support for Grayson Bruce, visit and if you got Twitter account, type in #supportforgrayson . This young Brony needs all the help he could get. Cartoon characters like Twilight Sparkle and friends can do anti-bullying messages than Stuart Snyder any day and that's saying something.

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RekkaDragonJay said...

It is done, and I added the Support for Grayson part at the end of the blog, if you are interested. You got my back, brother from another planet? This kid needs all the help he could get.